Beatport Top Tech House Dj Tracks Autumn 2023

DATA: 2023-10-18 TOTAL: 216 GENRE: Tech House

"Step into the heart of the tech house realm with the 'Beatport Top Tech House Dj Tracks Autumn 2023' playlist, where the underground reigns supreme. The playlist's latest offerings include 'Feel the Groove' by Angelo Ferreri, an irresistible dancefloor masterpiece, 'That Vibe' by Angelo Scalici, a pulsating groove that refuses to let up, and 'Funky Beatz' by Crazibiza, a tech house banger that'll have you grooving all night. This playlist captures the essence of tech house, providing a comprehensive journey through the genre's evolution, making it an indispensable source for tech house aficionados and DJs."





96 Back - Laco


Agus O - My Sheep (Gianni Firmaio Remix)

Alan C - Bring It Back

Alberto Dimeo, Alvii Ferrer - Desacatao (Original Mix)

Aldo Cadiz,Andre Butano - No Entienden

Ale Buldrighini,Chema Gnz - Hip Hop - Chema Gnz Remix

Alessandro Angileri - Take Times

Allan Nunez,Space Fear - Bate

Alvaro Lopez - Libelula (Original Mix)

Amine Edge & DANCE - Kid Cudi (Daniel Orpi Remix)

Amine Edge & DANCE,Daniel Orpi - Kid Cudi - Daniel Orpi Remix

Ammo Avenue - Shifter

Andre Rizo, Sixtee Seconds - Myself (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Revolver

Ant Brooks, Lost at the Rave - Rave Ting (Original Mix)

Antho Decks - Adora (Extended Mix)

BINGEWATCH - Looking at Me

BLOC - Maureen (Original Mix)

Baustaff - Campfire (Original Mix)

Baustaff - Rights (Original Mix)

Bekail,Moody Hertz - What Is Wrong

Better than Lex,Kai Feng - Friday Feeling - Extended Mix

Beyond Chicago,Majestic,Alex Mills - Million Dollar Bill - Extended Mix

Black Fader, David Drez - That's a Bow (Original Mix)

Black Keusen,Mc Th - No Escurin'

Bontan - Purple Rose (Original Mix)

Boss Doms,Siwell - Pom Pom Pom - Extended Mix

Brodyr - About This Place

Brutal Bill - I Am Ready

Buogo - Sulfur (Original Mix)

Burnski - Boom (Original Mix)

Candidate (UK) - Sore Feet Society (Original Mix)

Caravaca - Space (Original Mix)

Caravaca - People's Talking

Carlo Riviera, Caparzo - You (Original Soire Mix)

Carloh - Guatagueh (Damelo Ma Mix)

Catz 'n Dogz, Nala - Me Me Me (Original Mix)

Catz 'n Dogz,Nala - Me Me Me

Ceszar - Get Sexy

Chab Nabouchu - Modja (Extended Mix)

Charlie - Zilly Bop (Original Mix)

Chicks Luv Us - Rhell (Original Mix)

Chicks Luv Us - Trippin'

Chris Brooks,Nicolas Martinez (CO) - Noise Machine

Corey James, Dice Of Nights - Slip (Extended Mix)

Crusy,Alex Now (ES) - The Loop - Extended Mix

D. Ramirez - Yeah Yeah - Extended Mix

DJ Kone & Marc Palacios - Supa (Original Mix)

DJ Lora - Dirty (Original Mix)

DJ Lora - I Can't Do It (Original Mix)

DJ Matt Reid - Lift Me Up (Extended Mix)

DJ PP, Gabriel Rocha - Fire Snake (Original Mix)

DJ Wady - Jack (Original Mix)

Damelo - Attraction - Extended Mix

Dames House,Mark Jones (CA) - Bop It

Daniel Orpi - Verdades En Panama (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi,Barcawil,Tommy Naxty - Cerca De Ti - Extended Version

Danilo De Santo - Inside (Extended Mix)

Danner (US) - KMD

David Jager - School Chant (club mix)

David Lizana - Flying With The Wind (Club Mix)

Davide Mentesana - Toki Toki (Original Mix)

