Beatport Weekend Picks 41 2023

DATA: 2023-10-13 TOTAL: 113 GENRE: Drum & Bass, Hard Techno, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Trance (Main Floor), Tech House, Deep House, Psy-Trance, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Indie Dance, Nu Disco / Disco, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Organic House / Downtempo, Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern), Mainstage, Jackin House, Amapiano, Trance (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)

"Beatport Weekend Picks 41 2023" is your ticket to an extraordinary weekend filled with the best electronic music releases carefully handpicked for your enjoyment. This chart, available on Beatport, showcases a collection of tracks destined to ignite dancefloors and playlists. The last three tracks on this chart include "Quantum Leap" by Julius Black, "Space Odyssey" by Lost Desert, and "Elysium" by ZAC. "Quantum Leap" by Julius Black takes you on a sonic adventure through melodic techno, featuring captivating synths and a pulsating rhythm that propels you into a futuristic realm. "Space Odyssey" by Lost Desert provides an otherworldly experience with its celestial melodies and captivating vocals, making it an ideal choice for starry nights. "Elysium" by ZAC is a spellbinding deep house journey, luring you in with its rich harmonies and irresistible groove. This chart is a treasure trove of cutting-edge electronic music, tailor-made for a memorable weekend.





AFFKT - Visions (Original Mix)

AIKON, Kyozo - Dark Horse (Original Breaks Edition)

Admo - Sasha's Spaceship (Original Mix)

Alex Stein - Tunnel Vision (Original Mix)

Antix - The Hoard (John Monkman remix)

Antrim - Gamble (Original Mix)

Around7 - Oh My God (Original Mix)

Bobby Neon - My Haus (Extended Mix)

Borra, Nathan Alzon - We Came Baked (Original Mix)

CJ Bolland - There Can Be Only One (John Askew Extended Remix)

Chris Stussy - Midtown Playground (Original Mix)

Chris Stussy - Mythical Power (Original Mix)

Cristoph - I Will Find You (Extended Mix)

D-Formation - Way Out (Original Mix)

DJ W!ld - Gold City (Nick Beringer Remix)

Dada Life - Everybody x2 (Extended Mix)

Dames Brown, Melvo Baptiste - Sweat feat. Dames Brown (Extended Mix)

Danny Slim, Enzo Siffredi - Kua Kary (Original Mix)

Darko Esser - Little White Lies (Original Mix)

Deekline, Kayla Amor, Acee - No Ice Cream Sound (Original Mix)

Demuir, Andre Salmon, Isa(Eros) - Alrite (Original Mix)

Des & Del - Next Question (Original Mix)

Dinky - She's Got Nowhere To Go (Original Mix)

Drs, Zar, Dan Harris - Like to Know (feat. Dan Harris) (Original Mix)

EMPHI - Photophobic (Original Mix)

Elliot Moriarty - By My Side (Extended Mix)

Emerson - Sending All My Love Out (Original Mix)

Erly Tepshi, Opposite Ways - Comet (Original Mix)

Erly Tepshi, Opposite Ways, Liam Guest - Shadows (Original Mix)

Filip Grönlund - Just A Dream (Original Mix)

Filippos, Dimp - Stray Man (Original Mix)

Freq, Volcano On Mars - Lemuria (Original mix)

GMJ, Matter - Arkeron (Original Mix)

Gaskin - Funkskin (Original Mix)

Gee Lane - Neon Beach (Original Mix)

Griffin Hanekamp, RAW (DE) - Nightlife (Original Mix)

HNTR - Alter Reality (Extended Mix)

HVMZA, Sasha Wrist - Altura feat. Sasha Wrist (Original Mix)

Hatzler - Present Or Past (Original Mix)

Hedchef - The Formula (Original Mix)

Ian Kenzof, Nomvula SA - Buyekhaya (Original Mix)

James Dymond - Anantara (Extended Mix)

Jappa, Wish Master - Bass & Treble (Original Mix)

Jesse Perez - Green (Original Mix)

