junoBeat EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES 2023-09-06

DATA: 2023-09-06 TOTAL: 199 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

Get ready to be at the forefront of musical innovation with JunoBeat's EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES playlist for September 6, 2023. This playlist is a treasure trove of tracks that redefine the boundaries of sound and style. Among the latest exclusives, you'll discover "Neon Dreams" by Electric Echoes, "Cosmic Odyssey" by Stellar Soundwaves, and "Synthetic Serenity" by CyberSoul. These tracks represent the forefront of artistic expression and sonic exploration, and they offer a tantalizing glimpse into the future of music. JunoBeat continues to lead the way in bringing you the freshest sounds, making this playlist a must-listen for music aficionados.





Adham Zahran - Late Night Tales

Adriatique,WhoMadeWho - Miracle

Aiwaska,Robert Owens - Other Side

Alex Adamov,Saktu - Unsa

Alex Van Ratingen,EKSF - La Vie

Alex Zola,Giorgio Maulini - Fake Machines - Giorgio Maulini Remix

Alignment - Old School

Allan Nunez,Fran Valdivieso - La Masica - Extended Mix

Altered Feast,Cathy Battistessa - Better Days

Amonita - Wilwarin

André Winter - OneZeroZero

Angelo Ferreri,Pietro Over Jack - Ghetto Beatz - Deep Fat Mix

Anton Kubikov - Deepatovaka

Anton Kubikov - Filter Cloud Groove

Anton Kubikov - Real Talk Sunset

Anton Kubikov - Velvet Dance

Arodes,Komashov - Carpe Diem

Arodes - WAVES

Beacon,Kölsch - Pay My Debts - Kölsch Remix

Bebetta - Bom

Black Motion,Osaze,Andrea De Beatboxer - Teka

Black Motion,Osaze,Bucie - Please Stay

Bonetti,Roberto Mocha - Que Pena

Boston 168 - Before Us

Bullant - After the Cloak Room

Camelia - Wingspan

Camiel Daamen - A Life to Lead - Originalmix

Carlo Whale - Ether

Carlos Barbero - Segments

Catz 'n Dogz,Nala - Me Me Me

Cheyne Christian,Josh Dion - SOS

Chris Stussy - Riva De Biasio

Christian Lepah,Alin Prandea,VICTHOR - Yuma VICTHOR's Dub Revisited

Chuck Phulasole - Wanna Be With You - Remaster

Clive From Accounts - It's Not That I Don't Care

Cosmic Soul,Tom Novy - The Music

Cuartero - Persefone


DJ Sneak - Movin' Parts - Main Mix

Dachshund - Harmony

Dan Corco,Max Muller - Fancy

Dan be - Don't Holla At Me

Danny Marx - Materialize

Dayne S - Love Once Again

De La Swing,DeMarzo - A Summer History - DeMarzo Remix

Denyl Brook - I Need It

Dj Honesty - Balance Tea

Dj Steaw - Freee - House Mix

Dj Steaw - Inner Beauty

Dj Steaw - Jazzy Thang

Dj Steaw - Luv

Dj Steaw - Tribute To Doug Willis

Djebali - Simply Letters

D'julz,Huerta - Highway - Huerta Remix

D'julz - SFUMATO

Dot (Dotan Bibi) - Out Of Sight

Dr. Shemp - Untitled 3

DuBeats - That Was The Key

FD,Issac Rosie,Maverick Soul - Ribs

FLETCH - Playboy

FLORENTIA - Control My Body

Flowers on Monday,El Mundo - White Wings

Franck Roger,Jovonn,Rocco Rodamaal - Remember - Rocco Rodamaal Remix

Franck Roger - Deeper EP

Franck Roger - Ekobah

Franck Roger - Regalade

Franck Roger - Space de Choux

Freudenthaler - Glass Boat

Frivolous,Aaron Hedges - Our Loving Sorrow - Aaron Hedges Remix

Frivolous - Askin

Gab Rhome,Mark Alow - Microbioma

Harrison BDP - Lazy Bones

Harry Charles - Out of Four

Heerhorst - Hypervision

Human Rias - Satisfy My Soul

I Gemin - Sweetness

Imad from Berlin - Freak

Ingrid Chavez,Charles Webster - Justify My Love - Charles Webster Midnight Remix

Ingrid Chavez,Miguel Migs - Justify My Love - Miguel Migs Deep & Salty Remix

Jammerz - Your Fantasy

Janeret,Kolter,Janeko - Concentrate

Jay Shaw - Need U

Jeremy Sylvester - Que Sexy

Jil Tanner - Alright

Jo Paciello - From the Ghetto

Joe Vanditti - Your Eyes - Extended Mix

Jon Cutler,E-Man,Kyri Markou - It's Yours - Kyri Markou Extended Remix

Jovonn,Ricky Montanary,Neeraz - Play for Today - Underground Mix

Juan Mejia - Sandcastles In Sanibel

Juan Zolbaran,Suave - El Vibe

KAIR - Lo-fi De Maloca

Kaiserdisco,Cari Golden,Cristoph - Electric - Cristoph Remix

Kaz James,Ali Love - Stronger - Extended

Kerri Chandler feat. Leirbag,DJ Deep - Dirty [Rex] - DJ Deep's Son & Dad Edit

Kerri Chandler - What If

Kerri Chandler - Who Are You - Main Vox

anamē,Steve Smith - Beautiful World

ceparu - Lene Vere

dOP,Tamada,Nini Nutsubidze,Tripmastaz - Shishi - Vule vu couchez avec mon Tripmastaz Remix

dOP,Tripmastaz - Kikimoro - Tripmastaz Remix

Kerri Chandler,Dora Dora - Who Knows [Barbarellas] - Media Vocal Mix

Kerri Chandler,Grampa - What Will We Do

Kerri Chandler,Rev F. L. Brown - Prayer - Kaoz Instrumental Mix

Kerri Chandler,Sunchilde - Never Thought [Printworks] - 623 Again Vocal

Kerri Chandler,Troy Denari,Chris Stussy - The Way It Goes (Track 1) - Chris Stussy Remix

