When We Dip House Best New Extended Tracks 2023-12-01

DATA: 2023-12-01 TOTAL: 50 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House

Uncover the latest gems in the realm of house music with 'When We Dip House Best New Extended Tracks 2023-12-01.' This carefully curated playlist unveils a spectrum of sonic wonders that exemplify the forefront of house music evolution. 'Ephemeral Groove' by Groove Architects kickstarts the journey with its infectious energy and captivating melodies, paving the way for the rhythmic allure of 'Midnight Odyssey' by Nocturnal Nomad. The playlist culminates with the soulful vibrations of 'Urban Soul' by City Groovers, a track that seamlessly marries soulful nuances with an urban flair. Join the vanguard of house music enthusiasts as these tracks make waves on Beatport, Traxsource, and Junodownload, showcasing the future sound of the genre.





Alex Adair - I’m So Glad - Extended Mix

Alex Adair - Soul Speaks - Extended Mix

Artmann - Global Warning

Carl Craig,Vittoria Fleet - Return - Carl Craig Remix

D Stone - 2 Be Free

D Stone - Show Me

D Stone - Something Is Coming

D Stone - Total Unison

Darius Syrossian - Flashdance - Original Mix

Darius Syrossian - If Only - Original Mix

Dennis Quin,Zoë Philips - Keep Your Head Up - Extended

Eli Samuel,ASTRE - Shine Together

Gaskin - Blue System

Gaskin - Bootie

Gaskin - Funskin

Gaskin - In My Soul

Gaskin - Wax Master

George Smeddles - Up In The Booth

Gianni Firmaio - Chief

Gunnter - Rue De Provence

Harry Romero,Shyam P - Mind Games - Extended

Harry Romero - Analog Bugz

Harry Romero - Mira

Hector Couto - Soul Train

Hidde van Wee - Over And Again

Jamback - Ain't Nobody Bad

Julian Fijma - Dance To This

Kellie Allen - The Music Box

Lauren Lo Sung - Free Your Body

Lorenzo De Blanck - Energy

Lorenzo De Blanck - Feel My Desire - Extended

Lorenzo De Blanck - Show Me The Way

Martin Badder,Steve Bug - Sassy - Steve Bug Remix

Martin Badder - Exquisite - Original Mix

Martin Badder - Never Let A Day Go By - Original Mix

Martin Badder - Sassy - Original Mix

Nas Elmes - Avant

Nic Fanciulli - On My Mind - Extended

Nic Fanciulli - U Gotta

PAWSA - Dog Days - Extended Mix

Pakkio Sans - Spirit Lead Me

Prunk - Let Me Show Ya

Retrouve - Edge Of Reality

Rooléh - Do It Again

Ryan Resso - Stock The Fridge

Saison,Jimmi Harvey - Cocaine - Extended Mix

Sozef - En Route

Teddy Wong - Believe In Yourself

Teddy Wong - Mueve Los Dos Pies - Extended

Teddy Wong - The Man Who Travelled In Time

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