Music Worx Nu Disco / Indie Dance Big Pack 2023-12-30

DATA: 2023-12-30 TOTAL: 211 GENRE: Nu Disco / Indie Dance

Immerse yourself in the groove-laden world of Nu Disco and Indie Dance with the Music Worx Nu Disco / Indie Dance Big Pack for December 30, 2023. This carefully curated selection introduces you to the latest and most infectious tracks, featuring the disco-infused "Funky Groove Expedition" by Disco Maestro, the indie dance anthem "Indie Vibes Odyssey" by Indie Groove Explorer, and the soulful "Nu Disco Serenity" by Groove Specialist. These tracks, part of the Nu Disco / Indie Dance Big Pack, promise a sonic journey that blends retro vibes with contemporary flair.




AFFKT - Corfa

AFFKT - Niespla

AFFKT - Rebost

AFFKT - Valent

AFFKT - Visions

AFIN - Give Me Tonight

ANTE NOIR - Qamlan One

ASHRR - Fizzy (Felix Dickinson Extended Dub) Original Mix

ASHRR,Felix Dickinson - Fizzy (Felix Dickinson Extended Dub)

Abyss Deep Sound Lab - La Vie En Rose That's So MVC Project Stylish Remix

Abyss Deep Sound Lab,MVC Project - La Vie En Rose - That's So MVC Project Stylish Remix

Adolpho & Franky,Benjamin Fröhlich - Seven - Benjamin Fröhlich Remix

Akmaral - Night Feeling

Alan Dixon, Ekkah - Love Chemicals (feat. Ekkah) Original Mix

Alex Medina,Alani - Ciento Volando

Alex Niggemann,Jonny Cruz,Gerd Janson - Just A Little - Gerd Janson Remix

Alex Shmakov,Mr. Chuck - Don't Be Afraid

Alexey Union,Anturage,Ira Ange,HIGHLITE - Deborah - HIGHLITE Remix

Alexey Union,Anturage,Ira Ange - Deborah

Alexey Union,Xandl - Le Fou

Alexia Malo,Ali X - Loca - Ali X Remix

Alexny - Baby I'm For Real

Ali Schwarz,Rework - Take Me Out

Allan Shotter,Prins Thomas - British Exit - Prins Thomas Diskomiks

Andera - Mabody

Andy Ash,Amber Kuti - IMRL 4U feat. Amber Kuti

Andy Ash - Freakout cult (K Groove)

Andy Ash - Round hands - Digital Bonus

Andy Caruso - Te Gusta Picante Original Mix

Arsanit,Packim - Return to Disco - Packim Remix

Art of Tones,Inaya Day - Give My Love - Extended Mix

Audio Junkies - Playmobil

BCUC,Gaudi - Thonga Lami - Gaudi Remix

Babert - Get Away from You Original Mix

Babert - The Disco Spirits Original Mix

Back From The Wave - Pilatus

BadWolf - Triangles

Bala Desejo,Jamz Supernova,Sam Interface - Baile De Máscaras (Recarnaval) - Jamz Supernova & Sam Interface Edit

Baltra,Guava - Where I End - Guava Remix

Belladonna,Silvia Donati - A New Born Day

Bernardo Pinheiro - Trepdance Original Mix

Berny,MMYYLO - North Pole

Berny,Tulioxi,Colossio - Far Away - Colossio Remix

Bilgehan Ünver - Tell Me Something

Black Legend,PowerDress,Ridney,Richard Earnshaw - Over You - Richard Earnshaw Extended Revision

Bob Sinclar,MoBlack,Africanism,Ladysmith Black Mambazo,Musumeci - Steel Storm - Musumeci Remix

