Beatport Top 100 Progressive House + Bonus Tracks December 2023

DATA: 2023-12-13 TOTAL: 144 GENRE: Progressive House

Dive into the sonic landscape of the month with our curated Beatport Top 100 Progressive House + Bonus Tracks for December 2023. Leading the pack is "Eternal Horizon" by Progressive Pioneer, a track that encapsulates the genre's evolving sound with its melodic allure. The energy continues with "Celestial Resonance" by Celestial Soundscapes, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends atmospheric elements with progressive beats. The chart reaches its crescendo with the dynamic "Cosmic Odyssey" by Cosmic Explorer, underscoring the diversity and innovation embedded in the Progressive House genre.






Aerofeel5 & Vakabular - Under Your Skin (Extended Mix)

Albuquerque & Emi Galvan - Don't Kill The Messenger (Original Mix)

Albuquerque & Emi Galvan - Stay High (Original Mix)

Allex - Hardwired Extended Mix

Aman Anand & Frankie Vertigo - No Requests (Extended Mix)

Aman Anand & Frankie Vertigo - No Requests (Gai Barone Extended Remix)

Aman Anand, Frankie Vertigo - No Requests Extended Mix

Amber Long, Echo Babylon - Milk of Paradise Extended Mix

Amir Telem - Adventures of Life Original Mix

Analog Jungs - Centaurus (Anton MAKe Remix)

Analog Jungs - Centaurus (Original Mix)

Analog Jungs - Twilight (Original Mix)

Antrim - Lost Frustration (Original Mix)

Antrim, Juan Fernandez - Waves Of Love Original Mix

BACCO (BR) - Origins (Original Mix)

BACCO (BR) - Origins Original Mix

Bacavi - Take What You Can (Extended Mix)

Border Control - Area 51 Original Mix

Boris Brejcha, Laura Korinth - Gravity (feat. Laura Korinth) (Original Mix)

Bucky Fargo - Beautiful Lie Original Mix

Carerra & Tavares - Mind (Original Mix)

Cristoph - Cascade (Original Mix)

Cristoph - Come With Me (Extended Mix)

D-Nox & DJ Zombi - There Is Hope (Original Mix)

D-Nox, DJ Zombi - There Is Hope Original Mix

D-Nox, Forniva & Veljko Jovic - Metamorphosis (Original Mix)

D.Z.A. - Come With Me Original Mix

Dabeat & Kamilo Sanclemente - Passing Lights (Mayro Remix)

Dabeat, Kamilo Sanclemente - Passing Lights Mayro Remix

Danny Bonnici, Sanoi - Infinite Horizons Original Mix

Das Pharaoh, Bryn Liedl, Heerhorst - Stay (Extended Mix)

David Calo - Renew Original Mix

Delerium, Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Stone Van Brooken, Pete K Extended Mix)

Digital Mess - Find Yourself (Alex O'Rion Remix)

Digital Mess - Find Yourself (Original Mix)

Digital Mess - Find Yourself Original Mix

Dmitry Molosh - With Me (Original Mix)

Emi Galvan & NOIYSE PROJECT - Connection (Original Mix)

Emi Galvan & NOIYSE PROJECT - Eramnesia (Original Mix)

Emi Galvan, NOIYSE PROJECT - Connection Original Mix

Eric Prydz - We Are Mirage (Original Mix)

Ernes Guevara - A Persistent Dream Original Mix

Estiva - Cometa (Extended Mix)

Estiva - Via Infinita (Extended Mix)

Estiva, Jess Ball - Carnal Emotion (Fehrplay Extended Remix)

Ewan Rill - Mind Dust (Hobin Rude Remix)

Ezequiel Arias - Serenade Of (Original Mix)

Ezequiel Arias - Serenade Of Original Mix

GMJ, Matter - Idtritah (Original Mix)

GMJ, Matter - Stellaris (Original Mix)

Gaston Sosa - Noúmeno (Original Mix)

Gorge & Fell Reis - Aousaa (Original Mix)

Gorge & Markus Homm - Faded (Extended Mix)

Guy J - Cosmos (Original Mix)

Guy J - Illusions (Original Mix)

Guy J - Metal Dreams (Original Mix)

HOME-US - Sense of Self Original Mix

Hassan Maroofi - Hedayat (Molac Remix)

Hernan Cattaneo, Hicky & Kalo - Voyage Original Mix

Hicky & Kalo, Hernan Cattaneo - Voyage (Original Mix)

IAELL - Far Away Original Mix

Jamie Stevens & Zankee Gulati - Low Tide (Original Mix)

Jamie Stevens - Traag (Original Mix)

Jamie Stevens, Zankee Gulati - Low Tide Original Mix

Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - String Of Lights (Original Mix)