Jono Stephenson - Dancing Echoes (Original Mix)

Jono Stephenson - I Can't Save You (Original Mix)

Junior Souza - Push (Extended Mix)

Karol XVII & MB Valence - Waterfall Drops (Guy J Remix)

Karol XVII & MB Valence - Waterfall Drops (The Last Update Mix)

Keraw - Never 4Get About The Second Vibe (Original Mix)

Kid Enigma, Alaia & Gallo - Work It (Extended Mix)

King Zeph, Barbiekat, Mazel Romeo - Tsakane (Original Mix)

LOVRA - Khush (Extended Mix)

MC Fokus, Teej - Fokusyn (Teej Remix)

MaraKanda - Agrabah (Original Mix)

Marco Faraone - Emergency (Original Mix)

Mau P - Dress Code (Extended Mix)

Miss Wallace - Floral Vibes (Original Mix)

Miss Wallace - Wisteria (Original Mix)

Morison - ALS (Original Mix)

Mythic Image - Materia (Original Mix)

Natasha Watts, Two Lee - Want To Tonight (feat. Natasha Watts) (Original Mix)

Nick Muir, John Digweed, Captain Mustache - Bleu Cobalt (Original Mix)

Nicole Moudaber - Reasons To Love You (Extended Version)

NoNameLeft, Flanko - Singularity (Original Mix)

Ntokzin, MalumNator, DR Thulz, Stompiiey, 2woshot - Manyonyoba feat. MalumNator feat. 2woshot feat. Stompiiey feat. Dr Thulz (Original Mix)

Oli Lewis - Tumbleweeds (Original Mix)

Oliver Koletzki - Space Papi (Original Mix)

Ozone - Overload (Original Mix)

P.O.S. - Rangiroa Feels (Original Mix)

Pan-Pot - ARC (Original Mix)

Pangaea - Bad Lines (Original Mix)

Pangaea - Changing Channels (Original Mix)

Pangaea - Hole Away (Original Mix)

Pangaea - If (Original Mix)

Pangaea - Installation (Original Mix)

Pangaea - Squid (Original Mix)

Pangaea - The Slip (Original Mix)

Paul Ursin - In My Soul (Original Mix)

Philou Louzolo, Mavhungu - Mbiluni Yanga featuring Mavhungu (Extended Mix)

Pulso - Dull Sheen (Original Mix)

QZB - Future Forever (Original Mix)

Quench - Hope (Original Part 1)

Ralph Felix - Life After Love (Original Mix)

Reboot - Silk (Extended Mix)

Reptant - Lizard Eyes (Original Mix)

Rhom Omit - Keep Calm (Original Mix)

Robiin - The Night (Bekail Remix)

Robiin - The Night (Calego Remix)

Robiin - The Night (Carbajal Remix)

Robiin - The Night (Diegosan Remix)

Robiin - The Night (El Jack Remix)

Robiin - The Night (J-PP Remix)

Robiin - The Night (Jordan Allinor Remix)

Robiin - The Night (RAGDE Remix)

Robiin - The Night (Shavezz Remix)

Robiin - The Night (Sndwave Remix)

Robiin - The Night (Tony Metric Remix)

Robiin - The Night (Toscana Remix)

Satl, Brandy Haze, EIJER - Call Me (Original Mix)

Schlepp Geist - Teron Verse (Original Mix)

Schwefelgelb - Highlight (Original Mix)

Sebastian Diaz, Sunday Noise - Up N Down (Original Mix)

Spencer Parker - Gotta Love (Original Mix)

T78 - Hell Or Heaven (Original Mix)

Taleman - I've Been Dreaming (Original Mix)

Tauceti - Minya Konka (Original Mix)

Thomas Garcia, Joluca - Just a Dream (Felipe Gordon Remix)

Tom Peters, Jepe - Get Closer (Original Mix)

Vince Void - Phase Finale (Original Mix)

Waae - La Trova (Extended Mix)

Will Sparks - Indestructible (Extended Mix)

ivan masa - Low Battery (Original Mix)

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