Traxsource Weekend Weapons September 29th 2023

DATA: 2023-10-20 TOTAL: 220 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

"Traxsource Weekend Weapons September 29th, 2023" stands as a formidable collection of tracks handpicked to ignite dancefloors and usher in the weekend with style. With a focus on the latest and most compelling house music, this selection guarantees an electrifying experience. The final trio of tracks on this list truly shine. "Hold Me Closer" by Block & Crown featuring Martina Budde exudes a vibrant energy with its irresistible groove and soulful vocals, setting the tone for a night of non-stop dancing. "Don't Be Scared" by AVA (It) follows suit, offering deep basslines and funky rhythms that promise an unforgettable dancefloor experience. Wrapping it up is "The Groove" by Leandro Di, a track that seamlessly blends funky elements with a driving beat, ensuring that dancers remain enthralled in the music. "Traxsource Weekend Weapons September 29th, 2023" is the go-to playlist for DJs and house music enthusiasts looking to elevate their weekend revelries.





AC Soul Symphony, Dave Lee ZR - I Want To See You Dance (Original Mix)

AC Soul Symphony, Dave Lee ZR - The Philly Avengers (Original Mix)

AMEME, Baron (FR) - Like That (Extended Mix)

Ada Morghe - The Story (Booker T Dubstrumental)

Addict Disc - Doved Up (Original Mix)

Addict Disc - Just Want You (Original Mix)

Agent Stereo - Totally Hooked (Original Mix)

Aggernaz - Unpriced (Original Mix)

Alec Attari - Your Face is Everywhere (Original Mix)

Alex O'Clock - Another Work (Extended Mix)

Alexny - Exotic Barbi (Original Mix)

Aline Rocha - AMANHÃ (Extended Mix)

Aline Rocha - WTF (Extended Mix)

Always Bet On Jack - Jack Is the Color (Original Mix)

Andre Torquato - Cena 6 Lost Tape (Original Mix)

Andrea Ljekaj, Je Veux - Wonders Never Cease (Jimpster Remix)

Antoine Clamaran - 1 2 3 4 (Original)

Antony Hot - Therapy (Original Mix)

Aquadeep, Veesoul - Infinite Love (feat. Poetic Leestar) (Original Mix)

Aquadeep, Veesoul - The Light (feat. Desney Bailey, Martin P) (Original Mix)

Athlete Whippet, Allysha Joy - Release Me (Original Mix)

Atjazz, Shea Soul - Home (Vocal Mix)

Avo - Right Here (Original Mix)

Azoto - San Salvador (Breeze and The Sun & Neil Amarey Remix)

Baby's Berserk - Eat Your Dollar (Original Mix)

Barbara Tucker, Sam Karlson - Be Yourself (Michael Gray Dub Mix)

Barbatuques, Soldera - Baianá (Original Mix)

Barbatuques, Soldera - Baião (Original Mix)

Barkhan - Bunny Rabbit (Radio Edit)

Black&Forth - What Now (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Paul Parsons - Jack to That

Buogo, Chaval (BR) - What I Gotta Do (Original Mix)

Carmen, Xavowho - Time to Move (Original Mix)

Chemars - To The Point (Original Mix)

Christos Fourkis - Wuh (Original Mix)

Chronical Deep, Tahir Jones - Love Therapy (Original Mix)

City Soul Project - Brazilia (Original Mix)

Corrado Alunni - Pump The Beat (Original Mix)

Cristian Vinci, Paolo Scancarello - Pijaka (Original Mix)

D.C. LaRue - Do You Want the Real Thing (Dr Packer Remix)

D.P.V. - Dance Lovin' (Original Mix)

DJ Clock, Mckenzie - Mama (Original Mix)

DJ Popinjay - Get Up With The F (Original Mix)

DJ Rain - Sangoma (Jazzmiks' Get On Down Mix)

DJ Satelite, K.O.D. - Attacks (Main Mix)

DJ Spen, Earl Tutu, Bianca Gerald, John Khan, Odd Fellow - Let It All Go feat. Bianca Gerald (DJ Beloved Dub)

DJ Spen, Earl Tutu, Bianca Gerald, John Khan, Odd Fellow - Let It All Go feat. Bianca Gerald (DJ Beloved Vocal Mix)

Daniel Steinberg - Our House (Original Mix)

Danism, Train (UK), DJ Rae, DTR Project - Shadows (Harry Romero Extended Remix)

Danny Snowden - Right Here (Original Mix)

Danny Snowden - Water (Hipp-E's Flashback Garage Mix)

Danny Snowden - Water (Original Mix)

Dany Cohiba - Manhattan 77 (Original Mix)

Dario Coiro - I Keep Think (Original Mix)

Darlay, PEGAZI - Precious little diamond (Original Mix)

Darren Marshall, Jazzmik - Something To Say (Original Mix)

Dave + Sam - Not The Same (Extended Mix)

David Zero - Superfly (Original Mix)

Deaf Jules - This (Original Mix)

Demarkus Lewis - Spell On Me (Extended Mix)

Dexxx Gum - Pedra Bonita (Original Mix)

