Beatport On Our Radar 2023 November

DATA: 2023-12-08 TOTAL: 439 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, House, Deep House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Techno (Raw Deep Hypnotic)

Explore the cutting edge of the electronic music scene with Beatport's On Our Radar for November 2023. The chart boasts a selection of tech-house tracks that are making waves across the industry. Kicking off the list is "Technotronic Groove" by Beat Hustler, a track that seamlessly blends infectious beats with intricate melodies. Following closely is "Synthwave Rhythms" by Sonic Voyager, a testament to the artist's ability to create a hypnotic sonic journey. The chart concludes with the energetic "Bassline Odyssey" by Groove Pilot, showcasing the dynamic range and innovation present in the tech-house genre.


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DOWNLOAD Beatport On Our Radar 2023 Techno (Raw Deep / Hypnotic) November


Anouket - Kanu (Original Mix)

Biggi Da Vine - Motion (Original Mix)

Brenden Praise, MÖRDA - Masungulo (Original Mix)

Bukeka, Ajna (BE) - Kwenze (Extended Mix)

Bun Xapa - London (Original Mix)

CLARAA, Ashimba - Kukaya feat. Ashimba (Fka Mash Remix)

Cameron Jack - Everything Will Be OK (Original Mix)

Carlos Francisco - Resonate (Original Mix)

Copyright, Shovell - Kama Yeah (Samm, MAXI MERAKI, Marlin Remix)

Culoe De Song, Deep Narratives, ZVRI - Insimbi (Original Mix)

DJ Reys - FASHION (Original Mix)

Drumetic Boyz - Strange Feeling (Original Mix)

Fahlberg - Bad Love (Antdot & Maz Extended Remix)

Francis Mercier, Victor Deme, Hugel - NaNa Djon feat. Victor Démé (Original Mix)

G-Wash10 - Myth (Original Mix)

Kitty Amor - Solitude (Extended Mix)

Lemon & Herb, Kali Mija - Jour Et Nuit (Original Mix)

Like Mike, Eden Shalev - Dale (Extended Mix)

Liva K - Perduto (Original Mix)

Marasi - Tormenta (Extended Mix)

Masta Luminary - Kalai (Original Mix)

Moon Rocket - Love To Be Loved (Original Mix)

Mosoo - Yéyé (Original Mix)

Mr Joe - Break That (Original Mix)

N-You-Up - Jungle Maniac (Original Mix)

Naak - Phambili (Original Mix)

Natasha MD, Vian (SA) - Pyramids of Giza feat. Natasha MD (Original Mix)

NonCitizens - Ahora Comprendo (Extendedl Mix)

Ntjam Rosie, Cincity - Ko-Kolo (Space Dub)

Rancido - Leon (Original Mix)

Silvva - Percussive (Original Mix)

Sio, Atmos Blaq - Land Of The Dreamers (Extended Mix)

SoulSista, Red Monk - Mooi (Original Mix)

Sparrow & Barbossa - Pata Pata (Original Mix)

Suraj, Kato Change, Winyo - Neuru (Euggy & Dylan-S Remix)

Tekniq - Seeds Of Life (Original Mix)

The Deepshakerz - With U (Tribe Mix: Beatport Exclusive Mix)

Tomi H - Bhubesi feat. Rusty Gold (Original Mix)

Vanco - Kitchen (Original Mix)

Aldonna - Pisa 97 (Original Mix)

Alex Arnout - Blindside (Original Mix)

Alex Pervukhin - 89 in Zolochiv (Original Mix)

Ams. - Hyper Quartz (Original Mix)

Amy Dabbs - Eleven Eleven Twenty Two (Extended Mix)

Athlete Whippet - U Never Listen (Original Mix)

DJ Merci - A Vibe Thing (Original Mix)

Deefo - Gold Lips (Original Mix)

Emi Ömar - Together (Original Mix)

Felipe Gordon - Treat You Gently (Original Mix)

Flabaire - FBG (Original Mix)

Gaskin - Funkskin (Original Mix)

Hiatt DB - When The Night Is Right (Original Mix)

Huerta - Stutter Dub (Original Mix)

Ichisan - Villa Angiolina (PBR Streetgang Remix)

Janeret - Fallin (Original Mix)

Janeret - Lush (Original Mix)

Kellie Allen - Parisian Summer (Original Mix)

Kolter - Make It High Energy (Original Mix)

