DATA: 2023-11-19 TOTAL: 207 GENRE: Afro House, Amapiano, Afro / Latin / Brazilian

Embark on a rhythmic exploration with JunoDownload's latest offering, "Afro Amapiano Style 2023-11-19," released on November 19, 2023. This compilation is a testament to JunoDownload's dedication to pushing the boundaries of musical genres. By combining the vibrant rhythms of Afro beats with the trendy vibes of Amapiano, this collection creates a unique and engaging listening experience. DJs and music lovers alike can immerse themselves in the cultural fusion and infectious beats found in "Afro Amapiano Style 2023-11-19," showcasing JunoDownload's commitment to delivering diverse and innovative sounds to the forefront of the electronic music scene. ... Read more »

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DATA: 2023-11-19 TOTAL: 498 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

"Immerse yourself in the infectious rhythms of 'Defected Best of the Week 2023-11-19,' an exhilarating Spotify playlist that showcases the finest offerings in the realm of house and dance music. The playlist kicks off with the irresistible beats of 'Let the Music Play' by Disco Maestro, laying the groundwork for a rhythm-packed experience. Progressing through the musical journey, 'Feel the Vibes' by House Harmony takes the spotlight, infusing the airwaves with its soulful tunes and vibrant energy. The playlist reaches its climax with 'Sunset Grooves' by Dancefloor Maven, a track that epitomizes the contemporary essence of house music. 'Defected Best of the Week' remains a go-to destination for those seeking the pulse of the latest trends in the dynamic world of dance music." ... Read more »

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DATA: 2023-11-19 TOTAL: 153 GENRE: Organic House / Downtempo

"Immerse yourself in the organic and serene sounds of 'Beatport Top 100 New Organic House / Downtempo 2023-11-19.' As highlighted in the 'Best New Hype Organic House / Downtempo November' chart on Beatport, this compilation introduces listeners to standout tracks at the forefront of organic house and downtempo music. Notable tracks in this chart include 'Aldebaran' by Mula, 'Moonlight' by Fulltone, and 'Gentle Woods' by Max Freegrant. Crafted by adept artists, these tracks showcase the genre's ability to blend organic elements, soothing melodies, and downtempo rhythms, creating a sonic experience that transcends boundaries and captivates the listener. Whether you're in need of relaxation or exploring the organic side of electronic music, this chart delivers a curated selection of the best in contemporary organic house and downtempo." ... Read more »

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DATA: 2023-11-19 TOTAL: 125 GENRE: Bass, Deep House, Drum & Bass, Rave, Electronica

"Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring sounds of 'Nothing But... Essentials 2023-11-19,' a compilation that captures the essence of deep house music. Highlighted in Traxsource's collection, this volume presents a meticulously curated selection of tracks that are indispensable to the deep house experience. Standout tracks in this compilation include 'Deep Affection' by Alex Ranerro, 'Loving You' by Paul Rudder, and 'On My Mind' by LDLDN. Crafted by skilled artists, these tracks exemplify the genre's ability to evoke emotion, with smooth melodies, groovy rhythms, and an overall sonic experience that resonates with listeners. Whether you're unwinding at home or on the dancefloor, this compilation delivers the quintessential sounds of deep house." ... Read more »

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