Beatport Weekend Picks 38 Big Pack (September 2023)

DATA: 2023-09-23 TOTAL: 227 GENRE: Drum & Bass, Hard Techno, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Trance (Main Floor), Breaks / Breakbeat / UK Bass, Tech House, Deep House, Psy-Trance, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Indie Dance, Nu Disco / Disco, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Organic House / Downtempo, Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern), Mainstage, Jackin House, Amapiano, Trance (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)

"Beatport Weekend Picks 38 Big Pack (September 2023)" is your gateway to an electrifying weekend filled with cutting-edge electronic music. This chart, available on Beatport, compiles a handpicked selection of tracks that promise to set dance floors ablaze and keep the party vibes flowing. Among the standout tracks in this release are "In My Mind" by KC Lights, "Skies" by Tube & Berger featuring Alegant, and "Melodies" by Ferreck Dawn featuring Anabel Englund. These tracks represent the forefront of electronic music innovation, blending catchy melodies, infectious grooves, and soulful vocals to create a sonic experience that's impossible to resist. "Beatport Weekend Picks" is your go-to source for discovering the tracks that will define your weekend soundtrack.





A324 - Drill (Original Mix)

AIKO INOUE - Beautiful (Original Mix)

AJ Christou, Amal Nemer - Wild Mind (feat. Amal Nemer) (Original Mix)

AJ Couque, Abana - Brady St. (Dateless Remix)

Aaron Suiss, Peled - Show Me Now (Betoko Remix)

Adam Toxic - Ghost Town (Original Mix)

Afromento - Human Wave (DJ Fudge Extended Remix)

Against All Ødds - Running (Morttagua Remix)

Akute - atmoswar (Original mix)

Ale Castro, The Checkup - Last Minute (Original Mix)

Alex Lago - Yee Yee (Original Mix)

Alien Perfect - Dr. Drunkenstein (Original Mix)

Allen Watts - Set Me Free (Original Mix)

Amine Edge & DANCE - Ruthless (Original Mix)

Amine Edge & DANCE, Pershard Owens - It Was (Dub Mix)

Amine Edge & DANCE, Pershard Owens - It Was (Original Mix)

Amine Edge & DANCE, Pershard Owens - It Was (Shermanology Remix)

Amy Dabbs, Aika Mal - Everything Alright (feat. Aika Mal) (Extended Mix)

Amyart - The World (Original Mix)

Andy Bros - Not Too Late (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - La Calle (Original Mix)

Ankytrixx - Baby 2000 (Original Mix)

Anna Gram - Cut Through The Noise (Original Mix)

Anthon, John Srour - Thunderlab (Original Mix)

Antonio Rizzo - Little treasure (Original mix)

Argy, Omnya - Aria (Extended Mix)

Arina Mur - Endless Summer (Original Mix)

Arjonas - Symbols (Andre Sobota Remix)

Armina - Bigraham (Original Mix)

Aulic - Moving (Original Mix)

Austin Ato - I'm On The Phone (Original Mix)

Avao - T.O.K.Y.O. (Extended Mix)

Aves Volare, Amir Telem - Our Word (Original Mix)

Axel Haube, ELV/RA - Kinetische Impulse (Original Mix)

BEC - Stereoscopic (Original Mix)

Bibi - Summer (Full Percussion Mix)

Bizen Lopez - Matt Bu Lanzz (Original Mix)

Bjarki, Kuldaboli - Tears In Berghain (Original Mix)

Blancah - Apneia (Binaryh Remix)

Blancah - Confia (Original Mix)

Blancah - Talus (Hernan Cattaneo & Audio Junkies Remix)

Boss Priester - ROF66 (Original Mix)

Boss Priester - SUP01 (Original Mix)

Bruno Furlan - Yeah (Extended Mix)

CENKK - Feelings (Original Mix)

CRi - I Can Make It (Original Mix)

Capricious, Futatsuna - In This World (Originalmix)

Carloh - Guatagueh (Damelo Ma Mix)

Casual Treatment - All The Way Up (Original Mix)

Cave - Plutonium (Chris Liebing Remix)

Cherry (UA) - Ruba (Original Mix)

Coral O'Connor - Inside Out (Original Mix)

Cristian Viviano - Mastafunka (Original Mix)

Cuprite, River Red - Spiritual (Original Mix)

Curtis Hairston - I Want Your Lovin' (M+M Vocal Club Mix)

DIMMISH - Antidote (Club Mix)

DJ Spen, MicFreak, Bellaire - Take Five (DJ Spen & micFreak Equal Opportunity Remix)

DJ Tomer, Tina Ardor, Ricardo Gi, Kumkani - Gicae (feat. Tina Ardor & Kumkani) (VooDoo Tribe Mix)

DNYO - Medjai (Original Mix)

Dabeat, Kamilo Sanclemente - Canis (Morttagua Remix)