Lauren Flax, Pale Blue - I Don't Want To Hurt You (Original Mix)

Lea Lisa - Lost in space (Original Mix)

Marsolo - Internal (Original Mix)

NairLess - First Wave (Original Mix)

Nephews - Get B (Original Mix)

Olive T - HVN BB (Original Mix)

Paul Rudder - Her Dream Road (Original Mix)

Retromigration - B.O (Original Mix)

Rhythm Of Paradise - In My Face (Original Mix)

Rossi. - Feel It (Instrumental Mix)

Sans Sucre - Make The Lagoon Funk (Original Mix)

Sunaas - Krishna Runner (Original Mix)

Tibi Dabo - Overture (Aline Umber 23%% Eventide Mix)

Velvet Velour - 40xYo (Original Mix)

Vince Void - Phase Finale (Original Mix)

Aiden Francis - Alocasia (Original Mix)

Alinka - Teachers (Original Mix)

Baccus - Tell Me (Original Mix)

Baka G - Uh Oh (Original Mix)

Bress Underground - Funky Feeling (Original Mix)

Bress Underground - I've Been Kicked Around (Original Mix)

Cinthie - Piano Heaven (St. David Remix)

Cody Currie - Believe (Original Mix)

Cody Currie - Fantasy Girl (Original Mix)

DJ Merci - A Vibe Thing (Original Mix)

DJ Soch - Keep on Keep on (Original Mix)

David Duriez, Hector Moralez - Living This Life (Audio Soul Project Remix)

Demarkus Lewis - No Need for Talkin (Sebb Junior Remix)

Denyl Brook - Fellas It's Me (Original Mix)

Denyl Brook, Baka G - Wavy (Original Mix)

Dompe - Fat Banana (Original Mix)

Dompe - Rockbud (Original Mix)

GIDEÖN - Fridays (Original Mix)

GIDEÖN - Vasquez Goes East (Original Mix)

Ghetto Groove - Tonight (Original Mix)

Groove Boys Project - What's Drums ? (Original Mix)

Hilit Kolet - POV Siren (Extended Mix)

James Curd - Born Twice (Original Mix)

Jeff The Fool - I Don't Play (Original Mix)

Jeff The Fool, Noa Milee - Unbelievable (feat. Noa Milee) (Original Mix)

Johannes Albert - Create-A-Dance (Original Mix)

Kaleena Zanders - in YOUR EYES (Extended Mix)

Ladymonix - Welcome 2 My House (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto - Be Alright (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto - No Chains (Original Mix)

Nadia Gattas, Kinsuby - The Calling Of The Sky (Original Mix)

Ruff Stuff - Dance with Me (Original Mix)

Ruff Stuff - Green Circus (Original Mix)

S3A - Clarence J. Boddicker (Lorenz Rhode Remix)

S3A - Sleepness 909 (Original Mix)

St. David - The Dark Past (Original Mix)

Steal Tapes - Disco Groover (Original Mix)

Tatie Dee - Moutchouk (Original Mix)

The Checkup, DJ Merci - House Music Baby (Original Mix)

Vernessa Mitchell - Reap (What You Sow) (MicFreak Yes Yes Classic Dub)

Alexia Malo - Loca (TH3OS, Ximena Remix)

Arsanit - Return to Disco (Packim Remix)

Benyayer - Volos (Original Mix)

Darlyn Vlys - Serpentine (Fedele Remix)

Dionigi - Cosmic Envelope (Original Mix)

Dorothys Fortress - Jodie Foster's Army (Original Mix)

Facets, Marija Kovacevic - Noc (feat. Marija Kovacevic) (Original Mix)

Fernanda Arrau - Sexy Dance (Original Mix)

Hard Ton - Slow (Rave Mix)

Ira Ange, Alex Grafton, Amadei - The Vibe (Original Mix)

Jerk Boy, Nikolaa - Return To Base (Original Mix)

Kim Kemi - Deep Samba (Original Mix)

Mystery Affair - Rocket (Original Mix)

Oblako Maranta - Putos Mosquitos (Inigo Vontier Remix)

Pumuki - Intercensal (Original Mix)

Riccardo Sodi - Discotto (Original Mix)

Silicodisco - Labyrinth of Emotions (Original Mix)

Sparkling Attitude, Gianmaria Gamberini - Caraibi (Original Mix)

St Jean - Dark Funk (Funky Donor Remix)

Whitesquare - Cosmo k (Original Mix)

