Junodownload Hot Dj Charts 2023-10-11

DATA: 2023-10-11 TOTAL: 230 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

Get ready to groove with the JunoDownload Hot DJ Charts for October 11, 2023. This compilation is a blazing showcase of the tracks that are currently setting dancefloors on fire and defining the future of electronic music. Covering a broad spectrum of electronic genres, from the deep and melodic to the hard-hitting and energetic, these charts offer a curated glimpse into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of electronic music. Whether you're a seasoned DJ seeking fresh tracks to elevate your sets or a music enthusiast looking to stay at the forefront of the latest sonic trends, these charts provide a curated journey into the heart of the global electronic music scene.




A Sides - Chances (Original Mix)

AUGUSTE, Idd Aziz - Tomorrow (Extended Mix)

Adam Ten, Maori - Spring Girl (Vintage Culture Remix) (Extended)

Alastair Lane - Disco Maléfico (Original Mix)

Alberto Dimeo - Planet Earth (Original Mix)

Alexia Malo, AMFM (MX) - Pastilla (Original Mix)

Aline Rocha - WTF (Extended Mix)

Alvee, ADRIAN BLUPER - Rambo (Original Mix)

Analog Jungs - Futura (Dowden Remix)

Andrea Camillo - Sun Flowers (Original Mix)

Andres Molina - Break Up You Back (Original Mix)

Andruss, Many Malon - La Bulla (Original Mix)

Angel De Miguel - That's For Me (Original Mix)

Angioma, BLANKA (ES) - Tricky Sunday (Original Mix)

Argia - Rizzo (Original Mix)

Arkaik, Objectiv - Sines (TN1)

Atar - Unburn (Original Mix)

BENKHLIFA - Basikstruktur (Original Mix)

BENKHLIFA - Predator in the Zoo (Original Mix)

BadWolf, XXOF - Poppers (Rush) (Original Mix)

Bait & Switch - Metropolitan Stories (Original Mix)

Band&dos - Traveling (Original Mix)

Barbara Tucker, Sam Karlson - Be Yourself (Michael Gray Dub Mix)

Barbatuques, Soldera - Baianá (Original Mix)

Ben Juno, Joep Mencke - Fall For You (Extended Version)

Ben Khlifa - Double Sektion (Original Mix)

Betical - US (Original Mix)

Bigfett - Predator (Original Mix)

Bryan Ro, Michael Scheppert - Unartificial Intelligence (Original Mix)


CENKK - Solitude (Original Mix)

Calacas - Senegal (Original Mix)

Cartoon - We Bang (Extended Mix)

Charlotte de Witte - High Street (Amazingblaze Remix)

Chlär - Raw Audio Models (Original Mix)

Chontane - Ceoid (Original Mix)

Chris Cargo - Jackdaw (Nila Remix)

Christian T - Magalenha (Original Mix)

Christopher Rau - Abspace (Original Mix)

Confluence, Von Tee Rah - Unit 1 (Original Mix)

Corey James, Hiisak, Roland Clark - The Underground (House Of God) (Steve Angello Extended Edit)

DJ Mes - Werkin' Gurl (Original Mix)

Da Poet, Retromigration - Half Pure (Da Poet Remix)

Dabeat, Kamilo Sanclemente - Futura (Extended Mix)

Danny Snowden - One After Another (Original Mix)

Darien (USA) - Tu Lo Baila (Original Mix)

Dave Leck - Nomadic (Original Mix)

Dax J - Passing Clouds (Original Mix)

Death on the Balcony - Too Good To Be True (Original Mix)

Deeper Purpose, BRN, JmNPR - Up N' Down (feat. JmNPR) (Extended Mix)

Denes Toth - Endeavour (Original Mix)

Denes Toth - Endeavour (Yubik Remix)

Denes Toth - Hlavolam (Original Mix)

Denise Rabe - Walking On Borders (Original Mix)

Des & Del - Next Question (Extended Mix)

Dofamine - Squall (Original Mix)

Dr Pius, felipe ochoa - Placeres (INSOLENTES Remix)

Dulus - Nomy (Original Mix)

Dyanna Fearon, Sparkling Attitude - Giving Nothing (Art of Tones Extended Remix)

Echonomist - A Sunday Morning (Intro) (Original Mix)

Echonomist - Back To Mine (Original Mix)

Echonomist - High End (Original Mix)

Echonomist - The Sequence Cabinet (Original Mix)

Echonomist - Unchain Melody (Outro) (Original Mix)

Echonomist, Alexandros Miaris - A Different Frame (Original Mix)

Echonomist, Alexandros Miaris - Empty Hours (Original Mix)

Echonomist, Alexandros Miaris - When in Rome (Original Mix)

