When We Dip Melodic House Best New Extended 2023-07-15

DATA: 2023-07-15 TOTAL: 85 GENRE: Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Electronica

Experience the transcendent sounds of When We Dip Melodic House Best New Extended, July 15, 2023. This exceptional playlist is a collection of extended tracks that epitomize the beauty and elegance of melodic house music. From enchanting melodies to intricate harmonies, each song on this playlist is meticulously crafted to create an immersive sonic experience. Immerse yourself in the lush soundscapes and ethereal atmospheres that define melodic house, and let the music transport you to a world of introspection and emotional depth. When We Dip Melodic House Best New Extended is a testament to the genre's ability to evoke profound emotions and leave a lasting impact on its listeners. Open your heart and surrender to the captivating melodies of melodic house.




Aera - Bliss Point

Aera - Fever

Aera - Ritmo Obscuro

AFFKT,Brigado Crew - Metaperverse

AIKON - Come Together

AIKON - Energy Control

AIKON - Rattles

AIKON - Space Adventure

AIKON,Sascha Braemer - Take Off - Sascha Braemer Remix

Bondi,Ivory (IT),Charlotte Colace - Stay Runaway - Ivory Rework

Booka Shade,Joachim Pastor - Honeyslave - Joachim Pastor Remix

Brigado Crew,AFFKT - Comeback

Brigado Crew,AFFKT,Guzy - Comeback - Guzy Remix

Darin Epsilon,DJ Chus - Karakoram - DJ CHUS Remix

Einmusik,Richard Judge - I'll Follow

Esoteric Circle - Moonshard

Esoteric Circle - Oblivion

Final Request - All I Wanna Know Is

Final Request - Sway

Final Request,STEFANO X RUTA - First Man

Fur Coat - Tomb Raider

Georg Arnim - What´s That Sound

Georg Arnim,Lueking - Overdose

Glowal - Eagles

Glowal - Until It Breaks

Glowal,Brina Knauss - Eagles - Brina Knauss Remix

Guy Gerber - Jupiter Blues

Guy Gerber - Leave It On

Guy Gerber - Leave Me

Hidden Empire - Macrame

Hidden Empire - Ornament

Hidden Empire,Lazarusman,Just a Name - I Loved You - Just a Name Remix

Hidden Empire,Lazarusman,Stil & Bense - I Loved You - Stil & Bense Remix

Hyunji-A - Game of Chance

Hyunji-A - Stars & Satellites

Indie Elephant,Kole Audro - U Se

JODA,Robyn Sherwell,Simon Doty - Closer - Simon Doty Extended Mix

John Monkman - Shadows Falling - Extended Mix

Kölsch,Kevin de Vries - Gate

Kölsch,Kevin de Vries - Masterplan

Lake Avalon - Atlas

Lake Avalon - Velorum

Lehar - Let People Know

Lehar - Whispers

Lehar,Luke Alessi - Let People Know - Luke Alessi Remix

Lehar,Mia Mendi - Let People Know - Mia Mendi Remix

Lueking - Molten Mirrors

Lunar Plane - Above

Lunar Plane - Waiting

Lunar Plane,Sezer Uysal - Je Danse

Marino Canal - Ample

Mind Against,Sideral - Criseide

Monolink,Stephan Jolk - The Silence - Extended

Moonwalk,Anden,HANA - Pendulum - Extended Mix

Motip White - What Do You Want Me to Say

Mumbai Science - Helianthus

Mumbai Science - Iris

Mumbai Science - Radiate

Nicolas Masseyeff - Levante

Night Stories - Black Hole

Night Stories - Gravity

Night Stories - Monolyth

Night Stories - Outter Space

Noissier - Actarus

Noissier - Blue Arrow

Noissier - Naranja

Noissier - Stalker

Olivier Giacomotto - Hypnotized

Olivier Giacomotto - Lust

Øostil,Rêverie,Paula OS - Missing Robot feat. Paula OS

Øostil,Rêverie,Paula OS,Rodriguez Jr. - Missing Robot feat. Paula OS - Rodriguez Jr. Instrumental

Øostil,Rêverie,Paula OS,Rodriguez Jr. - Missing Robot feat. Paula OS - Rodriguez Jr. Remix

Orient Heights - Ascent

Orient Heights - Bijou

Orient Heights,Hannes Bieger - Ascent - Hannes Bieger Remix

Orient Heights,Kiko - Bijou - Kiko Remix

Orient Heights,Kiko - Bijou - Kiko Vocal Remix

RE/BORN,Kole Audro,Soliaris - Waiting For Me

RE/BORN,Kole Audro,Soliaris,Kadosh (IL) - Waiting For Me - Kadosh Remix

Rodriguez Jr.,Liset Alea,RJLA,Tim Engelhardt - Visions - Tim Engelhardt Remix

Sinca,David Orin - Dede - David Orin Remix

Sinca,Toorak Green,Hauy - Another Way - Hauy Remix

Sinca,Toorak Green,Nohan - Another Way - Nohan Remix

Solatic,Coramøøn - Laika

Yotto,Sansa,TH;EN - Meadow - TH;EN Extended Remix

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