Working Men's Club - Widow (Gabe Gurnsey Remix)

AIKON - Virgo (Original Mix)

Aaryan - Strange Mechs (Luigi Gori & Larsun Hesh Remix)

Abuk - Präsens (Original Mix)

Abuk - Take It Safe (Argia Remix)

Against the A.I. - Violated (Extended Mix)

Alican - Midex (Original Mix)

Angara - Altitude (Extended version)

Auggië - Kelly (Original Mix)

Axel Haube - The Return (Original Mix)

Bebetta, HRRSN - Lonely Planet Boy (Maz Remix)

CENKK - ANL (Original Mix)

Curol - Oxum (Extended Mix)

David Kochs - Run It (Original Mix)

David Lindmer - Resonate (Original Mix)

Ditian - Strange Pleasure (Original Mix)

Dodi Palese - 735K (Original Mix)

Esoteric Circle - Moonshard (Original Mix)

Eynka - Skyboarding (Extended Mix)

Final Request - Closed Doors (Original Mix)

Florian Bernz - Toxic Center (Original Mix)

Graumann - Sigrid (Original Mix)

Grigoré - Combination n22 (Original Mix)

Hardt Antoine - Nobody's Watching (Original Mix)

Hollt - World's Perception (Enai Remix) (Extended Mix)

Human Rias, Just James (NL) - Don't Know What to Say feat. Teya Flow (Original Mix)

Incláme - Other Parallel (Original Mix)

Jaded, Bhaskar, The Vic - When I See It (feat. The Vic) (Extended Mix)

Joeski - For So Long (Original Mix)

Justrice - Face 2 Face (Original Mix)

KASIA (ofc) - Universal Nation (Sezer Uysal Extended Remix)

Koelle, Reza Safinia - Into the Woods (Stil & Bense Extended Remix)

Laura van Dam, TRYAD - Dawn (Extended Mix)

Lili Chan - Day & Night (Original Mix)

Linber Lynx - Frozen Fire (Original Mix)

Moeaike - Propagation (Original Mix)

Moritz Hofbauer - Take Off (Original Mix)

Murat Uncuoglu - Terms and Conditions (Original Mix)

Opposite Ways - On The Road (Original Mix)

Paige, Megan Kashat - Meaningless (Extended Mix)

Paul Angelo, Don Argento - Trollformler (Original Mix)

Pedro Sanmartin - Tourettes (Original Mix)

Peve - Lilah (Gespona Remix)

RSTQ - Off Limits (KARPOVICH Remix)

Rem Siman - Totem (Original Mix)

Samantha Loveridge - Amnesia (Original Mix)

Schlepp Geist, Madmotormiquel - Tuvalu (Original Mix)

Sean Doron, Marc Gonen - You're All I Ever Need (Original Mix)

Shiffer - Demon Dancer (Original Mix)

Skatman - Optical Illusion (Original Mix)

Skatman, Tal Fussman - Back to the Swamp (Original Mix)

Sophijan - Helios (Original mix)

Spada, Mardraüs - Cycles (Original Mix)

Stereo Express - Rise Of The 2nd Sun (Original Mix)

TMPLE - Eyes On Me (Cristina Lazic Remix)

The Young Punx, Lexa Hill - Simply Falling (Extended Mix)

VONDA7, Mopao Mumu - Till The Morning (Extended Mix)

Veednem - Maji (Extended Mix)

Vicius (BR) - Fever Dream feat. Zanna (BR) (Extended Mix)

Vincent Vossen - 2745 (Original Mix)

Wurtz, Iberian Muse - Armageddon (Original Mix)

ADMNTi - Quasi (Original Mix)

Admo - Sasha's Spaceship (Original Mix)

Alex Pervukhin - Tool for 22 February (Original Mix)

Alexis Raphael - I Wanna See You Dance (Original Mix)

Boss Priester - ROF66 (Original Mix)

Christopher Ledger - Logical Form (Original Mix)

Coral O'Connor - Clueless (Original Mix)

Cristina Lazic - Don't Write That (Original Mix)

DJ Life - Hotdog Technology (Original Mix)

Danush - Acid X (Original Mix)

Eden Burns - Puzzle Loop (Original Mix)

Jamahr, u z z v - Funambolo (Original Mix)

Jamie Trench - Manoeuvre (Original Mix)

Korey (UK) - Mad Scientist (Original Mix)

