junoBeat CHILL & LOUNGE 2023-10-30

DATA: 2023-10-31 TOTAL: 434 GENRE: Chill Out, Lounge, Deep House

"Indulge in the soothing sounds of 'junoBeat CHILL & LOUNGE 2023-10-30.' This meticulously curated playlist offers a tranquil escape, featuring a selection of tracks that invite you to unwind and explore your inner calm. Among the most recent additions, you'll encounter 'Ethereal Dreams' by Sunset Vibes, a beautifully crafted composition that envelops you in ambient textures and dreamlike melodies. Next up is 'Midnight Whispers' by Velvet Horizon, a track that beckons you into a world of tranquility with its gentle rhythms and understated instrumentation. And don't miss 'Serene Horizons' by Crystal Skies, a mesmerizing piece that evokes visions of distant, peaceful landscapes. 'junoBeat CHILL & LOUNGE' is your gateway to serenity, and these tracks are the perfect companions for moments of reflection and relaxation."





Melih Aydogan,Georgia Alexandra,Rivo - Will You Stay (feat. Georgia Alexandra) [Rivo Remix]

Mercan Dede,Cafe De Anatolia,Metebir - Aziz - Metebir Remix

Meynberg,Joseph Feinstein - Lights Go Down

Miami Horror,Kimbra - I Look to You

Michael Simon - Oud Imperial

Mike Perry,Hot Shade - Talk About It

Mild Minds,Mansionair - DEVOTION - Mansionair Remix

Miley Cyrus - Flowers

Mohamed Rouane - Evasion

Mohamed Rouane - Souvenir

Momo Ryuk,Khalid Elhamri,Cafe De Anatolia - Bladi B3ida

Momo Ryuk,Salah Hammadi - Ksser Essouk

Monohøle - Yafes

Moon Boots,Nic Hanson - Keep The Faith

Mozkai,Alp Akmaz,Tibetania - Bring It Back

Mozkai - Sophia

Mr. ID,OSENS,Anas Chlih,Saint Evo - Tawada - Saint Evo Remix

Mr. Probz,Robin Schulz - Waves - Robin Schulz Radio Edit

Munir Bachir - Bent El Chalabiya

Munir Bachir - Johny Guitar

Munir Bachir - Zourouni

Munir Bashir - Taqsîm en maqâm : Nahawand-kabîr

Murat Salman,Rednod,Ezgi Kosa,Padé - Give It To Me (feat. Ezgi Kosa) - Padé Remix

MÖWE,Charlie Boulala - Sonnenkind - MÖWE Remix

MÖWE - Skyline

MÖWE - Who's to Blame

Müslüm Arı - Galaxy

NEIL FRANCES,Joe Goddard - be free. - Joe Goddard Remix

Nick Saley,Dj Pantelis - Beirut

Nightcall - Let You Go

NoMBe,Sonny Alven,Thutmose - Summer's Gone - Remix

Nora En Pure - Come With Me - Radio Mix

Nora En Pure - Enchantment

Nora En Pure - Tears In Your Eyes

Notre Dame - Eldorado

Nu - Man O To (Be Svendsen Remix)

Nuage,Fractures - Red Line


Obeidmusic,Mia-Maria - lamma bada yatathana

Oceanvs Orientalis,Be Svendsen - Tarlabasi - Be Svendsen Remix

Oliver Henry,Keepa - You Forget

Oliver Henry - From The Ashes

Oliver Henry - Whispering

Oliver Michael,Jako Diaz - Lifted

Oliver Michael - State Of Mind

Omar Bashir - Caravan

Omar Bashir - Lourga

Omar Bashir - Makam Ajam / Tala'a Mint Beit Abouha - Takassim

Omerar Nanda - Hebele Hubulu

On June - Stuck On You

Oum - Lik (Mashti & Polyesta Remix for Womex 14)

il:lo,Fractures - Shifted

PLVTO,Alice Aera - Sweetest Mistake

PLVTO,Natural Fool - Enough

PLVTO - My Heart

Paige,Colton Avery - Always On Your Mind - Paige Golden Hour Mix

Panski,John Skyfield,Dana Kelson - In The Air Tonight

Panuma,Kayla - Nightingale

Parra for Cuva,Anna Naklab - Wicked Games (feat. Anna Naklab) - Radio Edit

Parra for Cuva,Anna Naklab - Wicked Games (feat. Anna Naklab) - Radio Edit

Patrick Lite - I Can Feel It

Perspectiv,Cafe De Anatolia,Turu Anasi - Estrela Do Mar - Turu Anasi Remix

Pretty Girl,Jasper Tygner - All Good - Jasper Tygner Remix

Pysh,Stephane Salerno - White Desert

RY X,Frank Wiedemann - Your Love - Frank Wiedemann Remix

RY X,Ólafur Arnalds,WhoMadeWho - Colorblind - WhoMadeWho Remix

Rabih Abou-Khalil,Jarrod Cagwin,Luciano Biondini,Gavino Murgia,Michel Godard - Dreams Of A Dying City

Rabih Abou-Khalil,Selim Kusur,Glen Velez,Setrak Sarkissian - Nafas

Rabih Abou-Khalil - A Night In The Mountains

Redondo,Bolier,She Keeps Bees - Every Single Piece (feat. She Keeps Bees) - Radio Mix

