Traxsource Top 200 Deep Tech Of 2023 So Far… + Bonus Tracks

DATA: 2023-06-26 TOTAL: 235 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech

Unlock the sonic wonders of the Traxsource Top 200 Deep Tech of 2023 So Far... + Bonus Tracks, an exclusive journey into the realm of underground electronic music. This meticulously curated compilation invites you to explore the mesmerizing fusion of deep house and techno, delivering an unrivaled listening experience. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating rhythms and futuristic soundscapes that have defined the first half of 2023. From atmospheric grooves to driving basslines, each track encapsulates the essence of the Deep Tech genre, transporting you to a dimension where music and technology intertwine. Delve into the sounds of established veterans and emerging talents alike, as they carve their names into the annals of electronic music history. With its innovative compositions and infectious beats, this collection is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the genre and a testament to the vibrant spirit of the global electronic music community.




88HATS - Neptune

AMS - Morning Glory (Andrew Azara Remix)

ANOTR - Black Box

ANOTR - Forever (Original Mix)

Adrian Hour - What Ya Need

Alan Fitzpatrick & DJ Deeon & Djoko - Shake That Thang (DJOKO Remix)

Ale Castro - Fries (Original Mix)

Amine Edge & DANCE & Mene & ACA (YU) - Tricky (Original Mix)

Amine Edge & DANCE - What Is House

Ammo Avenue - Vice Versa (Max Chapman 1990 Mix)

Andrew Azara & Timmy P - Full Swing

Antonio Rossini - Invaders

Archie Hamilton & Tigerlight - Compulsion

Arkady Antsyrev - Know That

Barris Fishman - Hot Out Here

Behic Fellowes & George Smeddles - Barry Can't Drink

Beltran - Smack Yo' (Original Mix)

Beltran - Warning

Ben Rau - You Got Me Running

Bizen Lopez - I Love Buttons

Bizen Lopez - Made to Impress (Original Mix)

Bizen Lopez - Mr. Funker

Blackchild - El After Feat Tommy Naxty (Dub Mix)

Burnski - Stop

Butch - No Worries (Toman RMX)

Chicks Luv Us - Freakon

Classmatic & Nfasis - Toma Dale

Classmatic - El Primer Corazon

Colau - Altura

Cosenza - Lonely Heart

Craig & Grant Gordon - Fashion Week (Original Mix)

D'Julz - Highway (Janeret Remix)

D. Stone & Rooleh - Keep A Steady

DJ Deeon & Lucas Alexander - Hands On The Box

DJ Steaw - Come Along (M-High's Turned On Remix)

Damian Lazarus & Gorgon City & Leia Contois - Start Over (Reboot Remix)

DanEP - Callback (Original Mix)

Daniel Cuda - The Island (Extended Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Ahora Comprendo

Daniel Steinberg - Altona

Danny B - Suspect

Danny Snowden - Dusk

Darby - Procrastinator (Original Mix)

Dario D'attis - Believer (Paul C & Paolo Martini Remix)

Darius Syrossian & George Smeddles - Moontime (Ruze Remix)

Darius Syrossian, George Smeddles - Sonido (Oden & Fatzo Remix)

Delistic - The House, The Pressure

Den Haas - Moving (James Dexter Remix)

Dennis Cruz - Poke Bowl (Original Mix)

Dennis Cruz, Leo Wood - What U Doing (Extended Mix)

Dennis Quin - Right On (Extended Mix)

Dilby - Dust and Stones

Djoko & Kolter - Cellular

Donnie Cosmo - Inspector Closeau (Original Mix)

Dow.Jones - Pinch of Time

Dutari - These Right

Dyook - With A Touch Of Nostalgia

East End Dubs - Radiance

Eddy M - Acid Thoughts

Eddy M - Look At The Sky (Original Mix)

Eddy M - Really Really Hot (Original Mix)

Ekoboy - Earth&Fire (Extended Mix)

Endor - Sex Drugs Cash (Extended Mix)

Enrico Caruso & Rayzir - Together As One

FEX (IT) - Good for Me (Extended Mix)

Fisher Feat. Shermanology - It's A Killa (Shermanology Edit)

