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DATA: 2023-10-27 TOTAL: 217 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

JunoDownload has once again delivered a fresh batch of DJ charts, and as of October 28, 2023, the music world is in for a treat. These charts serve as a curated showcase of the most influential and sought-after tracks across various electronic music genres. DJs, producers, and music aficionados can dive into these charts to uncover the latest hits, timeless classics, and hidden gems that are making waves in the electronic music scene. JunoDownload's DJ charts are an invaluable resource for those looking to stay on the pulse of the ever-evolving and dynamic world of electronic music.




AIO & Flanko - Hades (NoNameLeft Remix)

AIO & Flanko - Hades

Неизвестный исполнитель - artbat - remember (original mix).mp3

ARTBAT - Remember

Advent - Lost In A Dream

Advent - Lucid Dreams

Alex Lentini, STOMP BOXX - Arresto Momentum (Original Mix)

Alex Lentini, STOMP BOXX - Diagonal Matrix (Original Mix)

Almost Human - Gucci on My Bag

Almost Human - Hydro Human

Antonio D'Africa, Sall - Skylark (Original Mix)

Anturage & Alexey Union feat. Starving Yet Full - Alive (Original Mix)

Aramitt - Dune

Artmann - Global Warning (Original Mix)

Astre, Eli Samuel - Shine Together (Original Mix)

Axl Landa - Illusion

Ayala (IT) - Njambi feat. Nes Mburu (Djeff Remix)

B.o.T - Reality Check

Ben Hims & Ozer Caki - The Planet of People

Ben Hims - Differently

Beth Lydi - This Is Love (Sagia Remix)

Binaryh - Resilience (Original Mix)

Binaryh - The Simplicity Of Connection (Original Mix)

Black V Neck, Breaking Beattz, Gorillowz - Stutter (Original Mix)

Black V Neck, Rave Rae - Bring The Noise (Original Mix)

Blancah - Vertical Horizon (Mila Journée Remix)

Blancah - Vertical Horizon (Morttagua Remix)

Blancah - Vertical Horizon

Booka Shade - So Dope

Bowfingers - Humble (Original Mix)

Brian David - Deeply (Extended Mix)

Brian David - Deeply (Nicolas Giordano Extended Remix)

Brian David - Henko

Brian Vee (UK) - Just Move

Brian Vee (UK) - Time Lapse

Bunnyzar - Night

CASSIMM - Steel Line (Extended Mix)

Cafius - Istanbul

Cattaree & Unseen. - Eternal Dream

Cattaree, Unseen. & Matru - Fading Love feat. MATRU

Chapter & Verse - Amnesia (Extended Mix)

Christopher Hermann - Flock

Christopher Hermann - Ojgi

Citizen Kain - Demons of Phangan

CllB - Dreamwild

Cosmic Boys, Franco Smith - Chorus Of God (Original Mix)

DAARI - La La La

DAIO - Existence

DJ Andy de Gage' - Colorized (Hasan Ghazi Remix)

DJ Pappa, Bobby Deep - Amh

DP-6 - Plasma (Reincarnation Mix)

Dan Sushi - Open Your Eyes (Extended Mix)

Dan Sushi - Superstition (Extended Mix)

Daniel Anthony - Money (Original Mix)

Danjel Esperanza - Beyon Horizon

Darkly A.M. & Night Breeze - Something Like This (Club Mix)

Demirly - Status Quo

Неизвестный исполнитель - dilby - burnt embers (original mix).mp3

Неизвестный исполнитель - dilby - organika (original mix).mp3

Dmitry Kostyuchenko - Crystal

Dr Green - Duhkha (ISMAIL.M & Redspace Remix)

Неизвестный исполнитель - enøs - disruption (original mix).mp3

Неизвестный исполнитель - enøs - heaven (original mix).mp3

ESSEL - The Edge (Extended Mix)

Ede - Do My Thing (Dixon Rework)

Ede - On My Mind (Original Mix)

Ede - When You Need It (Original Mix)

Ede - Your Love (Original Mix)

