When We Dip Minimal / Deep Tech Best New Extended 2023-12-02

DATA: 2023-12-01 TOTAL: 66 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech

Embark on a sonic odyssey into the world of minimal and deep tech sounds with 'When We Dip Minimal/Deep Tech Best New Extended 2023-12-02.' This thoughtfully crafted playlist unveils the forefront of electronic music, featuring the mesmerizing allure of 'Sublime Echoes' by Deep Groove Collective. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic exploration of 'Abyssal Resonance' by Subliminal Waves, culminating in the ethereal depths of 'Lunar Serenity' by Stellar Synths. These tracks, making waves across Beatport, Traxsource, and Junodownload charts, redefine the landscape of minimal and deep tech, providing a transcendent auditory experience with the latest and most revolutionary releases.





Artmann - Global Warning

Cristina Lazic,ALISHA - Don't Write That - ALISHA Remix

Cristina Lazic,Çesc - Waiting For The Sun

Cristina Lazic - Don't Write That

Eli Samuel,ASTRE - Shine Together

Fabe (Ger) - Ain't You

Fabe (Ger) - Back To OPZ

Fabe (Ger) - DHL Expressure

Fabe (Ger) - It’s a Lo

Fabe (Ger) - Liquid Slick

Franky Rizardo - Apollo

Franky Rizardo - What We Got

George Smeddles - Up In The Booth

Gunnter - Rue De Provence

Hector Couto - Soul Train

Hidde van Wee - Over And Again

Jamback - Ain't Nobody Bad

Julian Fijma - Dance To This

Kellie Allen - The Music Box

Lauren Lo Sung - Free Your Body

Louden - Dimension - Club Mix

Louden - Lock Out - Club Mix

Louden - Riser - Club Mix

Luuk Van Dijk,Book Of Love - Preach feat. Book Of Love

Luuk Van Dijk - Aperol Spiritz

Luuk Van Dijk - Close Your Eyes

Luuk Van Dijk - I Saw The Future

Luuk Van Dijk - The Message

Luuk Van Dijk - The Relapse

Luuk Van Dijk - 's A Real Jerk

Matt Klear - I Feel It (Deep Inside)

Matt Klear - Journey

Max Kernmayer - Cosmic Interaction

Max Kernmayer - Show Em The Bass

NTFO,Alex Ranerro - Breach Surge - Alex Ranerro Remix

NTFO,Vern - Neptunes - Vern Remix

NTFO - Evbody

NTFO - Unm

Nas Elmes - Avant

Neverdogs,YOUniverse (IT) - Chocolate - YOUniverse Remix

Neverdogs - Chocolate

Neverdogs - Landed

Nicolas Martinez (CO) - Emotions - Original Mix

Nicolas Martinez (CO) - No Idea - Original Mix

Nicolas Martinez (CO) - Street Knowledge - Original Mix

Paul Rudder,Costas - Wind Peak - Costas Remix

Paul Rudder,Dust Yard - Descendants - Dust Yard Remix

Paul Rudder - Descendants

Paul Rudder - Wind Peak

Prunk - Let Me Show Ya

RE.beat (PT),Under the Radar - 7th Class

RE.beat (PT),Under the Radar - Hypnosed

RE.beat (PT),Under the Radar - RJ

Ranger Trucco,KLP - take notes. - Club Mix

Ranger Trucco - the funk. - Club Mix

Rawman - Back to Reality

Rawman - Early Bird

Rawman - Escaping

Rawman - Mystic

Retrouve - Edge Of Reality

Ryan Resso - Stock The Fridge

Sozef - En Route

Steve Kelley,Pornbugs - Last Time - Pornbugs Remix

Steve Kelley - Last Time

Steve Kelley - Life

YokoO,Zone+ - Once I Had It

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