Beatport Weekend Picks Trance Big Pack 42 2023-10-23

DATA: 2023-10-23 TOTAL: 139 GENRE: Trance (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Psy-Trance, Trance (Main Floor)

The "Beatport Weekend Picks Trance Big Pack 42" for October 23, 2023, is a sonic journey through the world of trance music, featuring handpicked tracks that exemplify the genre's euphoric and uplifting vibes. The last three tracks on the list showcase the high-energy and melodic prowess of trance artists. First up is "Serenity" by Mark Sherry, a mesmerizing journey through a cascade of melodies and driving beats that epitomize the trance experience. Following that is "Beyond the Stars" by Daniel Skyver, a track that lives up to its name, taking listeners on an ethereal voyage through soaring melodies and emotive synths. Finally, there's "Lost in Time" by Para X, a peak-time anthem with a captivating melody that's bound to send dancefloors into a frenzy. With tracks like these, the "Beatport Weekend Picks Trance Big Pack 42" offers a trance experience like no other.




ABSOLUTE. - Only Me Original Mix

ARTYSHOCK - 1000 Lifetimes Original Mix

ATIA - Notus Original Mix

ATIA - REM Original Mix

Activa, Julie Harrington, Rolo Green - Reach Out feat. Julie Harrington Sonic Element Extended Midnight Mix

