JunoDownload Top Tracks May 2024

DATA: 2024-05-21, TOTAL: 646 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance

May 2024 brings an electrifying playlist from JunoDownload, showcasing a selection of tracks that are defining the progressive house genre. With artists like Max Freegrant and Taylan delivering fresh beats, the collection promises to be a treasure trove for DJs and electronic music enthusiasts alike. The extended mix of ‘Hope’ and the original mix of ‘Nebula’ are just a glimpse into the dynamic range and rhythmic innovation featured this month.


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T.Markakis - A Beautiful Day (Extended Mix)
T.Markakis - Sensation (Extended Mix)
TOYZZ - Dig It Up (Extended Mix)
TRΛNSISTOR - Tranquilizer (DJ Dextro Remix)
Tabia & Tomi H - Nhliziyo (Extended Mix)
Taga feat. Victoria Ray - Groovejet (Spiller cover)
Tal Fussman - Even Rome Wasn't Built In a Day (Original Mix)
Tal Fussman - Freedom Defines House (Original Mix)
Tal Fussman - The Royal (Original Mix)
Tali Muss, Vakabular - Solar Focus (Extended Mix)
Tali Muss, Vakabular - Uniqueness (Extended Mix)
Taylor Torrence - Ignition (Extended Mix)
Techin, ROKKE - Diamonds (Original Mix)
Teejay - Flamenco Groove (Original Mix)
Teenage Mutants & Agustin Müller - Katastrophe (Original Mix)
Temple Tears - Atom (Original Mix)
Temple Tears - Silent Teacher (Original Mix)
Ten Fingerz - 2 The F (Dexter Troy Remix)
Ten Fingerz - 2 The F (Original Mix)
Ten Fingerz - High N Risin (DJ Merci & The Checkup Heavy Bottom Remix)
Ten Fingerz - High N Risin (Original Mix)
The Deepshakerz, DJ Rae - Body Talk (Extended Mix)
The Magician, Griff Clawson - If You Go (Extended Mix)
The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Maze 28 Remix)
The Real Carter - Caldera (Sam Welt Remix)
The Trip (UK) - My Paradise (Original Mix)
The Trip (UK) - Total 90 (Original Mix)
The Wash - Voyage (Evegrem & Leandro Murua Remix)
Themi Undergroove , Steve Woody - Black Hole (Original Mix)
Themi Undergroove , Steve Woody - Creed (Original Mix)
Themi Undergroove , Steve Woody - Hugo (Original Mix)
Third Party - Believe (Extended Mix)
Thudoor - Urlet Binar (Original Mix)
Tibau Tavares & Pupkulies & Rebecca - Infelicidade (Mollono.Bass Remix)
Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Gabry Ponte - Mockingbird (Extended Mix)
Tim Hox - Riddim (Extended Mix)
Tomas Garcia - Outstanding
Tomi & Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero - Bine Bine (Original Mix)
Tomi & Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero - Gauner (Original Mix)
Tomi & Kesh, Alessandro Diruggiero - I Eat Music (Original Mix)
Tonaco - Avalon
Tonaco - Disurbia
Tonic D - Comic Book (Original Mix)
Tony Rafael - Party Searchin' (Original Mix)
Tony Romera Crusy - The Unknown (Extended Mix)
Toollbox - 90s Meets AI (Original Mix)
Toollbox - Lee's Legacy (Original Mix)
Toollbox - Meissy (Jhobei Remix)
Toollbox - Meissy (Original Mix)
Traumer - Behave (Original Mix)
Traumer - We Do (Original Mix)
Trikk - Luxo (Original Mix)
Tru Faith, Dinamyte - Found (Original Mix)
Truth x Lies - Heard About Me (Original Mix)
Twolate, Phebo - Breathe (Extended Mix)
UMEK - This Is How We Used 2 Groove (Original Mix)
UNWA - Dream Area
Under Sanctions - A Escrava (Extended Mix)
VZLET - Euphoria (Original Mix)
Valeron - Heartbeat (Extended Mix)
Vitaff - Pasarla Bien (Original Mix)
Volaris - Hypnosis (Extended Mix)
Volaris - Hypnosis (ZAC Extended Mix)
Voyage Unknown - Dark Energy (Original Mix)
W&W, Vini Vici - Rave Mozart (Extended Mix)
WATEVA - rubber bands (Extended Mix)
Wake (UK) - Indium (Original Mix)
Wake (UK) - Synergy (Original Mix)
Wh0 - Sunglasses (Extended Mix)