Boogietraxx - In This Place Original Mix

Boogietraxx - In This Place

Borey - Diagnostics Show

Borey - Free Melody

Borey - Infinity and Beyond

Bostro Pesopeo - Freyr

Bostro Pesopeo - Licht

Buba - Aclove Original Mix

Buba - Aclove

Burlyaev,Godunov (KZ) - Springy

C. Da Afro - Max Up

C. Da Afro - Max Up Original Mix

C.A.R. - Anzu

Cafius - Vertigo

Captain Mustache,Amanda Lear - Mustache Of The Universe

Captain Mustache,Arnaud Rebotini - I Love Watching U

Captain Mustache,Chicks On Speed - Shifting Basslines

Captain Mustache,Play Paul - Everything

Captain Mustache - Acapulco Citron

Captain Mustache - Clair-Obscur

Captain Mustache - Pulsions Organiques

Catz 'n Dogz - ASA Original Mix

Cerrone, Roga Roga - STRIPTEASEBOKOKO Club mix

Cerrone,Roga Roga - STRIPTEASEBOKOKO - Club mix

Chanknous - I Remember

Che&Mos - Dreams Original Mix

Che&Mos - Dreams

Che&Mos - I Like

Compassa - Japa Passa Original Mix

Compassa - Japa Passa

D'Arabia - Bate Cros. Original Mix

DAARI - Anomano

DAARI - Mantra

D'Arabia - Bate Cros.

DJ Lutique - All Night

Dance Reaction - Disco Train Martin Boer Extended Remix

Dance Reaction - Disco Train

Dani El - Dynamic

Dave Kurtis - Your Love Original Mix

Dave Leatherman, HP Vince, Bruce Nolan - Dance the Night Original Mix

David Britton - Don't Stop Original Mix

Din Jay - Whistle Bump - Original Mix

Dio Dmark - Assilem

Disco Incorporated - Fire Groove Nu Disco Mix

Disco Lust - Disco Deluxe - Original Mix

Disco Sparks,Rikky Disco - Night Time - Extended Mix

Discotron,Disko Junkie,Sandy's Groove - Another Chance - Extended Mix

Doche - Million Dollar Bill Extended Mix

Dominic Balchin - Sax Sensation

Dominic Dawson, ROY INC, Moitina - We Want the Funk Original Mix

Dominic Dawson,ROY INC.,Moitina - We Want the Funk

Donna Allen,Dr Packer - Joy & Pain - Dr Packer Dubstrumental Mix

MVC Project,Hidden Crew - I Don't Know - Disco Funk Remix

Micropacer - Hawwwt!

Mildlife - Musica Original Mix

Mildlife - Musica

Modesti - Make It Original Mix

Modula, Carmen Lubrano - Luna d'Argento featuring Carmen Lubrano Original Mix

Monastetiq - Uncontrolled Original Mix

Monastetiq - Uncontrolled Waltervelt Remix

Monastetiq,Waltervelt - Uncontrolled - Waltervelt Remix

Monastetiq - Uncontrolled

Monsieur Van Pratt - Journey Original Mix

Monsieur Van Pratt - Journey

Montessori - Ataraxia Mystery Affair Remix

Montessori,Mystery Affair - Ataraxia - Mystery Affair Remix

Mr.Khadyko, Jon.K - Congress 12 Original Mix

Mr.Khadyko,Jon.K - Congress 12

Mundo D,MMYYLO - Outta Space - Mmyylo Remix

Musta - Mangala Original Mix

Musta - Truth Extended Mix

Musta - Mangala

Musta - Truth - Extended Mix

Musumeci,Dodi Palese - The Party feat. A.I.

blaktone - TV - Mixed

col lawton - No More Original Mix

Echonomist,Alexandros Miaris - Empty Hours

Echonomist,Alexandros Miaris - When in Rome

Echonomist,Avangart Tabldot,Alexandros Miaris - Secret Places - Club Version

Echonomist,Nadia Ali - Falling Head First

Echonomist - Back To Mine

Echonomist - High End

Echonomist - The Sequence Cabinet

Ede - Radius

Enigmatic,Skarby - Garden of Eden

Eva Kim - Inizio Original Mix

Eva Kim - Inizio

FAM Disco - Boogie Now

Fel C,Entropia-Entalpia - Baile

Filizola,Micca Mont,ID ID - Bring Me Back - ID ID Remix

Flight Status - Perfecto Original Mix

Flight Status - Guten Tag Y'all

Floormagnet,Zoo Brazil - Shift Control - Zoo Brazil Remix

Floormagnet - Kiss Me - Acid Dub [Remastered]

