Junodownload Top 100 New House 2023-07-27

DATA: 2023-07-27 TOTAL: 100 GENRE: Tech House, House, Jackin House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Prepare to be captivated by the hottest House tracks as Junodownload presents its Top 100 New House for July 27, 2023. This remarkable playlist showcases 100 HQ tracks that exemplify the dynamic and ever-evolving House genre. Delve into the realm of Tech House and experience its pulsating beats, or indulge in the timeless melodies of classic House. Let the infectious rhythms of Jackin House move your soul, or dive deep into the emotive landscapes of Deep House and Minimal / Deep Tech. With a blend of established and up-and-coming talents, this selection represents the epitome of House music's creativity and innovation, making it a must-listen for any House music enthusiast.



AJ Christou, Aaron Pfeiffer - Skin (Original Mix)

AJ Christou, Aaron Pfeiffer - Skin (VHS DUB)

Alejo Ramirez - Back (Original Mix)

Alejo Ramirez - Repeat (Original Mix)

Alfa Cornae - Muscle Protein (Original Mix)

Alvaro Ceballos - C'mon Baby (Original Mix)

Alvaro Ceballos - Frisky People (Original Mix)

Andres Shockwave - She's Rocking (Original Mix)

Apprentis - CTR 29 (Original Mix)

Apprentis - DTR (Original Mix)

Aydee - Smells Spicy (Bongo Beat Remix)

Aydee - Smells Spicy (Humanne Remix)

Aydee - Smells Spicy (Original Mix)

Ben Rodd - Kowabunga (Original Mix)

Ben Rodd - Tokyo Shake (Original Mix)

Bobbe - Step To The Pace (Original Mix)

Chanty - Don't Make Me Wait (Original Mix)

Chanty - Moustache (Original Mix)

Dats - Bebelé (Original Mix)

Demarkus Lewis - SmokeStaxx (Cev's Remix)

Demarkus Lewis - SmokeStaxx (Instrumental Mix)

Demarkus Lewis - SmokeStaxx (Original Mix)

Demarkus Lewis - SmokeStaxx (Rondon Remix)

Dope Demeanors - Don't Need Dem (Original Mix)

Drag & Drop - Give It To Me (Original Mix)

Efferre - Baby (Original Mix)

Efferre - Obsession (Original Mix)

Flashmob - Superman Can't Fly (Dub Mix)

Francesco Forgione - I Feel It (Original Mix)

Frankp - Caught (Original Mix)

Frankp - The Meeting (Original Mix)

Gabriel Evoke - Cactus Black (Original Mix)

HEMU - Between Mountains (Original Mix)

HEMU - Honorescu (Original Mix)

HEMU - Warming (Original Mix)

Hector Diez - I Love My Eyes (Original Mix)

Hector Diez - I Need Time (Original Mix)

Ismaso, Victor Romero - Manhattan (Original Mix)

Ismaso, Victor Romero - Mbpe (Original Mix)

Ismaso, Victor Romero - Swatt (Original Mix)

Jeff Sorkowitz - Hey Lucy (Original Mix)

Jeff Sorkowitz, Cami Jones - Covered In Sweat (Original Mix)

Jose Antonio eMe - Another Love (Original Mix)

Justin Vilhauer - All That I Own (Original Mix)

Justin Vilhauer - Beautiful (Original Mix)

Justin Vilhauer - Healing (Original Mix)

Justin Vilhauer - Trifflin (Original Mix)

Kevin Deep - Dance For Me (Original Mix)

Kevin Deep - Panorama (Adiel Mora, Ben Anthony Remix)

Kevin Deep - Panorama (Original Mix)

Lost At The Rave - Bang Drum (Original Mix)

Lost At The Rave - On Dat Ragga Tip (Hackerbeatz 626 Remix)

Lost At The Rave - On Dat Ragga Tip (Original Mix)

Lucas Estrada, Raffa FL, TECHOLOGY - Candela (Extended Mix)

Marc Molina - Back To The Back (Original Mix)

Marc Molina - Coger (Original Mix)

Marc Molina - Other Side (Original Mix)

Marco Sees - Sunrise (Original Mix)

Marco Sees - Sunset (Original Mix)

Martin Occo - Okay (DJ Entwan Remix)

Martin Occo - Okay (Original Mix)

Martin Occo - Rock The Party (Original Mix)

Martin Occo - Rock The Party (Tomas Bisquierra Remix)

Martin-es - Deeper (Original Mix)

Martin-es - From Midnight (Original Mix)

Martin-es - Love Rome (Original Mix)

Matichap - Dancing Trumpet (Original Mix)

Matichap - Savoir Faire (Original Mix)

Matichap - Taking Over (Original Mix)

MiNNt Edit, Wallo - Dive (Original Mix)

Murphy's Law (UK) - Move It On (Extended Mix)

Murphy's Law (UK) - Move It On (Neverdogs Extended Remix)

Murphy's Law (UK) - Pineapple Patron (Extended Mix)

OMG4NDRE - Que Pasa (Original Mix)

OUTJOE - Fuego (Original Mix)

Oncho & Murray - Bad Boi (Original Mix)

Oncho & Murray - Some More (Original Mix)

Pedro Costa - Addicted (Original Mix)

Pedro Costa - Fake Democracy (Original Mix)

Ray Mono - Our Thing (Original Mix)

Ray Mono - Trapped (Original Mix)

Ray Mono - Unwind Your Mind (Chklte's Peace Of Mind Remix)

Ray Mono - Unwind Your Mind (Original Mix)

Reenday - Mami (Original Mix)

Ryno - Anytime (Original Mix)

Ryno - Divas (Original Mix)

Ryno - The World We Live In (Original Mix)

Ryno - Turn This Up (Original Mix)

Ryno, Ebony Diaz - Is This Love (Original Mix)

Ssero - Lighz & Chill (Original Mix)

Ssero - Un Plis (De La Swing Remix)

Ssero - Un Plis (Original Mix)

Victor Valora, Peter Hatman - Azibi (Original Mix)

Victor Valora, Peter Hatman - Musica (Original Mix)

Yaya - Para Siempre (Fabe Remix)

Yaya - Para Siempre (Original Mix)

Yaya - Umbrella Corps (Original Mix)

Yaya - Umbrella Corps (Vito (Uk) Remix)

loWrence (IT) - Do House (Original Mix)

t e s t p r e s s - U (Extended Mix)

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