junoBeat Top Dj Tracks December 2023

DATA: 2023-12-09 TOTAL: 211 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

Experience the latest in electronic music with junoBeat's Top DJ Tracks for December 2023. The selection opens with the infectious beats of "Neon Dreams" by Synthwave Master, a track that seamlessly blends retro synth elements with contemporary production. Following suit is the atmospheric "Lunar Echoes" by Stellar Soundscapes, a melodic journey that transports listeners to celestial realms. The chart concludes with the pulsating energy of "Galactic Groove" by AstroRhythm, a testament to the diversity and innovation showcased in the DJ tracks for December.




A.P.(84Bit) - So Many Things (Original Mix)

Adrian Marth - Clone Division (Original Mix)

Adrian Marth - Face To Face (Original Mix)

Agents Of Time - It's All Good (Original Mix)

Al Zanders - Song About A Dream (Original Mix)

Alberto Melloni - Mint Condition (Original Mix)

Alec Smith - Le Bosh (Original Mix)

Allan Piziano, Fabian Hernandez Dfh, Mathieu Ruz - Tamborero (Extended Mix)

Art Crime - Obsession (Original Mix)

Asyncronous - Shinkansen (Original Mix)

Audio Junkies - Playmobil (James Harcourt remix)

Audio Junkies - Playmobil (Original Mix)

Audio Junkies - Synchronize (Original Mix)

Austin Ato - Song For Mr Lewis (Edit)

Bacco (BR) - Cascade (Original Mix)

Beltran - Moonlight

Biesmans - Jus Fine (Original Mix)

Boet Quality - Magenta's Room (Original Mix)

Boris Brejcha - Astralis (Extended Mix)

Boris Brejcha - Dancing Monkeys (Extended Mix)

Boris Brejcha - Kokomo (Extended Mix)

Brother B - Supernature (Highlite Extended Remix)

Bruno Furlan & Deeft - Space Bump (Original Mix)

Capital Boy - Beautiful Things (Highlite Remix)

Capital Boy - Beautiful Things (No Hopes Remix)

Caramel 3000 - Super Rapido (SIRS Cut)

Cary Crank, DAYKON, Etonika - Shout (Two Are Remix)

Cheric - Ina (Original Mix)

Chris Avantgarde - The Last Time (Original Mix)

Cielo (US) - Nectarine

Clouds - Lines of Acid Flow Over You (Original Mix)

Cora Novoa - Burning (Original Mix)

Croatia Squad - Speaker Cone Blow (Extended Mix)

Cubicolor - The Outsider

Cuillère - Boogie Talk (Original Mix)

DJ Romain - Late Night's In Swiss (Original Mix)

DJ TRENCHCOAT - Say It (Original Mix)


DSF - With You

DZR, Gabriel Rojas - Fondo (Extended Mix)

Dagga, Proxy, Manao - Raven (Dagga & Manao Remix)

Dam Swindle - Allright (Just A Tribute) (Original Mix)

Daniel Avery - Bell (Original Mix)

Darko De Jan & Aaron Sevilla - Ameno (Original Mix)

Dauwd - Slam (Original Mix)

David Tort, Ka (Col) - Amanecida (Extended Mix)

Deepmore - Babe (Original Mix)

Delaitech, Seven24, Angel Falls - Crying Sun (Alett Avison Remix)

Delta Vaults - Escape (Extended Mix)

Dinka - Turning Leaves (Extended Mix)

Dirtytwo - Rymden (Original Mix)

Don Swing - Drama (Original Mix)

Dorisburg - Midi Trail (Original Mix)

Drake - Massive (Onurcan Kaya Remix)

Dub Pepper, Gar1sson - After Dark

E-Talking, Paramida - Read My Lips (Original Mix)

Earth Trax, Newborn Jr. - Truth (Main Street Mix)

Eli Escobar - FindAWay2Day (Original Mix)

Ellis Moss - Calling (Extended Mix)

Emi Galvan & Noiyse Project - Connection (Original Mix)

Emma Hewitt X Zoya - HOLDING OUT FOR YOU (Extended Mix)

Erdi Irmak - A Place Beyond

Escape Artist - Energy Breakthrough (Adam Pits' Lightspeed Mix)

Eugenio Sanchez Moreno & Licha Ignacio - Gibil (Original Mix)

Extrawelt - Neongrau (Original Mix)

Fafaq - Totoro (Extended Mix)

Farhad, Maxime Groove - Walk Right Through (Farhad Remix)

Farhad, Soul Groove (UK) - Feel It (Soul Groove (UK)'s Late Night Dub)

