The best Soulful House compilations June 2023

DATA: 2023-06-09 TOTAL: 160 GENRE: House, Soulful House, Funky House




VA - Keep It Soulful, Vol. 11 LWKISOUL11

VA - Nothing But... Soulful House Essentials, Vol. 07 NBSHE07

VA - Nothing But... Soulful House Essentials, Vol. 09 NBSHE09

VA - Nothing But... Soulful House Essentials, Vol. 10 NBSHE10

VA - Nothing But... Soulful House Essentials, Vol. 11 NBSHE11

VA - Nothing But... Soulful House Essentials, Vol. 12 NBSHE12

VA - Soulful-Ish By Mad Mats LTISH03

The best Soulful House compilations for June 2023 offer an incredible selection of tracks that will captivate any music lover. Among these compilations, "Keep It Soulful, Vol. 11" by VA and "Nothing But... Soulful House Essentials, Vol. 07" by VA stand out. "Keep It Soulful, Vol. 11" showcases a mesmerizing blend of soulful melodies and infectious beats, creating an uplifting and energizing atmosphere. Meanwhile, "Nothing But... Soulful House Essentials, Vol. 07" takes listeners on a soulful journey with its carefully curated collection of timeless classics and contemporary gems. Both compilations demonstrate the genre's ability to evoke deep emotions and create an immersive musical experience.

Adam Sommer - Givin Up (Soulful Mix)

Amelia, Papirus - All My Loving (Carrera's SH Mix)

Beat Rivals, Tasha LaRae - Better With You (Wipe The Needle Remix)

Botle MusiiQue - Habitual Pain (Soulful Mix)

Buder Prince, Derrick Flair, Sarah Lyoness - I Miss You (Sir Young SA Simplified Mix)

Charles Caliber - The Stepping Groove (Original Mix)

DJ Umbi, The Uncle Earl - Love Everlasting (TV Mix)

Deepconsoul, Decency - My Everything (A Baantu Remix)

Dutchican Soul, Greg Van Bueren - Hear The Voices (Original Mix)

Ethiopian Chyld - Real Slow (Original Mix)

Giovanni Damico - More Cowbells (Original Mix)

Janthony - Find That Disco (Edit)

Jordi Cabrera - This Love (Original Mix)

Ken@Work - Brighter (Original Mix)

Ken@Work - Find Yourself A Friend (Original Mix)

Mannix, Pete Simpson - Wanting You (Mannix Main Vocal Mix)

Massimo Barri, SOULSARAH - Like In A Sweet Dreams (Soft Bass Soulful Mix)

Missfly, MR.ECLECTIC - Without Me (Reprise)

Roque, Holi M - Stay (Original Mix)

Sol Power All-Stars - Getting It Back (Original Mix)

Sven Wegner - Break Tube (Original Mix)

Tasita D'mour, Aberton - Question My Love (Original Mix)

Tony Deledda - Slow Emotion (Original Mix)

UKSA - Falling (Original Mix)

YogiLocco - Superfly (Original Mix)

B.A.N.G! - Never Too Late (Extended Instrumental)

Ben Rasco, Phindy - Buyisa (Soletek Sunrise 115 Mix)

Blaq Owl - Respect (Retro Mix)

Bruno Motta, Dave Baron - Stay Together (Darren Studholme Deep House NuBossa Instrumental Mix)

Chiffon Zoo - Walking With The Wolves (Tannoy Kid Remix)

DJ Randall Smooth, Sybil Shanell - HEAVON (FunkySoul Remix)

Distant People, Morris Revy - Give It Up (Kates Le Cafe Instrumental)

Essentrikality, Shirley Heavens - Way To You (Original Mix)

Hannah Khemoh, Beat Rivals - The Fire (Instrumental)

JoioDJ, Tommie Cotton - I Believe (JoioDJ Instrumental Mix)

Jordi Cabrera - Deeper (Original Mix)

Kaye, Mosebetsi - Bana Ba Africa - Remix (Ethiopian Chyld Remix)

Kimicoh, Darren Studholme - Brand New (Instrumental Mix)

Mark Wilkinson, Michele Chiavarini, RENN, Mark Masters - Body & Soul (Radio Edit)

McCuemza Isaacs - Always Be Around (Original Mix)

Missfly, Deep Soul Syndicate - Bliss (Original Mix)