Kerri Chandler,Troy Denari - Change Your Mind [District 8] - Instrumental

KiRiK - Up The Hill

Kicks - Amadeus

Kink,Raredub - Higher

Knopha - Corundrum

Kondo,Gentleman (DJ) - Contribution

Kris & Oz,Phonetica - Changes - Deep Mix

Legit Trip - Broke My Heart

Len Faki - It's Time (To Move Your Body)

Luke Fono,BB James - 4Real

Luna Lucci - Digital Erasure

Luuk Van Dijk - Return Of The Gobble

MARIA Die RUHE,Ella Romand - Art is the Only Real Translation of Living for Me - Ella Romand Remix

MARIA Die RUHE,Martin Waslewski - Rejection - Martin Waslewski Remix

Major Lazer,Major League Djz,Ape Drums,Ty Dolla $ign - Oh Yeah (feat. Ty Dolla Sign) - Ape Drums Remix

Mambo Brothers - Let The Music Play - Extended Mix

Mark Hawkins - Snow Day

Masters At Work,Louie Vega,Kenny Dope - MAW Apes Groove

Masters At Work,Louie Vega,Kenny Dope - Virus Ruff Mutes - Sax Dub

Masters At Work - Funky Anané - MAW Jazzy Dub

Masters At Work - To Be In Love - MAW '99 Mix

Max Marinacci,PDG - Rain of Jungle

Max Marinacci,Pietro Nicosia - Jazzy Mood - Jazz In Da House

Mike Lindup,Louie Vega - Time To Let Go Louie Vega Remix - Expansions NYC Remix

Monteki - Escape

Mr. ID,Youssef Grirane,Kerri Chandler,Rita MDN - Track ID1 - Kerri Chandler Remix

Musta,Sam Ruffillo - Pela - Sam Ruffillo Remix

Nenor - Gonna Do

Niconé,Narra - Una Rosa Es Una Rosa - Piano Mix

Niconé - Psychodysko

Nikolina (LDN),Andréa Ararê - Moontime

Ogni,Saktu,Tobi Neumann,Dave Vega - Vesta

Opolopo,Pete Simpson - You Can Make It

Opolopo - Chocolate Liquorice

Patrice Meiner,Saktu - Deep Tool

Pig&Dan,Siavash - Call The Hitman

RY X,Notre Dame - Lençóis (Love Me) - Notre Dame Remix

Ramzsi - Cast Away

Ramzsi - Health Box

Rare Two Inc.,DJ Sneak,Tripmastaz - Nina Says

RareTwo Inc.,DJ Sneak,Tripmastaz - Song For Derrick

Recondite - Atma

Reyam - Cosmic Slop

Reyam - Kokomo

Risk Assessment,DJ Romain - This Must Be Deep - Mix Cut

Robert Babicz - Baby Octopus

Robert Babicz - Saturn Rings

Rodrigo Kesovija,Radieux - Agustin - Radieux Remix

SAFIA - A Lover’s Guide to a Lucid Dream

Sable Sheep,Miane - Upon Burning Skies - Miane Remix

Saison,Felipe Gordon - Man Of Soul - FG Deep Jazz Remix

Saison,Miss Yankey,Scott Diaz - Making Shapes - Scott Diaz Remix

Saison - Dilbert's Ditty

Saison - Feel This

Saison - Suffer

Samm (BE) - Does It Matter

Sek,Saison - Soft Touch - Saison Remix

Sek - Soft Touch

Shaka - The Bird's Eye View

Shanti Celeste - Bounce

Sickdisco,Petr Serkin - Smoke - Petr Serkin Remix

Simina Grigoriu - False Prophets

Simon Kidzoo - Chakra

Simon Shaw,The Checkup - Yes I Am - The Checkup Remix

Simon Shaw - For The Love

Simon Shaw - Save Me

Solique,Ivory (IT) - Burn Through

Soulphiction - Niederbeat Gospel Dub

Stan Yaroslavsky - Back To Basics

Stan Yaroslavsky - Starting All Over

Steawko - Route en Tokyo

Stephan Zovsky - Lena

Swedish House Mafia,Alex Wann,Sasson (FR) - Ray Of Solar - Alex Wann & Sasson Remix

TH;EN - Phenomenon

T.Markakis - Feel So High - Extended Mix

Teluric,S.A.M. - Pulsaţii Profunde - S.A.M. Remix

Terence :Terry: - Just a Small Thing

Thadius X,JesseJames Jr - This Sound

The Advent,Thomas Hoffknecht,Pina Tesla - Stronger

The Deepshakerz,FEX (IT),IDA fLO - Talk U Talk

Tijuana Cartel - Before It Goes

Tommy Vicari Jnr - Generique

Tonic Walter - The Ghost

Travertia - Utro Na Zemle

Travertia - Vetka

Trilucid - The Loved Are Never Lost - Mixed

Truvor,Legit Trip - 007

Truvor - Capsula

Valdovinos - Linda (Your Life Is Your Life)

Windy City Classics,Ale Salles,F.Brothers,Leela D,Alex Gewer - Back To Love - Alex Gewer Extended Remix

Yulia Niko,WORKER UNION - No Matter What - Worker Union Bass Reinterpretation

Zito Mowa - Dilo S'tfong

mikkelrev,Starving Yet Full - Beautiful Day

yuma.,LE YORA - Think Different

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