Francis De Simone - Move (Original Mix)

Franky Rizardo - Whatchagonnado

George Smeddles & Behic Fellowes - Watch Ya Scent

George Smeddles - System On

Giacomo De Falco - Nice People Around Me

GoldRed - Twisted

Guti & Dubshape - Every Cow Has A Bird (Tibi Dabo Remix)

Guti & Dubshape - Every Cow Has A Bird (original mix)

Guy Gerber & Albertina - Bocat (Michael Bibi Remix)

Harbison - Nowhere Else

Hipp-E - Lotta Love (Original Mix)

Hipp-e - More to Come

IZ & YO - Ol Laydiz

Italobros - Background

JPA & Sean Declase - Calling

JTJ & Natalia Moon - No Crowd Needed

Jaden Thompson - Closer

James Saunders - Groove Musicians (Extended Mix)

Jamie Jones - Moroccan Mint

Jamie Jones - Piano Wax

Jansons - Messan

Jansons - Twisty

Jerome Six - Every Single Time (Max Chapman Deep Mix)

Jerome Six - Every Single Time

Jerome Six - Nobody

Jesse Jacob - Ring Whistler

Jesse Maas - Les Yeux (Original Mix)

Job De Jong - Inside Man (Original Mix)

Joe Vanditti & Mene - Antava

Joeski - Agua Negra (Original Mix)

John Deluxe - Nina

Jordano Roosevelt - Tek Tek

Jorge Mattos - Samba Malandro

Jose Vilches - Faylona

Joseph Edmund - Erratic Behavior

Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness (Damian Lazarus Re Shape Deeper Version)

Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness (Damian Lazarus Re Shape)

Juanito - Work It Mami (Original Mix)

Kai Rodriguez - Undaground

Kellie Allen - Andiamo

Kellie Allen - Back In The 80's

Kellit - Vice City

Ken Kelly - Keep Your Faith

Kolter - Please Don't Call Me

Latmun & Iglesias - Duffman

Latmun - Just Play

Legit Trip - Broke My Heart

Life on Planets - Dreamcatcher (Lubelski Remix)

Lin C (BR) - Fresh n' Bouncy

Luca Bisori - Lights Go Down (Original Mix)

Lucas Alexander & Timmy P - Trust

atish & Vridian - Instant Transmission (Mihai Popoviciu & Markus Homm Remix)

eb_flow - Elevate

low& & Rockey Washington - Nora Vi

Madvilla - Don't Stop

Magnus Asberg - Acid Code (Lil Mark smiley dub)

Malone & Riveron - Don't Look Back (Extended Mix)

Manda Moor - The Climax

Markus Homm & Brad Brunner & AG Swifty - The Big Con

Martin Badder - I Want (Original Mix)

Mat.Joe - Trip Home (Otistic Remix)

Mateo Dufour - Check This Sound

Mathias Kaden & Zoe Xenia - Blackbird (Ian Pooley's Basic Dub)

Mauro Venti - Little Helper 401-1

Max Chapman - Bethany

Mene & ACA (YU) - No Me Impolta

Michael Bibi & Kinahau & Audio Bullys - Different Side (Original Mix)

Michael Bibi - La Murga (Michael's Midnight Mix)

Michelino - Get On Down (Kingsley Remix)

Miguel Lobo - Cuatro Cinco Seis

Miguel Lobo - Escuchela

Mihai Popoviciu & Markus Homm - Follower (Nick Curly Remix)

Mihai Popoviciu - Daily Basis

Mihai Popoviciu - Understand (Original Mix)

Mike Scot - Dance You Out

Mike Sharon - Energy

Mike Sharon - Moving Through Life

Mochakk & Fernanda Ouro - NO8DO (Plaza Edit)

Mochakk - Campainhas

Mr. V - Mr. Bongo (Hello Children) (Butch Extended Remix)

Mysterious People - Minimized Theory

Nate Chapman (US) & Will Oliver (US) - Flight School

Nick Curly - Find Out

Nicolas Caprile & Jorhav - Keep Yourself Up

Nicolas Recalde - A Way to Say Goodbye

Niels van Veen - I Know (Edit)