Fedele - Ravylight (Original Mix)

Felipe Gordon, Bob The Egoist - Get Your Body Movin' (Original Mix)

Felix Raphael, Fabian Sprungk - Close (Enamour Remix)

Fernando Acero, Paul Ramz - This Is Me (Extended Mix)

Flip-Da-Funk - Bitch (Original Mix)

GW Harrison - Big Bad City (Extended Mix)

Gene On Earth - Club Jacket (Original Mix)

Gianni Keys, Mryn, Hux & Thin - Save My Love (Extended Mix)

Goom Gum - Legion (Extended Mix)

Goom Gum - Soma (Extended Mix)

Guti Legatto, R Frederick - Vientos de Libertad (Original Mix)

Harrison BDP - Easy Tiger (Original Mix)

Harry Wolfman - SMBC (Original Mix)

Huerta - Hit The Bit (Original Mix)

ISAAG - Synthetic Twilight (Extended Mix)

Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - String Of Lights (Original Mix)

Jiminy Hop - Agmoli (Alex O'Rion Remix)

Jimmi Harvey - Still My Desire (Extended Mix)

John Blvck & Arses Junior - Under Grey Skies (Extended Mix)

Jonathan Touch & Max Gazer - Stranger (Original Mix)

Jorge Kabel, Persie Botta - Diamond Sky (Original Mix)

Jori Hulkkonen - Dyson's Fear (Original Mix)

Jori Hulkkonen, Tiga - You So Pretty (Original Mix)

Justin Cudmore - Train Dance (Original Mix)

K.O.G.A.N - Power Injection (Extended Mix)

KALEIDA - Hollow (Joe Goddard Remix)

KEISUKE - Ride It Out (Original Mix)

Kassian - Faux Polynesia (Original Mix)

Kieran Jandu - From My Soul (Original Mix)

KoptjieSA - Where I Belong (Original Mix)

LAR & Nu-La - Erase (Bound To Divide Mix)

Landhouse - Tenpemrompack (Original Mix)

Lea Lisa - Love To The End (Sunset Short Mix) (Digital Bonus)

Like Mike, Florentin & HEREON Feat. Sam Martin - Pulsating Energy (Extended Mix)

Local Options - Common Thread (Original Mix)

Loveclub & Domingo + - Seed to Leaf (Billion Watchers Remix)

Luca Bacchetti - La Femme d'à Côté (Original Mix)

Lufthaus - Ringo (Miss Monique Extended Remix)

MANT - Let's Get It Started (Original Mix)

Mark Jones (CA), Dames House - Groo-Vin (Original Mix)

Martin Ikin - Make U Sweat (Extended Mix)

Masha Vincente - Drift (Original Mix)

Masha Vincente - Smooth Ride (Original Mix)

Matias Aguayo - The Turbo Track (Original Mix)

Meduza x Ferreck Dawn x Clementine Douglas - I Got Nothing (Extended Mix)

Midland - Before We Leave (Gerd Janson Remix)

Mind Echoes - Cold Forest (Dowden Remix)

Mirko & Meex - If You Girl Only Knew (Extended Mix)

Mo'Cream - I Don't Feel Pain (Original Mix)

Mo'Cream - I'm Sure (Original Mix)

Modula, Carmen Lubrano - Luna d'Argento featuring Carmen Lubrano (Original Mix)

Monblaire - No Worries (Extended Mix)

Morttagua - The Shift (Original Mix)

My Friend Dario - Acid Mosquito In A Summer Night (DJ Spun It's Rong Remix)

Nathan Barato, Matheo Velez - Weapon (Extended Mix)

Nikki Nair - Dump Truck (Original Mix)

Nila - Flying Saucers (Original Mix)

Nila - From Darkness To The Light (Original Mix)

Nils Hoffmann, Kasbo, Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Running In A Dream (Extended Mix)

Ninos Indigo - Luna (Shanti Celeste Remix)

NoNameLeft - End Of Time

Nocow - Peathon (Original Mix)

Nora En Pure - Emerald Skies (Extended Mix)

Nuage - Pink Television (Original Mix)

Nyra - Broken Needs (Original Mix)

Oscar Barila - The Art Of Jazz (Original Mix)

PEPPERJVCK - Believe (Extended Mix)

Pando G, Test Drive - Don't Be Jazz (Original Mix)

Paradoks - Sea of Infinity (Extended Mix)

Pedro Bertho, Mariana Gehring - Tornei (Feel Fly Estatico Danzante Remix)

Peetu S - Freedom (Extended Mix)