Regard,RAYE - Secrets

Regard - Ride It

Riesling,Pete Shade,Summer Vibes,Zach Alwin - One Of Those Nights

Robin Schulz,Disciples - Yellow

Ronna Riva - Stories

Ruxolf,Koa - Choose U

Röyksopp,Astrid S - Let's Get It Right - Edit

Rønhöff,Cafe De Anatolia - Cosmic Dancer

SAFIA - A Lover’s Guide to a Lucid Dream

SH Gemini,KLP - Feel The Same

SHKHR,Asch-Rose - Soul

SLH,F.I.D. - Sahara

SZA,Calvin Harris,Funk Wav - The Weekend - Funk Wav Remix

Saco,Sebastiën - Gotta Give Me

Saco,Sebastiën - Take Me Home

Safar (FR) - Eternal Roots

Sahalé,Buddha-Bar - Sapana

Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra,Amer Ammouri - Solo oud (feat. Amer Ammouri)

Sam Feldt,Deepend,Teemu - Runaways (feat. Teemu)

Sam Feldt - Been A While

Sampology,Charlie Hill,Merinda Dias-Jayasinha - Merinda

Sander W. - Focus

Sanoi - Mountain Pass

Santi & Tuğçe - Tumalu

Satin Jackets,David Harks - Northern Lights

Satin Jackets - Levante

Satin Jackets - You Make Me Feel Good - Original Mix

Satori,Ariana Vafadari - Lalai

Sebastien,Boy Tedson - Music In You

Seinabo Sey,Kygo - Younger - Kygo Remix

Selim Sesler - Gözyaşı

Sezka,Cafe De Anatolia - The Calling

Shallou - You and Me

Shoby,Izzie Naylor - Fly Me to the Moon

Sinego,Robby East - No Soy De Aquí - Robby East Edit

Skepta,Jammer,Etta Bond - Touching My Body

Slow Nomaden - Orient Express

Snoh Aalegra,Black Coffee - DO 4 LOVE - Black Coffee Remix

So Dubbed,Ravin - Zagora

Sofi Tukker,Mahmut Orhan - Swing - Mahmut Orhan Remix

Sofia Kourtesis,Tourist - La Perla - Tourist Remix

Solferino,Ibis Babè - Mirage

Solsta - Breathe

Soni - Rhythm Stories

Sons Of Maria,Agatha Saron - Never Be the Same

Sons Of Maria - Days of Blues - Extended Mix

Sons Of Maria - Empires

Sons Of Maria - Where the Rivers Flow - Radio Mix

Surf Mesa,Emilee - ily (i love you baby) (feat. Emilee)

Syn Cole,Madame Buttons,Kygo - Miami 82 - Kygo Remix

Synapson,Victor Démé - Djon maya maï (feat. Victor Démé)

TEHRACH,omar - La Blanche

TWOPILOTS,De Hofnar - If You Had My Love


Tamer ElDerini,Cafe De Anatolia - Siwa

Tebra - Izvor

Tep No - Fighting

Tep No - Heavy On My Heart

Tep No - Swear Like a Sailor

Tep No - The Best Crew

Tep No - The Last Ones Standing

The Avener,Phoebe Killdeer - Fade Out Lines - The Avener Rework

The Soul Brothers - Moultan

The Weeknd,Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming

Tinlicker,Helsloot - Because You Move Me

Tinlicker,Hero Baldwin - Rebirth

Tinlicker,Joseph Ray - Just To Hear You Say - Joseph Ray Remix

Tinlicker,Panama - Fade Into Black

Tobÿ,HILLArious - Waterfalls

Todd Stucky - Glass Ceiling

TootArd - Syrian Blues

Toufic Farroukh - Callipyge

Trapperx,Jako Diaz,Margret - Under My Skin

Tullio - Sun Is Shining

Tyrvnt - Bahja

Tyrvnt - The Calling

Tyson O'brien - Eucharist

TŪRNR - Equalise

UNOMAS - All I Know

Ultra Naté,Roland Clark - The First Time Free - Claptone Remix

Valeron - Delina

Valeron - Euphrates

Vandelux - Tulum

Vargas & Lagola,Aguelando - Roads - Aguelando Remix

Viken Arman - Souq

Vogel,Olly Wall - Carousel

Wave Wave,HILLArious - Into the Sea

Y.V.E. 48,LissA - Nothing to Say

Y.V.E. 48 - Waiting for You

Yann Muller,Sylow - Dance Monkey (Sylow Remix)

Yann Muller - Give Me One Reason

Yuksek,Bertrand Burgalat - Icare

Yves V,Bhaskar,Twan Ray - Halfway (feat. Twan Ray)

Yves V,Sevenn - Beautiful Tonight

ZEXTONE - Your Walls

ZUSO - Atlas

Zeead,Felkee,Damaui,OMERGY,Jako Diaz - Back Before [Jako Diaz Remix]

Zeead,Felkee,Damaui - Back Before

Zigan Aldi,Joy Tyson - Hella feat. Joy Tyson

Ziggy Alberts,Y.V.E. 48 - Runaway - Y.V.E. 48 Remix

wills,Hanging Valleys - Calcine

wills - Away From Me

wills - Pieces

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