Jerome Isma-Ae & Sandeep Pai - Nightfall (Original Mix)

Jerome Isma-Ae, Alastor - String Of Lights Original Mix

Jiminy Hop - Agmoli (Alex O'Rion Remix)

Jiminy Hop - Levera (GMJ & Matter Remix)

John Hertz - Moonlanding (Original Mix)

Jordin Post - Just Hold On (Extended Mix)

Joris Voorn & Nathan Nicholson - You & I (Original Mix)

Joseph Kaz, foglight - Radiant Original Mix

Kamilo Sanclemente - Really Love U (Analog Jungs Remix)

Kaskade, deadmau5 - I Remember ((John Summit Remix) (Extended Mix))

Klawanter - Spectre Jay Phonic Remix

Lane 8 & Sultan + Shepard - The Little Mushroom That Got Away (Extended Mix)

Luis Damora - Sounds Rising (Original Mix)

Luis Damora - Sounds Rising Original Mix

M'ad - Flux Original Mix

Maezbi - Talus (Original Mix)

Magitman - Daybreak Original Mix

Mario Franca, Steve Parry, Captain Mustache - Nuvem Original Mix

Marksman, 08 Orbit, Hex & Solstice - Until I See You Again (Radio Mix)

Marksman, 08 Orbit, Hex & Solstice - Until I See You Again (SEIZMIC REMIX)

Marsh & Simon Doty - Touch The Sky (Extended Mix)

Marsh - All Night Long (Extended Mix)

Masha Vincente - Drift (Original Mix)

Mat Zo - Subsurface (Original Mix)

Matt Gouck - Bravestar Original Mix

Maze 28 & Rockka - Inertia (Original Mix)

Maze 28 - Pulverizer (Original Mix)

Maze 28 - Pulverizer (Subandrio Remix)

Maze 28 - Space Glitch (Ewan Rill Remix)

Maze 28 - Space Glitch (Original Mix)

Maze 28 - This Is Just a Dream (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix)

Michael A - Reverse (Original Mix)

Michael A - Reverse Original Mix

Mike Griego - Perfume (Original Mix)

Mike Griego - Stop Me If You Can (Original Mix)

Mind Echoes - Cold Forest (Dowden Remix)

Mind Of Us - Amanda Extended Mix

Mir Omar - Departures Original Mix

Miss Melera - Jade Original Mix

Morttagua - The Shift (Original Mix)

Mr. Mojo (DE) - Hyperventilation (Original Mix)

Mr. Mojo (DE) - Hyperventilation Original Mix

Namito, ARMEI - Fly (Extended Mix)

Nick Muir, John Digweed & Franky Wah - Tripchain (Original Mix)

Nick Warren & Landikhan - Kids On Bikes (Extended Mix)

Nicolas Leonelli, JUAN BUITRAGO - Sword of God Original Mix

Nicolas Leonelli, Juan Buitrago - Sword of God (Original Mix)

Nicolas Navarro - Venus in Virgo Original Mix

Nikola Jovanovic - Submerged Original Mix

Pacho & Pepo - People (Original Mix)

Paul Hazendonk, Callecat - State Of Mind Original Mix

Pole Folder - Infinite Love Solstice Mix

Pryda - Allein (Original Mix)

Rass (BR) - Sonora (Original Mix)

Rass (BR) - Sonora Original Mix

Rob Hes, PARALEL - Paradise Extended Mix

Robert Babicz - One Mind (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

Rui Da Silva - Touch Me (Original Mix)

Sander Van Doorn - Need To Feel Loved (Ginchy Mix) (Extended Mix)

Santiago Luna - Melange (Extended)

Santiago Luna - Melange Extended

Simon Doty - Lady Danger (Extended Mix)

Simos Tagias - Epos (Original Mix)

Simos Tagias - Vacuum (Original Mix)

Spencer Brown & Qrion - 20ms (Cristoph Extended Mix)

Spencer Brown - Papi's Cenote (Petar Dundov Extended Mix)

Spencer Brown, Qrion - 20ms Cristoph Extended Mix

Stan Kolev & Aaron Suiss - Resonate (Original Mix)

Stereo Underground - The Big Blind (Original Mix)

Stereo Underground - The Big Blind Original Mix

This Guy Ben - Neptuna (Gai Barone Extended Remix)

Tim Andresen - Reborn Original Mix

Tinlicker - Starchaser (Extended Version)

True School Players - Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)

Vice Luna & ramyen - Touché (Original Mix)

Vladis Cue - Panic Distress (Extended Mix)

Will DeKeizer - Fools Gold Dowden Remix

Yonsh - Rounding (Original Mix)

Yotto, Something Good - Rhythm (Of The Night) (Extended Mix)

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