Traxsource Most Wanted Dj Charts 2023-07-25

DATA: 2023-07-25 TOTAL: 186 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno 

On July 25, 2023, Traxsource unveils its highly anticipated Most Wanted DJ Charts, offering a compelling selection of tracks that are dominating the global electronic music scene. Carefully curated by renowned DJs and tastemakers, these charts serve as a compass, guiding music lovers through the latest and greatest sounds in the industry. With a wide range of genres represented, from deep and melodic house to energetic techno bangers, the charts cater to every discerning taste. For both established DJs and newcomers to the scene, Traxsource Most Wanted DJ Charts are an invaluable resource for discovering cutting-edge tracks that are shaping the future of electronic music.



AKKI - Loneliness (Original Mix)

AVNU (UK) - The World Is Yours (Original Mix)

Acor - Fight For Freedom (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer & Green Velvet - Simulator (Original Mix)

Aera - Bliss Point

Afriqua - Eliot

Alan Fitzpatrick - D.F.A.M. (Original Mix)

Ale De Tuglie - Green

Alex Stein - Pretender (Original Mix)

Alinka - Day Dreamer (Original Mix)

Ammo Avenue - Apoca Lips

Andhim - last song (catz n dogz remix)

Andrey Djackonda, Minube & Andrey Djackonda & Minube - Cafe Terrace (Original Mix)

Andruss - Toma Que Toma (Extended Mix)

Ango Tamarin & Efan Feekar - E Factory

Ango Tamarin - Freaks Pon Di Floor (Extended Mix)

Anna Tur & Metodi Hristov - Binary Fusion (Original Mix)

Antho Decks - Essa E Pra (Extended Mix)

Antonio Rec - bOSSY (Original Mix)

Antonio Rec - mOONLIGHT (Original Mix)

Atmosline - 9400

B.Bone - Be Free

B3RT1 - Silence (Original Mix)

BEC - Sixth Dimension (Original Mix)

Basswell - Massive Attack

Beki M - My Dreams (Original Mix)

Beltran & Puff (ITA) - Mandarino

Boryana - Parallel Reality (Original Mix)

Brown Sugar - Are you ready

Bruno Furlan - Now Work (Extended Mix)

Butch - Aerobic

Cajmere, Dajae - Brighter Days (Marco Lys Remix)

Capricorn - 20HZ (Marco Lys Remix)

Caravaca - Cafe de Madrugada

Carlo Lio - El Cantante (Original Mix)

Carv - Masked Rules (Original mix)

Castion & Martina Camargo - El Amor (Extended Mix)

Catalin Sima - Black Swan (Catalin Cristian, Reno Allen Remix)

Charles D & Madeaux - Believer (Original Mix)

Cosmic Boys - All Eyes On Me (Original Mix)

DEVN6 - Devotion

DEVN6 - Tears Of Rage

DSC - Hyperthermia (Original Mix)

Dalton Taylor - Love Found

Danny Avila & Heerhorst - The Procedure (Original Mix)

Danny Rhys - Move On (Extended Mix)

Danny Rhys - Sibali (Extended Mix)

Deeft - Piece Of Me (Original Mix)

Denise Schneider - Parallel Universe (Extended Mix)

Depeche Mode & Anna - My Cosmos Is Mine (ANNA Remix)

Dimuth K, Forerunners - Exit Reality (Original Mix)

Diplo & Nicky Da B - Express Yourself (Mochakk Remix)

Djibouti - Noisy Le Grand

Duarte & Panna (BR) - Back Out

Dysfaction - Shanti

ENNE (BR) - Dedication

Eli Brown - Love Is Free (Extended Mix)

Eli Nissan - Cosmic (Original Mix)

Fer BR - TechChord

Fisher & Aatig - Take It Off (Extended Mix)

Fran Ares - Last Call

Gab Rhome - Hunger

Goncalo & Anna Tur - El Lobo

Green Velvet & Classmatic - Bigger Than Prince (Classmatic 2k23 Remix)

Green Velvet & Patrick Topping - Voicemail (Layton Giordani Remix)

Green Velvet - Bigger Than Prince (Marco Lys Remix)

Green Velvet, Harvard Bass - Lazer Beams (Bontan Remix)

Green Velvet, Patrick Topping - Voicemail (Layton Giordani Remix)

Greg Paulus, Taylor Bense - Heat Makes Sense (Original Mix)

H! Dude - Clipz

H! Dude - Gettogether

HI-LO - CRESCENDO (Original Mix)

Harvy Valencia & Mrodriguez - Lolly

Hi-Lo - Brazil (Extended Mix)

Hof - Contact (Original Mix)

Hof - Sagewerk (Original Mix)

Irregular Synth - Lichtenberg (Original Mix)

Irregular Synth - Purple haze

Irregular Synth - The fighter

James Hurr & Ika Crossfield - Sun Is Shining (Extended Mix)

Jamie Coins - Derretch (Original Mix)

Jax Jones, AuRa - i miss u (John Summit Extended Remix)

Jeff Sorkowitz & Cami Jones - Covered in Sweat

Jeff Sorkowitz - NYSOM

Jizz - Missing Calls (Original Mix)

Joeski, Green Velvet - BARBEE (On Acid)

Jordan Gill & Orgymu5ik - Qalea (Original Mix)

Joris Turenhout - Mojo (Extended Mix)

Jose de Mara - Where The Party People At?

