junoBeat SOULFUL FUNKY DISCO 2023-06-18

DATA: 2023-06-18 TOTAL: 289 GENRE: Soulful House, Funky House, Nu Disco / Disco, House

Immerse yourself in the irresistible sounds of JunoBeat's SOULFUL FUNKY DISCO playlist, carefully curated for the date 2023-06-18. This electrifying collection takes you on a musical journey through the soulful realms of funk and disco, delivering a sonic experience that is both nostalgic and fresh. From the infectious rhythms of the past to the contemporary interpretations of the genre, JunoBeat brings together a fusion of genres and eras that will captivate any music lover. Get ready to let loose and groove to the rhythm as JunoBeat's playlist sets the stage for a night of pure joy and dancefloor magic.




11AM - Give It Up - 11AM Sweet Harmony Vocal Mix

40 Thieves,Qzen - Don't Turn It Off - Greg Wilson Edit

95 North - Funky Collards - Cornbread Mix

Adam Thomas - Love Comes Down - Original Mix

Adri Block,Paul Parsons - The Reason

Afro Warriors,Dorivaldo Mix,Miranda Nicole,David Morales - Don't Look Away - David Morales Mix

Afromento - Human Wave - Raul Moros Furic Soul Dub

Afromento - Midnight Train - Afromento Remix

Albert Sander,Juan Sales - Live for today

Ali Renault - Galactic Boy

Alison Limerick,Frankie Knuckles,David Morales - Where Love Lives (Come On In) - Classic Mix

Andrea Maggino - Chic

Andy Bach - Hanging On

Angelo Ferreri - I'm Talking To You

Angelo Ferreri - Want To Say

Another Chemical Love Story,Elliot Adamson - Do you Feel Like I do?

Aristo G - Lavender Lust Like Love

Art of Tones,Chatobaron - Ban The Disco

Audiowhores,Alexis Hall - Subject Of My Affection (feat. Alexis Hall) - Club Mix

Audiowhores,Blu - After The Party (feat. Blu) - Vocal Mix

Audiowhores,Susana Montero - Orillas Del Mar (feat. Susana Montero) - Club Mix

Audiowhores - Dekeetah

Audiowhores - Nekoosa

Babert - Fly up to the Sky - Babert 2023

Babert - To the Party

BackRoomSounds - Too Late - Classic US Connection Mix

Bella Boo - Get Away (We Love House Remix)

Ben Banjo Field - Call Me

Ben Gomori - Choom

Ben Rau - You Got Me Running

Betoko,Roger Sanchez - Raining Again - Roger Sanchez Black Rain Remix

Better Lost Than Stupid,CHANEY,Mousse T. - Overboard (feat. CHANEY) - Mousse T. Remix

Billy Evans - Prisoner Of My Weakness - Dub Mix

Birdee,Alexandra Prince - Jupiter + Mars - Extended Mix

Blade,Simone Fabbroni,Liam J Nabb - Talking About the Power - Phunk Club

Block & Crown,Culum Frea,THE SOULBOYZ - Missing - Extended Mix

Block & Crown,DAI$Y - Mr Vain - Original Mix

Block & Crown,Maickel Telussa - Feels Good - Original Mix

Block & Crown,Paul Parsons - My Beats Shoot Back - Original Mix

Block & Crown - Comin' Out - Nudisco Mix

Block & Crown - Jack in Africa - Original Mix

Bobby D'Ambrosio,Kelli Sae,Brian Tappert - Optimistic (feat. Kelli Sae) - D'Ambrosio & Tappert Club Remix

Bobby D'Ambrosio,Kelli Sae - Love Forevermore, Amen (feat. Kelli Sae) - Osio Club Mix

Bobby D'Ambrosio,Lasala,Marquito - Runaway Love (feat. Lasala) - Marquito's Classic Rework

Bongoloverz,An-Tonic - Power Of Music (feat. An-Tonic)

Bongoloverz,An-Tonic - Spirit Of House (feat. An-Tonic) - Piano Mix

Bongoloverz,An-Tonic - The Ministers (feat. An-Tonic) - Classic Vibe

Bongoloverz,Joyce Ouko - Cheza (feat. Joyce Ouko) - Vocal Club

Bongoloverz,Ursula Cuesta - La Esperanza (Hope & Faith) [feat. Ursula Cuesta]

