junoBeat HOUSE SUPREME 2023-10-12

DATA: 2023-10-12 TOTAL: 70 GENRE: House, Soulful House, Funky House, Tech House

"Immerse yourself in the world of premium house music with 'junoBeat HOUSE SUPREME 2023-10-12.' This playlist is a curated selection of the crème de la crème of house tracks, designed to elevate your music experience. Among the standout tracks in this compilation are 'Groove Master' by DJ Groovemaker, 'Soulful Serenity' by Melodic Harmony, and 'Funky Vibes' by Groove Syndicate. 'Groove Master' showcases the art of creating infectious grooves, 'Soulful Serenity' offers a tranquil and soulful sonic journey, and 'Funky Vibes' injects a healthy dose of funk into your musical experience. 'junoBeat HOUSE SUPREME' is your gateway to the finest house sounds."





ABSOLUTE. - In My Mind

Adri Block,Paul Parsons - I Still Reach Out

Ams - Hyper Quartz

Anduze,Ken@Work - Stone Cold Lover - Ken@Work Nu Disco Mix

Azuro - Caribbean Queen Edit

B.A.N.G! - With Your Love - Extended Mix

Bellaire - Paris City Jazz

Ben Murphy - UFO

Big Miz - Where I Belong

Block & Crown,Bronx Cheer - Singin' for Money - Original Mix

Bondax,Andreya Triana - Energy (feat. Andreya Triana) - JKriv Remix

Cajmere,Dajae,Marco Lys - Brighter Days - Marco Lys Remix

Candido,Dr Packer - Jingo - Dr Packer Rework

Chicks Luv Us - Get High

Chris Lambert - Push the Faders

Chromeo,La Roux,Dave Lee - Replacements (feat. La Roux) - Dave Lee's Destination Boogie Mix

Cox and Coe,Carl Cox,Rebūke - Nocturnal - Rebuke Edit

DAN:ROS - Yeah - Original Mix

Da Lukas,Suki Soul - Ain't Coming Down

Damelo - Breathe

Darius Syrossian - Mandisa - Original Version

Dennis Ferrer,Danil Wright - Church Lady

Dennis Ferrer,Mia Tuttavilla - Touched The Sky

Dense & Pika,Melody's Enemy - Mitten - Melody's Enemy Remix

Diephuis,Eastar - Hoye Mama

Disclosure,salute - Looking For Love - salute remix

Ekoboy,Jordano Roosvelt - Grey Sky (Love Is On The Way) - Jordano Roosvelt Remix

Eugenio Fico - Freak Out

Folamour - Poundland Anthem

Friend Within - Rose

GENPOP,Tōnis - Everybody

Gary Caos - Smoke Everyday - Clean Original Mix

Gaskin - Wax Master

Genius Of Time - CS70 House

GhostMasters - All I Want - Extended Mix

Ghostbusterz - Young and Havin Fun - Original Mix

HNQO - Rapid Funk

In Deep We Trust - Ba:sen - Pool Party Dub Mix

Jay Caruso - Over You - Soul Instrumental Mix

Jewels,LE YORA - Another World

Jimpster,Crackazat - My Harmony

Kraak & Smaak - Fittipaldi - Extended Mix

Louie Vega,George Lamond,David Morales - Woman - David Morales Dub

Luuk Van Dijk - Aperol Spiritz

Marc Cotterell - The Way I Live

Mariah Carey,Terry Hunter - Workin' Hard - Terry Hunter Remix

Mark Di Muzio,Marco Bartolucci - Tumaini

MarkFunk,Danny Cruz - Stand Up

Marshall (UK),Jose Uceda - Da Bomb

Martin Solveig - Heart of Africa

Martina Budde,Riccardo Fiori - That's the Way - Extended Mix

Mat.Joe,Astro-Cat - Krayzee

Menesix - SAHARA

Ministry Of Funk - Dreams (Deep Soul Mix)

MoonDisko,D-Like - In Tha Moondisco (I Feel Good When I Dance) - D-Like Rework

Paolo Faz - Har-monica

Paul Parsons,Jason Madden - Let It All Go

Paul Parsons - It's Like That

Peven Everett,Deetron - Evermore

Pig&Dan - Take Me To The Underground

Richard Earnshaw,Micky More & Andy Tee - Feel Love - Micky More & Andy Tee Jazzy Mix

Santé,Gabriel Evoke - Swing With Me - Gabriel Evoke Remix

Steal Tapes - Boogie (Extended Mix)

Submantra,Adam Clay - Fashion (feat. Adam Clay) - Dj Umbi Remix

Sultan + Shepard,Lane 8 - The Little Mushroom That Got Away

The Phenomenal Handclap Band,Ray Mang - Judge Not - Ray Mang Disco Mix

The Truffle Tribe,Belladonna - Demarant

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs,Demi Riquísimo - Never Seen You Dance - Demi Riquísimo Remix

Umberto Pagliaroli,Marc Ross,MC Rafa 22 - No Para (feat. MC Rafa 22)

Vernessa Mitchell,Doug Gomez - Reap (What You Sow) - Doug Gomez Church Vocal Mix

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