Beatport Top 100 Minimal / Deep Tech June 2023

DATA: 2023-06-14 TOTAL: 100 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech

Discover the pulse of the underground with the Beatport Top 100 Minimal/Deep Tech June 2023. This chart unveils the forefront of the genre, featuring the most influential tracks that are setting dance floors ablaze worldwide. Immerse yourself in the intricate layers of deep basslines, mesmerizing melodies, and rhythmic patterns that define this unique sound. Whether you're a devoted fan or a curious listener, this chart offers a captivating journey through the depths of minimal and deep tech. Explore the evolving landscape of electronic music and indulge in the sonic delights of the Beatport Top 100 June 2023.



ANOTR - Don't Mind Ya Weight (Original Mix)

AYYBO, Preme - DRENCH (Original Mix)

Ale De Tuglie - Gotta Work (Original Mix)

Alisha - Changes (Extended)

Amine Edge & DANCE, Mene, ACA (YU) - Tricky (Original Mix)

Arkady Antsyrev - My Helper (Original Mix)

Beltran, Puff (ITA) - Mandarino (Original Mix)

Benny S - Roll The Dice (Furz Remix)

Charlie Iapicone, Len Vitz - Playhouse (Kolter Remix)

Close to Custom - Like Thiszz (wAFF Remix)

Close to Custom - Rock The Beat (Original Mix)

Close to Custom - Work (Original Mix)

Clyde P - Moody Mood (Original Mix)

Cosenza - Lonely Heart (Djebali Remix)

DIMMISH - Rave (Original Mix)

Dabi, Freenzy Music - Berserk (Extended Mix)

Danny Snowden - Let Your Body Move (Original Mix)

Danny Snowden - Pumpin' (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian, George Smeddles - Moontime (Original Mix)

Dennis Quin - Lucky Bastard (Original Mix)

Dimmish - Solar (Original Mix)

ENNE (BR) - Dedication (Original Mix)

Eddy M - Reminder (Original Mix)

Eddy M - Shoot the Shot (Original Mix)

Eden Burns - House Non Stop (Original Mix)

EdiP - Testy (Original Mix)

Fear & Lowe - Fire (Original Mix)

Fletch - Alicia (Extended Mix)

Franky Rizardo - Whatchagonnado (Original Mix)

Frink - Dislate (Original Mix)

Harrison BDP - Couch Surfer (Archie Hamilton Remix)

JUST2 - Multicore (Original Mix)

Jack Swift - Can I Wait (Louden Remix)

Jamback - At The House (Original Mix)

Jamie Coins - Derretch (Original Mix)

Jansons - Messan (Original Mix)

Jansons - Nite Life (Jaden Thompson Remix)

Jansons - Nite Life (Original Mix)

Jeff Sorkowitz - NYSOM (Original Mix)

Jerome Six - Every Single Time (Max Chapman Deep Mix)

Jesse Maas - LTD (Original Mix)

Jezen - Parental Discretion (Original Mix)

Job De Jong - Zero Gravity (Original Mix)

Joe Vanditti, Mene - Antava (Original Mix)

Josh Baker - Counter House (Original Mix)

Josh Baker - Pardy Hardy (Original Mix)

Josh Baker - Work It Out (Original Mix)

KIRIK - CYS (Original Mix)

Kai Rodriguez, Aderfia - DCSK (Original Mix)

KiRiK - CHWTSGD (Original Mix)

KinAhau - Turned Turk (Original Mix)

Kolter - Back in Town (Original Mix)

Kolter - Bust a Beat (Original Mix)

Kolter - I Feel It Right (Original Mix)

Kolter - Please Don't Call Me (Original Mix)

Ky William - Shake (Extended Mix)

Latmun - Just Play (Original Mix)

LondonGround - La Farsa (Original Mix)

Luuk Van Dijk - Return Of The Gobble (Elias Mazian Remix)

M-High - L.T.B.C.Y.B. (Dan Ghenacia Remix)

M-High - That Reminds Me (Original Mix)

Mahony, Wheats - OFF THE WALL (Original Mix)

Marcellus (UK) - Here To Party (RILEY UK Remix)

Max Chapman - Feeling Me (Original Mix)

Max Chapman - Raver (Original Mix)

Max Chapman - Where's The Beat (Original Mix)

Max Dean - Can't Slow Down (Original Mix)

Max Dean - Focus (Original Mix)

Max Dean - Uppy (Original Mix)

Morpei - FUZZ1000 (Original Mix)

PAWSA - Roll Play (Extended Mix)

Pako Ramirez - Deepest Desire (Original Mix)

Paluma, Tyson O'brien - Man Eater (Extended Mix)

Pier Bucci - Hay Consuelo (Dennis Cruz Remix)

Project89 - Phases (Original Mix)

Project89 - What's Going On (Original Mix)

Prok & Fitch - Break of Dawn (Original Mix)

Prok & Fitch - Nura's Dance (Original Mix)

Prunk, RUZE - Incredible (Club Mix)

RILEY (UK) - Apparently Nothin (Original Mix)

RILEY (UK) - Club Soul (Original Mix)

RILEY (UK) - Devil's Spell (Original Mix)

Ranger Trucco - can't stop the swing. (Original Mix)

Ranger Trucco - cassie. (Original Mix)

Rbz, Sudden Heat - Dessa Vida (Original Mix)

Reelow, Mene, ACA (YU), s_o_u_l_f_u_l - Oye Tu (Original Mix)

Reflex Blue - Fantasy Value (Original Mix)

Rendher - Decent Groove (Original Mix)

Rendher - That's Righhhty Feat. Luna Ash (Original Mix)

Robbie Doherty - It's My Beat (Extended Mix)

Rossi. - Honey, I'm... (Original Mix)

Seb Zito, James View - Give It Some (Original Mix)

Sidney Charles - Sonar Plexus (Original Mix)

Silat Beksi - Emergency Grooves (Original Mix)

Sosa UK - Bring It Back (Mason Collective Remix)

Traumer - District (Original Mix)

Traumer - Processora (Original Mix)

Traumer - Standle (Original Mix)

Us Two - See Sharp (Original Mix)

YOUniverse (IT), Lady Vale - Bring The Heat (Original Mix)

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