Ede - Your Love

Enrico Sangiuliano - Glitch In Time (Original Mix)

Erdi Irmak - A Place Beyond

Erdi Irmak - Synchronicity

Florian Gasperini & M-Sol DEEP - All I Need Is You

Fuenka - Ikaros (Extended)

Funkin Matt - Memento Mori (Extended Mix)

George Smeddles - Up In The Booth (Original Mix)

Greenjack - The Flow

Grenno - I'll Be Comin (Extended Mix)

Guest Who, FOOTWURK - Mi Corazon (Extended Mix)

Gunnter - Rue De Provence (Original Mix)

Hannah Wants & Jem Cooke - Calling (Extended Mix)

Hassan Maroofi & David Charpentier - Reminisce (Plecta Remix)

Hector Couto - Soul Train (Original Mix)

Hidde Van Wee - Over And Again (Original Mix)

Hook N Sling, Nani Castle - Heat It Up (Extended Mix)

Huminal - A Place Beyond (Extended Mix)

ILDES & Karrav - Push It

ISMAIL.M, Redspace - Expectation (Extended Mix)

ISMAIL.M, Redspace - Freeze (Extended Mix)

ISMAIL.M, Redspace - Strange Sensations (Extended Mix)

JCROW - Light My Fire (Original Mix)

JPA & Lauren Tatyana - Beautiful Liar feat. Lauren Tatyana (Alec Smith Extended Remix)

Jamback - Ain't Nobody Bad (Original Mix)

Jamie Stevens, Gai Barone & Luke Brancaccio - Orlo's Theme feat. Jamie Stevens

Jares - Introspection

Jimi Latifi - Lust (Original Mix)

Julian Fijma - Dance To This (Original Mix)

KARPOVICH - Opera (Alain Fanegas Remix)

KC Wray - Whiplash (Original Mix)

KHUS - My Love (Extended Mix)

Ka-Way - Angie

Kamilo Sanclemente - Firefly (Alberto Blanco Remix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Firefly (Vaedar & Solis Remix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Firefly

Kamilo Sanclemente - Rise Up (Indigo Man Remix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Rise Up (Original Mix)

Kellie Allen - The Music Box (Original Mix)

Key Lean - Over The Sea

Khaled Abdrabo - Discarnate (Monostone Remix)

Khaled Abdrabo - Discarnate

Kon Play - Atardecer En Cadiz

Kon Play - Rosa Maria

Kosta Kritikos - Mesopotamia

Krzysiek Teper - Ethnic

coiro - Cocoon

gAVR & Kristina She - Uram

gAVR, Anton MAKe & Kristina She - Kooppo

LUSU - Reckless (Extended Mix)

Lake Avalon - Vacant

Lake Avalon - Void

Lauren Lo Sung - Free Your Body (Original Mix)

Lindja & Wouter Achterberg - Daydreaming (Extended Mix)

Luca De-Santo - Carbon

Lucky Angel - Guendalina (Extended Mix)

MI.LA & MAIRI - Burning Love

Manoova - Stuck On Your Body (Original Mix)

Manti - Call Out (Original Mix)

Manti - Renegade (Ditian Remix)

Manti - Renegade (Original Mix)

Martin HERRS - Acid Tropp (Original Mix)

Martin HERRS - Distor Mell (Original Mix)

Martin HERRS - Paraiso 94 (Original Mix)

Mattia Saviolo - Distant Memories (Original Mix)

Mauro Fiore - Peremptory

Mavdio - Runnin (Original Mix)

Maximus Monster - Faces (Extended Mix)

Maximus Monster - People (Extended Mix)

MeMachine - Pogo

Mind Conspiracy - Metafora (Original Mix)

Modeplex - I Found You

Modeplex - Isotrop

Moderat & Keinemusik - More Love (Rampa &ME Remix)

Moderat, Keinemusik - More Love (Rampa &ME Remix)

Momery - Before The Dawn (Original Mix)

Momery - Never Enough (Original Mix)

Monococ & Karlo Wanny - The Dark Side

Mr.Diamond, Jaykay - Buena Vibra (Original Mix)