Mr. V, Opolopo, Gustavo Fk, Camila Jun - Unified (Opolopo Remix)

NiQue Tii - I Found Me One (Original Mix)

Prime Audial - Sing Dance Pray (Radio edit)

Ricky Montana - Cry No More (Ricky Montana Remix)

Room 806, V-Tone - Butterflies (Original Mix)

Soulbridge, Pathy Andréas - Love At First Sight (Instrumental Mix)

Soulkae'd - Love & Affection (Original Mix)

Steal Vybe, Stephanie Renee - Something Special (Steal Vybe's Love Soulful House Mix)

Tommy Rawson - Let It Be (Original Mix)

Aquadeep, Veesoul - MellowKeyz Mootjies (Original Mix)

Aquadeep, Veesoul, Rudi'Kastic - Wayback (Club Mix)

Atlantic Sessions - Things You Do Remixed (Zero Instrumental Mix)

Blaq Owl - Say It Again (Jazzish Aspect Mix)

Charlie - Switch The Sound (Darren Studholme Coming Home Epic Jazz Intrumental Mix)

Chuggy Star - Hideaway (Original Mix)

Colbert, Phat-Kay La'Phat - My Life (Instrumental Mix)

David Jansen - Oh My Mind (Original Mix)

Deepconsoul, Mthandazo Gatya - Closer (Sipho Ngubane Remix)

Frank Savannah, Venessa Jackson - I Have A Right (Radio Edit)

Greg N Grandi - Funkuwant (Edit)

Jason Pascascio - Restless (Original Mix)

La Veda Davis, Robbo Fitzgibbons - Free Falling (Remix G)

Lee Wilson, Deep Soul Syndicate - I Love You (Instrumental Mix)

Marco Zappala, Alma Nata - Getting Strong (M0na-K Remix)

Nicola Nisi - Close To You (Original Mix)

Pat Bedeau, Anna-Marie Johnson - My Life (Instrumental)

Peven Everett, Steal Vybe - Street Knowledge (Steal Vybe Remix Instrumental)

Phonetic MusiQ - Memories (Original Mix)

Room 806, Bukeka - Uzobuyela Kum (Fatsmaro Remix)

Roy Jazz Grant - I Love House Music (90’s House Mix)

Rudi'Kastic - Keep The Faith (DJ Christian B's Deep & Soulful Mix)

Sarah Ozelle, Derrick McKenzie - City Summer Nights (Instrumental Radio Edit)

Siya, Dr Collins - A Quiet Place (Original Mix)

Soul Heads - So Over You (Original Mix)

Ace Shyllon, Anaya Weathers - I Deserve Better (Ace Shylllon (Instrumental Mix))

Achickwitbeatz - Want It Remixes (IndySoul Remix)

Akeem One Soul - Midnight Pleasure (Original Mix)

Andy Craig, SubSahara - Fly Again (Extended Mix)

Beat Rivals - Let's Get Back To Love (Original Mix)

Ben Rasco, KHVN - Long Road (Soletek Travellers Remix))

Blaq Owl - Ecstasy (Space Mix)

Deepconsoul, Mthandazo Gatya - Closer (Sipho Ngubane & T-Drum Remix)

Domineeky - Promise Me Love (Domineeky Foundation Mix)

Franck Roger, Chris Wonder - If I (Original Mix)

Giulia, Durante & Altieri - Dance Tonight With Me (Darren Studholme Anarita Soul Mix)

La Veda Davis, Robbo Fitzgibbons - Free Falling (Acoustic Version)

Lerato, MoreSoul - In Motion (Instrumental Mix)

M-Power RSA - Orgasm Of The Soul (Sweet Soul Mix)

Marcelo Vak - I'll Be Good (ThomChris Remix)

MarlboroRouge - Walking On The Cloud (Original Mix)

Neapolitan Soul - Calling You (Lovemental Mix)

Next Door But One - In A Spin (Original Mix)

Nick Hussey, Alexis Hall, Jamie Van Goulden - Lonely Nights (Original Mix)

Pat Bedeau, Jodie Erica - Set Me Free (Main Mix)

Piers Kirwan - I Love (Original Mix)

Roy Jazz Grant - Un Dulce Baile Revamp (RJG Revamp)

Small Dee - Shabby Monkey (Sunset Remix)

SoulLab, Morris Revy - Samadora (Remixes) (Tapes Back2Soul Remix)