Will Clarke, House Gospel Choir - Weekend Love (Extended Mix)
Wiwek - Crash The Party (Extended Mix)
Wiwek - Sirens (Extended Mix)
Wiwek, Emy Perez - Cola (Extended Mix)
Wiwek, Holly - Scream (Extended Mix)
Yoshi & Razner - Apocalypse (Original Mix)
Yoshi & Razner - Prophecy (Original Mix)
Yulia Niko, Yotam Avni - Higher (Emanuel Satie Extended Remix)
Yvvan Back, Jame Starck, Zetaphunk, Alfreda Gerald - Hallelujah (Extended Mix)
Zack Darza - Bell Hoppa (Extended Mix)
Zack Darza - Girls Get Hot (Extended Mix)
Zafrir - En Den Dino
Zelig - Cash (Original Mix)
Zelig - Pow Pow (Original Mix)
Zerb, The Chainsmokers, Ink - Addicted (Joel Corry Remix Extended)
MOTVS, KOSIMO - Harmonic (Extended Mix)
Max Wexem - Around the Star (Extended Mix)
Max Wexem - Fly Again (Extended Mix)
Maximus - Feel The Grove (Extended Mix)
Maxvei - Get Back (Extended Mix)
Maxvei - Get Back (Gavril Extended Mix)
Mediahora - Dicer (Max Cohle Remix)
Mediahora - Dicer (Original Mix)
Mediahora - Quest (Original Mix)
Mediahora - Sales (Original Mix)
Mele, Thomas Garcia - Ritmo 305 (Original Mix)
Menico - Every Position (Original Mix)
Micky Hurts - Best Suited For (Original Mix)
Mihalis Safras, Yvan Genkins - Noche (Original Mix)
Mike Bond, Richie Loop - Party Animalz (Extended Mix)
Mike Zoran - Morpheus (Groove Instant Remix)
Mike Zoran - Morpheus (Mateo Toribio Remix)
Mike Zoran - Morpheus (Original Mix)
Milen DJ & ALX.CUE - Ta Dim
Mirko & Meex - Amore (Original Mix)
Mo'Cream - Talking Shadows (Original Mix)
Molecular - Dub Style (Original Mix)
Molecular, Carasel - The Funk Out (Original Mix)
Molecular, Lavance - Next Level (Original Mix)
Mollie Collins, Jamezy, Ruth Royall - The Weekend (Extended Mix)
Monetic - Eva (Original Mix)
Monetic - Shadow (Original Mix)
Monetic - Volchok (Original Mix)
Mooglie, Arodes, Josh Gigante - When You're With Me (Original Mix)
Moreno & Prieto, Jose M - High Speed (Original Mix)
MorganJ, Tom Budin - Chica Culo Mami (Extended Mix)
Mr. Chaff - Make It Right (Original Mix)
Mr. Chaff - Sedgwick (Original Mix)
Ms Pika - Me Siento Happy (Original Mix)
N2N, Rob Marion - Losing My Shit (Original Mix)
NIVIRO - Moonlight (Extended Mix)
NOIYSE PROJECT - About To Fly Away (Original Mix)
NVADRZ - Holding On To Smoke (Original Mix)
NVADRZ - won't get lost (Original Mix)
NVADRZ, NRVE - Convergence (Original Mix)
NVADRZ, Nyptane - M!!!ND (Original Mix)
Naems - Unleash The Acid (Extended Mix)
Nari - Easy Lover (Original Mix)
Nari, Steve Tosi - S.O.S (Original Mix)
Nathan Katz - Parallax
Newball - El Palacio (Gustaff Remix)
Newball - El Palacio (Original Mix)
Newball - Gin & Juice (Original Mix)
Nicholls (Col) - Saxo Beat (Original Mix)
Nick Curly - Abiola (Nick Curly Version)
Nick Matthew - Exodus (Original Mix)
Nick Morris, Daniele Tignino - One Of Us (Original Mix)
Nicky Romero, Monocule, Joe Jury - Take Me Home (Extended Mix)
Nicola Zucchi, Discoplex - Tokyo Go Go (Extended Mix)
Nicolas Guerreño - The Right Sound (Original Mix)
NightFunk - Pop (Extended Mix)
Nihil Young - Dmt (Extended)
Nihil Young - Lucid (Extended Mix)
Nikola Jovanovic - Deception (Influence IN Remix)
Ninetree - Black Dress (Original Mix)
Ninetree - Set The Tone (Original Mix)
NoNameLeft & Daniel Weirdo - Dropout (Original Mix)
NuKey - Never Refuse (Extended Mix)
Obbie - Nomads
Obbie - Queen V (Original Mix)
Obertone - In the Dark (Original Mix)
OldChild - Everybody Hates DJs (Original Mix)
OldChild, Gabss - Justiça (Original Mix)
Oliver & Tom & Lupe Republic - Artic
Ollie BC - Breathe Closer (Original Mix)
Ollie BC - None Stop, Don't Stop (Original Mix)
Ollie BC - Suave (Original Mix)
Ollie BC - Understand (Original Mix)
One Million Toys - Toes in the Sand
Orjan Nilsen - I Don't Get Lonely (Extended Mix)
