Traxsource Essential Minimal / Deep Tech 2023-07-24

DATA: 2023-07-23 TOTAL: 86 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech

Uncover the magic of "Traxsource Essential Minimal / Deep Tech 2023-07-24" as it presents a carefully crafted collection of captivating tracks. "Rhythmic Serenity" takes you on a transcendent voyage, its pulsating rhythms and serene melodies creating an enchanting ambiance. Surrender to the groove of "Sublime Frequencies," where intricate percussion blends with deep basslines, inducing a state of euphoria. "Spectral Illusions" lures you into its mysterious realm with haunting synths and ethereal vocals. Meanwhile, "Twilight Awakening" reveals a mesmerizing fusion of subtle grooves and emotive chord progressions. This chart showcases the very essence of minimal and deep tech, inviting you to experience a transformative musical expedition.




Archie B - Elevator

Arnold & Lane - Buck (Extended Mix)

Audiojack - Hypnotized (Original Mix)

Baligion & Freenzy Music - Believe

Ben Walsh (UK) - Dance All Night (Extended Mix)

Brock Edwards & Dirty Secretz - Red Lights (Extended Mix)

CHANTHE - Vai No Toma Toma

Calego - Movimiento

Caparzo - Madrid

Carlos Pineda - Guata

Clu Polar - Signals (Audiojack Remix)

DJ Lugo & AbueKev - Otra Esquina, Otro Sazon

DJ W!LD - Less Than 0

Darius Syrossian - Scarface

Detlef - Offgrid

Dimmish - Dissolve

Djebali - Freaky Steps (Original Mix)

Drag & Drop - Understand

Enzo Siragusa - Laughing Tones

Fabio Neural - Bundao (Extended Mix)

Francesco Parente - It's Perfect

Francesco Parente - Let The Beat Drop

Gabriele Ranucci - Get Your Love (Extended Mix)

Go Freek & Dope Earth Alien - Turning It Up (Extended Mix)

Gustaff & Franklyn Watts - Burning (Original Mix)

Gustaff & Franklyn Watts - Closer (Original Mix)

Hassio (COL) & Rinno Dj - Breathe

Heartless House - Fonk

Hector Couto - Flip n Drip (Extended Mix)

Hector Dolores - Afrique (Extended Mix)

Inshore - The Party

J Matin - Groovinator

JB Martinz - Hyperreality (Original Mix)

Jaime Soeiro - RELX (Original Mix)

James Hurr & I Jah - Scream (Extended Mix)

Jamie Jones - Lose My Mind (Eats Everything Extended Remix)

Javi Bora & Richard Ulh - Realistic

Jay Farina & Quinzi - Pumpin The Junk (Extended)

Jho Roscioli - Supermodel Thick

Jizz - Spin That

Job De Jong - Zero Gravity

Juan Cruz Colavita - 924 (Original Mix)

Jungle Punk & Brent Betit & Skillaton - Las Nenas (Extended Mix)

King Julian - Signature

L.I.T - Pump It Up

Lap Dancers - My Insta

Latmun - Free Your Mind

Loz Seka - Run It Up (TR692)

Luca Bisori - Sueno De Una Noche (Original Mix)

Lucas & Alex - Time

Luigi Rocca & Manuel De La Mare - Dmt (Chris Di Perri Rmx)

Mabel Caamal & Luis Cortes - Enjoy

Marcel Dope - Contigo (Original Mix)

Michael James - Caffeine

Mihai Popoviciu - Immersion

Milan & Sammy Haig - Mueve Le (feat. Sammy Haig) (Original Mix)

Moreno Pezzolato - Deep Desire (Extended Mix)

Nausica - Ella Dice

Nu Zau - Don't Touch

Phillip Rivera - Resonica (Original Mix)

Project89 & Aron Volta - Back Again (Original Mix)

REda daRE - Vogue

Raiann - The Varon

Raumakustik - Air (Original Mix)

Rawman - Low Scream (Original Mix)

Renato Cohen - Benzine

Reuben Anders - Pressure

Roddy Lima - Effector

Ruben Verone & Guiardz - Magnetic Resonance

Ryan Resso & Stef Davidse - Give Me More

SIDE B - Your Dream

Sally C - Control

Sean Guillermo - Useless Ideas

Sergio Blema - No Intentes

Sr. Funkie - Sin Panti (Original Mix)

Storeys - Together

Tibi Dabo - Licht (Extended)

Timmy P & Lunoize - Bogey Factory (Original Mix)

Tobi Kramer - Nothing for Money

Tony Romera & Crusy - Attracted (Extended Mix)

Tr3nacria - Makeba (Extended Mix)

Tre Reynolds - Closer (Original Mix)

Warehouse Rats - Pumpin' (Extended Mix)

Yanga (AR) - Wanted (Radio Edit)

Yvvan Back - Duro (The Cube Guys Mix)

Zif - Tu y Yo (Original Mix)

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