Traxsource Essential Techno, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech 2023-10-10

DATA: 2023-10-10 TOTAL: 92 GENRE: Techno, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech

The "Traxsource Essential Techno, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech 2023-10-10" compilation, now available on Traxsource, serves as a sonic voyage into the forefront of electronic music. This curated selection celebrates the richness and forward-thinking nature of techno, tech house, and minimal/deep tech genres. The final trio of tracks on this chart includes "Vibes" by Lukas Lyrestam, "Odyssey" by DJ Deep, and "Bamboo" by Diego Infanzon. "Vibes" by Lukas Lyrestam envelops the listener in a hypnotic groove, featuring pulsating rhythms and immersive atmospheric layers. "Odyssey" by DJ Deep takes an exploratory approach, delving into intricate soundscapes that challenge conventional electronic norms. Finally, "Bamboo" by Diego Infanzon offers a relentless tech house experience, characterized by infectious beats and intricate percussion work. These tracks embody the cutting-edge spirit of electronic music, making them indispensable additions for aficionados of techno and tech house alike.


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Alex Arnout - Higher Orbit (Original Mix)

Alexis Raphael - All About Tonight

Ander P & - Warning (Original Mix)

Andre Zimmer - Feel The Energy

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf - Sentient Symmetry

Benny S - True Feelings

Casas - Blaze One (Original Mix)

Flatty Tatcher - Daydreaming

Freddie Wall - For the Ghetto

Hartley (UK) - Bring Swing

James Dexter - Waiting

Jesse Jacob - Callao

Jordan Peak - Dance With Me (Extended Mix)

Kidoo - Hotwing

LEON (Italy) - Fantasy

Late Delivery & Blas Cordero - Havana Nights

Leon the Lover - Some Soul

Lukey - The Problem Solver (Kepler Remix)

Maco & Oli Gosh - Melting

Marko Zalazar - Veintisiete

Mij Mack - Deep Salad (Original Mix)

Nathan Inman - Play (Extended Mix)

Pasquale Caracciolo - In To The Space

Pavzo - Dunce It

Perky Wires - Exploited

Snad - Quark

Sven Jaeger & Fabian Weitz - Sake Espresso

Thomass Jackson - Belgian UFO Wave

Tibi Dabo - Water Is

Timmy P - Bruce Wants More Cake (Manoova Remix)

Traumer - At Lanta

Tre Reynolds - Ecstasy

Victor Romero & Ismaso - Circuit

Zynk - Back To Funk

salute & Sammy Virji - Peach VIP

22 Weeks - Robots Return (Extended Mix)

22 Weeks - You're Doing Great (Extended Mix)


Ataxia - Keep My Youth

CODE02 - Nobody Is Watching (Radio Edit)

Camden Cox, Biscits - 365 (Original Mix)

Chan - Holdin' On

Chiccaleaf ITA - No me canso (Cleo Mix Edit)


Davide T - Floorfiller

Diskull - Letyago

Dj Fronter - Bali

Gezvolt - Time To Trip (Short Version)

Glassick - Confidence

Jamz (CO) - Hold It Back

Jason Pascascio - Flight 963

Jen Payne & Piero Pirupa & Tasty Lopez - Because The Night (Extended Mix)

Jholeyson, The Sahoo Conection - FUX (Extended Mix)

Karlos Kastillo & DJ Crown & Allain Espino - Get Up

Kevin Knapp - Rockstar

Lahox - Bring It Back (Extended Mix)

Lexlay - Black Mamba

Liam Cox - El Fuego (Extended Mix)

Lyan J - Take 2 Go (Original Mix)

M. Rodriguez & Jiorgio Ranion - Build Up (Dub Mix)

Mascott - Brulante (DJ Windows 7 Remix)

Miguel Nuas - No Sense

Rossi. - Feel It

Samuel Delgado - Watch Me Dance

Seba Cortes - Janguear

Simon Emme - The Disco (Original Mix)

Tini Garcia - Domain

True School Players, Harry Romero, Doc Martin, Joeski - Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)

Wildcard - Fire (Admro Remix)

alltalk & PEACE MAKER! - Conga Lust

ANDATA - Lazer Raw

Altinbas - Hunt

Belocca - Peaceful Warrior

Charlie Boon - Energy

Christian Smith - Polished Chrome

DJ PIZZINI - Triangle (Rework Mix)

Duncan Forbes - The Future Of Love (Bodhi Remix)

Filipe Barbosa - Terminal A

Inafekt - Serpent (Original Mix)

John Summit, VLTRA (IT) - Legacy (Extended Mix)

Laurent Garnier - Reviens La Nuit (Works Of Intent Farewell Remix)

Maceo Plex, AVNU (UK) - Clickbait (This Ain't Hollywood) (DJ Tennis Extended Mix)

Midland - Drift Into The Algorithm

Mike Shannon - Shijima 3000

Mladen Tomic - Fly With Me

Osunlade - Electricity

Shaded - Nasty Freak (Extended Mix)

Slam - Exhibit 1

Subtrax - WFT

Theo Kottis - Solar (Original Mix)

Van Damn - Blame it on the Bassline

William Arist - Visiting From Mars

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