Traxsource Essential Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno, Tech 2024-07-10

DATA: 2024-07-09, TOTAL: 179 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno, Tech House

Listen to all the latest chart-burning numbers in minimal and deep tech with the ‘Traxsource Essential Minimal / Deep Tech (July 10, 2024). Here you will find an example of the modern tracks that combine various grooves, complex drum patterns and underground mood. Starting from Nick Curly’s ‘Just A Feeling’ which replicates the soulful standards of the genre followed by Luciano and Stigmaz’s ‘Travieza’ which has the ability to mesmerize anyone. Experience the tunes of Solu Music, Ruze, and Hannah Wants and let the rhythms of the music take you straight into the center of dance floor.


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ACA (YU) - Whateva (Ozzie Guven Remix)
ACA (YU) - Whateva
Airrica - Cherries (KinAhau Remix)
Anton Mcmillan - Casual Insanity
Antonio Cat - What is wrong
Archie Hamilton & Sadie Walker - Daydream (Extended)
Azztom - Like This
Baar - The Reason (Mixed)
Bondar & Blue Jade - No Love
Chaval (BR) - Boujee (Extended Mix)
Conrad Product - Fuck Sistem
Daisy Moon - Tonyo
Domenico Brena - I Can See The Light
Eden Burns & Andras - Wrangler
Erratic - Focus
Funk Cartel - Imprints
Funk Cartel - Let Go
Gunnter - Dance
J Gabriel - It Comes And Goes
JCROW - Over Here
James Wyler - Let The Rhythm Be (Original Mix)
Jessteck - Smash
Jose Vilches - Old glories
Joseph Edmund - Aciid (Extended Mix)
Jurgen Kirsch - Another Story (Rhadow Remix)
Martin Meyer & Seemless - Richtige Jacksons
Mason Collective - Mvson Way (Original Mix)
Mason Maynard, HoneyLuv - XTC (Original Mix)
MiNNt Edit & Wallo - U Got It (9 AM Mix)
Rez | Alberto Rettore - Haven't Told You
Sangarang & Hookline & THISMINORITY - Biohazard
Sidney Charles - Pacific Rhythm
Sidney Charles - Space Bass (Original Mix)
Silvie Loto - Follow Me
Sozef - Infinity's Embrace
Stanny Abram - Desigual
Swoose - Cubensis
VLTRA (IT) - How It Feels
VLTRA (IT) - Keep It Coming
option4 & Rimini Roudette - Rob The Bank
ADEZ (NL) - Moruba
Across Boundaries & Chris Stussy & Locklead - Pumpin'
Ander P - Little Space
Arapu - Max
Aron Volta - Airtight
Aron Volta - All The People
Astre - Browis
BES - I Don't Wanna Talk (Original Mix)
Casey Spillman - Cuttin' Clouds
Cesar Sepulveda - Blue Port
Chandler Sinclair & NV - WANT U
Cosmin Horatiu - Youme (Original Mix)
DIM FLO - Belong
Dompe - Last Days of Disko
Facu Baez & Braydon Terzo - 50 INCH WOOFAS
Fourth Phase - Don't Call Me Bro
Innocent Soul - Abayomi
Intruder (A Murk Production) & Jei - Amame (feat. Jei) (Dunmore Brothers Extended Remix)
James Dexter - Reload
James view - Party Time (Original Mix)
Jerome Price - On My Mind (Extended Mix)
Jesse Maas - Settled After
Jimii - Get Loud
KLO & Lyss - Dreamy
LEON (Italy) & Roberto Natalini - Time To Change
Leonardo Gonnelli & Matteo Gatti - Shorty
Lucas Alexander - Soz Not Soz
Max Mash - Toma (Original Mix)
Miguel Palhares - State of Mind (Mixed)
Mij Mack - Passion Control (Original Mix)
Reflex Blue - The D.C.S (Original Mix)
Salus - Do You Think About Me
Tom Savage - Conmigo (Extended Mix)
Vidaloca - Liminous Beat
Alan Nieves - Stand Your Ground (Original Mix)
Alfonso Tan - You Can't Stop Me (Extended Mix)
Alterboy - Jump
Anderdox - Day One
Atticus & DJ BIG S - Do It All Again
Bexxie - Gotta Be Real
Blaqq & Why'd - Do You Have It
Chuckie - Bassline (Short Version)
Danilo De Santo - Beyond The Waves
David Penn - Con Son
Dennis Quin - Mas Agora (Original Mix)