Davide Mentesana - Toki Toki

Davide Messina - Perillipsi (Original Mix)

Davide Squillace, Ninetoes - Kuneh (Original Mix)

Diego Bustamante - Get Back

Diego Serrao - Kiss Me (Original Mix)

Dimi Socca - Pimientas

Diskull,DOMii - Donde Quiero

Doctor Jack - VAI VAI VAI (Original Mix)

Drew Dapps - Moon Over Milan

DØSHI - Bungalow (Extended Mix)

Ecost,Gustavo Reinert - Paranormal Command

Edgvr Romero - MoneyTime (Original Mix)

Elisa Elisa - Let Go My Ego (Extended Mix)

Emilio Centeno - Deep

Erika Isac,Andre Rizo - Femei - Andre Rizo Remix

FRANKY M - Brasileira - Original Mix

Flashmob - Mojave (Original Mix)

Florian Picasso - Gravity (Extended Mix)

Francesco Dinoia - In My Room (Original Mix)

Francis Davila - House Nation

Fynolla - The Destination

Gabriele Toma - Cama - Original Mix

Gekto - Shake It - Extended Mix

Go Freek, Dope Earth Alien - Turning It Up feat. Dope Earth Alien (Ben Miller Extended Remix)

Gory, Liz Verastegui - Rompelo (Original Mix)

GreenThump - Dab Jab

GruuvElement's - Drummatic

Guille Placencia - Django

Half Caste - Just Give Em Up! (Original Mix)

Hethers - WAT 2 DO WIT U

Iglesias,RSquared - Survivor

Jay Cara,Andres Pressure - Gosando - Original Mix

Jay Cara - In the air

Jen Payne,Piero Pirupa,Tasty Lopez - Because The Night - Extended Mix

Jesse Perez, Drty Tropix - Sweat (Original Mix)

Jewel Kid - Nobody Move - Extended Mix

Joe Diem, Guezmark - Rhythm (Radio Edit)

Joe Label - Distance

Jorhav - When Why

Joseph Edmund - Can I (See You) - Extended Mix

Juan (AR), Seb Iturra - Music (Original Mix)

Juntaro - Feel The Beat (Extended Mix)

KAYYA - If You (Original Mix)

KAYYA - My Body (Original Mix)

Kapuzen - In My Soul (Original Mix)

KPD - Up & Down (Extended Mix)

KUNI - Surfing on a Slimy Bird

Kevin McKay, Giovi - No Scrubs (Extended Mix)

Kiros - Forget About (Original Mix)

Kiros - Take Me (Original Mix)

Kolombo - Freeze (Original Mix)

Kolombo - Freeze

Kristin Velvet - Scratchin' (Original Mix)

Ky William, Jeff Sorkowitz - Bad Reputation (Original Mix)

Ky William,Jeff Sorkowitz - Who's Bad

Kyle Kinch,REIGN - Bass Reeves

LCH_MUSIC - DosTreintAm - Original Mix

Lamban Brother,Padilla - Boricua Loco

Late Delivery,Blas Cordero - Midtown

Late Replies - Homesick (Original Mix)

Laura Scavo,Clover Ray - Do It All Night - Extended Mix

Lee Jeffrey - Doin It 4 Saz!

Leftwing : Kody, TOMASH - Raise Your Hands (Extended Mix)

Lexlay - Buena Vida

Lit Square - Let Go

Luygi de Paula - Mr Claptain (Original Mix)

Lvndo,Tokyo T - Tumbao - Original Mix

M. Rodriguez, Mark Wheels - Toomuch (Dub Mix)

MAGNVM! - MinimAlien (Original Mix)

MAGNVM! - MinimAlien

MORÁZ (BR) - Pentão

Maesic - ARARIA (Extended Mix)

Malgado - Arms Of The Ocean - Extended Version

Marcel Dope - Nachos

Marco Molina, Nishant Bardoloi - One Night In Majorca (Original Mix)

Mario Fitoria - No Se Duerman (Original Mix)