Nairo - Arkadia

Nas Elmes - Avant (Original Mix)

Neher - Phrygian Master

Nenad J. - Dig Deeper (Luis Bravo's Stripped Remix)

Nolek - Ghetto Rhythm (Extended Mix)

Nopopstar - Ndaci

Nopopstar - U-Ha-Ha

Nüur - Gekheid

Oden & Fatzo, THEOS, Noa Milee - Fly Away (Extended Mix)

Oden & Fatzo, THEOS, Queen Rose - Set You Free (Extended Mix)

One Week (UK) - Retrofuturism

PETEL - Konflict

Patrick Hero & Chris Zoe - Source Code

Paul Hazendonk feat. Alice Rose - Just Breathe (Kyotto Club Remix)

Prunk - Let Me Show Ya (Original Mix)

Quirin - Dangerous (SoKool & Konrad Dycke Remix)

R3WIRE - The Sound (Extended Mix)

RAM - Close Encounters (Extended Mix)

RBØR - Ananda

RBØR - Niya

Rene Amesz, Jay Colin - Freak Ya Tail (Original Mix)

Retrouve - Edge Of Reality (Original Mix)

Rezwan Khan - Revolt (Extended Mix)

Rich Venom - Yldun

Rodriguez Jr. - Synthwave (Haffenfold Remix)

Rodriguez Jr. - Synthwave (Imaad Lagardien Remix)

Rodriguez Jr. - Synthwave (OIO Remix)

Ryan Resso - Stock The Fridge (Original Mix)

SNYL - Eclipse (Original Mix)

SNYL - Umbra (Original Mix)

SUBSHIFT, Silque - Freak Out (Extended Mix)

Sasha Carassi feat. Mz Sunday Luv - The Seekers (Original Mix)

Seb Zito - Crispy Loaf (Extended Mix)

Seb Zito - Get Up And Dance (Extended Mix)

Seegy & Kaimei - Firefly (Extended Mix)

Sergio Saffe - ROCK THIS (Original Mix)

Sergio Sergi, MC Ultra - Resurrection (Original Mix)

Silver Panda, Sevenn - Welcome The Night (Extended Mix)

Simas, Conquer Jones - Flores (Original Mix)

Simon Shaw - Original Tech Sound (Original Mix)

Sozef - En Route (Original Mix)

Stashion - Strong

Stellz - Gone (Extended Mix)

Steve Robinson (UK) - May Not Think About You (Original Mix)

Stifano - The Orbital (Extended Version)

Symmetric Cloud - Trouble Area

Terminal (DE) - Just Rave (Stoneface & Terminal Extended Remix)

Tescao - Sound Of The Future

Timmy P, Kreature - Bottles & Beats (Original Mix)

Tomy Wahl & Bilgehan Ünver - Tell Me Where

Tomy Wahl & Bilgehan Ünver - You Are a Liar

U S H N U - No Universe

UMANNTO, Mazen Mohsen - Eyes of Wallada

UMANNTO, Mazen Mohsen - Mahlika

UNWA VIBE BESIDE - Twinkling Lights (Doriaan Remix)

UNWA VIBE BESIDE - Twinkling Lights (Kay Deet Re

UNWA VIBE BESIDE - Twinkling Lights (Nickon Fait)

Umloud - Colheita

VNSSA - Let's Go Dancing (Extended Mix)

VRuno & Vincent Marlice - Busy Body (AMARE Remix)

VRuno & Vincent Marlice - Busy Body

VegaZ SL & Enzo Vood - Gandhabba (Aman Anand "Deep Space" Remix)

VegaZ SL & Enzo Vood - Gandhabba (NOIYSE PROJECT Remix)

Vini Pistori - Sawana

Worakls - Verbier (Extended Version)

Xoxe VL - Kingdom of Darkness

Yerathel, Ramon Bedoya, Johan Dresser - Yorindel

Yonathan, Dowle - Holloko (Afro Groove Mix)

Yonathan, Dowle - Holloko

Yotam Avni - Where is My Father

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