Beatport Top 100 Melodic House & Techno New & Hype + Bonus Tracks May 2024

DATA: 2024-05-23, TOTAL: 342 GENRE: Melodic House & Techno

May 2024 brings an electrifying selection of Melodic House & Techno tracks that are setting the electronic music scene ablaze. This month’s collection features a dynamic range of pulsating rhythms and hypnotic melodies that are sure to captivate any dance music enthusiast. From the deep, soul-stirring beats of Massano’s ‘Talking’ to the ethereal soundscapes of Zafrir’s ‘Ana’, each track promises a unique auditory journey. Notable mentions include the vibrant ‘Seventh Day’ by Max & Dana and the groove-infused ‘ESCAPE PLAN’ remix by MILA JOURNÉE, showcasing the genre’s versatility and innovation.


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&ME, Black Coffee, Keinemusik - The Rapture Pt.III (Original Mix)
&ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Keinemusik, Alan Dixon, Arabic Piano - Thandaza (feat. Alan Dixon, Arabic Piano) (Original Mix)
&ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Keinemusik, Sofie - Discoteca (Original Mix)
AMAS Studio - 1984 Original Mix
ANNA (BR) - Kalimba Dreams Original Mix
ARTBAT, CAY (DE) - In Your Arms (Original Mix)
Abuk - Atumpan Nhii Remix
Abuk - Raw Instinct Alican Remix
Acrobat, Aaron Suiss - Calypso Aaron Suiss Remix
Adam Port, Keinemusik, Martina Camargo, Theus Mago - The Dream feat. Martina Camargo (Extended Mix)
Add-us - Take Me Original Mix
Adrian Roman - Faces of Belmez Original Mix
Adrian Roman - TAGDI (They Are Gonna Do It) Original Mix
Adriatique, Eynka - Beyond Us (Extended Hatshepsut Version, Alex Wann remix)
Adriatique, Undercatt - Horizon (Original Mix)
Agents Of Time, Ash Nova - Need You (Extended Mix)
Agustin Giri - Reality Picture Original Mix
Ajna (BE), Samm (BE) - Does It Matter (Ajna (BE) Remix)
Alex Niggemann - Peace Trading Original Mix
Alex Wann - Milkshake (Original Mix)
Alfonso Muchacho - Look What You've Done to Me Extended Mix
Althoff - Neblina (Original Mix)
Althoff - Neblina Original Mix
Althoff - Vibora Original Mix
Amadori - Espejismos Original Mix
Andhim - You're Not Alone (Extended)
Andrea Oliva, Moeaike, Arodes - Stronger Than Before (Original Mix)
Andy Power - Bad Guy Original Mix
Annett Gapstream, Tenvin - Fiktion UNDERHER Remix
Annett Gapstream, Tenvin - Manifest Original Mix
Anton Allure - Thrust Original Mix
Anyma (ofc) - Now Or Never (Extended Mix)
Anyma (ofc) - Pictures Of You (Cassian Remix - Extended Mix)
Anyma (ofc) - The Light (Extended Mix)
Argy - Dreamstates (Extended Mix)
Argy, Baset - Sierra (Extended Version)
Argy, Goom Gum - Pantheon (Extended Mix)
Argy, Omnya - Aria (Extended Mix)
Argy, Son Of Son - Faust (Extended Mix)
Armin van Buuren, ARTBAT - Take Off (Original Mix)
Arodes - Burning Like This Original Mix
Arseno - Savana Original mix
Ashibah - Make It Better (Forever) Extended Mix
Astatum - Twilight Echoes Extended Mix
Audiofire (UK) - Polarized Extended Mix
Avis Vox - Distance Extended Mix
Avis Vox - Say It (Extended Mix)
Awen, Caiiro - Your Voice (Adam Port Remix)
Axel Haube, Davide Famularo - Vento Di Tramontana Original Mix
BEMET, Omer Inbar - Boy Cut Original Mix
BONDI - Dangerous Gabe Remix
Baime - Faster Denes Toth Remix
