Resident Advisor Top 100 Tech House + Bonus Tracks July 2024

DATA: 2024-07-09, TOTAL: 154 GENRE: Tech House

The list is compliant with the “Resident Advisor Top 100 Tech House + Bonus Tracks July 2024” which includes a set of new and trending hits of this year. Here’s a playlist of the songs that embody the best of the fest; the most popular tracks adapted to provide best overall experience. Browse all the performances for an energetic feel of the musical.


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7th Floor - Enchule Extended Mix
ABEL (UK) - Elusive Extended Mix
Acidbro - A Little Original Mix
Alarchy - Alegoria Original Mix
Aldo Cadiz, Léo Franco - Fuel Original Mix
Alex Kenji - Brighter Darker Extended Mix
Alex Lago - No Supiste Original Mix
Alterboy - Jump Extended Mix
Amine Edge, Nic Vesperi, Estema - Mete Tudo Original Mix
Angel Heredia - Get Back Original Mix
Angel Heredia - Pomposo Original Mix
Angel Heredia - TURN IT UP George Privatti Remix
AtcG, Lucci Minati - Bagaceira Original Mix
BRN - Crazy Extended Mix
BURNR - Joanna Extended Mix
Bastian Bux - Dunns Original Mix
Billy Sherif, Nacho Scoppa - The After After Extended Mix
Bleu Clair - Boom Boom Original Mix
Bloody Good - Blacked Out Rover Original Mix
Bodeler, Mz Burn - En La Selva Original Mix
Boston George (UK) - Not The Way To Do It Original Mix
Brad Wood (UK) - Touch Faith Extended Mix
Buogo - Bubble Gut Original Mix
CID, Shiba San, ALL U NEED - Bring It Back Extended Mix
Calvin Logue - Rave In the Jungle Original Mix
Camilo Do Santos, Dmitri Saidi - Mama Original Mix
Carloh - Quisiera Tenerte Original Mix
Chema Gnz - Wow! Original Mix
Chico Rose - SLOW DOWN Extended Mix
Ciro Fabbiano, ANT Mifsud - Haus Original Mix
DJ Dove - Pull It Down Original Mix
DJ Glen, Walker & Royce, Luke Andy - 2 Tha Moon Walker & Royce Remix
DJ Hern - Wishing on a star Chamacos Remix
DJ S.K.T, James Haskell - Naughty Girl Extended Mix
Da Night, Dew (FR) - Dangerous Original Mix
Dabi - Pataco Original Mix
Dances, Trace (UZ) - Formula Extended Mix
Dani Masi, Santos Garcia - One Night In Miami Original Mix
Daniel Aguilar (ES) - Candy Lake Extended Mix
Dario Nunez - You Know Extended Mix
David Treble, Oravla Ziur - Just Me Original Mix
De Angelis - Rgae Original Mix
Deeft - African Soul Original Mix
Deltech - I Don't Need That Original Mix
Derek Muller - Kick Back Original Mix
Dot N Life - To the Moon and Back Extended Mix
Duke & Jones, Katy Alex - Let Me Go Extended Mix
Eddie Lopez, Adriano Longi - Mi Volcan feat. Damar Guerrero Extended Mix
Fran Ares, Sergiodnine - Dancefloor Extended Mix
Francesco Poggi - Clandestina Extended Mix
Francis De Simone - Switch Original Mix
Francisco Allendes, Manuelito - Viva El Coyote Extended Mix
Franklyn Watts - Nena Extended Mix
Franky Rizardo, RYVM - Blinded By Desire Extended Mix
Freenzy Music, GREG (BR) - Raw Type Original Mix
GIOC, Fancy Inc, Eric Olliver - Rich Baby Daddy Extended Mix
Gama - Tatata Original Mix
Gene Farris - Let's Go Back Original Mix
George Z - U&Me Extended Mix
Gianni Blu - Obsessed With The Dark Extended Mix
Goosey - Bodyshake Extended Mix
Green Velvet, Marco Lys, Walter Phillips - Kiss From A Rose feat. Walter Phillips Extended Mix
GruuvElement's - Liberta Original Mix
Guille Placencia - Django Original Mix
Haynes - Front & Back Original Mix
Honu, Rimbano - Got Funk? Original Mix
Hot Since 82 - Wild Original Mix
Intruder (A Murk Production), Jei - Amame feat. Jei Dunmore Brothers Extended Remix
Italobros - Story Original Mix
JL & Afterman - Could You Be Loved Yvvan Back Remix
Jackmaster, Avision - Bumpin' Original Mix
Jamie Coins - Pompy Original Mix
Javi Reina, Jesus Fernandez - Mi Ex Original Mix
Jesse Perez - We Get F**ked Up Original Mix
