Beatport Weekend Picks Melodic Big Pack 42 2023-10-24

DATA: 2023-10-23 TOTAL: 100 GENRE: Electronica, Indie Dance, Deep House, Progressive House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Organic House / Downtempo

Prepare to embark on a captivating musical voyage with the "Beatport Weekend Picks Melodic Big Pack 42" for October 24, 2023. This collection of tracks showcases the mesmerizing world of melodic electronic music, where emotion and melody take center stage. The last three tracks on this list exemplify the enchanting nature of the genre. First up is "Aurora" by RY X, a track that effortlessly combines haunting vocals with rich, emotive melodies, creating an otherworldly sonic experience. Following that is "Forgotten" by Volen Sentir, a hypnotic masterpiece that weaves intricate melodies into an irresistible groove, ensuring it's a dancefloor favorite. Wrapping up the trio is "Amplitude" by Nopi, a captivating composition that merges melodic elements with a driving rhythm, delivering a harmonious and immersive journey. If you're a fan of melodic music, the "Beatport Weekend Picks Melodic Big Pack 42" is your ticket to a world of musical artistry and emotion.





19:26 - Consequence Original Mix

Adam Ten - 15 Days Rafael Remix

Aimée Sophia, Mar+Mer - Body Son (feat. Aimee Sophia) Original Mix

Alan Cerra - Blossom Original Mix

Albuquerque, Emi Galvan - Stay High Original Mix

Alex O'Rion - Carousel Original Mix

Amirali - U Extended Mix

Anton Ishutin - Sky Symphony Extended Mix

Astral Base - Survive It Original Mix

Azaria, Andrea Lacoste - Soleil Original Mix

Bedouin - Medieval LP Giobbi Remix

Bigfett - Therapy Original Mix

Birds of Mind - You Gonna Make It Original Mix

Bostro Pesopeo - Ten Years Earlier Original Mix

Boys' Shorts - Peaches & Pools Original Mix

Cadillac Express, The Cobb - Latlal Original Mix

Cesaar - Pyramids Original Mix

Cristoph - Come With Me Extended Mix

Cybek - Eternel Original Mix

D-Nox - Samba Extended Mix

Dave Seaman - Inflammable Contraband Original Mix

Demayä - Nasty Original Mix

DIM KELLY - Pianologic Original Mix

Drumstone - Yula Anakim Remix

Dusky - Wildfire Original Mix

EdOne - Don't You Know Original Mix

Eko Centrik - Half Light Island Original Mix

Erly Tepshi, Opposite Ways, Liam Guest - Shadows Original Mix

Favio Inker, Rodrigo AM - Impossible Dreams Original Mix

Final Request - By Your Side Original Mix

Flowers on Monday - Lonely Sunday Extended Mix

Flug 8 - Puerto Rico The Velvet Circle Mix

Frankey & Sandrino - Comportamento Original Mix

Frannz - Nagini Original Mix

Gene On Earth - Flux Deluxe Gene On Earth Main Mix

Giza Djs - Club Mojo Original Mix

Gorge, Markus Homm - In My Soul Extended Mix

Haptik, EllaVie - Samara feat. EllaVie

Harald Grosskopf, Tyler Ov Gaia - Aurelac Original Mix

Harry Diamond, ADZ - Take Me Away Extended

Hemi - Damn, I Forgot Original Mix

Hole Box, Vite - Midway Original Mix

Holed Coin, Maria Garcia, Miguelo Delgado - A Sign feat. María García, Miguelo Delgado Original Mix

Husa & Zeyada - Make it Hot Vander & Saudade Remix

Ian O'Donovan - Indian Summer Original Mix

Iman Hanzo - Canario Mollono.Bass Remix

Intacto - Cambrium Original Mix

ISMAIL.M, Redspace - Red Sky Original Mix

Jackie Queens - In Another Life Original Mix

Jamie Stevens - Mad Bells Extended Mix

Joezi, Anorre - Colosseum Original Mix

Julian Nates - Smile Extended Mix

Jurgen Paape - Allein Original Mix

Kalaman - The Den Original Mix

Kali Mija, Don Jongle - Mandaro Original Mix

Karol XVII & MB Valence - Waterfall Drops Guy J Remix

KASIA (ofc) - Delusional Ecstasy Original Mix

Korus, Blanka Mazimela, Sobantwana - Gcwanini Andhim Extended Remix

Kostya Outta - Space Original Mix

La Santa, Augusto Yepes - Kalima Original Mix

Late London, Nii Tei - Disco Africa Original Mix

Lindja - Thinking of Someone Else Extended Mix

Llewellyn - For The Weekend Original Mix

M.O.S., Krasa Rosa - Acunama Original Mix

Malou, Jan Blomqvist - Alone Stephan Jolk Extended Remix

Mariano Montori, NinetysKid - Oracle Original Mix

Maz (BR), Antdot, Riascode - Baião Destemperado (feat. Dawn Patrol & Barbatuques) Original Mix

Modul Kollektiv, Amadori - Out of Time Original Mix

Mood Gorning, Pontias - Parlementia Original Mix

Motives - Love Bazaar Original Mix

Nadia Ali, Frankey & Sandrino - I See You Original Mix

Ninetoes, Thomas Mapfumo - Shumba Original Mix

NOIYSE PROJECT - Dark Side of the Moon Original Mix

NonCitizens - Sueño Afrodelico Original Mix

Nora En Pure - Arbora Extended Mix

Ntjam Rosie, Cincity - Ko-Kolo Original Mix

Oliver Koletzki, Fritz Kalkbrenner - Heart on Hold Original Mix

Ovadia - Spiral Extended Mix

Pandhora - Choices Extended Mix

Paul Anthonee, Linn Stern - Maze Original Mix

Quelf, Motivesoul - Sabela Extended Mix

Reminder (BR) - Sade Original Mix

Ric Niels - Lose to Win Original Mix

Roger Martinez - Dimensional Original Mix

Sebastian Sellares - Lullaby of the Seraphim Extended Mix

Several Definitions - This Is Not a Rave Original Mix

Sian, Waltervelt, David LeSal - Just What I Need Original Mix

Simon Doty - Lady Danger Extended Mix

Simone Vitullo, Cammora - If Feels So Good Extended Mix

Skoko, IVNA - No Fear Just Love Original Mix

SNYL, Bonnie Spacey - Guilty Far&High Remix

Solvane, Prismode, Émilie Rachel - Redemption Original Mix

South Bloom - Let Me In Volen Sentir Secret Technique Radio Mix

Space Motion - Hera Original Mix

Stan Kolev, Aaron Suiss - Resonate Original Mix

Tanit - Messema Original Mix

Tim Green - Vega Original Mix

Tyler Mesa - Rhea Extended Mix

Vasco C - Desert Wind Original Mix

Yulia Niko, Carn Crua - Fire In My Soul feat. Carn Crua Extended Mix

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