DaliWonga, Nkosazana Daughter - Seduce Me (Original Mix)

Daniel Bovie - I'll Bass You (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Muevete (Original Mix)

Daniel Sbert - Antartida (Original Mix)

David Britton - Bumpin Enjoyment (Original Mix)

Davide Cali - Amorok (Original mix)

Davide Mentesana - Toki Toki (Original Mix)

Davina Moss - De Colombia (Original Mix)

Davina Moss - Hakuna Matata (Original Mix)

Davina Moss - Mamma Is Back (Original Mix)

Davina Moss - Moss Show (Original Mix)

Davina Moss - Wibibi (Original Mix)

Davina Moss - Zamba (Original Mix)

Dec Duffy - G&T (Original Mix)

Deciduous, Atóm (IE) - Joyail (Original Mix)

Deefo - Deep Culture (Original Mix)

Deepstrict - Intro the Dark (Original Mix)

Diego Serrao - Kiss Me (Original Mix)

Diplo, Busta Rhymes, Mele - Right 2 Left (Extended)

Dizharmonia - Samareia (Original Mix)

Dj Larry G. - Crazy Spaghetti (Original Mix)

Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic - Vermox (Original Mix)

ETC!ETC!, desamor. - Grand Hype (Original Mix)

Eleonora, AMAD - Stronger Now (Morttagua Remix)

Elisa Elisa - Rave Call (Extended Mix)

Endor - Fakez (Original Mix)

Errors - Against All (Original Mix)

Etayo - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)

Euphonique, MadRush MC - Bumpa Shaker feat. Madrush MC (Original Mix)

F3LIX A. - Reflected Mirrors (SLAMTWISTED Remix)

Flug - Against The Limits (Rave Mix)

Forniva, Veljko Jovic - Costa Blanca (Original Mix)

Franc Spangler - Fight The Feeling (Original Mix)

Franky Rizardo - Love Me Right (Original Mix)

GIGEE - Odisea (Original Mix)

Gabss - Do Jazz ao Samba (Original Mix)

Gai Barone - Daedalu (Original Mix)

Gaston fiore - Deep Inside me (Original Mix)

Glassick - Confidence (Original Mix)

Goosey - Can U Feel It (Original Mix)

Green Lake Project - Aldebaran (Sasha Carassi Remix)

Gus Jerez - Chains (Original Mix)

Guti, Cuartero - Mass (Original Mix)

Hallow - Null (Original Mix)

Hassio (COL) - Presion (Original Mix)

Hendriks - You Feelin' This (Original Mix)

Hernán Quiez - Don't Stop (Original Mix)

Hools - Coalition of Darkness (Original Mix)

Ilias Katelanos, Plecta, Alej Ch - Why Nam (Extended Mix)

Isaac Silva, Adrian Rodd - History Was Made (DJ Le Roi Remix)

Jam & Spoon - Right in the Night (Morttagua Remix)

Jas Hirson - My Men (Original Mix)

Jay Lumen - Ode to Earth (Original Mix)

Jorman M. - Bleeding Love (Original Mix)

JPN, fakers - Si Tienes (Original Mix)

Joselacruz - Won't You Thy (Original Mix)

Joton, Divide - Junction (Original Mix)

Julian Wassermann - Hallodri (Original Mix)

Julio Bravo, Samuel Morgan - Money Right (Original Mix)

K.A.L.I.L. - Cri Du Coeur (Original Mix)

Kaspar (DE) - Imagination (Original Mix)

Khaaron - Del Sol (Original Mix)

Khainz - Stranger Things (Original Mix)

Klunsh - Auf Den Start Warten (Original Mix)

Kolter - Meine Hihat (Original Mix)

La Sabrosura - Amour Dansant (Original Mix)

Larion, Mkeyz, G-Wash10 - Kasi feat. Mkeyz (Original Mix)

Late Delivery, Blas Cordero - Midtown (Original Mix)

Late Replies - Wild Shit (Original Mix)

Leftwing : Kody, Glasgow KI$$, Robot Collective - Mushrooms (Extended Mix)

Life on Planets, Makez - Downstream (Original Mix)

Like Mike, Eden Shalev - Linaly (Original Mix)

Lisandro (AR) - Eclectic (Original Mix)

Loris Zerola - Peak (Original Mix)

Lucas Orosei - La Bandiera (Original Mix)

MUSA DE VOCALI$T, MkhazinPro, DJ Sgode - Benzani (Sgode)

Mança (IT) - Mi Hermano (Original Mix)

Manda Moor - Picante (Original Mix)

Manu Cerasa - Realities (Original Mix)

Marco Ceraso - Hello (Original Mix)

Mario Eighta - Otus (Original Mix)

Markus Eden - Unity (Original Mix)

Martin Bordacahar, Martin Angrisano (ARG) - You Never Say (Original Mix)

Mason Maynard - You (Original Mix)