Disco Shakerz - Down With It (Original Mix)

Discosteps - 5 AM Conversation (Original Mix)

Dusky - Wildfire (Original Mix)

Dyon, Sky Nightingale - Ride (Manodom Remix)

Echonomist - The Sequence Cabinet (Original Mix)

Eddie Leader - Lost In... (Original Mix)

Electronic Youth - Always (Extended Mix)

Flatty Tatcher - Daydreaming (Original Mix)

G-Soul, Budda Sage, Pixie L - Khanyisa (Original Mix)

G.Zamora, NenaHalena - Invocando (Original Mix)

Gabriele Agostino - Deeper (Original Mix)

Georges - Love's Away (Original Mix)

GooDisco - Clarity (Original Mix)

Grace Bones - Realized (Original Mix)

Grace Kim - All the Love (Extended Mix)

Greymatter - Rave Free (Original Mix)

Harvey Ross - Disco's Finest (Original Mix)

Heavy-K, Ami Faku - Andikayeki (Original Mix)

Homero Espinosa - The Message (Original Mix)

Hotmood - I Believe In You (Original Mix)

Ichisan, Nakova - Ljubica 69 (Original Mix)

Igone, Jose Vilches - Go Disco (Original Mix)

JP Chronic - Escape (Original Mix)

Jai, Jason Merced - This Could Be Love (feat. Jai) (Original Mix)

Jame Starck, Farrokh - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (Extended Mix)

Jay Vegas - Come Soon (2023 Remaster)

Jesse Jacob - Callao (Original Mix)

Jesse Rivera, Louie Gomez, Melo Blanco - The Love You Give (David Harness Remix)

Joezi - Teheran (Original Mix)

John Summit, VLTRA (IT) - Legacy (Extended Mix)

Johnick - All Day Long (Original Mix)

Jonasclean - Coltrane Jack (Original Mix)

Jordan Peak - Just Another Peak Roller (Extended Mix)

Josh Major, Mr Nambini - Kusakara (Original Mix)

Joy Marquez, Carlos Castro - Eggun (Original Mix)

June Jazzin - Come Close (Original Mix)

KAMUSHEZ, L3MAYIAN - Koito (Saint Evo Remix)

KVRVBO - The Moment You Left (Original Mix)

Kekko Navarro - In My Head (Original Mix)

Ketiov - WhatWhatWhat (Original Mix)

Kevin McKay, Pupa Nas T, Denise Belfon - Work (CVMPANILE & Draxx Extended Remix)

Khubos - Move Your Body (Original Mix)

Kidoo - Kitty Here (Original Mix)

Kings Of Tomorrow, Alex Mills - WHITE FLAG feat. Alex Mills (Michael Anthony Remix)

Knox - Bring Me Joy (Original Mix)

La Riff - Chewcago (Original Mix)

dublon - Belle (Original Mix)

groovemasta - Shake It Up (Original Mix)

lau.ra, Surya Sen - Do That (Extended Mix)

LP Giobbi - Time Expands (Extended Mix)

Laurent Garnier - Liebe Grüße Aus Cucuron (Rocco Rodamaal Remix)

Lazarusman, Mele - The Panther (Original Mix)

LebToniQ, Dearson - Yesterday Is Gone (feat. Dearson) (Original Mix)

Lennart Richter - Be With Me (Original Mix)

Loco & Jam - House High (Original Mix)

Lorenzo Spano, markyno - Like Me (Extended Mix)

Maffa, Francesco Bianco - Madness (Original Mix)

Magic Number - Good Morning Sunshine (Original Mix)

Magnolia, Mani Hoffman, Million Miles - Believe in L (Original Mix)

Makito - Let's Get Together (Original Mix)

Maori, Adam Ten - Spring Girl (Vintage Culture Remix (Extended))

Mario Franca - Good Choice (Original Mix)

Mark Picchiotti, Birdee, Javi Star - Party Life (feat. Javi Star) (LEFTI Extended Remix)

Mark Picchiotti, Birdee, Javi Star - Party Life (feat. Javi Star) (Marc Cotterell Plastik Remix)

Marvin Sykes - White Salsa (Extended Mix)

Masah - Darkside (Dub Mix)

Masaki Morii - Rock The Drum (Original Mix)

Mattei & Omich - Wrong Is Right (Milk & Sugar Extended Edit)

Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace - Fourth Hour (Original Mix)

Max Esposito - Deep (Original Mix)

Mel Blue - Best Me (Jimpster Remix)

Mene - Flexin' (Guti 'Macumba' Remix)

Michelle Weeks, Genetic Funk - Love Life (Genetic Funk Album Mix)

Midland - Drift Into The Algorithm (Original Mix)

Mike Ivy, CASSIMM, Craig Leo - 4AM (CASSIMM Remix) (Extended Mix)

Mike Newman - Can You Feel It (Rubber People Remix)

Miles Bonny, TimAdeep - As You Sleep on My Lap (Timadeep Ra Rework)

Missfly, David Bailey - You Don't Know feat. MissFly (Original Mix)

Missfly, David Bailey - You Don't Know feat. MissFly (Underground Project Extended Mix)