Boots & Kats - Jimi

Born To Funk - Souma Bana

Breese - Love Machine

Brian Tappert - The Organ Track - The House Mix

Brynjolfur,Final Grrl,Chinaski - Paisaje Sintético - Chinaski Remix

CINTHIE - Light A Fire

Carousel,Krysten Cummings - Wanted (feat. Krysten Cummings) - Piano Club Mix

CeCe Peniston - I'm Feelin' U - Ron Carroll's BMC Vocal

Chewy Rubs,North Laine - Games In The Street

Choices - Less Is More

Christian Hornbostel,Keith Thompson - All God's Children Got Rhythm (feat. Keith Thompson) - Swing Street Mix

Christian Hornbostel - My Definition Of House - Classic Mix

Cody Currie,Eliza Rose,Dan Shake - Flame - Dan Shake Broken Mix

Cody Currie,Jamie 3:26 - Money - Jamie 3:26 Remix

Cody Currie,Sam Ruffillo,Kapote - Cash - Sam Ruffillo & Kapote Remix

Coeo - Like It Is

Col Lawton - Move & Groove

Copyright,One Track Minds,Angie Brown - Good For You (feat. Angie Brown)

Copyright,One Track Minds,Lisa Millett - Late At Night (feat. Lisa Millett)

Copyright,Shovell - Bulo (feat. Shovell) - Afro Disco Mix

Cor.Ece,Dave Giles II,Crackazat - Possibly Impossible - Crackazat Dub

Corrado Alunni - The Groove Line

Cortese - Clam Factory

Crazibiza,Dragonfly - Got the Love - House of Prayers Remix

Cricco Castelli - La Casa Del Jazz

D-Synth - Keep On Going

Da Mooch,Ellis Miah - Send Me Some Love (feat. Ellis Miah)

Da Mooch - Deep In The Underground - Da Original Mix

Dam Swindle,Tom Misch,Lorenz Rhode - Yes, No, Maybe

Dames Brown,Amp Fiddler,Andrés,Josh Milan,Louie Vega,Two Soul Fusion - What Would You Do? (feat. Andrés & Amp Fiddler) - Two Soul Fusion Extended Remix

Dames Brown,Waajeed - Glory (feat. Waajeed) - Extended Mix

Daniel Steinberg - Why Do You Hate Me

Danny J Lewis - The Box - Redux Mix

David Florio,Paolo Faz - Funky Feeling - Paolo Faz Instrumental Mix

Deep Josh,Angel Piña - Movement

Deep Swing,Jazz Transit,John 'Julius' Knight - Steppin' Out - JJK Jazzin' House Mix

Deep Swing,Jazz Transit - Let's Do This

Deep Union - Between You And Me - Original Mix

Deep Union - Ritchie By A Lonely - Original Mix

Deepstar,Donna Allen - Sugar (feat. Donna Allen) - Sugar Vocal

Deepstar - Deepstar

DJ Bowfinger - Dawson

DJ Disciple,Marie Rose,HyperSOUL-X - Even In The Ordinary - HyperSOUL-Xs HT Mix

DJ Fudge - Mechouga - Spen & Karizma Remix

DJ John “Julius” Knight - Find A Friend

DJ Kaos - Crystal Voyager

DJ Meme,DJ Meme Orchestra,Rachel Claudio - Any Love (feat. DJ Meme Orchestra & Rachel Claudio) - DJ Meme Club Mix

DJ Meme - V.A.I. - DJ Meme Club Mix

DJ Romain,Matt 'Keys' - Muzik In Me

DJM,Timbhai,Isaac Roosevelt - Wake Up Everybody - Instrumental

Dele Sosimi,Prince Fatty,Nostalgia 77 - Sanctuary - Dub

Disclosure,Eko Roosevelt - Tondo

Disco Dandies,Leon Ware - Inside Your Love (2 People)

