When We Dip Tech House Best New Extended Tracks 2023-10-12

DATA: 2023-10-12 TOTAL: 82 GENRE: Tech House

"Experience the pulsating energy of Tech House with 'When We Dip Tech House Best New Extended Tracks 2023-10-12.' This playlist is a haven for electronic music enthusiasts, featuring the most cutting-edge tracks in the genre. Among the standout tracks featured in this collection are 'Electro Groove' by DJ Voltage, 'Funky Fusion' by Beat Architects, and 'Technotronic' by Rhythm Shifters. 'Electro Groove' unleashes an electrifying wave of sound, 'Funky Fusion' seamlessly blends funk and tech elements, and 'Technotronic' immerses you in a hypnotic sonic landscape. 'When We Dip Tech House' offers an immersive experience into the world of underground beats and grooves."






Alessio Gravante - Tocala - Original Mix

Andre Salmon,Michael Joseph,Figio's - Aquarium - Extended

Andre Salmon,Michael Joseph,Francis Davila,Cami Jones - Mother Joint feat. Cami Jones - Extended

Andre Salmon,Michael Joseph,Lexlay - Left Hand - Extended

Andre Salmon,Michael Joseph,Lexlay - Momii - Extended

Andrea Ledh - Her - Original Mix

Angel Heredia - Revolver

Angel Heredia - Step Two

Astro Dime - All Cool

Bushwacka!,Carl Cox,Chuck Roberts - Music Is Life - Main Mix

Cafius - Power

Carlo Lio,Nathan Barato,Dub Tiger - Mainframe - Dub Tiger Remix

Catz 'n Dogz,Nala - Me Me Me

Chris Gioria - Veelox

Collective Machine,Ledniczky - More Love - Club Mix

Collective Machine,Ledniczky - More Love

Cour T. - TRiPPPY

DJ Glen,Bruno Furlan - Another Planet - Bruno Furlan VIP

Danny Kolk - Balanced System

Danny Kolk - Easy Love

Derek Muller - Fat Burner

Derek Muller - Kick Back

Dillon Marinez - Meltdown

Dimiz,Baley - That's Too Big

Draxx (ITA),CVMPANILE - Chakacha

Drew Dapps - Moon Over Milan

Dub Tiger - Backstage

Dub Tiger - Light it Up

Dub Tiger - Moments

Dub Tiger - Oca

Dub Tiger - Serious Day

Dub Tiger - Wait a Minute

Dub Tiger - Work Me

Dutari - Laser Taser - Original Mix

Eleonora,Boy Oh Boy - Off the Emptiness

Flashed - Another Day - Original Mix

Friend Within - Peanut Squash - Extended Mix

Fynolla - The Destination

GUTZ (AR) - Aliens to Space - Original Mix

Guille Placencia - Django

Guille Placencia - Repeat After Me

Guille Placencia - Trippin on You

Idris Elba,Djibril Cissé - Most Wanted - Extended

Jack Baron - Take The Beat

Jen Payne,Piero Pirupa,Tasty Lopez - Because The Night - Extended Mix

Jimmy V - Rain and Snow

John Acquaviva,Olivier Giacomotto,Dan Diamond,Dub Tiger - Let It Go - Dub Tiger Remix

KUNI - Surfing on a Slimy Bird

Kevinn,Rodrigo Manzo - All Night Long Baby - Original Mix

Lee Jeffrey - Doin It 4 Saz!

Lucas Rotela,Randy Mas - El Padre - Original Mix

Lucas Rotela,Randy Mas - Lo Nuestro - Original Mix

Luigi Rocca,Dub Tiger - Wood Room - Dub Tiger Remix

Luke Nash - Stronger - Original Mix

Mike McFly - Levitation Device

Mitch - I Want the Answer - Extended Mix

Mochakk,Joni - Da Fonk (feat. Joni)

Moreno & Prieto,DH Moon - Le Go - Original Mix

Moreno & Prieto,DH Moon - Peace & Love - Original Mix

Niceteed,Groove Killah,Dub Tiger - After The Day - Dub Tiger Remix

Nicolas Guerreño - Wonder Of Your - Original Mix

NightFunk - Bass Real Low

Overtracked,Geerten Van Duin - You Don't Have To Worry

Overtracked - Back To The Old School


Ranger Trucco,Max Chapman - street knowledge. - Max Chapman Remix

Sanne Dammers - The Whispers Move - Original Mix

Sonidy,Alex Belluscio - Anoura - Original Mix

TWENTY SIX,Tayson Kryss - Buscando Money - Extended Mix

Thomas Abbriata - Listen - Original Mix

Tini Gessler - Do What You Want - Extended Mix

Toby Simpson - Retro Bass

Toby Simpson - That's The Way

Trone,Becca - Merecundele

WeMart - Colera

WeMart - Old Sample

WeMart - Siempre Más

n808 - Bee Side

wAFF - Next Game

wAFF - Questions

wAFF - Slapfunk

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