P.LIMA - Kanta (Extended Mix)
PBH & Jack, Robin Grubert - Perfect People (Midnight In Amsterdam 'Driving Fast' Extended Remix)
POLSKI - Uamaze (Original Mix)
Pablo Mancilla - Twisting My Mind (Original Mix)
Padilla - BOTELLEO (Original Mix)
Padilla - DROPBOY (Original Mix)
Padilla - SPRAY UP (Original Mix)
Paige, Jeh, Darla Jade - When I Dream (Extended Mix)
Parsec (UK) - Come Get  It (Original Mix)
Parsec (UK) - My House (Original Mix)
Parsec (UK) - Underwater (Original Mix)
Peter K, Andrew M - Jingo (SlycerBoys Remix)
Piero Pirupa, Jude & Frank, Fatboi - Tranquilo (Extended Mix)
Pinco, Javi Miramontes - Bitbox (Original Mix)
Pithman - Breathe (Extended Mix)
Popof - Sync Out (Original Mix)
Promise Land, Y&M - Bass Like This (Extended Mix)
R3GROOVE - Easy To Love You (Original Mix)
Rafa Calello - My Bebe (Original Mix)
Rahmos - Dance & Identify (Original Mix)
Raiann - 1xxx (Original Mix)
Raiann - Call Me (Original Mix)
Ramon Bedoya, Angel Heredia - Dame Sombra (Original Mix)
Ramon Bedoya, Rawi - Algarabia (Original Mix)
Rauschhaus, Stephan Zovsky - Acid (Original Mix)
Redspace - Long Way (Original Mix)
Reggae Roast, Gappy Ranks - My Selecta (Benny Page Remix)
Repiet - All I Need (Extended Mix)
Revelle27 - Mother (Extended)
Reveuse - Haunted (Original Mix)
Rico Vibes, DK(fr) - Aqui La Que Manda Eres Tu (Extended Mix)
Rino(IO)DJ, Louie Austen - More & More (Dub Mix)
Rino(IO)DJ, Louie Austen - More & More (Original Mix)
Riva Starr - Love You Till Tomorrow (Extended Mix)
Rob Duke - Abstract Harmony (Original Mix)
Robert Falcon, FOVOS - UNDERGROUND (Extended Mix)
Roberto Tropea - Don't Look Back (Extended Mix)
Rodg - Beijing Central (Extended Mix)
RoelBeat & YOUNA (KR) - Dark Side (Extended Mix)
Roland Leesker - Respect (Original Mix)
Roland Leesker - Respect (Robert Hood Remix)
Roman Adam, Artur Achziger - We Approve (Original Mix)
Roman Kyn - Feels the Same (Original Mix)
SICK INDIVIDUALS - No Drama (Extended Mix)
SUNGYOO - Feel It (Extended Mix)
SaintPaul DJ, The Cube Guys, Eliza G - Touch Me (Club Mix)
Saliva Commandos - Skin Walker (Original Mix)
Saliva Commandos - Soñando (Original Mix)
Sasha GiGi - Superfresh (Extended)
Sasha GiGi, Samira - Unfinished Bizzness (Extended)
Schak, Will Atkinson, Abi Flynn - Yesterday (Extended Mix)
Sean Finn - Bakerman (Yvvan Back Silk Extended Remix)
Sean Tyas - Rulebook (Extended Mix)
Sebastian Wibe - C'EST LA VIE (Original Mix)
SeeMeNot, Aaaron - Together, Pt. I (Original Mix)
SeeMeNot, Kitty Amor - Together, Pt. II (Extended Mix)
SeeMeNot, Kitty Amor - Together, Pt. II (The Amor Effect Dub)
Shiba San, FOOLiE - Desire (Original Mix)
Shy FX, Mr. Williamz, KINGH - Gideon's Charge (Original Mix)
Simon Sim's, F.Gold, Bongo Percu - Baituttuka (Extended Mix)
Sinego - Mujer (Extended)
Skytech, Vuelo (PL) - Glory (Extended Mix)
Sonu Sebastian, Shamil - HIJACK (Extended Mix)
SputniQ - Bass Is Too Loud (Extended Mix)
St. David - My House (Original Mix)
Stadiumx, Taylr Renee - Music In Me (Extended Mix)
Stan Kolev - Superstitious (Original Mix)
Star Seed - Equinox (Original Mix)
Star Seed, Aaron Shirk, Sara Benyo - Something To Hold On To (Original Mix)
Star Seed, Syberlilly - Oblivion (Original Mix)
Steve Aoki, Kalan.FrFr - 3 Days (Steve Aoki Hyro Energy Remix)
Sugar Hill - The Bumper (Extended Mix)
Super Flu - Lovesong (Original Mix)
nocapz. - PoPo (Extended Mix)
INVŌKER (FR) - Superhero (Extended Mix)
IOVA G - The Ticket
Ilya Gushin & Folgatto - Into Eternity(Original Mix)
Inamo - My Joy, My Peace, My Strength (German Brigante Remix)
Inner City - Good Life (Remastered) (Dantiez & Hugo Cantarra Extended Remix)
Inner City, Steffanie Christi'an - Dance (Maruwa Extended Remix)
Ivory (IT) - Futurism (Extended Version)
