Traxsource Weekend Weapons June 2nd, 2023

DATA: 2023-06-19 TOTAL: 198 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno 

Prepare to be blown away by the musical prowess showcased in Traxsource Weekend Weapons June 2nd, 2023. This dynamic compilation album brings together an exceptional array of tracks that embody the essence of contemporary electronic music. Bursting with energy and creativity, these cutting-edge productions push the boundaries of sound, blending diverse influences and innovative production techniques. Whether you're a fan of deep, melodic house or prefer the driving beats of techno, Weekend Weapons June 2nd, 2023 has something for everyone. Immerse yourself in this sonic journey and discover the tracks that will undoubtedly become the soundtrack to countless unforgettable moments on dancefloors worldwide.



Addvibe - Love You (Unreleased Mix 1)

Adrian Hour - Kickback (Duodisco Remix)

Afriindi, Soul Star - Sari Manuwe (Original Mix)

Alan Dixon - Kingsland Road 2AM

Alex Lago - Dropping

Alexny - Best Regards

AnAmStyle, Branco Argenta - Frequencies

AnAmStyle, Branco Argenta - Funkasized

Andre Espeut - The Journey (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Rework)

Andrew Nagy, Joel Winterflood - Wanna Feel

Angelo Ferreri, DJ Delta (IT) - THE DJ MANIFESTO (Original Mix)

Antica, One man Ahead, Michael Christian - Let's Get To This (Original Mix)

Antonio Santana - That's The Way

Arthur Baker, A'drienne Dupree - Believe

Aternity - To The Music (Extended Mix)

Aura - Destiny (Original Mix)

B FROM E - Lesson 1

BBwhite - Lose Control

Babert - Check This out!

Babs Presents - 2 Turntables In 95

Babs Presents - Playing Games

Badbox - Zurna

Bargie, Nikki Corallo, Emanuele Cappello - Pleasure Funk

Barney Osborn - I'm All You Need (Barney's Stripped Back Remix)

Barris Fishman - Hot Out Here

Bazza Ranks, Karmina Dai, Fizzikx - Lift Me Up (Fizzikx Vibe n Soul Vocal Remix)

Birdee, Alexandra Prince - Jupiter + Mars (Extended Mix)

Blaze, UDAUFL, Barbara Tucker, CASSIMM - Most Precious Love (Unreleased CASSIMM Dub)

Boddhi Satva, Erin Kimberly - Now or Never (Main Mix)

Bruno Bona - Things That You Say

CASSIMM - Son De Lo (Extended Mix)

Caique Carvalho, Diogo da Silva - That Beat (Original Mix)

Carlos Francisco - The Lies We Tell

Catz 'n Dogz, Monty Luke - They Frontin' (2023 Remastered Version)

Ceevox, Jrny, KButterfly - Tambores (Doug Gomez Main Merecumbe Remix)

Charles Webster, Sio - Burning (Dazzle Drums Remix)

Chemars - On My Mind (All The Time)

Ciro Fabbiano - Male Mami

Corrado Alunni - The Sun Goes Down

D.P.V. - Love You Much

DJ Ax - I Have A Dream (Club Mix)

DJ Ax - I Have A Dream (Peter Brown Remix)

DJ Christian B - Hold Me Close

DJ Ibanez - Close To Me (Ziggy IT Remix)

DJ Kane, Gorje Hewek - Life It Is (Revision) (Original Mix)

DJ Popinjay - Enough For Rhythm

DJManuel, Miss Kelli - Move (Unreleased Funky Mix)

Daniel Rateuke - Maroona (Original Mix)

Daphne Rubin-Vega - Change (Fathers Of Sound Classic Vocal Mix)

Darius, Amaria - FADED (Darius Remix)

David Harness, Craig C - The Right Time (David Harness & Craig C Remix)

Deepo, Morris Revy - Searching (Original Mix)

Desena - Veradero

Diephuis, Eastar - Just Don't Stop (Original Mix)

DjPope, Brutha Basil - No Way Back (Original S.O.B. Vocal)

DjPope, Missfly - U Got My Heart (Original S.O.B. Vocal)