Masters At Work, Kenny Dope, Louie Vega - Talkin' Bout Da Spirit (MAW Talkin' Dub)

Maty Owl - Colossus (Extended Mix)

Megan Fair, Klunsh - Carmen Spirituale (Original Mix)

Mickey Franco, Diego Moreno - Player of Players (Original Mix)

Mike Morrisey - Malfunktion (Extended Mix)

Mimram, DJ AroZe - Stereotypical (Original Mix)

Minor Forms - Big Note Danger (Original Mix)

Mob Tactics - Dirtgrub (Original Mix)

Montw, Anton Borin (RU) - Obsidian (Original Mix)

Morttagua - Dvaraka (Original Mix)

Morttagua - Epic of Gilgamesh (Original Mix)

Morttagua - Hades (Original Mix)

Morttagua - Hypnos (Original Mix)

Morttagua - Kondras (Original Mix)

Morttagua - Pleiadians (Original Mix)

Morttagua - Taygetans (Original Mix)

Morttagua - Tesla (Ten Walls Remix)

Morttagua - The 8th Sense (Robert Babicz Remix)

Morttagua - The Cabal (Original Mix)

Morttagua - The Mantra (Morttagua in the Tribe Mix)

Morttagua - The Orange Theme (Remake 2022)

Morttagua - Vesta (Original Mix)

Morttagua, Melody Stranger - Remnants (Weekend Heroes Remix)

Morttagua, Naaika - Quiet and Cold (Original Mix)

Nerak - Paris (Original Mix)

NiNETEEN 90 - UpsideDown (Original Mix)

Nick Curly - Altrip (Manda Moor Burning Rmx)

Nick Curly - Mavis (Original Mix)

Nojack - Costas (Original Mix)

Nonick.n, Dom Warney - Hell Us (Original Mix)

OUT OF MIND - Jaded (Morttagua Remix)

Oliver Winters - Ascent (Original Mix)

Oscar Barila - The Art Of Jazz (Original Mix)

P3L3D, Aaron Suiss - When You Remember (Original Mix)

Pablo Fierro, Atmos Blaq - Kababo (Original Mix)

Pammin - Opaque (Original Mix)

Patrick Cowley - Primitive World (Hifi Sean Mix)

Paul Angelo, Don Argento - Trepidation (Original Mix)

Peppe Supino - Latin Breaks (Original Mix)

Pettra - Back to the Prana (Original Mix)

Phase Difference - Catacomb (Original Mix)

Physical Education - Sweet Talk (Piano Mix)

Pig&Dan - Take Me To The Underground (Original Mix)

Puff (ITA), ENNE (BR) - Pass That (Reelow Remix)

R3SPAWN, LOOSIICK - Feeling High (Extended Mix)

Raumakustik, Clyde P, Jil Tanner - Come With Me (Original Mix)

Rauschhaus - Paradise (Original Mix)

Reboot - Beating Bud (Original Mix)

Redical - Smoothie (Original Mix)

Redspace - Adventure (Original Mix)

Ricky KK - Deep Hit (Dallomo Remix)

Roel - Make My Body Go (Original Mix)

Ron Carroll - Mysteries (Original Mix)

Saccao - New Generation (Original Mix)

Salaberry - Pump It Hop (Original Mix)

Samet Gunal, TWIINS (GR) - Debold (Original Mix)

Shall Ocin - Technocrat Pt. 1 (Original Mix)

Simon Erar, Llinares - Blow (Original Mix)

Sishi Rosch, Salaberry - The Chosen One (House Rub)

Sl8r - Losing Streak (Original Mix)

Soul Button - Merine (Morttagua Remix)

Space Motion, NekliFF - Laziness (Morttagua Remix)

Stan Kolev, Morttagua - Ainanna (Original Mix)

Stefan Thomas - Feel It Movin' (Cubik:On Remix)

Stimming - People Do (Original Mix)

Stylo - Got Mine (Jos & Eli Remix)

Stylo, Space Motion - The Last Siren (Original Mix)

Sweetboy, Nice (ITA) - Old School (Original Mix)

THe WHite SHadow (FR) - Back in the Jungle (Original Mix)

Teklix, SANTIABLO - Maya (Original Mix)

The Southern - SWAMP (Original Mix)

Thomas Schumacher - When I Rock (A.D.H.S. Remix)

Timelapse, Attma - Interstellar (Original Mix)

Tony V - The Seven Day Theory (Original Mix)

Trangaz, Manda Moor - Tagalog (Original Mix)

Trex - Scrape (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Fusion (Original Mix)

Uncloak - Hollow (Morttagua Remix)

Victor Ruiz, Modeā - Bloom (Original Mix)

Way of Thinking - Resonancia (Original Mix)

Wet - Low Fidelity (Original Mix)

Yautja - Ghosting (Original Mix)

weezy, Gueds - Let It Go (Original Mix)

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