Jack Baron, Riffel - Flute (Original Mix)
Jackers Revenge - Finest Ever (Original Mix)
Jackers Revenge - Hands Up (Original Mix)
Jackers Revenge - Start With Stones (Original Mix)
Jackers Revenge - The Fields (Original Mix)
Jackie Hollander - Step Into Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Jacob (IL) & DANOR - Rolling
Jacob (IL), DANOR - Dancing (Original Mix)
James Carter, Lavern, SHELLS - Heartbreak (Extended Mix)
James Curd, Mark Maxwell - Magnetic (Extended Mix)
James Hype - Wild (Matt Sassari Extended Remix)
Jamie Jones, AMEME - Pliva (Honeyluv Remix, Extended Version)
Jamie Jones, Jazzy - We Groovin (Shermanology Extended Remix)
Jamie Miller - Off The Dome (Original Mix)
Jamie Miller - To Tha Back (Original Mix)
Javi Bora - Hunting Your Ghost (Original Mix)
Javi Reina, Jesus Fernandez - Fiebre (Extended Mix)
Javi Xavier - Rhythm Of The House (Original Mix)
Javi Xavier - Rhythm Of The House (Tony Lionni Remix)
Jax Jones, Zoe Wees - Never Be Lonely (Scooter Extended Remix)
Jay Bliss - Europa Echoes (Original Mix)
Jay Bliss - Neuromancer (Original Mix)
Jay Bliss - Telephassa Linea (Original Mix)
Jay Nortown, Jacobo Saavedra, JNJS - Deadline (Original Mix)
Jay Nortown, Jacobo Saavedra, JNJS - So Sick And Tired (Original Mix)
Jay Oss - Get Down (Original Mix)
Jerome Robins - Keep Forgettin' (Original Mix)
Jesabel, Nazzereene - Faded (Extended Mix)
Jhonatan Ghersi - Optimistic (Extended Mix)
Jo Crimaldi - One More Time (Original Mix)
Jo Paciello - Love Sax And Disco Rhodes (Original Mix)
Joezi, RBØR - Isoma (Original Mix)
Johan S - I Believe (Extended Mix)
Jonas Saalbach - Running (Extended Mix)
Jorca - Eden (Original Mix)
Jorca - Night Flight (Khynes Remix)
Jorca - Night Flight (Original Mix)
Jordano Roosevelt - Dont Stop (Original Mix)
Jordano Roosevelt - Swag (Original Mix)
Jorge Bejarano - Breakin' Nekks (Original Mix)
Jorge Favela - Holidays (Original Mix)
Joseph Edmund, REME - Benga (Extended Mix)
Joseph James (UG) - Real Haters (Original Mix)
Joshua Arocha, Za__Paradigma - Beautiful Landscapes (Meet Remix)
Joshua Arocha, Za__Paradigma - Beautiful Landscapes (Milos Pesovic Remix)
Joshua Arocha, Za__Paradigma - Beautiful Landscapes (Original Mix)
Joyce Muniz, Sara Bluma - Beats & Lines (Extended Mix)
Juan Vazquez, Maximo Gambini - Ethereal Pulse (Original Mix)
Julian Collazos - Rhythm Of Saxophone (Original Mix)
Julian Collazos - Synthesizer (Original Mix)
Julian Kumar - Fashion Week (Original Mix)
Julian Kumar, OCHO (NY) - Drink Smoke Dance (Original Mix)
Julio Navas, Heren - And Repeated (Extended Mix)
Junior Souza - Coffee Shop (Original Mix)
Junior Souza - Vou Passar (Original Mix)
Jxmes Spence - Is It U (Original Mix)
Jxmes Spence - Jacks Groove (Bruno Bar Remix)
Jxmes Spence - Jacks Groove (Original Mix)
K Loveski - Amuja
KASIA (ofc) - Interstellar (Original Mix)
KSHMR, Tungevaag - Close Your Eyes (Rolipso & Foinix Remix) (Extended Mix)
Kage - Control (Original Mix)
Kapowsky, Rrotik - RITMO (Extended Mix)
Keith Mintz - Bass In My Face (Extended Mix)
Kevin McKay, Rose Motion - Shakin' That Thing (Extended Mix)
Kevinn, Bruno Bona - Vamos A Controlar (Original Mix)
Kid Massive - Bangkok Disco (Extended Mix)
Kolter - Always Talkin Sh!t (Original Mix)
Krasa Rosa - Zigzag (Extended Mix)
Kryder - Fade Till Sunrise (Club Mix) (Extended Mix)
Lanns & KOFA - Ruda Boy (Extended Mix)
Leandro Da Silva - So Crazy Again (Original Mix)
Leandro Lopiano - For You (Original Mix)
Leo Lauretti, Bidwell & Anita Tatlow - See Me Fly (Can You Feel It) (Extended Mix)
Levi Petite - Oye Mami (Original Mix)
Levxx, VVOKAA - Hallelujah (Extended Mix)
Lewis. - Expedition (Original Mix)
Lewis. - Looking for Light (original Mix)
Like Mike, Tayllor - Kasmir (Extended Mix)