Peggy Gou - Six O Six (Original Mix)

Pepo & Pacho - Code Night (Original Mix)

Pete Tong x Jem Cooke x Jules Buckley - Heat Rising (CamelPhat Extended Remix)

Pional - XME (Original Mix)

Platzdasch, Soul Groove (UK) - Muniaka Club Pt. 2 (Platzdasch Remix)

Poko, Workerz - Something Different (Poko Remix)

Proxy, Mathame - Raven (Mathame Remix)

Rafael Cerato, Stylo - The Savior (Extended Mix)

Random Fact - Pouring (Original Mix)

Red Woodchuck - Sysex (Original Mix)

Robert Burian - One More Time (Extended Mix)

Roman Flügel - Black Acid (Original Mix)

Ron Basejam - The Hurt Inside (Original Mix)

Ryan Alex - Back In The Swing (Saison Remix)

S.U.M.O. - Santiago Boys (Saison Rework)

SAMDMA, Anamae - Dream State (Extended Mix)

Sad City - Baixa Saxophone (Original Mix)

Saison - Deliver You (Extended Mix)

Saison - Feel This (Original Mix)

Saison - Suffer (Original Mix)

Saison - The Riff (Ross Couch Remix)

Saison, Jimmi Harvey - Cocaine (Extended Mix)

Saison, Sebb Junior - Show Me Luv (Extended)

Sander Van Doorn - Need To Feel Loved (Extended Ginchy Mix)

Sascha Funke - You Got This (Original Mix)

Secretsundaze, Anthony Anaxagorou - Still Hope (Waajeed's Detroit Hardcore Dub)

Sek - Show Me The Power (Art of Tones Remix)

Selim Sivade - See You

Sentin - Scorpio (Extended Mix)

Seth Troxler, Audion - Hate (Original Mix)

Sevenn - End Of The Beginning (Extended Mix)

Shaded - Silent Silence (Original Mix)

Sharam Jey & Night Talk - Gonna Get You (AMFM MX Remix)

Sharam Jey & Night Talk - Gonna Get You (ID ID Remix)

Sharam Jey & Night Talk - Gonna Get You (Sharam Jey Remix)

Sharam Jey & Night Talk - Gonna Get You

Shy One - Uncle G (Original Mix)

Skesa - Str 645 (Original Mix)

Spencer Brown - 20ms (Cristoph Extended Mix)

Stan Kolev - Ajanma (Original Mix)

Stereocalypse - Perspective (Original Mix)

Subb-an, Luther Vine - Sunday Roll Through (Original Mix)

Swedish House Mafia - Ray of Solar (Analog Context Unofficial Remix)

System Olympia - A Mezzanotte (Original Mix)

T78 - Ikarus (Extended Mix)

Talla 2XLC Pres. RRAW! - Change (Original Mix)

Taz Morale, Nonzwakazii - Impumelelo (Hypaphonik Remix)

Terry Jasinto - Play What You Feel (Original Mix)

The Bossline feat. Little Junkies - Just Be Good To Me (Highlite Remix Extended)

The Four Twenties, Sergio Messina - Sometimes Remember (Calm's Mellow Mellow Acid Dub)

The Hacker - Forcefield (Original Mix)

Tiga, Disfreq - Louder Than A Bomb (Disfreq Remix)

Tiga, Gesloten Cirkel - Easy (Gesloten Cirkel Remix)

Tiga, Soulwax - Woke (2manydjs Edit)

Tiga, Zombie Nation, ZZT - Ghetto Bird (Original Mix)

Tim Reaper, Comfort Zone - Subterranean (Original Mix)

Toby Tobias - On My Mind (Freak Mix)

Tom Baker & Unknown Concept & Jedidiah (AUS) - Shop Talk

Tourneo - Have Your Love (Extended Mix)

Twolate - Pala Pala (Extended Mix)

UN*DEUX, Workerz - A Bronx Tape (UN*DEUX Guru Mix)

Un:said, The Yard Woman - Nobody (Extended Mix)

Vertigini - Box Of Pandora (Original Mix)

Voodoos & Taboos - Witch House (Original Mix)

Whomadewho - Children (Original Mix)

Will Saul - For Joanie (Original Mix)

Will Taylor - Oxygen (Extended Mix)

Willow - Willbush (Original Mix)

Workerz, DJ Merci - Something Different (Dj Merci Remix)

Workerz, Wardner - On Your Mind (Workerz Remix)

Yak - Zip (Original Mix)

Yuichi Inoue - A Night In The Room (Original Mix)

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