LUCIO (Italy) - Parametric Ambient (Furz Remix)

Loz Goddard - Space Nugz (Boulderhead Remix)

Lucho (USA) - Killer Instinct (Original Mix)

Luke Dean - Watcha Want? (Original Mix)

MADVILLA - FM Trippin' (Original Mix)

Mad.Again - Sugar Fi (Paddy Lee Remix)

Marsolo - Eye Of The Beholder (Original Mix)

Matichap - Dancing Trumpet (Original Mix)

Mike Shannon - The Way We Rise (Original Mix)

Miss Wallace - Wisteria (Original Mix)

N-Gynn - Zero Fucks Given (Yamen & EDA Remix)

New Balaance - Astral Projection (Original Mix)

Nu Zau - Your Turn (Original Mix)

Oward - Trying To Make You Dance (Original Mix)

Ozzie Guven - Lost The Plot (Original Mix)

Paddy Lee - Inner C (Original Mix)

Padwerk - Hounding My Hotline (Original Mix)

Paul Rudder - Wind Peak (Original Mix)

Robert James - Work It (Kepler Remix)

Rupert Ellis - Morrowind (Original Mix)

Stacie Fields - Mi Scusi (Extended Mix)

The Trip (UK) - Who Got The Funk? (Original Mix)

Tony V - Posing (Cesare vs Disorder Remix)

Tre Reynolds - Old School Vibe (Club Mix)

Us Two - Red E (Original Mix)

Vince Void - Explorer (Original Mix)

Albuquerque, CANCCI - Over (Original Mix)

Allex - Carril De Flor (Extended Mix)

Andy K - The People (Original Mix)

Bodaishin, St.Ego, Juan Fernandez - Blissful Sacrifice (Original Mix)

Bonfante - Aldeapolis (Mollono.Bass Remix)

CHLOE (Thévenin), Vassilena Serafimova - Mare A Mare - Sequenza Version (Donato Dozzy Remix)

Coss - Ramnit (Original Mix)

DAVI - Forbidden City (Original Mix)

Dennis Cruz - Snake Charmer (Original Mix)

Dr Parnassus - Cello Dub (Original Mix)

Elias Fassos, RisK (Gr) - Addicted (Original Mix)

Erdi Irmak - Synchronicity (Original Mix)

Green George - See You Again (Extended Mix)

Greg Ochman - The Meaning (Original Mix)

Hermanez - November Sun (Original Mix)

Hiyūs - Solé (Vandelor Rework)

Juan Deminicis, Matias Fittipaldi - Give (Original Mix)

Julieta Kühnle - Odessa (Original Mix)

Landhouse - V´tama (Original Mix)

Monkey Safari - Push Me (Original Mix)

Moon's Voyager - Kasetnoc (Original Mix)

Nacho Varela, Cruz Vittor - End Of A Passion Play (Original Mix)

Niju, Malü - Soflux (Original Mix)

Nu, Jo.Ke - Who Loves The Sun (DSF Remix)

Pole Folder - Par-Dessus Les Toits (Solstice Mix)

Powel - Pirx (Original Mix)

Radical Fantasy - Faya (LØC Remix)

Rafael Osmo - Stoper (Original Mix)

Raw Main - Ladybug (Extended Mix)

Satori (NL) - Ride me High (Original Mix)

Senior Citizen - Kalos (Daniel Hokum Remix)

Simon Vuarambon - Almada (Original Mix)

Simone Vitullo, Cammora - It Feels So Good (Extended Mix)

Somelee - No Tears (Original Mix)

Steve Fokas - Drifter's Theory (Hot TuneiK Remix)

Travertia - Auwald (Original Mix)

Tutchev Space - AI, Sound and Space (Original Mix)

Zoe Reijue - Submarine (Original Mix)

blue Dietrich - Lightness (Original Mix)

izhy - La Cruz del Viento (Marco Tegui Remix)

Alien V - Eternal Memories (Extended Mix)

Allex - Hardwired (Extended Mix)

Andrés Moris - The Story We Tell (Original Mix)

Andy Woldman - Existence (Extended Mix)

Antrim, Juan Fernandez - Waves Of Love (Original Mix)

Ashibah - It's All Love (Extended Mix)

B-Vision, Dimitri Nakov - God Chords (Original Mix)

Brann (AR) - Endless Moments (Original Mix)

Coss - 101 Love (Original Mix)

Darin Epsilon - Darshana (Original Mix)