Lister - What I Said (Extended Mix)
Little Foot, ALLKNIGHT - Survivor feat. ALLKNIGHT (Original Mix)
Liu, Khouri, Schillist - Sounds Of The Underground (Extended Mix)
Liva K - My Lover (Original Mix)
Liva K - The Drill (Original Mix)
Locati - Discovery (Original Mix)
Locati - Sosulite (Original Mix)
Locati - Sosulite (Secret Factory Axid Remix)
London Grammar - House (Solomun Extended Remix)
Lonely, Eddie Deville - BRUV (Original Mix)
Loup Musa - Mamae (Extended Mix)
Low blow - Feeling Inside (Extended Mix)
Lucas & Steve - Emergency (Extended Mix)
Luci - Drugs (Original Mix)
Luciano Scheffer - J's Odyssey (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)
Luppi Clarke - Gimme The Funk (Extended Mix)
Luttrell - Sunshine (Extended Mix)
MAGNUS - Poison (Paradoks Extended Remix)
Maddix, Leila K - Open Sesame (Abracadabra) (D-Block & S-te-Fan Extended Remix)
Madism, RYVM - Higher Power (Extended Mix)
Mairee, Jezza - Deep Inside (Extended Mix)
MakhmuriaN - Back to the Old School
Malca (PE), Apollonio (PE) - Sensation (Alfredo Ávila Remix)
Malca (PE), Apollonio (PE) - Sensation (Original Mix)
Malca (PE), Apollonio (PE) - Sensation (Zedlav Remix)
Mallin, Sam Dexter - Park Avenue (Extended Mix)
Manda Moor - KarateCat (Loco Dice Remix)
Manda Moor - KarateCat (Original Mix)
Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin - The Alchemist (Marc Romboy Remix)
Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin - The Alchemist (Original Mix)
Marco Faraone, Sandy Rivera, DJ Rae - Hide U (Extended Mix)
Mari Ferrari - Breathe (Extended Mix)
Mark Di Meo, Mathieu Ruz - Oriana (Extended Mix)
Markus Homm - Abiola (Markus Homm Version)
Maryn, Josh Paulino - Feel You Here (Original Mix)
Massano - Destructure (Original Mix)
Massano - Telepathic (Original Mix)
Massano - The Method (Original Mix)
Matt Hibbert - Move Ya Waistline (Original Mix)
Matt Hibbert, Pianoman - Share The Love (Original Mix)
Matteo Gatti - Clipper (Original Mix)
Matteo Gatti - Nice And Close (Original Mix)
Matty Ralph - Dreaming (Extended Mix)
Mau P - On Again (Original Mix)
Max Magnani - Time (Original Mix)
Max Styler - Lights Out (Extended Mix)
matteobruno - About 7 (Original Mix)
DEEPSTELL - Chasing Light (Zaleski Remix)
DJ Blackstone - If You Think (Extended Mix)
DJ Kid, Felix Van Ginkel - Connected (Extended Mix)
DJ PP - The Power (Original Mix)
DJ Sneak - Wemen's Groove (Original Mix)
DVBBS, Boaz Van De Beatz, Jono Dorr - Warmth (Extended Mix)
David INK - On The Boogie (Original Mix)
David INK - She Want To Dance (Original Mix)
David Penn, Monia Amore - Ocean Drive (Open Your Mind) (Hosse Extended Remix)
David Penn, Monia Amore - Ocean Drive (Open Your Mind) (Original Extended Edit) (Remastered)
David Penn, Monia Amore - Ocean Drive (Open Your Mind) (Qubiko Remix)
Dea Magna - Monochrome (Extended Mix)
Dea Magna - Monochrome (Instrumental Mix)
Deep West (MIA), Moloko - On My Mind (GUZ Extended Mix)
Deepment - Circle Of Life (Original Mix)
Deepment - The Key (Original Mix)
Deepment - The Key (Sascha Dive's Progy Dub Remix)
Defex, Jade PraiZe - Bite Me Back (Federico Grazzini Extended Remix)
Defex, Jade PraiZe - Bite Me Back (Piem Extended Remix)
Deja Vue - Im Alive (Original Mix)
Del Fonda - Astral Projection (Original Mix)
Del Fonda - Rondador (Original Mix)
Del Fonda - The Lizard Club (Original Mix)
Deltech - I Don't Need That (Original Mix)
Deltech - Making Moves (Original Mix)
Deltium - End Of Our Time (Extended Mix)
Deltium - Nashira (Extended Mix)
Deltium - Take Me Away (Extended Mix)
Demarkus Lewis - Next To You (Original Mix)
Devarra - GET BACK (Original Mix)
DiMO (BG) & Mr.K (BG) - Carmelo
DiVine (NL) - Over You (Extended Mix)
DiVine (NL) - Over You (Redux Saints Remix)
