DATA: 2023-03-18 TOTAL: 120 GENRE: Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech

The most requested Tech House tracks to date. ... Read more »

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DATA: 2023-03-18 TOTAL: 78 GENRE: Drum & Bass, DubStep, Bass House, Trap, Breaks

Drum & Bass, for example, is known for its fast breakbeats and rolling basslines, while Dubstep is characterized by its heavy use of wobbly bass and syncopated rhythms. Bass House incorporates elements of both House and Bass music, resulting in a sound that is both danceable and energetic. Trap music is heavily influenced by hip-hop and often features aggressive lyrics and hard-hitting beats, while Breaks are marked by their use of chopped-up breakbeats and funky basslines. ... Read more »

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