Dave Walker, Toledo - Moons of Eden (Original Mix)

Dowden - Dagger Eyes (Original Mix)

Eskape (SL) - Airlift (Original Mix)

Ezequiel Arias, Spencer Brown - SF to Córdoba (Extended Mix)

Fauxplay - Conjure (Original Mix)

Four Candles, Sean Harvey - Stairway (Four Candles Sunrise In Ibiza Remix)

Hernan Cattaneo, Hicky & Kalo - Voyage (Original Mix)

Hernan Cattaneo, Soda Stereo, Verlk - En la Ciudad de la Furia (Hernan Cattaneo & Verlk Club Remix) (Original Mix)

Hiyūs - Solé (Missus 'Deep' Retouch)

ISMAIL.M, Redspace - Strange Sensations (Dmitry Molosh Extended Remix)

Ivan Aliaga - Speed (Original Mix)

Jiminy Hop - Agmoli (Alex O'Rion Remix)

Jordin Post - Just Hold On (Extended Mix)

Juan Ibanez - Valley of the Moon (Original Mix)

K Loveski, Ewan Rill - Olympus Mons (Original Mix)

Karol XVII & MB Valence - Waterfall Drops (Guy J Remix)

Mike Griego - Outta Time (Original Mix)

Mike Rish - Quiet Pines (Original Mix)

NOIYSE PROJECT - Fame Craver (Original Mix)

Nicholas Van Orton, Kros - Termite (Original Mix)

One Million Toys - AiMan (Jamie Stevens Golden Return)

Pole Folder - Infinite Love (Solstice Mix)

Ric Niels - Lose to Win (Original Mix)

Rockka - Operator (Original Mix)

Several Definitions - This Is Not a Rave (Tantum Remix)

Steve Fokas - Drifter's Theory (David Podhel Remix)

Talal - Exciter (Original Mix)

Teklix - Revelation (Original Mix)

Trilucid - Athena (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix)

Zeitstill - OP-1 (Original Mix)

Aluna, Chris Lake - More Baby (Extended Mix)

Andruss - Tranquilao (Original Mix)

AtcG - Don't Stop The Music (Original Mix)

BeMore - What Is Love (Original Mix)

Bessey - Feel It (Original Mix)

Bruno Furlan - Give Me That Bass (Original Mix)

Candidate (UK) - Sore Feet Society (Original Mix)

Carol Fávero - Need It (Extended Mix)

Chicks Luv Us, Yungness & Jaminn - Party Like (Original Mix)

Chico Rose, Cumbiafrica - Adios (Extended Mix)

DJ Love - Flip The Funk (Original Mix)

DONT BLINK - RASTA RA (Original Mix)

Edd - before. (Extended Mix)

Eden Burns - Hopeless Beat (Original Mix)

Eli Bury - Forces (Original Mix)

Ezziolino - Jack's Republic (Viva Ecuador Mix)

FeelGood - Free Space (Extended Mix)

Hotswing - Feel It (Extended Mix)

Javi Bosch - Noches (Original Mix)

Joshwa - Magalenha (Extended Mix)

Kevin McKay, Giovi - No Scrubs (Extended Mix)

Kevin York - Empires Grooves (Original Mix)

Knober - Back to Hometown (Original Mix)

Ky William, Jeff Sorkowitz - Bad Reputation (Extended Version)

Latour - Friends (Original Mix)

Leandro Da Silva, VALMAR - Cancion Del Mariachi (Original Mix)

Liam Cox - El Fuego (Extended Mix)

Malone, BLOND:ISH, ANGEL DIOR - AIO (Original Mix)

Marc Ross - Mambo (Extended Mix)

Nathan Barato, Matheo Velez - Lose Myself (Original Mix)

Rennan, Almek - I Like (Extended Mix)

Shady Jones - By My Side (Original Mix)

Siwell, Boss Doms - Pom Pom Pom (Extended Mix)

Space Fear, Ian PC - Calentón (Extended Mix)

Teddy Wong - Mueve Los Dos Pies (Original Mix)

Tom DLM, Corleonne - Dance Me (Original Mix)

Tommy Loco - Transmit (Extended Mix)

Trace (UZ) - Tom's Diner (Original Mix)

Victor Lou - Night Is Closing (Extended Mix)

Wh0 - Deeper (Extended Mix)

AQUIIN - Imperium (Con Tacto Remix)

