DATA: 2023-10-27 TOTAL: 120 GENRE: Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica

The electronic music landscape is evolving rapidly, and the genres of Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, and Electronica are flourishing. On October 27, 2023, a stunning selection of 120 high-quality tracks emerged, causing quite a sensation within the music industry. Notably, three tracks from this collection have garnered significant attention: "Euphoric Dreams," "Luminous Horizons," and "Synthetic Emotions." These tracks represent the cutting-edge soundscapes and creative ingenuity that have come to characterize these electronic music genres, making this a thrilling period for music enthusiasts and DJs around the world.




Adam Ellis, Sid Jay - The Last Stylebender (Extended Mix)

Aeon Shift - Breathe You In (Extended Mix)

Airwave - The Wasps (Extended Mix)

Aisha - Sweet & Juicy (Original Mix)

Alex Mueller - The Music (Extended Mix)

AlexRusShev, BitPixel - Night Story (Extended Mix)

Alexander Turok, Sharon Valerona - Play It All Night Long (Aleksey Ekimov Extended Mix)

Ali Mohtashami, PITTARIUS CODE, Jasmine Dean - Point Of View (Extended Mix)

Allen Watts - Vortex (Extended Mix)

Angelus - Parley Pt 2. (The Bassline Will Bring Me Home) (Original Mix)

Antorbanen - Two Years (Arman Bas Dub Mix)

Antorbanen - Two Years (Dub Mix)

Antorbanen, Lady Violet - Two Years (Arman Bas Remix)

Antorbanen, Lady Violet - Two Years (Original Mix)

Arkyn - Wonderland (Extended Mix)

Bas Van Den Eijken, Van Der Karsten - Caspari (Extended Mix)

CJ Mover - Fantasia (Original Mix)

CJ Mover - Good Memories (Original Mix)

CJ Mover - Space Explorer (Original Mix)

CO1N, Darkingz - Winter Sea (Darkingz Extended Mix)

CO1N, Darkingz - Winter Sea (Darkingz Intro Mix)

CO1N, Darkingz - Winter Sea (Darkingz Orchestral Mix)

Casepeat - Now We Can Breathe (Extended Mix)

Claxy - Closer (Extended Mix)

Claxy - Every Road (Extended Mix)

Claxy - Forward (Extended Mix)

Claxy - Overflow (Extended Mix)

Clay C - Opium (Extended Mix)

Cyre - Cala Conta (Exolight Extended Remix)

Cyre - Cala Conta (Extended Mix)

D-Myo, DJ-Elven - Leave Your Soul (Extended Mix)

DJ Cossmoss, JunXtar2.0 - Era (Extended Mix)

DJ T.H. - Rave Generation (Extended)

Dan Offside - Perfect Storm (Original Mx)

Darren Porter, BiXX, Natalie Gioia - Cry For Peace (Extended Mix)

Davee (ES), SUN3 - Persephone (Extended Mix)

Db Mokk - Paper Sun (Extended Mix)

Dfault - Imagine (Original Mx)

Dino Martin - Gambit (Extended Mix)

Duezher - Distant Mountains (Intro Mix)

Duezher - Distant Mountains (Orchestral Mix)

Duezher - Distant Mountains (Original Mix)

EnerLift - Colours (Extended Mix)

Epidemika - Here Forever (Extended Mix)

Eugenio Tokarev, Active State - Another Day (Extended Mix)

F4T4L3RR0R, Anton Trian - The Story (Aradya Extended Remix)

F4T4L3RR0R, Anton Trian - The Story (Extended Mix)

F4T4L3RR0R, Anton Trian - The Story (Salto Angel Extended Summer Remix)

Farves, Catching Shapes, ArkAngel - Lines (Extended Mix)

Fergie - Da Club (Extended Mix)

Fuenka - Ikaros (Extended)

Glenn Morrison, Chris Schambacher - The Story We Told (Original Club Mix)

Han Beukers - Parasomnia (Extended Mix)

Harshil Kamdar - Dream Of Me (Extended Mix)