Niko Boggs - Modular Funk (Original Mix)

Nolon - Bronx Zoo

Nomad (MX) - Underrated

Ntfo - Acelstalalt

O.B - Se Puede

OSE - Got That

Ozgur Uzar - Sahar (Original Mix)

PAWSA - Roll Play (Extended Mix)

PRUNK & Ruze - Incredible (Club Mix)

Paluma & Tyson O'brien - Man Eater (Extended Mix)

Paluma - This MC (Original Mix)

Pavzo - Your Body

Pawsa - Hendrix Flow (Original Mix)

Pawsa - Room Service (24 Hour Mix)

Pepe G - Flow (Original Mix)

Peter Mac - Dazed! (Filtered Tech Edit)

Phil Weeks - Superfly (Fabe Ger Remix)

Philips K - Basic Sound

Pier Bucci - Hay Consuelo (Dennis Cruz Remix)

PireZ_ - Come And Getya (Original Mix)

Prince.L - Ghetto Talks

Prok & Fitch - Hip Slide

Prok & Fitch - Testimony

Proudly People - Funky Love

Quivver & Dave Seaman & Brianna Price - Rockets & Rainbows (Floyd Lavine Remix)

Quivver & Dave Seaman & Brianna Price - Rockets & Rainbows

Quivver & Dave Seaman - Not This Time

REda daRE - Supreme

Rafa Campo - Holes (Original Mix)

Reelow & Mene & ACA (YU) & s_o_u_l_f_u_l - Oye Tu (Original Mix)

Retrouve - Burnin'

Retrouve - First Time

Riley - Club Soul (Original Mix)

Rob Paine & Lady Alma & Joey Crawford - Love Right Now (Tech Dub)

Robbie Doherty - It's My Beat (Extended Mix)

Roger Sanchez - Not Enough (Josh Butler Remix)

Route 94 - Clapped (Original Mix)

Ruben Mandolini & Diego serrao - Blackfly (Ruben Mandolini Extended Vision)

Ruze - Concorde Club (Original Mix)

Salome Le Chat - Time To Move

Samu.l - Skyline

Sanchez (UK) - Purp Haze

Secnd & Portable Paradise - High Rise (Original Mix)

Shiba San - I Wanna (Tchami Remix)

Sidney Charles - Hausmeister (Original Mix)

Sidney Charles - Sonar Plexus

Skizzo - Sunny (Extended Mix)

Ssero - NdN

Steve Bug - Grumble Bumble

Steve Bug, Cle - Butterflies Speak Poetry (Original Mix)

Steve Kelley - Back To The Old School

Steve Mac & Robert Owens - One Day (Ithurtz Remix)

Supernova & Cardellino - Tuyo (Supernova Vinyl Extended Mix)

THEOS & El Rod - NMW

The Martinez Brothers & Tokischa - Kilo (Beltran Remix)

ThedamnSam - Baby (Jack Roy Remix)

Thierry Tomas - Cafe Society (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)

Tim Taylor (UK) - Made For Fun

Toby Simpson - SuBBazz

Tom Bug & Tom Bug & Grooveline & Grooveline - Get Away (Original Mix)

Toman - Chevere

Toman - Trinidad

Toman - Una Y Nada (Original Mix)

Tommy Bones - Lost Love (Dub)

Tommy Bones - Lost Love

Traumer & Brako - 002_Police

Traumer - District

Tuccillo & Kindbud - Underground (Archie Hamilton's Frequency Remix)

Tuccillo - Amarena

Tuccillo - Background Talking

Tuccillo - Tone Program

Unidos - Todo Empezo (Extended Mix)

Us Two - Your Mum

Vampire Sex - Disco Party Baby (Original Mix)

Victor Stancov - Untitled Sequence

Waitz - Deeper Down (Original Mix)

Walker & Royce - Feel The Vibe (Original Mix)

Will Sonic - Sundown (Colau Remix)

William Deep - DSY

Wlad & DJ Steaw - Culture Club

Yuu Udagawa - Hug Close

Za__Paradigma - Woani (Original Mix)

wAFF - District

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