Traxsource Essential Tech 2023-06-13

DATA: 2023-06-12 TOTAL: 82 GENRE: Tech House, Techno

Prepare yourself for a sonic adventure as Traxsource presents Essential Tech on June 13, 2023. This carefully curated collection dives deep into the realm of tech house and techno, bringing you the most essential tracks of the moment. With an expert blend of underground beats and innovative production, this edition of Essential Tech takes you on a rhythmic voyage that will captivate your senses and ignite the dancefloor. From pulsating basslines to hypnotic synth patterns, each track is a testament to the cutting-edge sounds that are driving the electronic music scene forward. Get ready to immerse yourself in the future of tech-infused grooves and embrace the evolution of electronic music.



4Tune - Under My Body

Abbud - Twerk It

Andrew Meller - Insomnia (Matt Sassari Extended Remix)

Andruss & Lowderz - Dum Dum

Angel Heredia - Amisex

Ben Sterling & Superchumbo - All Over My Body

Blass (ITA) - Keep In Going It

Caique Carvalho & Gustavo Koch - 1,2,3,4

Caique Carvalho - Antava

Carlos Pineda - Inside Of Me (Original Mix)

Chango - The Dance (Streaming Edit)

Chris Child & Non Grata - Petrunko (Original Mix)

Cityburn - Nothing Left

DASQ - Street Culture

Dakar - The Best (Extended Mix)

Danilo De Santo - Contigo (Extended Mix)

David Novacek & Frank-Lo & 4step Feat. La Fenice - Caballero (Extended Mix)

Davide T - Classic Breakdown

Des & Del & James Indigo - Ascend

Diego Bustamante - Lost in the Music (Original Mix)

Diff Twin - The Vision (Original Mix)

El Jack - Sabroso

Emaxx Cost & Stefaina - High Voltage

Enne - Broke (Original Mix)

Frents & Lodgerz - Diben

Friend Within - Pilka (Extended Mix)

GAWP - Boiling Point

Hector Dolores - No Complaints (Extended Mix)

Housewife & Wally B - Bey Tonight (Original Mix)

Hype Wave - Perreo

Ian Barbero & Matias Meyer - The Party

Jaecjoss - Vamo' Que Nos Vamo' (Extended Mix)

James Haskell - Check It Out (Extended Mix)

Jay De Lys - Tired Of Loving (Extended Mix)

Josh Kalker - To The Top

Julio Navas & DJ Sylvan - Chiki Chika 2023

KPD - Don't Lie

KeeQ - Such A Loneliness (Extended Mix)

Kevinn - Higher (Original Mix)

Klayers - Rewind Selecta (Extended Mix)

Kristin Velvet - Bongati

Liquid Rose - Ragga (Original Mix)

Lizzie Curious - The Sound (Original Mix)

Los Donatos Organos - The Funk

MLVR - Corazon (Extended Mix)

Massimo Conte - My Nature

Matteo Quezada - Pump It (Original Mix)

Matthias Tanzmann & Daniel Stefanik - Comida China (Edit)

Max Mendez - Why I'm (Extended Mix)

Needs No Sleep & Kxne - Solar Eclipse

Nolek & Allan Piziano - Mas (Extended Mix)

Noreply - Bad Faces

Obando & Matheo Velez - Perfect Excuse (Original Mix)

Pirate Copy - I Can't Stop (Extended Mix)

Point Set - Freaky With The Bass

Promise Land - Doesn't Matter (Extended Mix)

Pupa Nas T & Denise Belfon & Kevin McKay - Work (Kevin McKay Extended ViP)

Raaccso - Woodchuck (Fun Mix)

Raffi Habel - Call Me Bonita

Raumakustik & Juliet Sikora - Love Shake (Extended Mix)

Redance - Cavaricci

Rick Silva - The Rhythm Killa (Original Mix)

Roof Rats - Do You Like

Sergio Parrado - Mi House

Shiba San & AYAREZ - Twist It (Extended Mix)

Solardo & Joshwa - VIP Business

Stand x Deliver - Feet _ Dance (Original Mix)

Stefano Kosa - Al Ma (Original Mix)

Steve Aguirre & Johan Dresser - Cool & Groove

Sunday Noise & Sebastian Diaz - Supah Star

Supernova - Purple Jude (Extended Mix)

The Deepshakerz - Died To Be Free (Dateless Remix)

The Deepshakerz - Died To Be Free (Extended Mix)

Thomas Newson & Ben Miller - Badman

Tita Lau - One Of A Kind

Triple888 - Hold Up

Viv Castle & Kxne - Here Comes The Ride

Warehouse Rats - Hold Your Head Up (Extended Mix)

Will Varley - An Old Mans Advice (Original Mix)

Ysfk & Phil Costa - A Brother Peak

Zicario & Juan Lara - Everyone

raF. & Mauricio Traglia - Lovers (Extended Version)

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