DjPope, Una - The Rain Come Down (Original S.O.B. Vocal)

DjPope, Unqle Chriz - R U Ready (Original S.O.B. Vocal)

Ekoboy - Earth&Fire (Extended Mix)

Envee - Styrax (2-Step Remix)

Envee - Styrax

Eugene Glasgow - I Feel The Music

Fabio Vela - My Redemption

FederFunk - Need To

Franck Roger - Keep Yo'Self

Franklyn Watts - Que Onda

GAWP - Boiling Point

George Cynnamon - Dizzy Dasco

Giacomo De Falco - Empatia

Giacomo De Falco - Nice People Around Me

Giovanni Damico - Night Time

HOUSE DAT S**T, Ely Swares - Casinha

Hallex M, Da Le (Havana) - Olokun (PolyRhythm PRM Mix)

Harry Kaze - Damage (Martin Waslewski Remix)

Hatiras - Fire

High Fade - Sharpen Up (Opolopo Remix)

International Dateline - Acidisco (Make a Dance Remix)

Isavis, Nassi, Aldo Bergamasco, Carla Prather - What Hope Have I?

JPA, Sean Declase - Calling (Audiojack Remix)

Jack Willard - Paragon (Extended Mix)

Jame Starck - Miss In Disco (Roberto Parisi Remix)

James Deron - Alujo

Jason Merle - Did This Did That (Fork In The Rhodes Remix)

Jerome Robins, Alex Kenji - Plastic (Original Mix)

Jesusdapnk - In Paradise

Jesusdapnk - Smoke And Samplers

Jo Paciello, Raffaele Ciavolino - The Big Sun (Bonetti Remix)

Jo Paciello, Raffaele Ciavolino - The Big Sun (DAN:ROS Remix)

Jo Paciello, Raffaele Ciavolino - The Big Sun (Daisuke Miyamoto Remix)

John Deluxe - Nina

John Heckle - A (John Beltran Remix)

Jolly - Hypnotic Beats

Josh Caffe - You (Erol Alkan Rework)

KC Wray - Late Night Shake

K:N:M - Soulful Calvin (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)

Kellie Allen - Back In The 80's

Kellie Allen - I Know

Kinky Movement - Soul Doctor

Kokode - Give It Up for My Band (DJ Ed Gain Remix)

Kokode - Give It Up for My Band

Kry (IT), Filip Grönlund - Can You Feel?

Ladies on Mars, Venessa Jackson - Voulez-Vous (Dr Packer extended mix)

Lefthook - Keepin' On

Lesny Deep - Roots Run Deep (Original Mix)

Lin C (BR) - What U Gaat

Local Options - Common Thread

Lorenzo Spano, Markyño - Beautiful Room (Original Mix)

Luca Garaboni - 4 Days In Berlin

Luiz Uchoa, Dudu Oliveira - Abre-Alas

MVC Project - Believe (Stylish Remix)

Madji'k - What (Dub Mix)

Magnolia, Elliot Chapman - Deep Inside My Soul (John Morales Remix)

Magnolia, Elliot Chapman - Deep Inside My Soul

Martina Budde, Riccardo Fiori - Together (Original Mix)

Masaki Morii - MDUB01 (Aghh Dub)

Matthias Tanzmann, Daniel Stefanik - Comida China

Maytra - I'm Dying Up Here

Michael Gray, Tatiana Owens - You Got To Remember feat. Tatiana Owens (Extended Mix)

Micronoise - Waiting For Tonight

Miguel Lobo - Cuatro Cinco Seis

Mike Pliskin - Hold Me Down

Mikki Afflick - Metamorphosis (Original Mix)

Milk & Sugar, Jens Lissat - Can U Hear Me? (Extended Mix)

Milton Chuquer - Flora (Extended Mix)

Monserratt - Oggun Chant (Polyrhythm Afro Latin Mix)

Monserratt - Oggun Chant

Mr Norble Guy - Ankita

Mr.Diamond - Sulawesi (Extended Mix)

Neapolitan Soul, Luciano Gioia, Mvelo, Semusa - Masterpiece (Lovely Mix)