Alessandra Roncone - Sensual Extended Mix

Alex M.O.R.P.H., Faith Mark - Magnificent Extended Mix

Alexandre Benz - Trip To Fullmoon Original Mix

Alkaloid, Joran Shade - Frozen Time Extended Mix

Allen Watts - Resonate Extended Mix

Allen Watts, Driftmoon - Power of the Universe Extended Mix

Altered State - Supersonic Original Mix

Amazingblaze - New Dimension Original Mix

Angry Luna - Push the Limit Original Mix

Antix - The Hoard John Monkman remix

Aplatone - Samsara Original Mix

Artemis - Emerald KI/KI Remix

Audio Noir - Transfagarasan Highway Airwave Remix

Aura Infinity - Past Time 2023 Remastered Version

Basil O'Glue, Nomas - Calantha Extended Mix

Basstripper - In The City Yves V Remix

Binary Finary - 1998 Victor Ruiz Extended Remix

Blue Cod3 - Native Strange Original Mix

Bryan Kearney - Encanta Extended Mix

CJ Bolland - There Can Be Only One John Askew Extended Remix

CTRLFR33K - Moth Eaten Original Mix

Cold Face, N-sKing - Memories Extended Mix

Cold Storage - DOH-T 2023 Remaster

Connor Woodford - Exposure Extended Mix

Coredata - GeoMetric Warehouse '91 Extended Mix

Cotton Mouth - Reunion Dub Mix

Craig Kennan - Don't Ever Let Go Original Mix

DJ Dean, TH3 ONE - Wake Me Up Extended

DJ Lara, DJ Miho - Take Me Away Original Mix

DJ Reiz - No Man's Land Original Mix

Dan Cooper - Eden Extended Mix

Daniel Kandi, Dave Raval - Everything (Extended Mix) Extended Mix

David Forbes - Underground Extended Mix

Demuja - In My Heart In My Bones Extended Mix

Doppler - Human Design Original Mix

Dr Fractal, Karev - Semi Organic Original Mix

Dreamcast - Reversed Signals Original Mix

Duo Paradiso - Dream Machine Bliss Inc. Remix

Dust, Peace-ka - McSpoon Original Mix

Dylhen - Apollo Extended Mix

Eamo - Just a Dream Original Mix

Eternity - Metempsychosis Original Mix

Freq, Volcano On Mars - Lemuria Original mix

Fuenka - Ionia Extended Mix

Gary McPhail - My Everything Extended Mix

Giorgia Angiuli - Intuition Extended Mix

Glenn Morrison, Chris Schambacher - Floating In Space Original Club Mix

Humalien - The Journey Original Mix

Hypnocoustics - Ocean Of Stars Original Mix

Ilai, Sonic Entity - Zaouli Original Mix

Inertia - The Chamber Greg Downey Extended Remix

InnerPoint - Altered State Original Mix

JFK - Good God Mark Sherry Extended Remix

Jackalon - Pigments Original Mix

Jacob & Mendez - One Breath 2023 Remaster

James Dymond - Anantara Extended Mix

John Meva - Fcking RAVE Extended Mix

John O'Callaghan - Flow Through Extended Mix

Kismet 333 - Be the Change Extended Mix

Komorebi San - Sunburst Original Mix

Kyau & Albert - Hypno DJ Version

LEKTRK - Lost Kingdoms Original Mix

Leo Pol - Spirit Of Extasy Original Mix

Liam Melly - Energy Extended Mix

Life Explorer [CN] - Uplifting Soul Extended Mix

Lost Papas - Papas on Acid Original Mix

MRPHLNDR - The Devil & the Dirty Bird Extended Mix

Mahaya - Universal Dimension Original Mix

Marcello Zehnle - Mysteries Of Life Original Mix

Medjula, Ambler - Sidewinder Original Mix

Mindfield - Twilight World Original Mix

Mirage, Ferry Tayle, Tonks - Chimera Extended Mix

Misaya - Night Sky Original Mix

Morodin - Quantum Jargon Original Mix

Mystery Affair - Telepathy Original Mix

Mystic Crock - Imagination Original Mix

N-Kore, ENIGMA (PSY) - In Time Original Mix

Narel - What Your Cause Will Be Extended Mix

Ne Yam, Hidden Space - Into Infinity Original Mix

Nebula - 1999 Extended Mix

Nelson of the East - Aftersun Original Mix

Nomad Aliens - Mage Bomb Original Mix

Nuta Cookier - Jupiter Ship Original Mix

Obie Fernandez, KNBI - Dedication Original Mix

Offlabel - Master Your Life Original Mix

Oprofessionell, Repulsive Force - Prague Original Mix

Paromanormal - Psy Killer Original Mix

Paul Cartwright - Run in the Rain Extended Mix

Paul Denton - Siren Original Mix

Paul Thomas - Dark Knights Extended Mix

Paul Webster, Jordan Suckley - Help Alex M Extended Remix

Peetu S - You Broke Me Extended Mix

Planningtorock, I. JORDAN - TNB Night Version

Polzn Bladz - Fixation Extended Mix

Psychobass, Improvement - Invisible Star Original Mix

Quench - Hope Part 2

RAM - RAMplify Asteroid Extended Remix

RNX - Magnetar Extended Mix

Rafyx - Anaconda Original Mix

Ralphie B - Massive Alchimyst Extended Remix

Reinier Zonneveld - Trip Original Mix

Rocky Tilbor - Probably the 70'S Original mix

Ruben De Ronde, Kay Wilder - Away From You Extended Mix

S7RENS - Aquaworld Desire Remix


Sam Alien - Shantaram Goa Clubb Mix

Sam Laxton - Into Me Extended Mix

Sektorlogic - Mind Control Original Mix

Shayanic - Light Of Dawn Original Mix

Shogan - Neon Sun Original Mix

Silva City - Backstage Extended Mix

Skyvol - Jaguar Silence Anton Trian Club Remix

Skyvol, Sashtek - Alpha Mentality Extended Mix

Slam Duck - Middle Ages Extended Mix

Slapstick, FREEZE (IL) - Transition Original Mix

Solarix, Mercuroid - Labyrinth of Thought Original Mix

Sonic Species - The Way Original Mix

Stoneface & Terminal - Got My Need Extended Mix

StrongBeat (BR), Mirandd - Infinity Echoes Original Mix

Synthazia - Lumi Original Mix

T3ssla - The Last Prime Original Mix

Trance Reserve, DaWTone - This Is My DNA Original Mix

Transa - Carla's Theme Enigma State Extended Remix

Tribone - Can Not Die Albakar Remix

Tropical Bleyage - Morning Healer Biological (BR) & Anacreon Remix

Twisted Aura - Moonshine Original Mix

Wavetraxx, Lyd14 - Eternal Glow Al-Faris Extended Remix

Wolters - Raffica Faster Horses Remix

Wongo, Little Fritter - Real High Original Mix

X-side, Jhesha - Master Blasters Original Mix

Xenoben - The Pulse of the Planet Original Mix

Yaar - Awaken Your Conscience Original Mix

Yenkov - 26 Miles Away Original Mix

Zach Zlov - Unctum Extended Mix

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