Disco Dice - Stand Up

Disco Incorporated - Lovely - Vocal Good Vibes Mix

Discotron,Disko Junkie,Sandy's Groove - I'm Coming Out - Extended Mix

Discotron,Disko Junkie - Do It Right - Extended Dub Mix

Domino DB,DJ Mark Brickman,Yam Who? - You Got the Love - DJ Mark Brickman & Yam Who? Extended Remix

Dompe - Triple Y

Donna Allen,Urban Blues Project - He Is The Joy - U.B.P. Classic Mix

Dr. Bazil - Everybody - Original Mix

Emma B,Nicolas Ming - Funky 3000

Ewan McVicar - Back Tae Ayr

Ezel,Rona Ray - History Repeating

Ferry B,Franco De Mulero - Balearico

Fingerman - Just B U

Flaxsa - Apparently Nothing

Flaxsa - On My Groin

Folamour - Fearless

Folamour - These Are Just Places To Me Now

Fouk - Money

Fran Deeper - Weekendmood

Full Intention - Simply Living

Funky District - Terminal Informakick

Fyex - Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Gabriel Rene,J. Soul - Spirit (feat. J. Soul) - Main Mix

Ghostbusterz,Discostarz,Block & Crown - Funky Town - Block & Crown Funky Mix

Ghostbusterz - Gloria - Original Mix

Ghostbusterz - Hot Stuff - Original Mix

Giman,Chic_Ago - The Job

Groove Addix,Annette Taylor - Faith (feat. Annette Taylor) - DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix

Groove Armada,DJ Island - Rescue Me - DJ Island Remix

Groovemasta - All Right

Groovemasta - Making Me High

Gruvtoobe,Nifa - Forever (feat. Nifa) - Vocal Club Mix

HP Vince,Joey Chicago - Give Me Your Love

HP Vince,Vinny Terranova - Soul Taker

Hank Lotion - i SEE u DanCin

Holy Garage,Roman Flügel - Surprise

Hotmood - Disco Business

Hotmood - Freak Around

Hotmood - You & Me

Indeep,George Smeddles - Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life - Smeddles More Ass Mix

Izy,Osunlade - They Don't Care - Yoruba Soul Extended Mix

James Burton - Keys, Notes & Scales

James Mac,Vall,Jay Vegas - Work That Body - Jay Vegas Club Mix

Jask,Jocie,Brian Tappert,Marc Pomeroy - Beautiful (feat. Jocie) - Jocie In My Room Mix

Jask,Jocie,Brian Tappert - Surrender Your Love (feat. Jocie) - Jask & Brian's Thai-Soul-Furic Vox

Jask,The Thaisoul Orchestra - The Latin Vision

Jay Caruso - Nowhere - House Mix

Jay Vegas - I Wanna Make It - Original Mix

Jestofunk - Moai Message - In Dub

Joe Corti - Home

Joe Padilla - Too Farr

Joey Mazzola,MASiiVO,Sharyn Maceren - Better Together - Extended Vocal Mix

John Julius Knight,Cleptomaniacs - Larry's Jam - Cleptomaniacs Mix

John Julius Knight,Roland Clark,Cleptomaniacs - The Underground - Cleptomaniacs Mix

John 'Julius' Knight,Roland Clark - This Is House - JJK Groove Mix

John 'Julius' Knight - The Rush

Jordan Reece - Changin The Attitude

Jose Solano - Mangrove

Julius Papp,Tonee Green - Primitive Future (feat. Tonee Green)