Different Stage - The Game (Extended Mix)
Dinu - Elevation (Original Mix)
Dinu - Smooth Crystals (Original Mix)
Dirty Audio, ETC!ETC!, Dani King - Unravel (Original Mix)
Discognition - Whispers Of The Valkyries (Extended Mix)
Div Eadie, Thieves Of Dreams - Another Planet (Original Mix)
Doctor P - Sweet Shop (Hamdi Remix)
Doctor P - Sweet Shop (Original Mix)
Document One, Dynamite MC - Lights Go Down (Original Mix)
Dohen (Gr), Fractt - Mystiqua (Original Mix)
Dom James (UK), BEPE - Lionel (Captain Knuckles Remix)
Dom James (UK), BEPE - Lionel (Original Mix)
Dom James (UK), BEPE - Trumpeta (Original Mix)
Dosem, My Friend - Melange
Dr Feel, WUULA - L'Amour (Original Mix)
Drove, Dillon Francis - Waterfall (Extended)
Dub Phizix - Iced (Original Mix)
DubbleT, MC Kane - Action (Original Mix)
Dukkati, R.O.T.H - En Fuego (Original Mix)
Dukkati, R.O.T.H - Tempero (Original Mix)
Dutto - Rock The Party (Extended Mix)
ECDUZIT - Franky Sins (Original Mix)
Ed Steele - Labyrinths Of Reason (Original Mix)
Eddie Krystal - Blurred Lines (Original Mix)
Eddie Krystal - Set Me Free (Original Mix)
Efferre - Big Mad Mind (Original Mix)
Ekko, Korolova - Shining ((Extended Mix))
Ekko, Korolova - Shining ((HotLap Club Edit))
Elderbrook feat. George FitzGerald - Glad I Found You (Club Mix)
Eleganto - Does It Seem (Extended Mix)
Eleganto - Hot Rush (Extended Mix)
Eleganto - U Got Me (Extended Mix)
Eleganto, Kota - Hands Up High (Extended Mix)
Eleganto, LexBlaze - Sugar Spice (Extended Mix)
Emircan Hattat, No Worries - Joker (Extended Mix)
Enei, SOLAH - Break The Cycle (Original Mix)
Enrico Caruso - Xtcy (Extended Mix)
Ephemere - You And I (Extended Mix)
Erich Von Kollar - Back in Life (Nicolas Viana Remix)
Evren Furtuna, Serious Dancers - Bellamy (Original Mix)
FIRZA - Bring It (Original Mix)
FIRZA - The Gangster (Original Mix)
FISHER (OZ), Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight (Extended Mix)
FRAXA - We All Need (Original Mix)
Fabi Hernandez - Azul (Extended Mix)
Fancy Floss, Emy Smith - Universe Of Dreams (Original Mix)
Faustix - All My Friends Are Hot (Extended Mix)
Feed Me - I'll Be Good (Extended Mix)
Ferrari De Luca - Non Capicci (Original Mix)
Ferrari De Luca, Adrian Sadaba - Take A Look (Original Mix)
FiNE (official) & Lizwi - Nomathemba (Extended Mix)
Finley Bruckner, Susie Ledge - Closer (Extended Mix)
Floox - Inside Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Format:B, Moonbootica, Roland Clark - I Get Deep (Extended Mix)
Francisco Gomez - No Cap (Original Mix)
Franco Musachi, WIFO - Anything (Original Mix)
Franco Musachi, WIFO - Here We Go Again (Original Mix)
Frankie Ferrara, Venessa Jackson - Raindrops (Qubiko Extended Remix)
Franklyn Watts, Jesse Bravo - All That (Extended)
Franklyn Watts, Jesse Bravo - Karma (Extended)
Freenzy Music, Marian (BR) - Pakit Ban (Original Mix)
Fritz Kalkbrenner - Fall Between The Cracks (Extended Mix)
Furkan Cinar - Unbound (Original Mix)
GENESI (ITA) - Push Me (Extended)
GUASCO', Bonne mer Music - Don't stop (Original Mix)
Gabriel & Dresden - Between The Lines (Extended Mix)
Gabriel & Dresden - Bias 2.0 (Extended Mix)
Gabriel & Dresden - Kinetic Cinema (Extended Mix)
Gabriel & Dresden - The Clearing (Extended Mix)
Galo - Miss Honey (Extended Mix)
Galo - Miss Honey (Original Mix)
Gandalf - Tear It (Original Mix)
Gekto - In The Air (Extended Mix)
Georgie Navi - Cammino (Original Mix)
Georgie Navi - La Goletta (Original Mix)
Gettoblaster, Franklyn Watts, Fuzzy Cufflinxxx - Ya Me Voy (Extended Mix)
Ghostbusterz - Easy Lover (Original Mix)
Giza Djs - Dafty Disco Ball (YAME Remix)
Gjidoda Jr. - Centric Position (Original Mix)
Gold Coast - Stay With Me (Original Mix)
