DATA: 2023-10-25 TOTAL: 180 GENRE: Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica

October 25, 2023, marks an exciting moment for electronic music enthusiasts as the Beatport New Release collection arrives, featuring a spectrum of genres: Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, and Electronica. This expertly curated compilation invites listeners to explore the rich and diverse world of electronic sound. Notable tracks at the forefront include "Euphoric Dreams" by DJ Aural, "Progressive Odyssey" by Melody Master, and "Luminous Horizons" by SynthSense. These tracks epitomize the genre-blurring creativity and emotional depth that define the contemporary electronic music scene. As we immerse ourselves in these tracks, we celebrate the fusion of innovation and emotion that electronic music represents in 2023.




3LAU, XIRA - Easy (Extended Mix)

40THAVHA - Angeli Del Passato (Extended Mix)

ANSHERY - Sunrise (Extended Mix)

AVIRA, Maxim Lany - The Day After (Extended Mix)

Adam Francis - Lost In Flowers (Extended Mix)

Aeden - Memories Of A Lifetime (Original Mix)

Ahmed Helmy - R4VE 201 (Extended Mix)

Alex M.O.R.P.H., A.R.D.I - Guadalupe (Diago Loves To Chill Mix)

Alex Quiet - Sonar (Original Mix)

Alex Soun - Tsunami (Extended Mix)

Alexey Mushkin - So Far Away From Me (Extended Mix)

Allen Watts - Resonate (Extended Mix)

Amos & Riot Night, Niko Zografos - Falling Into Place (Extended Mix)

Andy Jay Powell - Our Time Is Now (Dub Mix)

Andy Jay Powell - Our Time Is Now (Extended Mix)

Anton By, Ren Faye - Synergy (Extended Mix)

Arman Bas, Dave Zee (SP) - Citizens Of Cyberia (Extended Mix)

Ash 9, Francis Frost - Follow Our Lead (Original Mix)

Ashandra - Above The Limits (Original Mix)

Ashley Wallbridge, John Grand - Pulse (Extended Mix)

Aspiration - Hope (Original Mix)

Atribut - Glow (Extended Mix)

Basil O'Glue, Nomas - Calantha (Extended Mix)

Basil O'Glue, Nomas - Calantha (Fuenka Extended Mix)

Baud Rate - Azores (Original Mix)

Baud Rate - Gin Clear (Original Mix)

Bigtopo - Make You Feel Good (Extended Mix)

Blonde Maze - I Melt With You (Original Mix)

C-Systems - Unreal (Extended Mix)

CJ Mover - Leaving Planet (Original Mix)

CJ Mover - Sharkhan (Original Mix)

Chris Schambacher - All Night (Extended Mix)

Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt - Early Day Motions (Extended Mix)

Crazy Andrew - The Floor (Extended Mix)

Criostasis, DJ Pawel C - Big Sky (Original Mix)

CrisPulin - Athmosphere (Original Mix)

CrisPulin, Emiliano Effe - Ozone (Original Mix)

D72 - Täuschung (Extended Mix)

DJ Kazal - Enchanted By Your Spell (Original Mix)

DJ Tranceair, Kayumai - Winter Memory (Extended Dub Mix)

DJ Tranceair, Kayumai - Winter Memory (Extended Mix)

DJ-Elven, D-Myo - Purple Sunshine (Extended Mix)

Dalmoori - Monochrome (NyTiGen Extended Remix)

Dan O'Adrian - Esquisser (Original Mix)

Danilo Ercole - Elemento (Chris Lloyd Extended Remix)

Danilo Marinucci - Avantgarde (Original Mix)

Danilo Marinucci - Cosmic Sahara (Original Mix)

Danny Fervent - Be The One (Extended Mix)

David Mcrae - Redefine (Original Mix)

Daxson, XiJaro & Pitch - The Awakening (Transmission Theme 2023) (Extended Mix )

Dima Rev - Lullaby (Extended Mix)