Steve Otto - Come On Everybody (Original Mix)

Ace Shyllon - Groove It Centric (Original Mix)

Andy Craig, SubSahara - Fly Again (Radio Mix)

Ausama, Gloria Sole Nigg'ress - My Own (Missile Mix)

Da Lukas - West End Girls (Original Mix)

Ethiopian Chyld, Core Key - My Destiny - Remix (Nolophonics Remix)

JBmixx - Never Thought (Club Mix)

JoioDJ, Tommie Cotton - I Believe (F&B Remix)

Jordan Trove - Unremarkable (Album Version)

Jordi Cabrera - You Love Me (Original Mix)

Marlon Kirk - I'll Be Waiting (Dub Mix)

Molly & Tacos, Leigh Sinclair - Lonely People (Darren Studholme Anarita Nu Bossa Mix)

Mvelo, Neapolitan Soul - Calling You (Lovely Mix)

Pat Bedeau, Jodie Erica - Set Me Free (Instrumental)

Paul Deighton - Answer My Prayer (Original Mix)

Peter Mac - Feeling On Top (Original Mix)

Placid, Kates Le Cafe, Nkanyezi Kubheka, Feat. Zano - No Limit (Kates Le Cafe 2023 Extended Mix)

Rona Ray, Jerome O. - Makings Things Clear (Original Mix)

Roy Jazz Grant, Kaile - FREE (Dub Breakdown Mix)

Sarah Ozelle, Derrick McKenzie - City Summer Nights (Instrumental Mix)

Sol Power All-Stars, Daniel Meinecke - Genevieve (One More Organ Dub)

Soul Heads - Lovelight (Extended Mix)

Soulbridge, Claire Virginia - Escape (Original Mix)

Steal Vybe, Kim Beacham - Just One (Kiss Away) (Alt Live Drum Mix)

Sugar & Martini - Let's Love (Soul Train SoulFun Remix)

Sulene Fleming - Solo (Moodymanc's Better Together Remix)

Ace Shyllon - Shaking Moves (Original Mix)

Alex Agore - Praise Two (Original Mix)

B.A.N.G! - The Way You Do (Extended)

Bonetti - Music & Rhythm (Original Mix)

BotoxBrain, LushGirl - Missing You (Original Mix)

Boxx, Frankie Parker - Fly Free (Sean Ali Remix)

Carlitos Moreno, D'Varo, Robin Picazo - Change (Radio Edit)

Clement, Teaman, Soul Fleva - Yawe [Life Goes On] (Original Mix)

Coflo, Lady C - What Goes Around (Original Mix)

Dawn Nicole - Closer (Original Mix)

Earl W. Green, Gino Strike - Don't Doubt My Love (Reelsoul Remix)

Indigo Rogue - Don't You Love Me (Original Mix)

Jerry Ropero, Eddy Cabrera, Terri B! - Soul Heaven 2013 (Monday Music Club Remix)

Joi Cardwell, Steal Vybe - Wanderlust (Chris Forman's Retouched Soul Revision)

Joseph Hines, Loretta - Sometimes (Hallex M Remix)

Massimo Barri, Anthony Zolli, Aly Bee - I'm Ready (Soufulhouse Mix)

Nastic Groove - Love In Paris (Original Mix)

Refurbished - Yo Mama (Original Mix)

Roland Clark - I Get Deep (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

Sheena, Luba - Give Me Back (Original Mix)

Short Bus Kids, Allison - Where Are You? (Original Mix)

Soledrifter - Round The Bend (Original Mix)

Soul Searcher - Feel The Muzik (Vocal Mix)

T.S.O.N. - Blessed & Grateful (BlackBall Performance MixX)

Todd Gardner, Gynisse Way - You're My Dj (Saxy Reprise)

Art Of Tones - The Same Thing (Original Mix)

BB James, Luke Fono - 4Real (Crackazat Remix)

Claes Rosen - Daydreaming (Original Mix)

Envee, Nick Sinckler - Gotta Work (2020 Mix)

Ezel, Tumelo - Get Down (Original Mix)

Lee Wilson, Coflo - Fool For You (Original Mix)

Moondance - Never Found Love (Original Mix)

Soul Renegades - Speak To Me (OPOLOPO Tweak)

Tommy Rawson - Brenda Done Died With No Name. (Original Mix)

Wipe The Needle, Alex Lattimore - Enchanted (Original Mix)

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