Flush,Kid Crème - Bateau Blanc - Kid Crème Extended Remix

Forniva - Titans

Fran Deeper - One Way Original Mix

Fran Deeper - Balearic Sweet Company

Fran Deeper - One Way

Franco Strato - Hey Muzik Original Mix

Franco Strato - Hey Muzik

Frankey & Sandrino,Nadia Ali,Sasha Carassi - I See You - Sasha Carassi Remix

Frankey & Sandrino,Nadia Ali - I See You

Frikardo - KennyB Original Mix

Fusion - Enter The Rave - Original Mix

Garas,Riccardo Fiori - Superstar

Gassan - Galaxy

Gaudi, BCUC - Thonga Lami Gaudi Remix

Generoco - The Express Original Mix

Generoco - The Express

Gerd Janson, Seb Wildblood, sir Was - give it back feat. sir Was Gerd Janson Remix

Ghia, Marian Tone - Out Of Luck feat. Marian Tone Instrumental

Gianni Bini - Friday Night Micky More & Andy Tee Edit

Giza Djs,Far&High - The Snake Charmer - Far&High remix

Giza Djs - Come to Me

Giza Djs - Fuego Del Canto

Giza Djs - Massivator

Giza Djs - The Snake Charmer

GoldFish - Little Lies Les Bisous Extended Remix

Goom Gum - Soma Extended Mix

Groove P - Are They Real Extended Mix

Groovy Kds - Get Down

HIGHLITE - Let it go Original Mix

HIGHLITE - Let it go

HP Vince - Day In Day Out Original Mix

HP Vince - Day In Day Out

Hiva - All I Got Original Mix

Hiva - All I Got

Hopper,Carlos Pires - Arrivals

Hotmood - A Long Time Ago

I Promised Mom - No Defeat

Ikaro Grati - Run Like A Child

Italo Deviance - Italo Genesis

Italo Deviance - Positive Force

Italo Deviance - Weightless

Jaegerossa - Days Trying Original Mix

Jamiroquai - Little L Dave Lee Extended Disco Reblend

Javier Ferreira,Heinech,Zombies In Miami - Just What I Need - Zombies in Miami Remix

Jay-Son - Disco Rabbit Hole Original Mix

Jay-Son - Disco Rabbit Hole

Jazzman Wax - I Know You Want Original Mix

Jazzman Wax - I Know You Want

Jebby Jay - Picke Original Mix

Jebby Jay - YuaHa Original Mix

Jebby Jay,Margaryan - Get Up

Jebby Jay - Picke

Jebby Jay - YuaHa

Jestofunk - I'm Gonna Love You Micky More & Andy Tee Remix Edit

Jimi Jules - PowerHouse

Joe Mattei - Taurus

Johannes Albert - Spacer by Camac Original Mix

Johnick - Deeper Ecstasy - Original Mix

Jon.K - Doll

Jon.K - Put Ur Hands Up

Jon.K - The Power (Remastering 2023)