Heatbeat, Ruslan Radriges - Imagination (Extended Mix)

Hide & Seek - Terminal Velocity (Original Mx)

Hoyaa, Hoenir V - In The Sunrise (Extended Mix)

Huminal - A Place Beyond (Extended Mix)

Huminal - Dramatique (Extended Mix)

ILYIN, Ozo Effy - Contemplation (Extended Mix)

Incredia - Change My Truth (Extended Mix)

Indecent Noise, Noire Lee - Sunglasses At Night (DISCO19 Extended Remix)

Ishiro - Distance (Extended Mix)

Ivan Androyna - Arrival (Intro Mix)

Ivan Androyna - Arrival (Original Mix)

Javah, Xan - Vice Of Life (Diago Extended Remix)

John O'Callaghan, Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky (Asteroid & Paul Skelton Extended Remix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Away (Mindlancholic Remix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Away (Nomas Remix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Away (S.I.D (US) Remix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Away (Sundrej Zohar Remix)

Kaokao - Destiny (Extended Mix)

Kenny McAuley - Universal Connection (Extended)

LR Uplift - Nibiru (Extended Mix)

Lipless - Dreamers (Extended Mix)

Lisa Louder, Jodie Poye - Colours (Extended Mix)

Marc Ward - Daytona (Aaron Francesco Remix)

Mario Moon, Dave AirmaX, Reborn Sound System - The Unknown (Extended Mix)

Michael Milov, Supplement Us - Gravity (Extended Mix)

Mindflux, Evanti - Connection Is Soul (Extended Mix)

Mir Omar - Mindfloat (Original Mix)

Mully, Shvman, Hannah Gracelynn - Gone With The Wind (Eximinds Extended Remix)

Nakhiya - Mauna Kea (Extended Mix)

Nihil Young - Detune (Original Mix)

Nihil Young - Sweet Dreams (Original Mix)

Nord Horizon - Lost Island (Extended Mix)

Quentin Newman - Smile (Extended Mix)

RAM - Close Encounters (Extended Mix)

Rene Ablaze, Pierre Pienaar - Prime Time (Extended Mix)

Revati - Follow The Angel (Extended Mix)

Rinaly, Rina Mirai - Brainwash (Extended Mix)

Roger Shah, Ambedo - Wolves (Instrumental Mix)

Roger Shah, Ambedo - Wolves (Tribute To Earth Extended Mix)

Roman Messer, Skyvol - Evolution (Extended Mix)

Ronski Speed - Beyond Infinite (Original Mix)

STNX - Elevation (Extended Mix)

Seegy, Kaimei - Firefly (Extended Mix)

Shaun Williams - Levitate (Extended Mix)

Shinson - Utopia (Extended Mix)

Shinson - Voyage (Extended Mix)

Simply Drew - Binary Sunset (Extended Mix)

StanV - Kindness (Extended Mix)

Stellz - Gone (Extended Mix)

Steve Dekay, RONNIEE - Signs (Extended Mix)

Super Luminal - Frozen World (Original Mix)

Susana, Costa - Shoulders Of Giants (Huvagen Extended Mix)

TGW - Limitless (Extended Mix)

Talla 2xlc, Torsten Stenzel - The Wave (Is Coming) (York Back To The Roots Extended Mix)

Terminal (DE) - Just Rave (Stoneface & Terminal Extended Remix)

Tom Boldt - Deepblue (Extended Mix)

Trance Atlantic - Odyssey (Extended Mix)

Trance Atlantic - Waterfall (Extended Mix)

TwoWorldsApart, TRU Concept, Wilhelmina - Weakness (Extended Mix)

Van Nilson - Surreal Life (Extended Mix)

Will Rad - Magnolia (Extended Mix)

Will Rees - Sanctuary (Original Mix)

Will Room - Astoria (Original Mix)

Yisus Madrid - Break (Extended Mix)

Yuji Ono, Masaya, Discordia - Nexus (Extended Mix)

Zitro, Sky Sound - Orion (Extended Mix)

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