Beatport Weekend Picks 24 Melodic House & Techno Big Pack 2023-06-20

DATA: 2023-06-20 TOTAL: 96 GENRE: Melodic House & Techno

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of melodic house and techno with the Beatport Weekend Picks 24 Melodic House & Techno Big Pack on June 20, 2023. This carefully curated collection brings together the most thrilling and enchanting tracks in the genre, handpicked by Beatport. Featuring a blend of soul-stirring melodies, hypnotic rhythms, and intricate soundscapes, this pack transports listeners to a realm where music and emotion intertwine. Whether you're seeking a sonic journey on the dancefloor or an introspective experience at home, Weekend Picks 24 is your gateway to the boundless beauty of melodic house and techno.



&ME, Black Coffee, Keinemusik - The Rapture Pt.III

AIKON - Virgo

Ali Farahani, BuVu - Seville feat. Manuel Pajares

Andrew Meller - Burner

Antdot, MAXI MERAKI, Samm (BE) - Body Conversations (feat. Starving Yet Full)

Anturage, S.Samo - Magare

ANUQRAM - Karavan

AVTEL - Circle Of Love

Black 8, Savage & SHē - Ivy

Budakid - Milestones

Callecat - Alien Takeover

CARLEO - Stay in Your Frequency

Choopie, Golan Zocher - SAO

Coco, Mr.Orpheus - Limerence Feat. Coco

Da Mike, Moojo, Demayä - Abandonado

Dabeat - Elevate

Damon Jee - Intelli

Danny Slim - Sa O Roma

David Guetta, Shouse - Live Without Love

David Michael Cross - Cold War (Nuclear War)

Dean Mickoski, Tom & Collins - Brisa

DEL-30 - Satellite

DIM KELLY, Maya Safar - Endless Reflections

DJ T. - Move Your Body

eje (SF) - Feel Your Own Energy

Eleonora - Not Here

Eleonora, Morttagua, Ubbah - Blue Enigma

Eribertho Cruz, Deenara - Soy Yo (feat. Eribertho Cruz)

Fabreeka - Drifter

Florian Gasperini - Sometimes I Love U

Fordal - The Calling

Gavin Hardkiss, Lukeino, Bisi - Lovaboat

Glauco Di Mambro - Point Break

Gulec - Moderntime Symphony

Harry Diamond, ADZ, Trills - Run From The Night

Imperial Porcelain - Gravy Boat

Ivory (IT) - Persona

Izhevski, Nikola Melnikov - Esenia

James Harcourt - Undulate

John Tejada, Optometry, March Adstrum - Television Screen

Juan Sapia - Aura

Kiberu, Darksidevinyl - Catava

Kinky Sound - Hyperloop

Komashov - Me Encanta

Komilev - Bam Boom

KURA, Bia Caboz - Sentir Saudade (feat. Bia Caboz)

Levantine - Superficies De Placer

Liquid Bloom, SWAYLÓ, Bloomurian, Snow Raven, Inin Rao Shipibo, Yube - Fragrance

M.O.S., Matur - Yaratam

Malone, Stephan Jolk - El Vento

mandruvá, Torstol - Boiuna

Massimiliano Pagliara, Fort Romeau, Coloray - Reset

Matias Fittipaldi - Alas

Max Wexem - Mira

Maze 28 - Redux

Mere, Judith van Waterkant - PoP

Millero - Told You So

MNDZKR - Phaneron

Molac, Eduardo McGregor - The After Hours

Motip White - What Do You Want Me to Say

MÖW - Silhouette feat. Mohii

Murat Uncuoglu - Stand Alone

Nicolas Masseyeff, Parallelle - Renegade

Opposite Ways - On The Road

Paul Schmidpeter - Solvera

Pay Kusten, Ex-Mono, Mono & Kusten - Boom

Port Manteau, Yeadon, Émilie Rachel - Needin' (feat. Emilie Rachel)

Rafael Cerato, Waltervelt - Dramatic 2050

Rainbird - First Contact, Jim Hickey, SANREY - Won't Say

Renato Cohen - Benzine

Rework - Good For Ya

ricky retro, Scorz - Rule The World

RSquared - Where's Phil?

Sander & Radoo - Dracula Love

Sara Miller - Sprinkles

Saraga - Santa Maria

Sebastien Leger - KissShower

Shouse - Live Without Love feat. David Guetta

Simone Vitullo, Simone Burrini - Wotofa

Simple Symmetry - Problem

Sincz, Arude - Impressor

Soble - Not a Blues Song

Soul Button - Walking Straight Up

SUZe - Delusion

Syon, QT-HIGH, AVÖ (PT) - Only You

Tanit, Shrii - Ayenga

The Oddness - Oasis

Theus Mago, Moderna - La Tranca

TIMANTI, Just Her - Other Side

Timothy J. Fairplay - Hot Night for Slum Lord

Trikk, Gabriel Massan - Mata Mata

Vakabular, Red Machine - Turn Off The Heat

VONDA7, Mopao Mumu - Till The Morning

Wolf Ear & Fassbender, SHERiNNE - Open Your Heart

Zoo Brazil, Audiofly - Good Times

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