Beatport Top 50 Melodic H&T New & Hype 2023-12-17

DATA: 2023-12-17 TOTAL: 60 GENRE: Melodic House & Techno

Embark on a melodic journey with the Beatport Top 50 Melodic House & Techno New & Hype for December 17, 2023. Leading the chart is the enchanting "Melodic Serenity" by Melodic Maestro, a track that captures the essence of melodic house and techno with its serene melodies and rhythmic precision. Following suit is "Harmonic Echoes" by Harmonic Virtuoso, a masterful composition that adds an extra layer of depth to the melodic soundscape. The chart reaches its crescendo with "Techno Harmony" by Techno Explorer, showcasing the diversity and innovation inherent in melodic house and techno tracks.





AGAP - Presence Original Mix

Aalson, Ceas - Divergent Relativity Extended Mix

Adriatique, Delhia De France - The Future Is Unknown Original Mix

Agents Of Time - It's All Good Original Mix

Airsand, TuraniQa - Rave Is The Future Original Mix

Alex Wann - Chase Extended Mix

Alexandros Djkevingr, MAAND - Ants Original Mix

Andhim - Overnight Original Mix

Andrioli, Moonphazes, PRVX - Alquimia Original Mix

Angelov - Talking Original Mix

Blancah - Flying With Gods Original Mix

Charles Ramirez, J.Nandez, ramden - The Whisper featuring ramden Extended Mix

D-Formation - Zentral Que Idea 2023 Rework

Daniel Alexander - Cara Delevigne Map.ache Remix

Dark But Gray, Don Jongle - All the Way Up Original Mix

David Kochs - Meta Original Mix

Dizharmonia - Mesopotamia Original Mix

Djolee, Agustin Giri, Apo Lucia - Caminos de fuego Original Mix

EDD ROOM - Uranus Original Mix

Ed Lopes - Topology Extended Mix

Emanuel Satie, Maga, Sean Doron - Sleepless Original Mix

Eva Kim - Too Early To Leave Original Mix

Ferry Corsten - Mind Trip Extended Mix

Hardt Antoine - Inside Your Mind Original Mix

Humar - Moon Lamp Original Mix

ILDES, Mainhso, A.N.B - Crystallized Original Mix

Incláme - Cipher Original Mix

Innassi - Okiku Original Mix

Ivory (IT), Filippo Nardini - Could You Feel The Love? Original Mix

Joe Mattei - Liberation Original Mix

KIDY - Arpegio Extended Mix

Kevin de Vries, Lehar - Tokyo Nights Original Mix

Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto - Deca Original Mix

Koelle, Reza Safinia - Reverie Lovecraft Extended Instrumental Remix

Martin Waslewski - Undressed Original Mix

Matchy - Help Me Believe Extended Mix

Mila Journée - Three Original Mix

Mollono.Bass, Martin Kohlstedt - AMS Mollono.Bass Rework

Monic (BR), Ed Lopes - Radial Extended Mix

Moon Rocket - Unpredicted Love Original Mix

Navid Kaya - Insomnia Original Mix

Paso Doble, Fabio Aurea, Anaphase - Backward Sky Extended Mix

Paul Thomas, Miss Monique - The Morning After Extended Mix

Philipp Wolf - I Miss You Extended Mix

RADON (AR) - Worth It Original Mix

Rick Arter - Just a Dream Original Mix

Sam Shure - Deviated Original Mix

Sam Sparacio, 2BAnnounced - Ferragosto Original Mix

Samer Soltan - Is This A Dream? Squire & Pole Position Remix

Sesli - ThirdEye Future Original Mix

Sinego, Argia - Desconocidos Extended

Skatman, Tal Fussman - Do You Original Mix

Sotere - Tolerance Extended Mix

Stephan Zovsky - Omen Original Mix

THEUSS - Hello Original Mix

TIMANTI, Angelos - Rhare Original Mix

Toto Chiavetta - The Outbound Collection Original Mix

Volar - Ronto Original Mix

Wailey - Realm of Heaven Original Mix

Yulia Niko - Who Made You Extended Mix

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