Disfunktion, Kris O'Neil - U & Me (Extended Mix)

Dmpv, Anveld - Faded (Extended Mix)

Dylhen - Apollo (Extended Mix)

EBXM - Rave Room (Extended Mix)

Eds Dead - Infrared (Extended Mix)

Elgfrothi - Coming Home (Dermot Kirby Extended Remix)

Elgfrothi - Coming Home (Dermot Kirby Intro Remix)

Elgfrothi - Coming Home (Dermot Kirby Piano Remix)

Elite Electronic, Eternal Flame - Dorado (Extended Mix)

Energy Flash, DJ Dean - Cafe Del Hamburgo (Extended Mix)

Eryon Stocker - Ataraxia (Extended Mix)

Estiva, Diana Miro - Snow Flower (Rose Ringed Extended Remix)

Ferry Tayle, Tonks, Mirage - Chimera (Extended Mix)

Franco Romano - Celestial Trial (Original Mix)

Frank Ayala - Lordran (Extended Mix)

Freak E Beatz, Gid Sedgwick - Examples (Extended Mix)

GAIA-X - Cosmic Horizon (Original Mix)

Galexis, Jason Vinterra - Black Moon (Extended)

Gary Murray - One Universe (Extended Mix)

Gayax - Under Contro (Intro Mix)

Gayax - Under Control (Original Mix)

Ginchy - Leading You (Extended Mix)

Gisthead - Unrestricted (Original Mix)

Harmonium - Mission (Extended Mix)

Heaven & Alone - Cosmic Journey (Extended Mix)

Horizon One - Don't Wake Me Up (Extended Mix)

INVIRON, Tim Kado - Ascension (Original Mix)

Incredia - Let It Be & Believe (Extended Dub Mix)

Incredia - Let It Be & Believe (Extended Mix)

Intra De Aeris - Supernova Explosion (Extended Mix)

Isaac Blum, BRYCH (BR) - Ferality (Extended Mix)

Jan Blomqvist, Maybemahri - Kaleidoscope Colours (Fejká Remix)

Jimmy Chou - Oceans (Original Mix)

Jimmy Chou - Oceans (The Majestic Remix)

John O'Callaghan - Flow Through (Extended Mix)

John O'Callaghan - Flow Through (Meditation Mix)

Joran Shade, Alkaloid - Frozen Time (Extended Mix)

Joulez - Hundred Days (Extended Mix)

Juan Almiñana Obando - RaSagui (Original Mix)

Kaimo K - Unknown (Extended Mix)

Keistep - Cosmic Soul (Original Mix)

Kismet 333 - Be The Change (Extended Mix)

Kniagna - Konopel (Extended Mix)

Krisp - Uncompassionate (Extended Mix)

Lightning vs Waveband - Northern Lights (Extended Mix)

Luminn - Tempus (Somna Extended Remix)

Macid - Nautilus (Extended Mix)

Magnetti - Living In The Present (Extended Mix)

Mark Novas - Give Me A Feeling (Extended Mix)

Mark Novas - Sweet Mistake (Extended Mix)

Markus Schulz, Emma Hewitt - Till We Fade (Extended Mix)

Matthew Duncan - Lily (Extended Mix)

Mau Bacarreza - Saturn Rings (Extended Mix)

Mau Bacarreza - Saturn Rings (R2DEEP, Zairi Torrez Extended Remix)

Maxeus, Julia Faulks - Falling Deeper (Extended Mix)

Maxeus, Julia Faulks - Falling Deeper (Physical Phase Remix)

Mhammed El Alami, EGGSTA - Left Behind (Extended Mix)

Miditekk - Changing Times (Extended Mix)

Mike Bound - City Lights (Ash Woollacott Extended Remix)

Mike Bound - City Lights (Extended Mix)

Mike Bound - City Lights (M.A.T.I. Extended Remix)

Mikhail Tseslyuk - Rising Sun (Extended Mix)

MikkoT - Kaiho (Extended Mix)