Baime - Faster Eze Ramirez Remix
Baime - Faster Original Mix
Baltra - Breathe Deep Original Mix
Bartella - Am I Even Here Original Mix
Bastian Benjamin - Swap Original Mix
Binaryh - Lovelace Original Mix
Bolth - Devotion Extended Mix
Booka Shade, Gab Rhome - The Sun Extended Mix
Boris Brejcha - Ice Cave Original Mix
Buridan - Homer Original Mix
CamelPhat, Anyma (ofc) - The Sign (Kevin de Vries Remix - Extended Mix)
Carlita - Time (Original Mix)
Carlita, Black Circle, Calussa - Fell In Luv (Black Circle Remix (Extended))
Celeste (FR) - Meta Original Mix
Cheema (IT) - Jis Matt 1979 Remix
Chique - Stimulate Original Mix
Chris Avantgarde - Perception (Extended Mix)
Chris Avantgarde, Anyma (ofc) - Eternity (Extended Mix)
Chris Avantgarde, Anyma (ofc) - Eternity (Massano Remix - Extended Mix)
Chris Avantgarde, Kevin de Vries, Zerb, Sofiya Nzau - Mwaki feat. Sofiya Nzau (Chris Avantgarde & Kevin de Vries Remix Extended)
Chris Zippel - Millenia Peer Kusiv Remix
Chris-T & Matu - Connection Lost Original Mix
Christian Nielsen - All Night Long Original Mix
DJ Chus, Niconote - Panorama Astratto Original Mix
DJ SIRIN - Battle Original Mix
DRU (MT) - Illusion Original Mix
Daho, Two Are - Atarа́xia Extended Mix
Daniel Dee, Cafe De Anatolia - Emotion Original Mix
Daniel Vilchez - Unreal Original Mix
Danjel Esperanza - Gloomy Clouds Original Mix
Darksome Notes - Speak With Bong Extended Mix
Dave Seaman - Yoho (Main Mix)
David Tort, OKEN (ES) - Please Stop Swiping Extended Mix
Deeparture (nl) - Renewal Extended Mix
Deeparture - Renewal Extended Mix
Dema - Overdose Original Mix
Denis Horvat, Lilli Ellen - Celebration feat. Lilli Ellen Original Mix
Diegho, Innerstice - El Alma Original mix
Diode Eins - Love on the Edge Original Mix
Dominica - I Gotta Let U Go Hendriks & Basti M Extended Remix
Dorian Craft, Baron (FR) - Paradigm Original Mix
Dots, Victor Garde - It's Killing Me (Extended Mix)
Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic - Ultra Hex Original Mix
Duohorses - Reality Original Mix
Durante, Running Touch - Remedy feat. Running Touch Extended Mix
Dyzen - She Likes (Original Mix)
ELZACE - Ascendance Original Mix
Ed Lopes - Indie Boy Original Mix
El Mundo, Zazou - Trace of Life Extended Mix
Elektro Guzzi, Martin Klein - Walk With Me youANDme Remix
Eleven Of July - Avadavat Original Mix
Eli & Fur - Insomnia (Extended)
Emanuel Satie, Tim Engelhardt, Maga, Sean Doron - Resilience (Andhim Extended Remix)
Enamour, Samanta Liza - Slip Away Club Mix
Everdub - Pink Original Mix
FACEOFF - Progress Original Mix
FAE (IT) - Fortuna Original Mix
Fehrplay - Second Language Henri Bergmann Remix
Floormagnet - Nocturnal Extended Mix
Franc Fala - Panic Extended Mix
Furkan Cinar - Unbound Original Mix
Future, Swedish House Mafia, Fred again.. - Turn On The Lights again.. (feat. Future & Fred again..) (Anyma Remix Extended)
atish, Nhii - Shola (Original Mix)
boys be kko - Airwalk vs. Lalala Aera Mashup
boys be kko - Lalala Original Mix
deadmau5, Rebuke - Not Exactly (Rebūke Remix)
GIGEE - Babylon Original Mix
GRDN. - Bocholt Johannes Klingebiel Remix
George FitzGerald, Elderbrook - Glad I Found You Original Mix
German Brigante - So Fine Extended Mix
Gespona, Martin Cozar - Mambo Original Mix
Goom Gum - Rondo (Club Mix)
