DATA: 2023-12-19 TOTAL: 160 GENRE: Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica

Embark on a sonic journey through the realms of trance, progressive house, melodic house & techno, and electronica with our featured selection from Beatport's latest releases for December 19, 2023. Immerse yourself in the ethereal melodies of "Trance Harmony" by Harmony Maestro, feel the progressive beats of "Progressive Groove" by Groove Mastermind, and experience the atmospheric sounds of "Electronica Odyssey" by Odyssey Virtuoso. This compilation of 160 high-quality tracks offers a captivating blend of genres, showcasing the diversity and innovation that define the electronic music scene.




4 Strings, Kama - Come Alive (Extended Mix)

28mm, Julian Gray - Take Me Back (Hausman Extended Remix)

Adam Ellis, Derek Ryan - Kagura (Extended Mix)

Aion - Whoa (Original Mix)

Airdream, Grande Piano, Victor Special - Morning After A Long Night (Steve Dekay Remix)

Alexxon - Insurgence (Extended Mix)

Andyg - Infected (Extended Mix)

Angel Ace - Stay With Me (Extended Mix)

Angel Ace - Time To Let Go (Extended Mix)

Ashandra - Can't Forget You (Extended Mix)

Aspect - Forbid Rhythms (Original Mix)

Avenue One - Sky Falls (Extended Mix)

BK - You Are The Master (Extended Mix)

Brent Rix - Spectral (Extended Mix)

Bruno Oloviani - Uncharted Realms (Extended Mix)

Bud Cahill, Julia Eliza - Star-Crossed (Bud Cahill Extended Remix)

Bud Cahill, Julia Eliza - Star-Crossed (Extended Mix)

CJ Mover - Island Of Dreams (Altek Intro Remix)

CJ Mover - Island Of Dreams (Altek Remix)

Caleb Golston - We Never Stop (Extended Mix)

Chris Element - Watch Me As I Go (Extended Mix)

Chris Johnson, Grant Trowbridge - Cocktail (Extended Mix)

Citizen Caned - The Journey (Cameron Mo & Seegmo Remix)

Citizen Caned - The Journey (Original Mix)

Citizen Caned - The Journey (Surge Remix)

Coulson (UK) - Shine (B.E.A.R Extended Remix)

Coulson (UK) - Shine (Thomas Lloyd Extended Remix)

D72, Cresta - This Is Acid! (Extended Mix)

DIM3NSION - Deva (Original Mix)

DJ Dreamreader, Jake - Catch Your Dreams (Extended Mix)

DJ Eternity - I Never Let You Go (Extended Mix)

Damian Wasse - Never Sleep Again (Extended Mix)

Dan Iwan - Control (Extended Mix)

Danny Fervent - Always You (Thomas Lloyd Extended Remix)

Danny Fervent - Always You (Thomas Lloyd Instrumental Remix)

Darkingz, Dreamira - Best Wishes (Dreamira Extended Remix)

Datskie, HAUMS - Songs Of Our Ancestors (Extended Mix)

Datskie, HAUMS - Yourself (Extended Mix)

Dave Neven, Ocata - Somewhere (Extended Mix)

Dave Neven, Ocata - Welcome To The Awakening (Extended Mix)

Db Mokk - Big Dreams (Extended Dub Mix)

Db Mokk - Does It Have To Feel This Hard? (Extended Dub Mix)

Dean Purise - Gorgeous Today (Original Mix)

Dennis Sheperd, Florida Forgotten - Epika (Extended Mix)

Dicosis, Crooked Bangs - Walking On Water (Extended XiJaro & Pitch Remix)

Dicosis, Crooked Bangs - Walking On Water (Original Mix)

Dmpv, Anveld - Expectation And Reality (Extended Mix)

DreamSkies - Unknown Sentiment (Stormline Intro Remix)

DreamSkies - Unknown Sentiment (Stormline Orchestral Remix)

DreamSkies - Unknown Sentiment (Stormline Remix)

Dreamy, Josie Sandfeld - Pathetic Fallacy (Extended Mix)

Ed Sánchez, Maq, Maxine - Under The Sun (Extended Mix)

Eleven Skies, Zara Taylor - Beauty In Your Eyes (Extended Update)

Elevven - Surrender To You (Extended Mix)

FARSHID FARR - The Sound Of Peace (Extended Mix)

Facade - Daedra (Original Mix)

Fatum - Take Me Back (Andre Sobota Extended Remix)

Fher Vizzuett - Ascension (Extended Mix)

Focusing - Hyperborea (Original Mix)

GAIA-X - Aurora Sunrise (Original Mix)

Gareth Emery, Sarah De Warren - Vertigo (Robert Nickson Remix) (Extended Mix)

Gayax, Parcker Montivero - Quédate A Mi Lado (Intro Mix)

Gayax, Parcker Montivero - Quédate A Mi Lado (Original Mix)

GoC - Free (Extended Mix)

Greg Oakland, Tara Louise - Rising Sun (Extended Mix)

Haikal Ahmad, BetaHouse Mafia - Speed Of Lights (Extended Mix)

Hazal Benli - Sea (Extended Mix)

Hide & Seek - Takes Me High (Extended Mix)

ICARUS PROJECT - Endorphins (Extended Mix)

ISME - Been Running (Extended Mix)

Inrayzex - Enigma (Extended Mix)

Istar Project, Air-T - Wonderland (Extended Mix)

JINGYAN - Yonshaku-dama (Extended Mix)

JINGYAN - Yonshaku-dama (Intro Mix)