Elson (IT) - Take Me Hight
Ferra Black & Warren Blake - Midnight Train (Extended Mix)
Fragoso & Whitenoise - Journey
Good Vibe People - The Call
Hot Sync - Skunk 80s
Joe Diem & Guezmark & Iska - La Junta (Radio Edit)
KPD - Escape (Radio Edit)
KeeQ & Kuuda - Third Room (Extended Mix)
Larry_C - A New Life
Lizzie Curious & Matt Dawson - Reach Out (Original Mix)
Massimo Lippoli - What Would We Do (Extended Mix)
Mat Moody & Brody - Doo Goose
Matias Sundblad - On My
Matteo Freyrie - The 90S (Radio Edit)
Miguel Bastida - Latres (Extended Mix)
Misha (Us) - Blessin
N2N - Don't Talk To Me (Extended Mix)
Nasser Baker - Around The Way (Original Mix)
Nicola Cocina - Take Me Up
Oliver Gil - Surfing (Original Mix)
Ollie Sanders - I Need A Rhythm
Paco Caniza - Iberican Dreams
Paul C & Manuel De La Mare - Wow
Ricky Paes - Atomic City
Ricky Quiroz - Amsterdam
Roland Clark & Moonbootica & Format:b - I Get Deep (Original Mix)
Sacha Robotti - Praise You
Scruby - Baile (Extended Mix)
Sergiodnine - Drop It
Si Slay - Ubah (Extended Mix)
Stateeast - Back The Time
Terry Jasinto & Tati G - Toxic
Thomas Newson - Watch Your Back (Extended Mix)
Torren Foot, Associanu - Sleep When I'm Dead (LO'99 Extended Remix)
Toyzz - All Done (Extended Mix)
Trace & Doug! - Flex Like Ouu
Xxandra - Ready To Go (Original Mix)
Adam Ten & Rafael - Call 911 (Extended Mix)
Airrica - Hi Speed Lover (Extended)
Apexape - Love With You (Extended Mix)
Big Black Boot - Vibrate (Alex Kenji & Jerome Robins Remix)
Camille Doe - When I'm With You
Costa UK - Tribal Flute (Extended Mix)
David Tort - God Created The DJ
Detlef, Ossey James - Swagon (Detlef '24 Edit)
Dimitri Antek - Move Your Body (Short Version)
Duke & Jones & Katy Alex - Let Me Go
Erick Diaz - Control
Felipe Venegas & Felipe Nell - F.A.R.E
Fer BR - How Much You Want (Original Mix)
Floor Vision - Up & Down
Frank Storm, Francis De Simone - Quarterback Original Mix
Hutch - Bottom $ (Club Mix)
Jamie Coins - Break 'Em Up
Jochem Hamerling - Speyside (Extended Mix)
K'Alexi Shelby - The Ron Hardy Memo (Manda Moor Remix)
Low Steppa, Jewel Kid - Big Busta (Extended Mix)
Martin Meyer - Galactic Connection
Mason Maynard, HoneyLuv - XTC (Jamie Jones Remix)
Massimo Conte - It's Right
Mat Aus - You Know Molly (Original Mix)
Mene - Out Of That (Original Mix)
MoonDark - Don't Stop (Streaming Edit)
N2N - Loose Unit
Paul C - Hot Space (Original Mix)
Pietro - Off The Rails
Rafa Barrios - Me Calientas (Extended Mix)
Roy LaCroix - Tabasco
Sante Sansone - Jump Game (Original Mix)
Softpaw - Like I Love You
Stanny Abram - Aidee - Eooho
Sugartrane - Intoxicated (Edit)
Thomas Garcia & Juany Bravo & Mantrance - Ahamprehma
Tom Enzy - Paris (Extended Mix)
Void - TUKATU (Original Mix)
konfluence - In My Soul
131bpm - F*ck Me Up
Anja Schneider & Sebo K & Paramida - Rancho Relaxo (Paramida & E-Talking Remix)
Anja Schneider - Rain (Jaymie Silk Remix)
Baccus - Your Love
Butane & Riko Forinson - Little Helper 414-1
Cave - Skolopender
Charlotte De Witte - How You Move
Karmel Jager - Laundry in Berlin
Kristin Velvet - Rattlesnake
Lost Souls Of Saturn & Protomartyr - Lilac Chaser (D33 aka Danny Daze Remix)
M. Rodriguez, Karol Melinger - Groove's Fury (Original Mix)
NeWest - Threesome Sounds
Proxy & Torren Foot & Airwolf Paradise - Raven (Torren Foot & Airwolf Paradise Remix)
Rosa (US) - Oh Like That (Hipp-E Trippy Dub Remix)
Sian & Bobby Nourmand & David LeSal - Control
Sinisa Tamamovic - Say It! (Original Mix)
Yyvng - Celebration (Extended Mix)

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