Grigoré - Akai Ito (Extended Mix)
Grimes, Anyma (ofc) - Welcome To The Opera (Adriatique Remix - Extended)
Gui Boratto - Déjeuner Sur L'Herbe Antdot & Bakka BR Remix
Guy Gerber - What To Do (&ME Remix)
Hannes Bieger - Black Hole (Extended Mix)
Hannes Bieger, Shrii - Rising Extended Mix
Headwaters, One of Vas - Tonight I'm Wind Andrew DRUM Extended Remix
Hidden Empire - Morjim at Night (Extended Mix)
I.AM - Falling to Pieces Paul Anthonee Remix
ID ID - Crazy Times Original Mix
IDQ - Madeira Extended Mix
IDQ - Shades Extended Mix
INVŌKER (FR) - Superhero Extended Mix
Ian Asher - Touch Me (Original Mix)
Ilija Djokovic - Orion Extended Mix
Ilya Shvetc - You're Not Alone Extended Mix
Jack Solo - Alpha Original Mix
Jaguar Jaguar, Chambord - Born In Blue (Original Mix)
Jasch Patrick - Montana Marc Werner Remix
Javier Misa, Greenjack - I Take You Higher Original Mix
Jeancy (ofc) - Lab001 Original Mix
Jepe - Re Connection Original Mix
Jesus Nava, Vite - Rise Original Mix
Joe Mattei - No Good Original Mix
John Summit, Hayla - Where You Are (Gorgon City Extended Remix)
Joris Voorn, AVIRA - The Orange Theme (Extended Mix)
KAWSAN, Daniel Pinho (US), Gabi Gray - Nightmares Extended Mix
Kevin de Vries - Dance With Me (Original Mix)
Kevin de Vries, Mau P - Metro (Extended Mix)
Khainz - Moving in Harmony Original Mix
Ki Creighton - Tribute To The Dance The Deepshakerz Remix
Kieran Apter - Mizu Original Mix
Kinky Sound - Credo Original Mix
Komilev - Ellipsis Original Mix
Kon Faber - Cheer Jacob Groening Remix
Kostas Maskalides - Dawn Original Mix
Kris Omen - This Was The Song Telling Her To Fall Back Into The Real Original Mix
LERM (HU) - In Reverie Ian Ludvig Remix
LICA - Aerial Vue Original Mix
LICA - Funk Impact Original Mix
Lana Del Rey, Anyma (ofc) - Say Yes To Heaven (Anyma Extended Remix)
Landau, Tetris Owl - Souvenirs Extended Mix
Lane 8, Kasablanca - Remission (Extended Mix)
Lauren Mia - Frisson Original Mix
Layla Benitez, MotherEarth - Usion Extended Mix
Lehar - Teorema Original Mix
Leo Ferro, Samwell (LU) - Feelings feat. Leo Ferro Extended Version
Leo Santini (CA) - Back Again Original Mix
Lexer - Hush Original Mix
Lexer - Smoke & Mirrors Original Mix
Like Mike, Novak, WUULA - What Is Reality Extended Mix
Locati - Discovery Original Mix
Lodos - Blue Crush Extended Mix
Lou, Loutouse - Patience Original Mix
Louis X - Face the Music Extended Mix
Luca Saporito - All I Feel Original Mix
Lucas Reyes - At Night Original Sentenza Mix
Lunar Tone - Machu Picchu Original Mix
Magnus, Vintage Culture - Nothing Ever Changes (Camelphat Remix / Extended)
Magnus, Vintage Culture - Nothing Ever Changes (Extended)
Malive, Billy Otto - Reduto Original Mix
Maori, Adam Ten - Spring Girl (Vintage Culture Remix (Extended))
Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin - The Alchemist Marc Romboy Remix
Marcelo Ignacio, Mike Gorohov - Saratov Original Mix
Marco Viera, Agustin Giri - Espejos Original Mix
Mark Tarmonea - Belong Original Mix
Marsh Area - Lost Wanted Original Mix
Martin Eyerer - Anthem Pt II Original Mix
Martin Gardoqui, Martino (AR) - Tomorrow Original Mix
Martin Martin - Tuna Massage Original Mix
Martín Dubiansky - Lonely Guy Original Mix
Massano - Talking (Extended Mix)
Max & Dana - Seventh Day (Original Mix)