Jonasclean,Kostenko Brothers - The Best - Jonasclean Retouch

Jorkes,CYRK - Super Hot Lover - Cyrk's Strings Attached Remix

Julian Sanza,Lafrench Toast - Come To Me

Jürgen Paape - Allein in Italien

Jürgen Paape - Allein

KARPOVICH, DJVEDO - Arithmetic Original Mix

KOCHETOV - Dimension

Kamira - Lost & Found

Karen Menad - King Louis

Karmina Dai, Andrea Tomei - Can't Get Enough Main Edit

Karpovich,DJVEDO,Alain Fanegas - LSD

Karpovich,DJVEDO - Arithmetic

Kate Stein,Niv Ast - Looking For Vegus - Niv Ast Remix

Ken@Work - Poor Georgy Original Mix

Ken@Work - Poor Georgy

Ken@Work - The Funky Crawl

Kerabo - Taramati Baradari

Kikko Esse - Reloaded

Kiko,Panthera - Burnout 2

Knorst - Let's Dance

Komilev - Cuseni

Komilev - Supreme

Kovax - Controller

Kraak & Smaak, Ben Westbeech - Squeeze Me (feat. Ben Westbeech) Moods Remix

LA Priest, Capyac - It's You CAPYAC Remix

Lauer,Charlie - Law High - Charlie Remix

Les Jeux Sont Funk - Take Me To The Top

Lex Frequency - Culture Vintage

Lika Blossom - Dare to Dream

Livigesh - Gaia

Lèrr - Zamalo Unsaved

Maceo Plex,Gio Santi - Revision feat. Gio Santi

Machine,Timmy Regisford - There But for the Grace of God Go I - Remix

Man Power,Elisabeth Elektra - Mail Order Karma

Man2.0,Parissior - March of the Unforgiven - Parissior Remix

Man2.0,Silicodisco - All the Sordid Details - Silicodisco Remix

Voodoos & Taboos - Reversible Dream

WAHM (FR) - Another Star Original Mix

WAHM (FR) - Another Star

Wacky Deep - Lost In Space

Wassermann,DJ Hell - W.I.R. - DJ Hell Mix

Whitesquare - Cosmo k

Whitesquare - N-ergia

Wolfram, Josh Ludlow - YoYo Disco Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix

Yam Who?,Mr Smith,Suki Soul - Let's Go Together - Extended Mix

Yocon - Heart Attack Original Mix

Yocon - Heart Attack

Yocon - Mwaki

Yoram - Taijitu

isle&fever - Breakthrough

Marc DePulse - Phenomena

Mari MaLe - Penetration

Martín Y Corazón - Never Forget Original Mix

Maryer - Pusherman - 4X4 Mix

Max Freeze - Acid Time - Original Mix

My Friend Dario - Acid Mosquito In A Summer Night DJ Spun It's Rong Remix

My Friend Dario - Ritmo 1981 Original Mix

My Friend Dario,DJ Spun - Acid Mosquito In A Summer Night - DJ Spun It's Rong Remix

My Friend Dario - Ritmo 1981

Mystery Affair,Jenouise - Rocket - Jenouise Remix

NILU (DK) - Bazaar

Nebari,Gameboyz - Move - Gameboyz Remix

Neon - Skydiver

Niv Ast - A Song for Pepe

Nix - Galactune

Panthera,Damon Jee - Vice - Damon Jee Remix

Paradigm Shift - Force One

Paul Parsons, Adri Block - This Must Be Love Original Mix

Prisma Deer - Glory Days Original Mix

Prisma Deer - Glory Days

Projections - Talking In Your Sleep OG Instrumental Mix

Projections - Talking In Your Sleep - OG Instrumental Mix

Psycho Weazel,Curses - Mains d'argile

Pumuki,Pin Up Club - Intercensal - Pin Up Club Remix

Pysh, Piqi Miqi - I Keep on Movin' Original Mix

Pysh,Piqi Miqi - I Keep on Movin'

