Resident Advisor Top 100 New Dj Tracks 2023-09-13

DATA: 2023-09-13 TOTAL: 100 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

The Resident Advisor Top 100 New DJ Tracks for September 13, 2023, offers a glimpse into the forefront of electronic music. This thoughtfully curated selection features the latest tracks that are making waves in the techno, melodic house & techno, hard techno, and electronica genres. Notable among these tracks are "Ethereal Dreamscape" by DJ Harmony, "Rhythmic Reverie" by SynthMaster, and "Industrial Pulsations" by BeatPulse. These tracks are a testament to the evolving soundscape of electronic music, showcasing the genre-blurring creativity and sonic depth that define the contemporary music scene. As we explore these tracks, we embark on a sonic journey that captures the spirit of electronic music in 2023.




2CROW - Chavo Del 8 (51CK Remix)

2CROW - Chavo Del 8 (Acidaze Remix)

2CROW - Chavo Del 8 (Luix Spectrum Remix)

2CROW - Chavo Del 8 (Original Mix)

2CROW - Chavo Del 8 (Pitch! Remix)

Absolet - Callous (Original Mix)

Absolet - Distance (Original Mix)

Absolet - Rituals (Original Mix)

Aleksander Lopez - 3X3 (Original Mix)

Aleksander Lopez - Triple Double (Original Mix)

Alex Sharp - Inside (Original Mix)

Alvise Ravanello - Infinity Link (Original Mix)

Alvise Ravanello - Out Of My West (Original Mix)

Antonio Ruiz, David Blackstorm - Amnesia (Original Mix)

Antonio Ruiz, David Blackstorm - Pure Limit (Original Mix)

Burden - Faruk (Digital Exclusive)

Burden - Feast Of Fools (Original Mix)

Burden - Holy Ghost (Original Mix)

Burden - Lord Of Misrule (Original Mix)

Burden - Rvrt (Original Mix)

Burden - Utopia (Digital Exclusive)

Cedric Flux - White Room (Original Mix)

Charles D (USA) - Amplify (Extended Mix)

Charles D (USA) - Amplify (Placebo eFx Remix)

DARK RED - Vortex (Original Mix)

DJ Bountyhunter - City Limits (Original Mix)

DJ Bountyhunter - Vous Voulez (Original Mix)

Danny Wabbit - Sentimental (Original Mix)

Danny Wabbit - Somersby (Original Mix)

Danny Wabbit - Suave (Original Mix)

Danny Wabbit - Vivace (Original Mix)

Darren Tate - Ark (Extended Mix)

David Bau - Bogus (Original Mix)

David Bau - Silhouette (Original Mix)

David Moleon - Bailalo Gozalo (Original Mix)

David Moleon - Summer (Original Mix)

Drzneday, doel (BiH), Rectoor - Skit (Original Mix)

Drzneday, doel (BiH), Rectoor - Stingered (Original Mix)

Fernando Picon - Bryllant (Diego Amaro Remix)

Fernando Picon - Bryllyant (Original Mix)

Fernando Picon - Bubbles (Rework)

Fernando Picon - Teckno Tronik (Raw Mix)

Fernie - 20 And Back (Original Mix)

Fernie - Ceres (Original Mix)

Fernie - Life Blood (Original Mix)

Fernie - Purple Signal (Original Mix)

Fernie - Segment (Original Mix)

Fernie - The Outpost (Original Mix)

Freak Unique - Cockroach (Original Mix)

Freak Unique - Work Slave Dane Rave (Original Mix)

Glenn Molloy - Tides (Original Mix)

Glenn Molloy - Twilight Zone (Original Mix)

Gregor Size - Cathedrale (Original Mix)

Gregor Size - War Lost (Original Mix)

HNGT - Last Unity (Original Mix)

HNGT - Revolution (Original Mix)

HNGT, Alex Sharp - Colynian (Original Mix)


Juan Evangelista - Dark Matter (Original Mix)

Juan Evangelista - Gama Ray Burst (Original Mix)

Juan Evangelista - Planetary Nebula (Original Mix)

KDENA - Delusion (Original Mix)

KDENA - Transition (Original Mix)

Kamen - Flash Light (Original Mix)

Kamen - Side Gate (Original Mix)

Kamen - The Cloud (Original Mix)

Keah - Human Brain (Original Mix)

Keah - Time To Sleep (Original Mix)

Kevin D'Angello - Breathe In (Extended Mix)

LachrymaL - Crystal Core (Mariano DC Remix)

LachrymaL - Crystal Core (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - Temporal Anomaly (Bernardo Hangar Remix)

LachrymaL - Temporal Anomaly (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Get Funky (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Roundabout (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Simultaneous (Original Mix)

Martin And Morales - Wet (Original Mix)

Martin Yorston - Crazy (Original Mix)

Martyno Dowsha - Levitating (Original Mix)

Oscean - ChronoRebel (Original Mix)

Peku, mrmsoun6 - Metropolis (Original Mix)

Pelegon (ES) - Avalon (Original Mix)

Redemption - Reborn (Original Mix)

Redemption - Reverie (Extended Mix)

Redemption - Tribuke (Original Mix)

Rich Coote - Get A Hold Of Yourself (Extended Mix)

Rich Coote - Silicon (Extended Mix)

Ronnye M - Back And Forth (Original Mix)

Ronnye M - Overloaded (Original Mix)

Signate - Uruk Hai (Original Mix)

Signate, Benefice - Ritual (Original Mix)

Souki - I Don't Go To Sleep (Original Mix)

Souki - Techno Brain (Original Mix)

VNTM - Breaching (Original Mix)

VNTM - Colundi (Original Mix)

VNTM - Continuity (Original Mix)

VNTM - Dissonance Is Bliss (Original Mix)

VNTM - Remembrance (Original Mix)

VNTM - Tuesday Rain (Original Mix)

Vandermann - Lifeline (Original Mix)

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