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Views: 83 | Added by: TDM | Date: 09-07-2024

DATA: 2024-07-09, TOTAL: 62 GENRE: House, Tech House, UK House, Piano House, Disco House, Electronic, Rave, Club Music, Workout Music, Gym, Running

“Toolroom House July 2024 Extended” is a burst of house, tech house, afro house, jackin’ house, and deep house. This expansive collection of 62 tracks does not let fans get lost in rhythm-less, soul-less and beat-less tunes. Starting with the mesmerizing tech house of “Follow Me” by Alex Kenji and Jerome Robins and ending with Ben Remember’s house anthem “Waiting 4 You,” the list brings people to the dance floor. Feel the atmosphere of Toolroom House and let music take you to the club world. ... Read more »

Views: 92 | Added by: TDM | Date: 09-07-2024

DATA: 2024-07-09, TOTAL: 113 GENRE: House, Jackin House

More precisely, the novel takes place in the middle of the Jackin House scene in July 2024. Artists, here meaning DJs and producers, have released some of the best mixes that include funk, soul, and jolly tunes and beats. These songs are already popular on dance floors globally From Adelphi Music Factory’s “More Than Words” to Agent Stereo’s “A Simple Disco Dancer,” Music lovers especially House music lovers ought to listen to this selection. ... Read more »

Views: 95 | Added by: TDM | Date: 09-07-2024

DATA: 2024-07-09, TOTAL: 147 GENRE: House, Funky, Tech House, Bass House, Soulful House, Techno

Another worth mentioning compilation is “Nothing But… Essentials 2024-07-09” that consists of 147 tracks of funky house, electric grooves, Dubstep and Future House. This particular collection is a testament to house music at it finest seasoned with deep house for those fans of the genre and a perfect accompaniment for the dance floor. Starting all the way from surprisingly powerful beats on the bass to equally commanding voices on the tracks, each one of the songs in this rather diverse playlist seems to hit both the mind and the spirit. As a fan of House music or as the first listener of it, this album should not miss in your collection because you will taste ultra-modern funky house beats. ... Read more »

Views: 72 | Added by: TDM | Date: 09-07-2024

DATA: 2024-07-09, TOTAL: 154 GENRE: Tech House

The list is compliant with the “Resident Advisor Top 100 Tech House + Bonus Tracks July 2024” which includes a set of new and trending hits of this year. Here’s a playlist of the songs that embody the best of the fest; the most popular tracks adapted to provide best overall experience. Browse all the performances for an energetic feel of the musical. ... Read more »

Views: 88 | Added by: TDM | Date: 09-07-2024

DATA: 2024-07-09, TOTAL: 420 GENRE: Trance (Main Floor)

Here are the list of warm NEW VOCAL & INSTRUMENTAL albums that will be released through Sundance Recordings in July 2024. Step into the zone of lifting self and encouraging melodies along with the music of trance and progression. From a virtual fairy tale in Marco Mc Neil’s ‘Afterglow’ to a philosophical message reflected in Semper T. ’s ‘Mental Balance,’ the performers have prepared a truly unforgettable show for listeners. See the details of the sounds and find out the new pearls of Sundance Recordings ... Read more »

Views: 73 | Added by: TDM | Date: 09-07-2024

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