Max Ches - Gravitation Original Mix
Maxim Sheremetev, BEIL - Sirius Extended Version
Maxine Hardcastle, Iman Hanzo - Untold Stories Feat. Maxine Hardcastle Original Mix
Meduza - Friends (ARTBAT Remix Extended)
Mila Journée - Diving Losless Remix
Millero, Snirco - Sweet Moment (CamelPhat Edit)
Mind Against, CAY (DE) - FLORAL (Original Mix)
Miss Monique - Bloom At Night (Extended Mix)
Miss Monique - Look At You (Original Mix)
Modeplex - Hyperactive Original Mix
Moderat, &ME, Rampa, Keinemusik - More Love (Rampa &ME Remix)
Monolink - Return to Oz (ARTBAT Remix)
Monolink, Zigan Aldi - Fidale (I Feel) Instrumental Mix
Monophase (IT), Korolova - Reactive (Extended Mix)
Moodintrigo, Ben Biron - Coming Home Ian Ludvig Remix
Moodintrigo, Ben Biron - Coming Home Original Mix
Moodyboy - Change Original Mix
Mooglie, Arodes, Josh Gigante - When You're With Me (Original Mix)
Moon Rocket - Just Me & You Original Mix
Moonwalk, EarthLife - Sea Of Sand Extended Mix
Moullinex, Joplyn, GPU Panic - SO SICK Original Mix
My Flower - Jacaranda Original Mix
My Friend - Moonbeam (Extended Mix)
Myny - Close Original Mix
NIIXII - One Last Dance Original Mix
Nael (IL), Gidoco - Horizon 303 Original Mix
Nakk - Back To Myself Original Mix
Nandu, Radeckt, Tripolism - Dope Dance (Extended Mix)
Naomi Sharon - Another Life (Marten Lou Remix) (Original Mix)
Nick Warren, Landikhan, IV-IN - In The Dark Kadosh Remix
Nicolas Masseyeff, Parallelle - Renegade (Adam Ten & Mita Gami Remix)
Nicoleo, Ariaty - Fluid feat. Adji Cissoko Dorian Craft Remix
Nicone, Enda Gallery - House of Love Dumming Dum Remix
Nimmo, Mind Against, TSHA - OnlyL ft. TSHA & NIMMO (Original Mix)
Nishchal - Revolution Original Mix
Nomoo - Shchedryk Extended
Northeast Party House - Enhancer Original Mix
Notre Dame - Geisha (Cioz Remix)
Nova Kaos, Gianluca Giardini - Infinity Circle Original Mix
OZBEK - Mission Control Original Mix
Oceanvs Orientalis - Neurality Original Mix
Oxia, Dorian Craft - Kilamba Oxia Remix
PKNeer - Choirs & LFOs Original Mix
Paige, Jeh, Darla Jade - When I Dream Extended Mix
Pammin - Fragment Original Mix
Parisi, Anyma (ofc) - Sacrifice (Extended Mix)
Parra for Cuva - Playa Ride Original Mix
Parra for Cuva, orbit(DE) - Pinie Original Mix
Pavel Petrov - C0smica (Original Mix)
Pavel Petrov - Parallel (Original Mix)
Pippi Ciez - Sunrise over Uluwatu Original Mix
Povar, Alexey Union - Damage Original Mix
Pysh, Lazarusman, Bondar - Say Yes 2024 Extended Mix
QuiQui - Let There Be Light (Jamie Stevens Acid Test Remix)
Quivver - That Place You Know (Original Mix)
ROYMF - Alpelham Original Mix
Radeckt - Human Strangers Original Mix
Radeckt, Jeena - Heart feat. Jeena Original Mix
Rafael Cerato, Stoked - Everest Laherte Remix
Ralf Kobernuss - Distortion Original Mix
Ralf Kobernuss - Distortion Rancido Midnight Remix
Rauschhaus, Robin Schellenberg - I Am Not My Ego Extended Mix
Ravi Luchesi, Caike (BR) - Horizon Original Mix
Ravi Luchesi, Remusic - Eclipse Original Mix
Rebuke, Anyma (ofc) - Syren (Adam Sellouk Remix)
Rebuke, Anyma (ofc) - Syren (Extended Mix)
Rob Hes, PARALEL - Unaltered Original Mix
Rod Fuentes - Horizonte Hibrido Original Mix
Rodriguez Jr., Jan Blomqvist - Destination Lost (Extended Mix)