Goom Gum - Moonlight (Extended Mix)
Gorge - Trida (Original Mix)
Grafix - Body Language (Original Mix)
GreenThump - Move My Body (Original Mix)
GreenThump - Move My Body (Uriah Persie Remix)
Groovy (ARG) - Es Pa Moverte (Original Mix)
Groovy (ARG) - Morrisey (Original Mix)
Guy Didden, Mats Westbroek - Lifecycle (Extended Mix)
Haffenfold - Survol (Original Mix)
Hardt Antoine - I Will (Original Mix)
Chocolate Puma, Haska - Always And Forever (Extended Mix)
Heartless House - La La (Extended Mix)
Heerhorst - The Show (Original Mix)
Helsloot feat. Malou - It's Alright (Extended Mix)
Hernan Cattaneo, Hicky & Kalo - Distant Memories (Original Mix)
Hiast - Bring It Down (Original Mix)
Hiast - Parisian 909 (Original Mix)
Hicky & Kalo - Luminous Path (Makebo Extended Remix)
Hobin Rude - Last Glimpse
Hot Since 82, Ron Carroll - Preach (Extended Mix)
Hurlee - A Dangerous Meeting (Original Mix)
Hurlee - Raise Me Up (Original Mix)
Ignacio Salgado - Cyan (Soulmade AR Remix)
Ilias Katelanos & Plecta - Althea
&lez, Robin M - Nija (Original Mix)
Неизвестный исполнитель - Bass Drop (Extended Mix)
AC13, Eksman - POW (Original Mix)
AR38 - Citrus (Original Mix)
AR38 - Desired (Original Mix)
AR38 - Sirens (Original Mix)
AR38, Deltech - Into You (Original Mix)
Acid DJ, Ramon Bedoya, Irwin Romero - Koki (Original Mix)
Adam Clay, ATIØPE - Freak Out (Extended Mix)
Adri Block - Let Love Get You Down (Original Mix)
Afterman, Yvvan Back - Who's That Girl (JL & Afterman Mix)
Agus Zep, Lea Rodriguez - Customized (Nas You Remix)
Agus Zep, Lea Rodriguez - Customized (Original Mix)
Agus Zep, Lea Rodriguez - La Noche (Original Mix)
Agus Zep, Lea Rodriguez - Only Time (Original Mix)
Airbas Eva Sizar - We Are (Extended Mix)
Alan Fitzpatrick, HI-LO - Gimme The Word (Extended Mix)
Alan Walker, Kylie Cantrall - Unsure (Original Mix)
Alesso - The Rhythm of the Night (Extended Mix)
AlexEmelya - To La (Extended Mix)
Alexander Orue - The Feeling (Alfred Beck Extended Remix)
Alexander Orue - The Feeling (Extended Mix)
Algrthm - Underneath My Skin (Deep Lo Remix)
Alle Farben, Maurice Lessing, RELOVA - Enjoy The Silence (Extended)
Amine Edge & DANCE - Look, Alright (Extended Mix)
Amine Edge & DANCE, Hugel - FUKINASTY (Extended Mix)
Amine Edge & DANCE, Hugel - FUKINASTY (Sosa UK Extended Remix)
Amy Wiles - For You (Extended Mix)
Andres Pressure - Good Man (Original Mix)
Andrew Meller - Balkana (Original Mix)
Andrew Meller - Nera (Original Mix)
Andrew Meller - Summer Of Love (Original Mix)
Andrew Meller - Yame (Original Mix)
Andrewboy & SHAZZE - Longlife (Ryven Remix)
Andryx - DAMN (Extended Mix)
Andy Bros - Pull Me Up (Original Mix)
Andy Kay - Manumit
Antss - La La Lala (Original Mix)
Anyma (ofc), Chris Avantgarde - Eternity (Massano Remix - Extended Mix)
Aresta - BadBoy Sound (Extended Mix)
Arina Mur - Heaven Can Wait (Gorge Remix)
Arkins, Castle J, Saga - Tumbi (Extended Mix)
Artur Achziger & Roman Adam - We Approve (Carbon Remix)
Arzenic, Jesus Chicco - El Sonido Organizado (Original Mix)
Avis Vox - Across the Line (Extended Mix)
Avis Vox - Say It
B-Long, Shadow Law - Higher (Extended Mix)
BARISSI & Alma Zohar - Baya'ar (PINTO. Remix)
BRK (BR) & ID ID - Rock Steady
Baime - Faster (Eze Ramirez Remix)
Basso (UK) - OSSAB (Original Mix)
Bear Grillz, Jessica Audiffred - Throw Your Hands Up (Original Mix)
Beckers & D-Nox - Confusion (2024 Mix)
Ben Kim - Electric Jungle (Extended Mix)
Ben Kim, Kid Enigma - Watch My Evolution (Extended Mix)
Ben Miller (Aus) & Emmanuel Jal - Wanene (Extended Mix)
Benny S - Inspirations (Gunnter Remix)
Benny S - Inspirations (Original Mix)
Benny S - Let's Make Magic (Original Mix)
Benny S - Peace (Original Mix)
Benny S - What Is Love (Original Mix)
Berto (DE) - Hotliner (Original Mix)
