DATA: 2023-11-29 TOTAL: 101 GENRE: Amapiano

Immerse yourself in the pulsating world of Amapiano with our carefully curated playlist, 'Beatport Top 100 New & Hype Amapiano 2023-11-29.' As a premier hub for electronic music enthusiasts, we take pride in presenting the latest and greatest tracks in the genre. Begin your journey with the contagious energy of Focalistic's 'Mabena,' a track that sets the stage for an exhilarating musical voyage. Next up is 'Asibe Happy' by T.I.M, a fusion of Amapiano vibes and upbeat rhythms that will keep you moving. Concluding this sonic adventure is 'Benz' by JazziQ DG, a composition that seamlessly blends dynamic percussion with catchy melodies. Experience the best in Amapiano with these tracks and more, available now at our digital music store. ... Read more »

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DATA: 2023-11-29 TOTAL: 81 GENRE: Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving)

Embark on a sonic adventure into the realms of techno with our featured playlist, 'When We Dip Techno 2023-11-29.' At our music store, we take pride in curating playlists that showcase the cutting edge of electronic music, and this one is no exception. Immerse yourself in the ethereal sounds of Monarke's 'Reverie,' a track that effortlessly blends atmospheric elements with driving beats. Erly Tepshi's 'Nocturne' follows, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of intricate melodies and rhythmic nuances. Bringing this journey to a powerful conclusion is Reig's 'Dark Wave,' an intense techno composition that leaves an indelible mark. Discover these tracks and more at our online music emporium, where innovation meets your ears. ... Read more »

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