Joyhauser - Liberty (Original Mix)

Joyhauser - Wasted (Original Mix)

Juli Lee - Crickets & Pine (Mirco Niemeier Remix)

Julien Riess - Take You Higher

Juliet Fox - You Better Run (Original Mix)

gyrofield - Maybes (Original Mix)

Kate Hex - Fire Will Rain

KeeQ - Wrongful Doing (Original Mix)

Klangkuenstler & Obernauer - Die Welt Brennt (Original Mix)

Krzysiek Teper - Al

Krzysiek Teper - Deeply

Ky William - Shake (Extended Mix)

LIORi & Elad Adi - Mas Que Nada (Extended Mix)

La Fleur - Nightflow (Kenny Larkin Drama Mix)

Layton Giordani - Life Moves Fast (Original Mix)

Lilly Palmer - Fall In Love (Extended Mix)

Liva K & Vasilis - Moonwalking At Acropolis (Original Mix)

Louie Cut - Drop That (Original Mix)

Louie Cut - Musa (Original Mix)

Luca Maier - Shake It!

M. Rodriguez & Karol Melinger - Vila Real

MK, Dom Dolla - Rhyme Dust (Extended)

Marie Vaunt - Smile You're On Acid

Mark Broom, Riva Starr, Star B - Fire (The DJ Dub)

Mark Knight, Green Velvet, René Amesz - Live Stream (Noizu Extended Mix)

Melvin Spix - System (Original Mix)

Mha Iri - Bam Bam Bam

Mira Mira - Afterworld

Mira Mira - Ripple (Original Mix)

Nausica - Ella Dice

NiLO - Rhythm - Original Mix

Nonameleft & Flanko - Time

Odd Mob - XTC (Extended Mix)

Pablo Say - Everybody In The Club

Pablo Say - Just Wanna Dance (Extended Mix)

Pablo Say - Music Has Changed My Life (Original Mix)

Patrik Berg - New Era

Paul Kalkbrenner - Schwer

Pedro Canas & Rebekah Abdeen - Highs & Lows (Extended Mix)

Piero Pirupa, Samuele Scelfo - Freaks Out (Extended Mix)

Project89, Andrew Azara - Mind Dance (Original Mix)

Promise Land - Doesn't Matter (Extended Mix)

Push & Beico - Radiation

Rafael Cerato, ANNAMA - You've Been My Hell (Original Mix)

Ramiro Lopez & Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer

Ramiro Lopez - Slowing Down

Red Pig Flower - H to H

Reinier Zonneveld & Carl Cox & Christopher Coe - Inferno (Space 92 Remix)

Rene Amesz - Bustin (Extended Mix)

Resistohr, Sebastian Groth & Resistohr & Sebastian Groth - Here We Go Again

Ricardo Baez, Curses - On and On (Curses Vocal Mix)

Rudy Ripani - Rollercoaster

Shall Ocin - Growling

Simina Grigoriu - Propeller Punks (Original Mix)

Skober & Undermoon - Privilege

Skober & Undermoon - Totem

Skober - Spiritual Experience (Original Mix)

Solardo & Joshwa - Vip Business (Original Mix)

Soma Soul & Underspreche - A Tu Lado

Soma Soul - Mahana

Soma Soul - Sinning

Speaking Minds & Amarcord - Hit Me (Bawrut Remix)

Stefano Richetta - Lost Tape

Sterzi - Movimiento (Extended)

Sterzi - Touch Me

Sterzi - UFOs and Marijuana (Radio Edit)

Super Flu - Go

Sydney Blu, Shelley Johannson - Getting Closer (Original Mix)

Syncia - Raw Chant (Original Mix)

T78 & A*S*Y*S - Bionatops

T78 - Truckter (2K23)

Tee - Danger (Original Mix)

Tensnake - 1975

The YellowHeads - Quarth

Thomas Schumacher & Lilly Palmer - Crave (Original Mix)

Thomas Schumacher & Maketech - Renegade (Original Mix)

Tibi Dabo - Triple Frontier (Original Mix)

Timmo - Feel Good

Timmo - Move My Body

Timmy P - Bruce Wants More Cake (Original Mix)

Timothy Allen - Generation

Toby Simpson - That's The Way (Original Mix)

Tony Romera & Crusy - Attracted (Extended Mix)

Ugur Project - Elevation

Ugur Project - Ready To Rave

Umek & Popof & Space 92 - Control (Original Mix)

Umek - Footmachine (Original Mix)

Underworld - Born Slippy (Nuxx / Remastered)

Vizionn - Run

Wade - The Movement (Original Mix)

Wehbba - Basic Pleasure (Original Mix)

William Kiss - Like This

Yet More - Erotic Trip

kaspar - Always Believed

kaspar - Since 94

undermoon - Fidem

youANDme - Swell  Repeat (Kenny Larkin Remix)

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