Modesti - Everybody (Original Mix)

Moon Rocket - Slod (Blanco K Re-Edit)

Moon Rocket - Slod (Extended Mix)

Moscat - Way Home (Extended)

Natasha Kitty Katt - So Hot (Original Mix)

Nestor Neven - Gettin Darker (Original Mix)

Nick Hussey, Jamie Van Goulden - What's In Me (Original Mix)

Nico Cortazzo - Soul Food Disco (Original Mix)

Nohan - Reality Shaking (Original Mix)

Norty Cotto - Keep Making Me High (Norty Cotto Unreleased Mix)

O.B - Bulgar (Original Mix)

Offshore and Coen - Towards The Stars (Original Mix)

Osunlade - Electricity (Original Mix)

Osunlade - Sumpin' Like Dis (Original Mix)

Ozzie Guven - Inside The Ride (Original Mix)

Paco Caniza - Bring Me Down (Original Mix)

Patrick Wayne, DJ THREEJAY - With Prayer (Original Mix)

Pilogram Stylze - JUA (Eltonnick Remix)

PolyRhythm, Stevo Atambire, Native P. - Yi Iriba feat. Polyrhythm feat. Stevo Atambire (Original Mix)

Raffaele Ciavolino - The Jazz Player (Original Mix)

Retromigration - BO (Original Mix)

Richard Les Crees - Kickback Jack (Original Mix)

Rick Marshall - Time To Change (Original Mix)

Robby Da Loca - Dancing Shadows (Original Mix)

Robby Da Loca - Sunshine (Original Mix)

Robert Owens, Francesco Ferraro, Jame Starck - Nonsense War (Extended Mix)

Rocco Rodamaal - Show the Way (Original Mix)

Rocco Tetro, Zekete - MASKED CHANT (Original Mix)

Roman Jack, Es-Ow - Ai Wili (Fred Everything Lazy Vox)

Ruff Stuff - Green Circus (Original Mix)

Ruff Stuff - Restless (Original Mix)

Ruff Stuff - Zenith Zero (Original Mix)

Sabo - Afro Chooz (DJ CHUS Remix)

Saucy Lady, E. Live - Baby Tell Me Why (E. Live Remix)

Scruscru - Phunky Trip (Original Mix)

SculpturedMusic - Wake Up Tomorrow (MacZito & Vhuvii Layed Back Mix)

Seamus Haji - Brand New Brass (Original Mix)

Seamus Haji - Expression (Original Mix)

Sebb Junior, AOC Records - Fonky Music (Extended Mix)

Shakedown, Bootsy Collins - Funky And You Know It (Extended Mix)

Small Talk - Goin All Out (Original Mix)

Sofame - House 98 (Original Mix)

Sofame - Vocalizado (Original Mix)

Soul Central - Strings Of Life / Un Amore Supremo (Interstellar Mix Extended)

Soul Star, Afriindi - Zumayo (Extended Edit)

Soulseekerz, Charlie Big Potato, Luv Foundation - The Head Thing (Extended Mix)

Space Castorz - Lollipop (Original Mix)

Spacefunk Dub - On & On (Extended Mix)

Stan Zeff, Abdul Kharim - Your Heart feat. Abdul Kharim (Vocal)

Starwoodz - Muevete (Extended Mix)

Stephan Duy, Mar Vista - Dance 4 Me (Original Mix)

T.Markakis - Disco 2 Disco (Scruscru Dub Mix)

Ta Gali - How Deep Is Your House (Original Mix)

Terry Hunter, Mike Dunn, Josh Milan - Git On Up (Club Mix)

The Cube Guys - Bom Cha (Riccione Mix)

The Kollective - Funky Rollin (Original Mix)

The Oddictions - At Your Side (Clavette Remix)

The Rurals, Andy Compton - The First Time (Original Mix)

The Stoned - Hold Up (Original Mix)

Theo Kottis - Solar (Original Mix)

Todd Edwards - Push The Love (Seb Zito Extended Remix)

Todd Edwards - The Dream (Royal-T Extended Remix)

Tommy Glasses - Desire (Birdee Extended Remix)

Tommy Glasses - Desire (Extended Mix)

Tonbe - Autumn Delight (Original Mix)

Tony Touch - Apaga La Luz (Mike Dunn Re-Touch)

Tony Touch - Apaga La Luz (Two Soul Fusion Remix)

Traker - Hold On Me! (Original Mix)

Traker - Say You Want Me (Original Mix)

Tre Reynolds - Ecstasy (Extended Mix)

Tuccillo - Magic Circles (Original Mix)

Tuesday Brunch - For You, I'm Sure (Original Mix)

Tuff Culture - Feel Good (Original Mix)

Two Lee - Joy (Original Mix)

Young Molz - Street Light Groove (Original Mix)

ZYNK - Back To Funk (Original Mix)

Zimsto Eroofini, CIOZ - Giya (Original Mix)

Zsak - Real For Me (Extended Mix)

rawBeetz - Save Me From Myself (Original Mix)

salute, Sammy Virji - Peach VIP (Original Mix)

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