Rodriguez Jr., Jan Blomqvist - Destination Lost Extended Mix
RoelBeat, YOUNA (KR) - Dark Side Extended Mix
Roman Kyn - Melting (Original Mix)
Roum - Future Original Mix
SHAZZE, Ark Nomads - Morph Original Mix
SOHN, CamelPhat, Massano - Turning Stones (Massano Remix)
SOMMA, LE YORA - Que Pasa (Original Mix)
Sam Borski - What If You See Time From A Different View Original Mix
Sam Shure - Division (Original Mix)
Samantha Loveridge, Treetalk - Losing My Religion (Extended Mix)
Samer Soltan - Kiss Me Original Mix
Sasha - Fleuron Drift (Original Mix)
Sebas Ramos - Light of Life Original Mix
Selderv, Yasen - New Moon Original Mix
Sergio Parrado - Little Dorian Original Mix
Serpoosh - Human Original Mix
Shadow Mist - Bahamut Original Mix
Sideral (ofc) - Skyfall Original Mix
Simulfas - Bikura Original Mix
Since 1973 - Sex Education Original Mix
Skatman - Tribute to a Dancefloor Original Mix
Skuro (IT) - Concentrated Original Mix
Solomun, London Grammar - House Solomun Extended Remix
Somelee - Everytime Original Mix
Space Motion - French Kiss (Original Mix)
Space Motion, John Cala - Muevelo Original Mix
Stephan Zovsky - Gatria Original Mix
Stereo Express, Anunnakis - Abidos (Original Mix)
Stereo Express, Anunnakis - Abidos Original Mix
Super Flu - Lovesong (Original Mix)
Super Flu - We You (Adam Ten Extended Remix)
Supermode - Tell Me Why (MEDUZA Extended Remix)
Swimming Paul - Vhs Original Mix
T.U.R.K. - Go Deep Original Mix
Tantum - Left Behind Original Mix
Teho - Hypernova Original Mix
The Real Carter - Effervescence Original Mix
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (John Summit & Silver Panda Extended Remix)
The Yard Woman - Spellbound Extended Mix
Thylacine - Polar Fejka Remix
Tiga, Fever Ray - Kandy Tiga Remix
Tim Engelhardt, Sean Doron - So Good (Original Mix)
Timeless, Dario Dea, Baby Witch - The Rave is Calling You Original Mix
Tinlicker - Starchaser (Einmusik Extended Remix) (Original Mix)
Tom Zeta - What We Do Extended Mix
Tommy Farrow - Demons In The Dark Extended
Tonerush, Pragma - Enarxis Extended Mix
Trikk - Luxo Original Mix
Trikk - Rigor (Original Mix)
Trutopia, Vicky Allen - Hold On (feat. Vicky Allen) Original Mix
Tube & Berger, LinaColada - Like Addiction Extended Mix
Ugo Banchi - Chrome Extended Version
Umami, Monolink - Terra Mount Inámo Dub
Unseen. - Final Fantasy Original Mix
Uwe Thoma - Go Loca Original Mix
VALON (SE) - Glados Original Mix
VZLET - Voices Original Mix
Vanillaz - Let's Get Lost Edit
Vier Equis - You Are Here Original Mix
Vlad Starque, BRAGKEN - Raising the Tempo Original Mix
Vomee - Bring It Back (Original Mix)
Wailey - Division Original Mix
Weekend Heroes - Become One Extended Mix
WhoMadeWho, Adriatique - Miracle (Original Mix)
WhoMadeWho, Adriatique, RÜFÜS DU SOL - Miracle - RÜFÜS DU SOL Remix (Original Mix)
Yarkin Bora, ramyen - Polka Original Mix
Yellow Space - Dimensional Original Mix
Yost Koen - Chorder Original Mix
Yost Koen - Fomo Original Mix
Yost Koen - Technique Original Mix
Yost Koen - Two Tickets Original Mix
Yotto, AVIRA, ALSO ASTIR - Forget (Extended Mix)
Yubik - The Rebellion Original Mix
Zac, Bakka (BR), Ofier - Rapunsel Extended Mix
Zafrir - Amormio (Original Mix)
Øntold, INARE - Errox06 Original Mix

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