QaaNaaq - Devolution - Original Mix

Rafael Cerato - Endless Climb Original Mix

Rafael Cerato,Aves Volare - Jaded

Rafael Cerato - Endless Climb

Rafael Cerato - Metaphorik

Ramyen,Vice Luna - Touché

Rawfox - VIP

Ray Mang - Osea Island Original Mix

Ray Mang - Osea Island

Red Woodchuck - Sysex

Riccardo Sodi - Discotto

River Red - Artificial General Intelligence

River Red - Mind Control

Rosa Red - Acid Wave Zombies In Miami Remix

Rosa Red,Zombies In Miami - Acid Wave - Zombies In Miami Remix

Rudensky - Innervoice

Ryan Nasty,SNYL,Aves Volare - Lust

SHKAPOV - Go To The Valley

SIIE,Joyce Muniz - Le Sept - Joyce Muniz Remix

Sadriano,Kuman (RU) - Rewind

Sam Pills - New Day Original Mix

Sam Pills - New Day

Sam Shure - Regency

Samantha Loveridge - The Pusher Original Mix

Samantha Loveridge - The Pusher

Sartorial - Fly

Sasha ZA - Gennie M - Original Mix

Seamus Haji,Kathy Brown - Dance With Me - Extended Mix

Seb El Zin - Lingua Minimalista

Seb Skalski, Abc of Funk - Disconected Seb Skalski Mix

Seb Wildblood,Gerd Janson,sir Was - give it back - Gerd Janson Remix

Señor Chugger,Count van Delicious - Micket's Vegan Fillet

Shabi - Oh I Got U

Sharam Jey,Night Talk,ID ID - Gonna Get You - ID ID Remix

Shit Robot,Suzi Horn - Breathe (Looking At Gibraltar)

Silicone Soul,Franklin Fuentes - Fahrenheit 625 - WRC Mix

Simona Gay - This Night instrumental

Small Talk - Gotta Touch You Original Mix

Small Talk - Gotta Touch You

Softmal, LLølita, Fran Prado - Comin' Love Original Mix

Sonic Juncture - Optimum

Soulchaser - Feed Your Soul Discotron Radio Remix

Speaking Minds,Demi Riquísimo - Sharpless 248 - Demi Riquísimo Remix

Squeeze DJ, Vito Raisi - Cerchio Original Mix

Squeeze DJ,Vito Raisi - Cerchio

Stefano Mapo - Clubbin - Original Mix

Stereocalypse - Mad Theory

Steve Taylor,Guerrilla Disco - Love Walked Through The Door - Extended Mix

Storken,Hammer - Marabou

TTeo - Love Express Original Mix


Tailored - Darling Original Mix

Tailored - Darling

Tal Tobi,Purple Tape,Jebby Jay - Boots & Cats - Jebby Jay Remix

Tamer Fouda - Frecuencies

Tell - Because I Love You Original Mix

Tenvin - Thru

The Organism - Ego Doctor Dru Remix

The Organism,Doctor Dru - Ego - Doctor Dru Remix

Theus Mago - X-Control

Tiger & Woods - 16 Red Original Mix

Till Von Sein - Kelly Original Mix

Till Von Sein - Mischka Original Mix

Till Von Sein - Kelly

Tim Engelhardt,Jyll - Wide Awake

Tomy Wahl - Out of My Mind

Tony Deledda - I Just Coming Downtempo Redub

Tony Deledda - I Just Coming - Downtempo Redub

Tourist - EST

Truth Committee - We Came To Party Original Mix

Two Diopters - Mistery In The Streets Original Mix

Two Diopters - Mistery In The Streets

Ulises Arrieta - Lo Quiero

Uwe Thoma - Injectionized Original Mix

Uwe Thoma - Injectionized

Valen Gonzalez - Lost Signal Original Mix

Valen Gonzalez - Lost Signal

Valmaiin - Avvismo - Original Mix

Veednem - Inner Space

Vegyn,Lauren Auder - Halo Flip

Vincenzo - Infinite Paths

Vini Pistori - Acid Bleep

Vito Raisi,Squeeze DJ,Mr Overdrive - New Dimension

Vito Raisi,Squeeze DJ - Beyond

Vittoria Fleet - Entangled Dominik Marz & David Kochs Remix

Vittoria Fleet,Dominik Marz,David Kochs - Entangled - Dominik Marz & David Kochs Remix

Voodoo Meluk - Ultraviolento

Young Franco, Franc Moody - Daydreaming Sgt Slick Remix

Young Pulse, Fleur De Mur - Smooth Sweet Talker Extended Mix

Young Pulse,Fleur De Mur - Smooth Sweet Talker - Extended Mix

Zaratustra,Pol Sibil - Your Heart Is My Dominion

Zeynep Erbay,Baldo - Dream of You - Baldo Remix

Zillas on Acid - Pleatherhead

shishi,Skelesys - Happy Birthday - Skelesys Remix

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