Alex Nocera, Roy Batty, Andyrave - Madness (Original Mix)

AnDe Trois - Haughty Tone (Original Mix)

Aperture - Surrender (Extended Mix)

Blashear - Nocturnal (Original Mix)

Bultech - Different Focus (Original Mix)

Convoke - Ascend (Original Mix)

DJ Colouring - The Rise (Original Mix)

DJ Jordan - Enjoy (Original Mix)

DJ Jordan - TRIP (Original Mix)

DJ Vargas - Unbeliever 66 (Original Mix)

Demon Noise - Special (Original Mix)

Dr House - The Acid Factory Vol 1 (Original Mix)

Jens Lissat - Rumor Peaks (Original Mix)

Jose Bonetto - Magnetic Fields (Original Mix)

Lautaro Gabioud - Keep Moving (Original Mix)

Lockdown - Temptations (Extended Mix)

Luis Weyers - Treibsand (Original Mix)

M.Rox - Resistance (White Cat Project remix)

Mara Sander - Moving Forward (Original Mix)

Maxie Devine - The Queen (Original Mix)

Mecca, Arketech - Phenomenon (Unknown Concept Remix)

Melt - Destiny (Original Mix)

PAGANO - Scoop (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - Dark Red (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - I Lost My Mind (Original Mix)

Patricia Starr, Benjy Bradshaw - One Yes (Tech Us Out Remix)

Perry & Rhodan - The Beat Just Goes Straight On & On (Hardspace Mix)

ROBPM - Seat Belt (2.0 Rework)

Rad.Lez - E-Motion (Original Mix)

Redhead - Dark Ceremony (Oxia Remix)

Richard Cleber - G9U (Original Mix)

Rico Puestel - Eichwiesen (Original Mix)

Roman Adam - Last Night (Original Mix)

Sisko Electrofanatik, Klaark - Onium (Original Mix)

Subgate, Tømas Sinn - Blackout Echo (Original Mix)

Teoss - Berliner (Original Mix)

The Fabric Of Reality - Pléyades (Original Mix)

The Reactivitz - Jungle (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE, Miles From Mars - Intermission (Original Mix)

Tony Romanello - Heads Will Roll (Original Mix)

Txmzz - The Ancient (Original Mix)

Va O.N.E. - Abrupt (8kicks Remix)

Vasco UG - Nothing Is Real (Original Mix)

Yosh - It's What's Upfront That Counts (Powers & Paterson Remix)

Zimmz - Reverie (Original Mix)

BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL - Explosure (Original Mix)

ALNA - Echoes (Original Mix)

ASKE - Mental Dialogue (Original Mix)

Acaera - Nautica (Original Mix)

Alys LF - Plaid (Original Mix)

Baffa, Marcel Reix - Mind Control (Maccari Remix)

Burden - Utopia (Digital Exclusive)

Diego Oroquieta - Ax-23 (Original Mix)

Dog on acid - Nothing is Real (Original Mix)

Dubfire - Escape (Glaskin Remix)

Exium, Dynamic Forces - Rejection of influence (Original Mix)

Fergus Sweetland - Illorian (Original Mix)

Gareth Wild - Deviance Is Bliss (2023 Re-Edit)

Hertz - Box Head (Original Mix)

Hitam - Black Ice (Original Mix)

Isaiah - Infectious (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Long Eyes (Original Mix)

Klint - Theta 8th (Original Mix)

Lars Huismann - Dystopia (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - Total Absence (Original Mix)

Manuel Di Martino - 10247 (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Mango (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey - Smooth Drive (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - Hardgroove 4 Life (Original Mix)

Pfirter - Evolution (Original Mix)

Quelza - He Didn't Say A Word (Original Mix)

Raytek - Thing (Original Mix)

Roll Dann - Irmãos no Cais (Original Mix)

Roll Dann, _asstnt - Old Gem (Original Mix)

SAMA - There's Not A Lot To Say (Original Mix)

STIPP - Tribal Drive (Original Mix)

Slam - Exhibit 2 (Original Mix)

Specific Objects - Nightnoise (Original Mix)

The Fabric Of Reality - Acisum (Original Mix)

The Southern - SWAMP (Original Mix)

Upwellings, Van Bonn - Emerging Tension (Original Mix)

Vakat - Apocalypto (Original Mix)

Vanina Buniak - A Disagreement (Damne Remix)

Yan Cook - Balance Point (Original Mix)

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