Johnny I. - Feel it Extended Mix
Jose De Mara - The UG Extended Mix
jjtsu - Beach Original Mix
Josh Hunter - Number One Extended Mix
Juan (AR), Rafa Calello - Get Back Extended Mix
Julian Collazos - 909 Break Original Mix
K'Alexi Shelby - The Ron Hardy Memo Marina Trench Remix
Kristin Velvet - Drum Machine Original Mix
Kyle Watson - Fantasy Extended Mix
Lauren Lane - Ryde or Die Anthem Original Mix
Leandro Da Silva, VALMAR - Cancion Del Mariachi Original Mix
Lexlay - Bandolero Original Mix
MAPP4, Nahum Nieves - Music Original Mix
MC PR, Arianna Triassi, Mc Pogba - Garota Extended Mix
MISS DRE, Cherry Tooth - Lucy (Extended Mix) Original Mix
Malikk, Manda Moor - Wabi Sabi Original Mix
Malone, Jesse Bravo - Beef Original Mix
Marco Strous - In the Park Extended Mix
MariaDennis, Us Two - Get Bossy feat. MariaDennis Extended Mix
Martin Ikin, Winnie Ama - Control It Extended Mix
MartinoResi, Feddox - Wanna Play Original Mix
Marvin Sykes - Alright Extended Mix
Matt Shelder - Kickin' Original Mix
Matthew Dear, Audion, Matt Sassari - Our Lovely City (Hands Up For Detroit) Audion Extended Remix
Mauricio Traglia - Back To The Old School Original Mix
Maxima, Jade PraiZe, MXMA - Get Into It Original Mix
Miguel Bastida - Caribenha Original Mix
Mitch Oliver - Tell Me What You Want Extended Mix
Murphy's Law (UK) - Rewind It Back Original Mix
Muzzaik, Stadiumx - Patchy Extended Mix
Mydoz - Fogo Extended Mix
N2N, Rob Marion - Bussin Extended Mix
Nahum Nieves - Caminando Por Caracas Original Mix
Nathan Alzon - Flashback Original Mix
NightFunk - People In The Club Original Mix
Oravla Ziur, Esther Bronchal - Boom Boom Extended Mix
Orlando Voorn - No Cellphones Original Mix
Paco Osuna - Beat Heat Original Mix
Paco Osuna, Fer BR - So Tasty Original Mix
Paul C, Manuel De La Mare - Wow Original Mix
Pedro Vasconcelos, Mad&Meis - Hell Time Original Mix
Pitros, Buogo - Boss GREG (BR) Remix
Prok & Fitch, Heyssis - Shimmy To The Beat Original Mix
Quinzi - Out of Control Extended Mix
Ragie Ban - Warm It Up Original Mix
Roof - Did This Before Extended Mix
Ruffneck, Yavahn, Classmatic - Everybody Be Somebody (feat. Yavahn) Extended Mix
Ruso Eyh - Secrets Original Mix
SIDE B, Karmina Milojevic - Steppa Original Mix
SIDE B, MANDIZ - Djembe 101 Original Mix
SINO - Abusadora Original Mix
Saffron Stone - Yo' Hands Up Extended Mix
Sergiodnine - Mic Check Original Mix
Sinisa Tamamovic - Say It! Original Mix
Skizzo - Mama Say Original Mix
Sllash & Doppe, Calussa - Tu Camino Extended Mix
Sosa UK, Kilo Ali - BLOW (WHITE GIRL IN TOWN) [feat. Kilo Ali] Extended Mix
Sowel - Comfort Zone Extended Mix
Stanton Warriors, Riordan - Bring Me Down Extended Mix
Tayson Kryss, TWENTY SIX - Buscando Money HUGEL & Jesús Fernández Extended Remix
Tektonauts - Doko Doko Original Mix
Thomas Newson, Havoc & Lawn - Blow Up Extended Mix
Thorsten Hammer, Jade PraiZe - World On Shoulders Original Mix
Tini Gessler - Don't Wanna Extended Mix
Tom & Mikey - Fake ID Original Mix
Tony Thomas - Boogie Head Original Mix
Tony Touch - Apaga La Luz Paco Osuna Remix
Torren Foot, Associanu - Sleep When I'm Dead Tony Romera Extended Remix
Tough Art, Baatt - Voyage ( Extended Mix ) Original Mix
Trallez, EVEL!N - Work (feat. EVEL!N) Original Mix
Tristan Henry, LOVRA, Kaysin - Sweetest Lines feat. Tristan Henry Original Mix
VLTRA (IT) - How It Feels Original Mix
Vanel - Can't Believe It  (feat. Chiara Viola) Original Mix
Void - Slimed In Original Mix
Wade - Dame De Eso Original Mix
Wade - Hurricane Original Mix
Warren Blake, Ferra Black - Midnight Train Extended Mix
WeMart - Alien Attack Original Mix
WeMart - Discontrol Original Mix
Yvvan Back - Dame Calor The Cube Guys Mix

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