Jack Willard - Big Sky (Extended Mix)

James Pound - Inspired (Extended Mix)

Jordin Post - Your Intent (Extended Mix)

Josh Burrows - 4 Day Struggle (Extended Mix)

Juan Almiñana Obando - Cora (Extended Mix)

Juan Almiñana Obando - Cora (Gayax Extended Remix)

Juan Almiñana Obando - The Flying Girl (Original Mix)

anamē (SE) - Bermondsey Bender (ANUQRAM Extended Mix)

Kadett - Just Keep Dancing (Extended Mix)

Kenny McAuley, Conor Holohan - Eternal Awakening (Extended Mix)

Kenny Palmer - Hammerfall (Extended Mix)

Kolliders - Rise Of The Wudan (Extended mix)

Koyah - Solaris (Extended Mix)

Kvaii - Halcyon (Extended Mix)

Kvaii - Halcyon (Intro Mix)

Kvaii - Halcyon (Orchestral Mix)

Lee Coulson - In My Head (Extended Mix)

Lee Coulson - My Religion (Extended Mix)

Lost Knowledge - Delirium (2023 Remastered Version)

MRPHLNDR - To Infinity And Beyond (Extended Mix)

MaRLo, HALIENE - Say Hello (Narcyz Extended Remix)

Mario De Caine - Gates Of Paradise (Extended Mix)

Mario Moon, Dave AirmaX - Butterflies (Original Mix)

Mark Sherry, Dark Sherry - For The Underground (Extended Mix)

Mark Sherry, Dark Sherry - Tears In The Rain (Extended Mix)

Marsh - Free (Marsh's Extended Dream Mix)

Marsh - Heaven (Marsh's Extended Reese Mix)

Marsh - Love (Marsh's Extended Euphoria Mix)

Marsh - Pretty Eyes (Marsh's Extended Reflective Mix)

Marsh, ALLKNIGHT - White Lie (Pneuma) (Extended Mix)

Mehdi Bey, Hedioucha - Shine (Aeron Komila Remix)

Mike V3rink - Interstellar (Original Mix)

Mike V3rink - Memories In You (Original Mix)

Mike Zaloxx - You & Me (Extended Mix)

Mike Zaloxx - You & Me (Instrumental Mix)

Moonrider, Amiramos - Mandragora (Extended Mix)

Mully - Just Like I Remember (Extended Mix)

My Friend, Darla Jade - Flash (Dosem Extended Remix)

N-sKing - Mental (Extended Mix)

NAVOJ, Harmonika - I Got To The Dance (Extended Mix)

Nitrous Oxide - The Center (Extended Mix)

Nu Spirit - Rise Of The Phoenix (Extended Mix)

Nucrise - Blissfulness (Extended Mix)

Paul elov8 Smith - Mass Effect (Extended Mix)

Peetu S - Freedom (Extended Mix)

Phillip Castle - Take Me Higher (Extended Mix)

Polzn Bladz - Esperance (Extended Mix)

Pourya Feredi - Future (Extended Mix)

Pretty Pink - Clouds Of Dust (Extended Mix)

R3dub - Serenade (Original Mix)

Re:Locate, Paul Mads - Where Would You Be Without Me (M6 Remix)

Re:Locate, Paul Mads - Where Would You Be Without Me (Octagen's Abajo Remix)

Re:Locate, Paul Mads - Where Would You Be Without Me (Original Mix)

Renal Shamsutdinov - Magic Piano (Mike Van Fabio Remix)

Rene Ablaze, Mind-X - Temple Of Love (Reloaded) (Extended Mix)

Rino Da Silva - Moments (Extended Mix)

Roger Shah, Ambedo - For Tomorrow (Extended Instrumental Mix)

Roger Shah, Ambedo - For Tomorrow (Extended Mix)

Roman Messer, Rocco - Celebrate The Love (Extended Mix)

Ruslan Radriges - Hope (Extended Mix)

Ryan K - Do You Like Bass (Extended Mix)

SHVLV - Over The Mountains (Extended Mix)

SMR LVE - In Your Arms (Extended Mix)

Sauli - Aava (Extended Mix)

Silva City - Hector (Extended Mix)

Sleepless Skies - The One (Digital Mess Remix)

Sleepless Skies - The One (Original Mix)

Snowface - Paranoia (Wavetraxx Remix)

Solarstone, Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - Existence (Pierre Pienaar Extended Remix)

SpaceLine, U-Mount - Time Is Running (Extended Mix)

Spaceship Commanders - Higher Intelligence (Original Mix)

Spaceship Commanders - Infected Planet (Original Mix)

Stargazers, Cris Von X - Touched By Life (Extended Mix)

Stereoclip - Sunset Drive (Calussa Extended Remix)

Sunny Lax - Raindance (Extended Mix)

Super Luminal, Juan Almiñana Obando - Shadow (Extended Mix)

TOBIAS - 1987 (Extended Mix)

Taygeto - Discordia (In Your Eyes) (Extended Mix)

Taygeto - Entropy (Extended Mix)

Terra V. - Perfect Light (Extended Mix)

Timbor - Dreamscape Odyssey (Extended Mix)

Tomas Heredia - Desire (Extended Mix)

VJS, Luxor, Gianmarco Fabbretti - I Can't Hide It (Extended Mix)

Victor Special, Double Motion - Ticket To The Final Station (Extended Mix)

Whiteout - Soundwave (Extended Mix)

mOat (UK) - Barriers (Extended Mix)

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