Justin Jay,Krywald & Farrer - I Feel

Justin Michael - Deep Is All I Know

Kousto - Friendship for Lovers

Kraak & Smaak,Satchmode - Don't Want This to Be Over

Krewcial,Nimiwari - Wahala Dey

LF SYSTEM - Bourgie Bourgie

La Fiesta Sound System,Brian Tappert - Dancando Comigo - Brian Tappert Edit

Lauer - Sleepwalker

Laurence Guy,J. Peacock - Can't Find Her

Lazywax - Santa Catarina

Levantine - Stomp Disco Beat

Lissat - Funkytown - Nu Disco Mix

Lj Guru - Tonight Is Party Time - New York City Mix

Loretta Moretto,D'Andy,Bodyles - Ancora Tu - Main Mix

Lovebirds,Holly Backler - Give Me a Sign - Lovebirds Reserva Limitada Mix

djB,Neal Paul - Eccentric Mood - djB Zouk Mix

djB - I've Got To Know - Zouk Mix

kryptogram - More Than I Love You

kryptogram - Sneak Away With Me

Luca Olivotto,Brandski - Seaside - Brandski Remix

Luis Radio,Raffa - Jam Jam

MAXI MERAKI - As The Night Moves In

MVC Project - Dance L'Amour

MVC Project - Funky R-Evolution

Madonna - Vogue

Marco Bartolucci - Eastern House

Mark Lower,Fleur De Mur - Don't Mess With Disco - Extended Mix

Martin Eigenberg,Ryan Shade - Disco Affairs - Extended Mix

Martina Budde,Garas,Mishell Ivon - Days & Days

Maryag - Feeling

Masterbuilders - Blend (Jazz 'n' Groove Re-tweaked Mix)

Matt Caseli,Sebastian Krieg - Regina's Reload - Matt Caseli & Sebastian Krieg Mix

Matt Caseli - Regina's Sax Experience - The Funky Room Mix

Mattei & Omich,Ella,Cleptomaniacs - God Make Me Phunky (feat. Ella) - Cleptomaniacs Remix

Mattei & Omich,Ella - Your World (feat. Ella)

Mauricio Cury - Copacabana

Maurizio Basilotta,MF Productions - Get it

Mauro Picotto,Steven Z - Paranoimia - Extended Mix

Melba Moore - My Heart Belongs To You (Ron Carroll's BMC Vocal Classical)

Melodymann - Gangsters In The Night

Melodymann - Wading

Michael Procter,Urban Blues Project - Fall Down - UBP Classic Mix

Micky More & Andy Tee,Angela Johnson - So Wide Open - Extended Mix

MindInfluence,Solid Gold Playaz - The Best Part (Wise Decision) - MindInfluence Presents The Solid Gold Playaz Copyright Mix

Ministry Of Funk - Azuca (Trumpet Summer Mix)

Monkey Safari,DJ Island - Sometimes

Moodena - Honky Tonk Man


Nicola Conte,Gianluca Petrella,Fred P - African Spirits - Fred P Interpretation

Off The Cuff - Shake - Solid Purpose Mix

Oliver Dollar,Brillstein,DJ Vas - We Are The One

Olivier Verhaeghe - Sometimes

Orange Muse - Keep The Funk Alive - Retweaked Mix

Orofino,DJ Tennis - Amsterdam - DJ Tennis Remix - Extended Version

PPJ,Povoa,Jerge,Páula,Anna Prior - Primavera - Anna Prior Remix

Paolo Bardelli,Trisoglio,Simone Bardelli - I Just Wanna Dance - Bardelli Nu Club Mix

Paolo Faz - Babydoll

Passionardor,Jon Cutler - Everlasting Love - JC's Distant Music Mix

Peter Mac,Lalo Leyy - Sentindo Muito Bem - Original Mix

Phil Moffa,Photay - Alma Del Mundo - Photay Remix

Pinto (NYC),Jerk Boy - Well Well

Primary 1,Riton,In Flagranti - Who's There? - In Flagranti Remix

Primo - Cuban Blues

Punky Wash - Don't Give Up

Purple Disco Machine,Agnes - Twisted Mind

Puzique,Urban Blues Project - Nice N Tight - Urban Blues Project Remix

Raffaele Ciavolino,FederFunk - Dream Party

Raffaele Ciavolino - When I See Ya

Raul Moros - Amazonica - Daytime Mix

Raul Moros - Back 2 Basics

Rhode & Brown,Kid Simius - Eurostar

Richard Earnshaw - Joyride

Ridney - Gotta Come Back - Extended Mix

Rita Lee,Krystal Klear - Vírus Do Amor - Krystal Klear Remix

Romain Villeroy - Can Feel The Music

Romanto,Out Of The Drum - Whenever I'm with You

Rosie Gaines,Frankie Knuckles - Closer Than Close - Frankie's Classic Club Mix

Ryan Shade,Martin Eigenberg - Disco Affairs, Pt. 2 - Extended Mix

S.U.M.O. - Supra Sumo - Supra Bounce

Sam Karlson,Magnolia - Sweet Love

Sam Karlson,The Mekanism - La Siesta

Sammy Deuce - That's The Joint

Sandy Turnbull,Danny Krivit - The Most Fantastic Thing (feat. Danny Krivit)