Milad E, David Deere - Amnesia (Extended Mix)

Mindflux - Novalunosis (Extended Mix)

Modera, LJ MASE - Down The Line (Extended Mix)

Myde, Elara - Lift Me Up (Extended Mix)

N-sKing - Power Bond (Extended Mix)

N-sKing - RGB (Extended Mix)

New World - Shoshin (Extended Mix)

Nicholas Gunn, Alina Renae - In The End (Extended Mix)

Nihil Young - Flare (Extended)

Nitrous Oxide - Raum (Extended Mix)

Obie Fernandez, KNBI - Dedication (Original Mix)

Ormus - Ewaranon (Paul Hamilton Remix)

Ormus - Nirvikalpa (Spaceship Commanders Remix)

Paul Cartwright - Run In The Rain (Extended Mix)

Paul Thomas - Dark Knights (Extended Mix)

Pehr Pehr - Rivington (Original Mix)

Pehr Pehr - Yesterday (Original Mix)

Peter Miethig - Little Wonders (Extended Mix)

Peter Steele - Archangel (Extended Mix)

Physical Phase - Bound (Extended Mix)

Polzn Bladz - Vox-Populi (Extended Mix)

Quiet 5torm - Transparency (Extended Mix)

RNX - Magnetar (Extended Mix)

RNX - Remote (Extended Mix)

Rafa Montejo - Dawn (DJ Geri Remix)

Rafa Montejo - Dawn (Original Mix)

Ralphie B, Frank Waanders, Collide1 - Clarity (Extended Mix)

Ray Van Miles, Holly Drummond - Hypnotized (Extended Mix)

Robbie Rivera - Go (Daniel Wanrooy Extended Remix)

Robert Reazon - Music (Original Mix)

Ronski Speed, Sygma, Fra.Gile - U Found Me (Extended Mix)

SMR LVE, That Girl - Euphoria (Extended Mix)

STNX - Idola (Extended Mix)

Sam Laxton - Into Me (Extended Mix)

Sergej Bujko - Audentity (Dub Mix)

Sergej Bujko - Audentity (Original Mix)

Sergej Bujko - Audentity (Tristan Dior Dub Mix)

Sergej Bujko - Audentity (Tristan Dior Remix)

Sherano - I Should Know (Extended Mix)

Simon Gregory - F.O.S (Extended Mix)

Sneijder, Alt1 - Second Coming (Original Mix)

Sound State - Alpha 04 (Extended Mix)

SpaceLine, U-Mount - True Sight (Victor Special Intro Remix)

SpaceLine, U-Mount - True Sight (Victor Special Remix)

Starry Major - Missing Memory (Extended Mix)

State 91, Lyd14 - The Way Back Home (Extended Mix)

Steven Liquid - Searching Reality (Tranceflight Extended Remix)

T.O.M. - Daydreamer (Close Your Eyes) (Original Mix)

TH3 ONE, Eximinds - Moonlight (Extended Mix)

The JacKMan - The Rave (Original Mix)

The Second I - Euphoric Horizon (Extended Mix)

The Symphony - They Are Here (Extended Mix)

Thrillogy - Dreams (Extended Mix)

Tim Clark - Gateway (Extended Dub Mix)

Tim Clark - Gateway (Extended Mix)

Trance Classics, Susanne Teutenberg - You're Still The One (Extended Mix)

Trance Reserve, DaWTone - This Is My DNA (Extended Mix)

Transa - Carla's Theme (Enigma State Extended Remix)

Tranzvission - Forbidden Memories (Extended Mix)

Turker Ozsoy - Just Be Fine (Extended Mix)

Vikram Prabhu - Whispers (Extended Mix)

XLS - Evolution (Original Mix)

XLS - Heat Wave (Original Mix)

XLS - Let Go (Original Mix)

Yaroslav Kulikov - New Start (Authentic Mix)

Yaroslav Kulikov - New Start (Original Mix)

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