Nickodemus, The Illustrious Blacks - Plastic (A Bigger Name)

Nicola Nisi, Gabriele Congedo - Caution

Nicolass - Without You (Extended Mix)

Nikos Diamantopoulos, Jovolos - Lifetime

Noaldo Acosta - Infected

Nomad (MX) - Underrated

Nyaruach, Friday - Gatluak (LevyM Remix)

Odd Mob - XTC (Extended Mix)

Oggie B - 2B True

Oggie B - While We Dance

Orofino - Amsterdam - DJ Tennis Remix (Extended Version)

Ortella - Keep On

Ortella - Pushy

Owen Clarke - Jam It

Patrick Meeks, Dan Laino - This Heart

Paul Parsons - Respect (Club Mix)

Pete Salaz, Arkana Colibrí - Grandmothers Song (Original Mix)

Peter Brown - Free Spirit

Peter Mac, Lalo Leyy - How You Do (Extended Mix)

Piem, Lili Caseley - Discotheque (Richard Ulh Remix)

Piero Scratch - Dance With Me

Praise (BR) - Mango

Prefix One, Angenita Blackwood - I See You

Purple Disco Machine - Bad Company

Quinten 909 - That Synth Sound

Quinton Sampson, David Anthony - Pressure (Club Mix)

RIMARKABLE, SACRED H3ART - Complications (Extended Mix)

Reagan Mian - Nina

Rick Marshall, Out Of Your League - Too Much

Ricky Pellegrino - The Moonlight

Ricky Pellegrino - The Time

Roger Garcia - Amarillo Destemperado (Extended Mix)

Roland Clark, Urban Soul, Qubiko - Have A Good Time (Unreleased Qubiko Dub)

Roman Styx, Jova - Stop Time (Richard Earnshaw Dub Time)

Roque - Stomp

Roy Jazz Grant - These Dark Streets

Sage Armstrong, Partyboi Icey, Onlyatnight - FRIENDS (Radio Edit)

Satoshi Fumi - Prayer (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix)

Scruscru - Get Down

Sean Bartana - Got to Have

Sidney Charles - Fearless

Simon Kidzoo, Havoc & Lawn - The March (Extended Mix)

Skizzo - Sunny (Extended Mix)

Solardo, Joshwa - VIP Business (Original Mix)

Somethin' Sanctified - Happens At Night (Ron Basejam Remix)

Soul Scout - Superfly (Dr Packer Vocal Mix)

Spiritchaser, Emily Cook - Truly, Madly, Deeply

Stanny Abram - Cruisin' (Extended Mix)

Sudad G - Dream (Elias Kazais Remix)

Sven Tasnadi, Jil Tanner - Be Yourself (Chris Di Perri Remix)

Tekniq, Tidiane Batjily - Africa Reborn

Thakzin, Ray T, Jimpster - Don’t Let Me See (Jimpster Remix)

The Aston Shuffle, Chambray, Liz Jai - Give It To You (Extended Mix)

The Vision, Ben Westbeech, KON, Andreya Triana - Hallelujah In Heaven (feat. Andreya Triana) (Groove Assassin's Supernova Extended Edit)

Tina Ardor, Atmos Blaq, Hendrick Sam - Kamweretho (Manoo Remix)

Tiptoes - All Night Long

Tiptoes - Cussius Clayyyy

Tonbe - Weekend Fever

Travis Emmons, Jason Hersco - Footsteps (Original Mix)

Truke - Another Day (Eduardo Bravo Remix)

Tyrone Lee, Michele Chiavarini - Soul N Samba (Michele Chiavarini Vocal Mix)

Ultra Nate, Tracy Young - SURVIVOR (Club Edit)

Uri Allgood - Release

Valeria Veronese - Ma Sim Babele

Warren Deep - Dark Forest (Warren Deep Remix)

Wilson Kentura, Mavhungu, Jalal Ramdani - Amber feat. Mavhungu (Original Mix)

Yooks, Hannah Khemoh - I Won't Give Up

Yooks, True2Life, Andy Hague - Samba Gringo (True2Life Mix)

Zaebits - Do You Dance

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