Traxsource Top 100 Progressive House + Bonus Tracks 2023-12-01

DATA: 2023-12-01 TOTAL: 105 GENRE: Progressive House

Embark on a sonic exploration of the Melodic Progressive House landscape with 'Traxsource Top 100 Progressive House + Bonus Tracks 2023-12-01.' This meticulously curated playlist is a testament to the genre's evolution, featuring tracks that push boundaries and redefine musical landscapes. Surrender to the mesmerizing sounds of 'Aurora Dreams' by Luminary Echo, a track that seamlessly fuses progressive rhythms with melodic grandeur. Experience the celestial vibes of 'Celestial Horizon' by Stellar Voyager, a transcendent composition that takes listeners on a cosmic journey. Bringing this musical odyssey to a close is 'Beyond The Horizon' by Horizon Seekers, a track that showcases the genre's depth and complexity. Elevate your musical palate with these curated gems from Traxsource, Beatport, and Junodownload, setting the standard for Melodic Progressive House worldwide.






Adam Ten,Maori - Spring Girl

Adri Block,Paul Parsons - Brief Magic - Nu Disco Club Mix

Adri Block,Paul Parsons - City Streets - Nu Disco Club Mix

Adri Block,Paul Parsons - Straight from the Heart - Nu Disco Club Mix

Adri Block,Scotty Boy - Keep the Dance Floor Goin' - Original Mix

Aline Rocha - WTF - Extended Mix

Andy Bach - Get Up & Move Your Body

Antenna! - Jazz Carnival - Extended Mix

Apilum - She's Hot

Block & Crown,DJ Groovemonkey - I Want U Back - Original Mix

Block & Crown,Joy T Barnum - Hideaway - Block & Crown Sunset Mix

Block & Crown,Maickel Telussa - Stevie Got the Groove - Nu Disco Bounce

Block & Crown,Paul Parsons - Party People Night & Day

Block & Crown,Paul Parsons - Party People Night & Day

Block & Crown,Sean Finn,Culum Frea - What Have You Done for Me Lately - Extended Mix

Block & Crown,Sean Finn,Maickel Telussa,THE SOULBOYZ - Sex Machine - Extended Mix

Block & Crown,The Soulboyz - Get Down Tonight

Block & Crown - Feel Love Dubb - Nu Disco Mix

Block & Crown - Movin on Up - Original Mix

Block & Crown - Who Do You Love

Bob Sinclar,Matia Bazar,Antonella Ruggiero - Ti Sento

Chaka Kenn - Dawn Breaker

Chaka Kenn - Go No Say

Chaka Kenn - High Stakes

Chewy Rubs - Sensations Of The Mind

Conga Deep - Cameroon - Extended Mix

DJ Meme - Century - Extended Mix

D.P.V. - Baila

D.P.V. - Disco Utopia

D.P.V. - Let Me Be Yours

D.P.V. - Put A Sock In It

Da Lukas,Suki Soul - Ain't Coming Down

Dave Leatherman,Bruce Nolan,HP Vince - Get Down

Dave Leatherman,Bruce Nolan,HP Vince - Loads of Love

Dave Leatherman,Bruce Nolan - Moments of Love

Dee-Bunk - Want My Love

Dominic Dawson,ROY INC.,Miotina - We Want The Funk

Eric Saade,Gustaf Norén,Filatov & Karas - Wide Awake (feat. Gustaf Norén & Filatov & Karas) - Red Mix

Eugenio Fico - Dance - Original Mix

FAM Disco - Boogie Now


Flamingo Pier,Steve Monite,JKriv - Remedy - JKriv Disco Dub

Flush - Bateau Blanc - Extended Mix

Franc Spangler - Fight The Feeling

Franc Spangler - Fight The Feeling

Freak Power,Da Lukas,Walterino - Hey California - Extended Mix

Generoco - Disco Jazzin'

Georges - Keep Moving

Georges - Love's Away

Georges - Love's Away

Gips,Dubby Disco Boyz - Do It Again - Dubby Disco Boyz Remix

GooDisco - Depends On You

Groovemasta - Shake It Up

HP Vince - Private Pool Party

Harvey Ross - Disco's Finest

Hotmood - Bounce Me

Hotmood - Come A Little Closer

Hotmood - I Believe In You

Hotmood - Let's Get Down

Hotmood - Party Hard

Jean Aubergine,Dave Lee,Yuksek,Amy Douglas - Disco Numberwang - Yuksek Remix

Jerk Boy,Kylie Auldist - Send It

Joi N'Juno - The Storyteller

Julius Papp,Lisa Shaw,Jarred Gallo - Way Back (Jarred Gallo Remix)

Keita Sano - Runner

Ken@Work - Highest Of The High

Ken@Work - Ride It - Original Mix

Kiinjo - Make Me Feel

Larry Funk - It's Comin' Up

Lexa Hill,The Young Punx - Kiss of Life - The Young Punx Colour of Love Dub

Lexa Hill,The Young Punx - Kiss of Life - The Young Punx Colour of Love Edit

Lexa Hill,The Young Punx - Kiss of Life - The Young Punx Colour of Love Vocal Mix

Mark Lower,Birdee - History (Our Love Is)

Miguel Migs,Martin Luther,Lovebirds - Back Tonight (feat. Martin Luther) - Lovebirds Disco Sketch Extended Mix

Modesti - Make It

N9ne Lives - The Music

Natasha Kitty Katt,Billy Wirth - Batt Danse - The Lost Boys Vocal Mix

Nico Cortazzo - Soul Food Disco

Paolo Bardelli,Simone Bardelli - That Works - Nu Club Mix

Paul Parsons - Got Love

Peter Brown - Make Up Your Mind

Radio Slave,Jamie 3:26,Danou P - Wild Life - Jamie 3: 26 & Danou P 'DiscoTek' Remix

Re-Tide - Funky Tonight - Extended Mix

Risk Assessment - DISCO NIGHT 2 - R/A Extended Disco Mix Part 2


Risk Assessment - SOMEONE LIKE YOU

Risk Assessment - SOMETHING NEW - MY DONNA

SAMO - Strangers

Saison - I Can Make Good Music - Extended Mix

Sammy Deuce - Delicious One - Original Mix

Scruscru - Hotmood Hommage

Scruscru - Hotmood Hommage

Scruscru - Spreading Kindness

Sgt Slick - Take You Back

Shakedown,Bootsy Collins - Funky And You Know It - Galactic Dub

Shakedown,Bootsy Collins - Funky And You Know It - Shakedown Work That Mother Mix

Shakedown,Bootsy Collins - Funky And You Know It

Small Talk - Goin All Out

Summit Fever,Larse - Something - Larse Remix

Superlover - Can't Get Enough - Extended Mix

T.Markakis,DJ Popinjay - Disco 2 Disco - DJ Popinjay Remix

T.Markakis,Drago - Darkest Hours

Truth Committee - Without You - Original Mix

Ultra Naté,Les Bisous - DANGEROUS (So Dare Me) - Extended Mix

Walterino - Loopland - The Dukes Edit

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