Beyercraft & Alex Soun - Sunrise (Extended Mix)
Black V Neck, JKATZ - Low (Original Mix)
Bladerunner - Original Rudeboy Sound (Original Mix)
Blasterjaxx, Lockdown, Vion Konger - Feel The Bass (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown - Get Down To 24K (Original Mix)
Block & Crown - Together At The Beach (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Martina Budde - Make That Move (Extended Mix)
Booka Shade, Gab Rhome - The Sun (Extended Mix)
Bora Project - Control Surface (Hiboo Remix)
Bora Project - Control Surface (Original Mix)
Braxton - Taking Form (Extended Mix)
Brohug - Riff (Original Mix)
Bruno Furlan - Better Days (Original Mix)
Bruno Furlan - Something (Original Mix)
Bruno Furlan - Sugar Daddy (Original Mix)
Bruno Furlan, Deeft - Larry's (Original Mix)
Budakid - Infinity (Original Mix)
Budakid - The Curse (Original Mix)
Buogo - Wanana (Extended Mix)
Butane - Function One At The Strip Club (Original Mix)
Butane - Let Me Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)
C8 Alternative Current - Grease (Extended Mix)
CHANEY (UK) - I Choose You (Extended Mix)
CHYL, Trip Trop, Britt Lari - Nite Mode (Original Mix)
CLASS'88 - Make You Know (Original Mix)
CLASS'88 - That Work (Original Mix)
CLASS'88 - Wanna Be (Original Mix)
Cal Cuttr - In Tha House (MARSWALKZ Remix)
Cal Cuttr - In Tha House (Original Mix)
Cal Cuttr - The One (Original Mix)
Calippo - Call You Mine (Extended Mix)
Capa (Official) Lake Taro - Warning Sign (Extended Mix)
Caparzo - Frequency (Original Mix)
Cato Anaya - La Noche (Extended Mix)
Chango - Bounce (Extended Mix)
Chemical Surf - Mercy (Extended Mix)
Cheyenne Giles - Little Luv (Extended Mix)
Chris IDH, Adassiya - By Myself (Original Mix)
Chris Lake, Nathan Nicholson, Sammy Virji - Summertime Blues (Extended Mix)
Chris.L - Blessing (Original Mix)
Ciclo - House On Time (Original Mix)
Ciclo - Old P.I.M.P. (Original Mix)
Ciclo, Farouki - About Time (Extended Mix)
Ciclo, Farouki - Lil Party (Extended Mix)
Ciclo, Farouki - This Party (Extended Mix)
Claudia Tejeda, Ernesto Carrera (VE) - Hello (Original Mix)
Claudia Tejeda, Ernesto Carrera (VE) - Lavuka (Original Mix)
Cliffrs & Panca Borneo - Call Me Baby (Original Mix)
Codeko, Bertie Scott - So High (Original Mix)
Conrad Product - Fast Food (Original Mix)
Conrad Product - That's Crazy (Original Mix)
Conrad Product - The Frogs (Original Mix)
Conrad Product - There We Go (Original Mix)
Coppola, Marsellie - Body In Body (Original Mix)
Coqui Selection - Crew (Extended)
Crystal Clear - Controll (Original Mix)
Crystal Clear - Fire In The Hole (Original Mix)
Crystal Clear - Kung Fu Hustle (Original Mix)
Crystal Clear - Temper (Original Mix)
D I N - Expansion (Original Mix)
D I N - Milky Way (Original Mix)
Dafgal - Gozando (Original Mix)
Dan Sushi - Black Zone (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister - Oso (Minube Remix)
Daniel Meister - Oso (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister - Time Flies (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister - Time Flies (Teskera Remix)
Dario Nunez, Javi Colina - Ukelele (Original Mix)
Darius Syrossian - Disco Slammer (Extended Mix)
Darius Syrossian, The Melody Men - Downlow (Extended Mix)
KODA (AR) & DarkConscious - Rise of the Phoenix
Darmon, Augusto Yepes & Sounds Of Rituals - Seva
Dave Mont, Ruso Agustin - Chapas Que Vibran (Original Mix)
Dave Mont, Ruso Agustin - Up 2 (Original Mix)
David Guetta, OneRepublic - I Don't Wanna Wait (Hardwell & Olly James Remix, Extended)
blaktone - Retro Land (Extended Mix)
col lawton, Sen-Sei - Take A Bite (DJ Christian B Remix)
col lawton, Sen-Sei - Take A Bite (Original Mix)

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