Echonomist, Avangart Tabldot, Alexandros Miaris - Secret Places (Club Version)

Echonomist, Avangart Tabldot, Alexandros Miaris - Secret Places (Original Mix)

Echonomist, Nadia Ali - Falling Head First (Original Mix)

Eddie Leader - Lost In... (Original Mix)

Elegant Hands, Calego - Move It! (Original Mix)

Emi Ömar - Together (Original Mix)

Emlyn BPM - Dance Oww (Original Mix)

End Train - Capacity (Original Mix)

Ezequiel Arias, Spencer Brown - SF to Córdoba (Extended Mix)

Fabreeka - Amaya (Original Mix)

FederFunk - Funky Tech Party (Original Mix)

Fixeer - OTR (Original Mix)

Flor Capistran - Hoshī (Acid Mix)

Fonic - Tempest (Original Mix)

Forty Cats - Custom (Original Mix)

Franco Rossi - Exha (Original Mix)

Fromellie - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)

G.Zamora, NenaHalena - Invocando (Original Mix)

Generoco - Disco Jazzin' (Original Mix)

Georges - Love's Away (Original Mix)

Guiliano, Audiunt - Phase#4 (Original Mix)

Guizzo - Music (Original Mix)

Hadone - Euphoria (Original Mix)

Hanstler, BARBUTO - In The Vibe (Original Mix)

Hardwell, Bright Lights - Shotgun (It Ain't Over) (Extended Mix)

Henri Bergmann - Vision (Original Mix)

Henri Bergmann, Hardt Antoine - Can't Escape (Original Mix)

Hever Jara, Johan Dresser - Sonar (Original Mix)

Hipp-E, Jesusdapnk - 4 Tha Headz (Original Mix)

JP Chronic - Chapters (Extended Mix)

Jadzia - Surface (Original Mix)

James Bong - Roses 101 (Original Mix)

Javi Reina - Get Down (Original Mix)

Jehra - Take it or Leave it (Original Mix)

Jerome Isma-Ae, Sandeep Pai - Nightfall (Original Mix)

Jody 6 - Tabouli And Techno (Original Mix)

John Summit, VLTRA (IT) - Legacy (Extended Mix)

Jono Stephenson - Can't Get Up (Original Mix)

Josh Richards - High Roller (Original Mix)

Justin Muscat, LUMERTZ - De Comply (Original Mix)


Kaive - Hyperworld (Original Mix)

Kashpitzky - Timeline Off (Original Mix)

Keah, Pulse Plant - Phrases (Original Mix)

Khen - Purple (Original Mix)

Kos:mo - Speak Up (Original Mix)

L.ap. - Planet Dimension (Original Mix)

LEKTRK - Lost Kingdoms (Original Mix)

LPV - Arrival (Original Mix)

Latmun - Bass (Original Mix)

Lazar (IT), Jurgen Degener - Arayashiki (Original Mix)

LeStrange, Benefice - Evilution (Original Mix)

Leanne Louise, Zen Lewis - All This Love (Kleu Remix)

Levzon - Planga (Original Mix)

Lolu Menayed - My Heart (Original Mix)

Lorenzo De Blanck - Gimme Some (Original Mix)

Lukey - The Problem Solver (Kepler Remix)

Luuk Van Dijk - 's A Real Jerk (Original Mix)

Luuk Van Dijk - The Message (Original Mix)

Madhouse, Who is Kiks, Alexia Malo - Fobia Social (Original Mix)

Mafia B - Non Organic (Original Mix)

Magic Seaweed People - Supposed Words (Original Mix)

Magnolia, Mani Hoffman, Million Miles - Believe in L (Original Mix)

Manuel De La Mare, Luigi Rocca - Disco 666 (Extended Mix)

Marcal - Tombstone (Original Mix)

Marco Silvestre - Lento (Original Mix)

Mark Pihlar - Euphoric Synapse (Original Mix)

Matrefakt - Dimension (Original Mix)

Mattia Trani - Dreampunk (Original Mix)

Melgazzo - Dystopian Pulse (Original Mix)

Mene - Flexin' (Original Mix)

Mexes - Sky Dance (Original Mix)

Michele Conte - Can't Feel My Body (Original Mix)

Michelle Weeks, Luke Delite - Give Me Your Love (Dave Lee Edit)

Midland - Drift Into The Algorithm (Original Mix)

Mist Gasp - Final Return (Original Mix)

Mist Gasp - Unclear Skies (Original Mix)

Molothav, Lovacc, Class Vee - Tu Movimiento (Extended Mix)

Monophase (IT) - Valkyrie (Original Mix)

Narel - Six Moves Sideways (Original Mix)

Nathan Inman - Play (Extended Mix)

Nestor Neven - Gettin Darker (Original Mix)