Scruscru,Jehan - Teuf De Ouf

Scruscru - Shine On Me

Seamus Haji,Michael Gray,Audrey Martells - Wish - Extended Mix

Sean Roman,Jim Junior - Empty Heart

Sha Sha,Mellow & Sleazy,Mas Musiq,Soa Mattrix - Fast Car (feat. Mellow & Sleazy, Mas Musiq & Soa Mattrix)

Shawn Christopher,Ron Carroll - You Can Make It - Ron Carroll's Mix

Shik Stylko,Matt Caseli - Me Sorprendiste

Shiruky - Hypothetic Face

Skepta,Jammer - Mas Murder

Smoke Balls,Qwestlife - Crazy - Qwestlife Extended Vocal Remix

Solazz - Listen To The Rhythm

Somethin' Sanctified,Ron Basejam - Happens At Night - Ron Basejam Remix

Soul Avengerz,Wayne Soul Avengerz,Odyssey Inc. - Love You Feel - Wayne Soul Avengerz & Odyssey Inc. Trois Garcon Mix

Soul Clap,Desmond 'DSP' Powell - Back 2 Love (feat. Desmond 'DSP' Powell)

Soulchaser - Heartache

Soulista,Karmina Dai,Micky More & Andy Tee - Love & Life - Micky More & Andy Tee Extended Mix

Soulmagic - Come On Come On - Main Mix

Soulmagic - Yah Yah

Soulsearcher,Jazz N Groove - Can't Get Enough! - Jazz-N-Groove Nu Disco Mix

Soulsearcher - Feelin' Love - Soulsearcher Club Mix

Soulsearcher - UNI - The 4 a.m. Satisfaction Mix

Stephanie Cooke,Diephuis,Han Litz,Jihad Muhammad - Beautiful Life - Bang The Drum Vocal Remix

Swales - Come Together

TEE MANGO - You Are the Sun - Sun Up Mix

Tasha LaRae,Larry Espinosa - Something Special - Original Mix

Tell - Vamos A La Playa

Tender Games - Movin'

The Golden Boy - Desert Island Disco

The Joi-Fuhl,ShezAr,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - Don't You Worry (feat. ShezAr) - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

The Lab Rats,The Experiment,Lisa Millett - Music Is My Way Of Life (feat. Lisa Millett) - The Lab Rats present The Experiment; Lab Rats Main Experiment

The Shapeshifters - Lola’s Theme - VIP

The Sura Quintet,Manzo - D-Minor - Extended Session Mix

The Thompson Project,Gary L,Urban Blues Project - Messin' With My Mind (feat. Gary L) - U.B.P. Classic Club Mix

Tomasi Brothers - Craving Crew

Twism,B3RAO - Who's Right

Urban Blues Project,Bobby Pruitt - We Are One (feat. Bobby Pruitt) - UBP Classic Mix

Urban Blues Project,Jay Williams - Testify (Urban Blues Project present Jay Williams) - The U.B.P. Sunday Vocal

Urban Blues Project,Michael Procter - Deliver Me - Urban Blues Project present Michael Procter; UBP Vocal Mix

Urban Blues Project,Michael Procter - Love Don't Live (Urban Blues Project present Michael Procter) - The Cosmack Mix

Urban Blues Project,Mother Of Pearl,Pearl Mae - Your Heaven (I Can Feel It) [feat. Pearl Mae] - UBP Classic Mix

Wayne Gardiner,Ras Anthony,Brian Tappert - In The Mood (feat. Ras Anthony) - Brian Tappert Re-Edit

Yam Who?,Suki Soul,Mr Smith - Freak for You - Extended Club Mix

Yes,Luca Olivotto - Owner of a Lonely Heart - Luca Olivotto Remix

Z Disco Band - Baby Dance

Zsak - Time Around

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