Sol Selectas - Summer Sol VIII

DATA: 2023-06-28 TOTAL: 31 GENRE: Organic House / Downtempo, Afro House

Dive into the vibrant world of Sol Selectas' "Summer Sol VIII" and experience a sonic celebration of summer's energy and warmth. This eagerly anticipated compilation showcases the label's signature blend of organic and electronic sounds, providing a refreshing musical experience. From the uplifting beats of KMLN's "Arcadian" to the hypnotic melodies of Gab Rhome's "Anoushka," each track carries a distinct flavor that captures the essence of the season. The carefully curated selection of artists brings together talent from all corners of the globe, resulting in a truly diverse and captivating collection. Whether you find yourself dancing by the beach or lounging in a hammock, "Summer Sol VIII" provides the perfect soundtrack for embracing the joy and freedom of summer. So let the music transport you to a state of euphoria, as you surrender yourself to the enchanting rhythms and melodies of Sol Selectas.




84 Avenue - The Temple (Original Mix)

Adwas - Zokra (Original Mix)

Ariaz, Son Palenque - Mona Mi (Original Mix)

Balint Boldizsar - Temptation (Original Mix)

DJ Avi Revach - Meet Me At The Lighthouse (Original Mix)

DJMavi - Khak (Original Mix)

Darksidevinyl, Rozza, Diab - Oy Delosi (Original Mix)

Derun, Bahar Sönmez - Bilmediğim (Original Mix)

Desert Dwellers - Wahat Khasiba (Original Mix)

Donz - Yaraman (Original Mix)

Dzhef - Dubrim (Original Mix)

Florian Gasperini - Agua Dulce (Original Mix)

Ghenwa Nemnom - Intuition (Original Mix)

Guy Maayan, Roy Lavie - Trobar (Original Mix)

Hot Oasis, Aziza - Ya Donia (Original Mix)

Jean Vayat - Desert Flower (Original Mix)

Le'Gram - Pacha Mama (Original Mix)

MÖW - Arabiskan (Original Mix)

Manu Dibango, Nhii, HARJI - Bessoka (Original Mix)

Mula (FR) - Le Contrôle (Original Mix)

Murmusica, TAI, Tolga Bilgin - Libertad (Original Mix)

PABLoKEY, Tony L Issac - Hathor (Original Mix)

RA:YO - Alma (Original Mix)

Raidho - Follow Me (Original Mix)

Robert Muraine - Tagoo Black (Original Mix)

Sabo - Danse Du Sol (Original Mix)

Safar (FR) - Nani Nani (Original Mix)

Shan Nash, Danny Shamoun - Summer Kord (Original Mix)

T-Puse, Yalisaxx - Must Go On (Original Mix)

Tamer ElDerini - Aroma (Original Mix)

Yamil - Fossil (Original Mix)

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