Mario Fitoria - No Se Duerman

Markus Homm,Mathias Kaden - Thinking About You - Mathias Kaden Remix

Marmoon, Nic Vesperi - Tuku Tuku (Original Mix)

Martin Mendoza - Limit 120 (Original Mix)

Martin Occo - Take Me Away - Extended Mix

Massimo Conte - The Block (Original Mix)

Michael Joseph,Beave - Mclovin

Mij Mack - Bangla - Original Mix

Mitch - I Want the Answer - Extended Mix

Mochakk,Joni - Da Fonk (feat. Joni)

Mr. Nunez - DAMN! (Original Mix)

NIINE - Favela (Extended Mix)

NOTO (IT) - TKO (Original Mix)

Nate Chapman (US) - Lost My Mind

Nathan Barato,Matheo Velez - Lose Myself

Nausica - Se Pone Loca - Extended Mix

Nebulossa Dj - Escape - Extended Mix

Nicolas Verploeg - What What (Original Mix)

No Worries, Furkan Kara - Girl In The Club (Original Mix)

Nu Disco Bitches, Axel F Was Here - Lemmings (Original Mix)

Ole Sturm, Max Kaluza - Hell (Original Mix)

PAAX - El Dos (Original Mix)

Patrick Wayne, DJ THREEJAY - Route 66 (Main)

Paul C, Paolo Martini - Extraflash (Original Mix)

Prod - Oye Mami

Proudly People, RAYZIR - Hit The Breaks (Original Mix)

Querido (CH) - Stop The Progress (Rapa Remix)

Rafa Calello - Moon

Rafa Fradejas - Vamo a Paris

Ranger Trucco,Max Chapman - street knowledge. - Max Chapman Remix

Ranger Trucco - the funk. - Club Mix

Riaz Dhanani - Salty

Ricardo Espino - Damelo Así - Extended Version

Roberth Grob - Music Takes Me Away

Roddy Lima - Pump Up (Original Mix)

Roddy Lima - Pump Up

Ronnie Spiteri - Step Aside

Roof Rats - Dirty Babe - Original Mix

Rossweisse, DJ Fe Garcia - Orgasmo (Original Mix)

SODREE, ORIED - Ohn Ohn (Original Mix)

SODREE - Pury Bass

Sandar Sánchez - Entire System (Original Mix)

Scar - Mariposa (Original Mix)

Scott Shima - Ain't No Party

Seba Gautier - Get Back

Sergiodnine - Come Back

Simo White - No Pain No Gain - Original Mix

Siwell, Boss Doms - Pom Pom Pom (Extended Mix)

Solardo, Mandalo - Lemon & Lime (Extended Mix)

Sonidy,Alex Belluscio - Anoura - Original Mix

Sosa UK - Its Time to Move (Extended Mix)

Spacefunk Dub - El Ritmo (Extended Mix)

Sr HOLA - Thanks Friend (Original Mix)

Stanny Abram - Arevilo (Extended Mix)

Stanny Abram - Moment To Shine (Extended Mix)

Stanny Abram - My Space (Extended Mix)

Stanny Abram - Windy City (Extended Mix)

Stephan Barbieri - Sientes (Original Mix)

Stephan Barbieri - Tu Sabes

Tasita D'mour, GAWP - Ain't Just A Feelin' (Extended Mix)

Tavz,Shavezz - La Vida

Timo Tapani - Chimba - Club Mix

Todd Edwards,Lucas Alexander - Shut The Door - Lucas Alexander Extended Remix

Tommy Vercetti - Never Say Never (Original Mix)

Tony Romera - House Y'all - Extended Mix

Trone,Becca - Merecundele

Tru Light - I'm On It (Original Mix)

VNSSA - One Pill (Original Mix)

Victor Valora,Peter Hatman - Insanity - Original Mix

Viot, Vitor Vinter - FMF (Original Mix)

Viot,Vitor Vinter - FMF - Extended

Warehouse Rats - Hold Your Head Up (Extended Mix)

Wayne Le,Reconeckt - Mother F

WeMart - Colera

Wildcard (US) - FIRE

Yousef - Yellow (Original Mix)

wAFF - Slapfunk

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