Nic Vesperi - Contigo (Original Mix)

Nnamael - One Step Closer to the Truth (Original Mix)

NoNameLeft - Flight Mode (Original Mix)

NØRBAK - Your Heroes May Fail You (Original Mix)

ONEDUO - Changes (Extended Mix)

Obscure Shape - Reunion (Original Mix)

Oliver Deutschmann - Sonntags im Studio (Original Mix)

Ollinobrothers - Buffalo Stance (Original Mix)

Orion - Hollow Cause (Original Mix)

Oscar Mulero - Colonia Dignidad (Original Mix)

Ozzie Guven - My Jam (Original Mix)

Pablo Bozzi - To the Edge (Original Mix)

Paride Saraceni - Intuition (Original Mix)

Pattn - Indecision (Original Mix)

Qiam - Behind the Within (Original Mix)

RNBWS - Concentrate (Original Mix)

RSRRCT - Element of Life (Original Mix)

Radio Slave - Wild Life (Jamie 3: 26 & Danou P 'DiscoTek' Remix)

Rafael Cerato - Vocalizer (Original Mix)

Ramon Bedoya, Angy M - That Boy (Remix)

Reelow, Samira - M.O.N.E.Y. (Original Mix)

Reptant - Lizard Of Oz (Sansibar Shapeshift)

Rex The Dog, Clüb De Combat - Time (Korgasmatron Part II)

Rick Dyno - Spirits (Original Mix)

Rido - Connection (Original Mix)

S.L.M.D - Always (Original Mix)

S.L.M.D - I'm A Mess (Original Mix)

SAJAY, Dimuth K - Dharma Bums (Original Mix)

SONO (COL) - Supersonic (Original Mix)

SUBSHIFT, Neiv - Unexpected (Extended Mix)

Sabo - Afro Chooz (DJ CHUS Remix)

Sahar - Ascension (Original Mix)

Samuel Lupián - Station 1 (Original Mix)

Satoshi Fumi - Eternal Refrain (Original Mix)

Sebastian Ledher, RAYZIR - Spread My Wings (Mene Remix)

Selective Response - Mars (Original Mix)

Shermanology, Verseless, King Her - Jabula (Original Mix)

Slam - Exhibit 1 (Original Mix)

Slam Duck, Enlusion - Baikal (Extended Mix)

Spada, Malov - Pegasus (Original Mix)

Stef Mendesidis - Magma (Original Mix)

Steff Da Campo, Adam De Great - Knight Rider (Extended Mix)

Steve Aguirre - Its A Fine Day (Original Mix)

Stimming - Morgentau (Original Mix)

TAPIIA, AMFM (MX) - DXNCE (Original Mix)

THEOS, Vons - Nearest Exit (Romeo Louisa Remix)

TOBAK - Aurora (Original Mix)

The FI5TH - Epos (Original Mix)

The Martinez Brothers, Tommy Genesis - PFW (Paris Fashion Week) (Instrumental)

The Martinez Brothers, Tommy Genesis - PFW (Paris Fashion Week) (Original Mix)

The Sauce - Big Up Inna Dance (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Control (Original Mix)

Tibi Dabo - Water Is (Original Mix)

Todd Edwards - The Dream (Royal-T Extended Remix)

Toni Farina - Hardships (Original Mix)

Tony Romanello - Nieves (Original Mix)

Toru Ikemoto - Dont Play 158 (Original Mix)

Trance Wax - Open Up The Night (Extended Mix)

Traumer - At Lanta (Original Mix)

Tremor - A Moment (Original Mix)

Two Lee - Joy (Original Mix)

Ulises Arrieta - Borrasca (Original Mix)

Umwelt - Echoes of The Storm (Original Mix)

Underspreche - Il Canto Delle Fate (Original Mix)

Upercent - Revolta (Original Mix)

VILLA - Silhouetten der Nacht (Original Mix)

Vannic - Seduction (Original Mix)

Vaudafunk - Gotta keep on (Original Mix)

Veerus - Phoney (Original Mix)

Vikthor, Galluxy - Mirror (Original Mix)

Vil, CRAVO - Plane to Lisboa (Original Mix)

Vladw - Saya (Original Mix)

W.O.L.F., Atlas 221, ADRIAN BLUPER - Déjate Ver (Original Mix)

W.O.L.F., BadWolf, ADRIAN BLUPER - LIBERATE (Original Mix)

Will DeKeizer - Hypnodome (Original Mix)

William Arist - Visiting From Mars (Original Mix)

Yet More - What You Heard (Original Mix)

Zack Hersh - Nebulous (Original Mix)

Zar, Milansangar - Aura (Original Mix)

Zombie Cats, Redemptive - Centauri (Original Mix)

Zulet4 - May (Original Mix)

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