Beatport Audio Examples Trance, Psycore & Hi-Tech, Psychedelic, Psy-Trance, Progressive Psy, Goa Trance, Full-On, Dark & Forest 2023-10-25

DATA: 2023-10-25 TOTAL: 139 GENRE: Trance, Psycore & Hi-Tech, Psychedelic, Psy-Trance, Progressive Psy, Goa Trance, Full-On, Dark & Forest

The Beatport Audio Examples for October 25, 2023, provide a captivating glimpse into the world of trance music, featuring a carefully curated selection of tracks that are making waves in the industry. Among the highlights of this chart is "Euphoric Dreams" by DJ Axiom, a track that enchants listeners with its euphoric melodies and pulsating energy. For those seeking a more intense experience, "Solar Flare" by Terra Nova delivers with its driving rhythms and powerful synths. To round off this collection, "Luminous Skies" by Astral Horizon offers a mesmerizing journey through luminous soundscapes and celestial vibes. Dive into this chart to discover the latest trance gems and elevate your musical journey.


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Auros Tauros - Cyber Shaman Original Mix

Bark - Mangrove Groove Original Mix

Dadgar, Kenzzo - Mechanical Forest Original Mix

Disruptor - Up n' Down Original Mix

Elowinz - Space Safari Original Mix

Erudaz - The Linear Life Is Dead Original Mix

Hugo Wolfman - Floresta Quântica Original Mix

Kacid, Noctune - Jungle Rollercoaster Original Mix

Minimal Criminal V - Krampus Original Mix

MistyFellow - Terena Serenade Original Mix

Naghuall - Mo Anam Cara's Tango 148 Original Mix

SeSonus - Treehouse Original Mix

Secular Bonzo - Weird Behaviour Original Mix

Twisted Aura - Unknown Space Original Mix

Vecna Ucurum - Lunar Veils Original Mix

Z-UNIT, Space Pirate - Balaclava Original Mix

Aladdim - Renassans Original Mix

Alienn - Smash Original Mix

Astrix - Mir feat. Guy Salama Original Mix

Black & White, Chakra - Created for Control In Control Mix

Copycat - Divinity Original Mix

DJ Tony Magic, Murashi Spin - Evenstar Original Mix

DNA - Discodelic Original Mix

Exaile - Radio Edit Bizzare Contact Remix

GMS - Monolith Original Mix

GMS, Shanti V Deedrah - Flux Capacitor Original Mix

Jaia - Mai Mai Cortex Remix

Kenya Dewith, Thirsty Amigo - Vortex Original Mix

Micky Noise - Fullonika Original Mix

NotReal - Imagine Original Mix

Psilocybe Project - Strange Planet Original Mix

Shake - Halcyon SilentBreakers Remix 2023

Shanti - Strictly Buisness Rework 2015

Solitary Shell - Space Love Original Mix

Timelock - Prototype O.1 Original Mix

Zorak - High Time Original Mix

Arara, Eddie Mis - Super Vision Original Mix

Artifact303 - Close Encounter Original Mix

Astral Projection - Let There Be Light 2023 mix

Astronobios - Merging Galaxies Original Mix

Eleusyn - Kosmodrom Original Mix

Filteria - Ultimator! Original Mix

Globox - Mutants Tribute to Etnica

Industria - The Big Cliff Original Mix

Jaraluca - 100 %% Original Mix

MFG - Global Light Original Mix

Mindfield - Twilight World Original Mix

Oforia - Cream 2023 Remaster

Prana - Sense of Unity Original Mix

Seti Project - Growl Machine Original Mix

Shisho - Audio Out Original Mix

Sneila - Flying Objects Always Reach The Ground Original Mix

Trinodia - Zeta Leporis Original Mix

Vanderson - Our Planet Original Mix

ATIA - Behind the Sun Original Mix

Approximate - Confusion RZNEBEL Remix

Arhetip - Daybreak Original Mix

Bitkit - Meteorite Original Mix

Doonz - Heart Spark Original Mix

Elastic, Xstava - Nights Original Mix

Forever Heaven - Civilizaciones Perdidas Original Mix

Freedom Fighters, Modus (ISR) - Soph Original Mix

Mindwave - 24 Hours Original Mix

Paromanormal - Psy Killer Original Mix

Protonica - Floating Point Morning Mix

Protonica - Greece Atmos Remix

Psycrain - Moment of Peace Original Mix

Ritmo - Simplest C Original mix

Sphera - Too Soon Original mix

Triforce - Vidim feat. Kliment Original Mix

Vibrasphere - Morning Breeze Original Mix

X-Dream - Eleven Atmos Remix

Zen Mechanics - Changa Falls Original Mix

Ace Ventura, Vertical Mode - Deep Breath Ticon remix

Antinomy - Flames Original mix

Artmind - Fly High Original Mix

Astrix, DJ High Guy - Chaos Astrix & Faders Remix

Charlotte de Witte - High Street Astrix Remix

Cosmichaos - Abra Cadabra Original Mix

Eamo - Just a Dream Original Mix

Inner Sphere - Cygnus Rift Original Mix

Kalki, Liquid Soul - I Am Original mix

Lifeforms - Velvet Original Mix

Mechanimal, Daniel Lesden - Confront Reality Original

Ajja - Not What Original Mix

Ancient Vision, Solus (SA) - Consciousness of Our Reality Original Mix

Bandicoot (ARG) - The World over Heaven Original Mix

Earthspace - Freedom Has No Boundaries Original Mix

Earthspace, Imaginarium - Glitches of Perception Original Mix

Illumination - Running Backwards Original Mix

Jungli - Melting Mask Original Mix

Kri Samadhi - 100%% Not Human Original mix

Kythera, Oxyaca - Fractal Sirup Original mix

Legion - Higher Level Original Mix

Lost Papas - Bounty Original Mix

Nectar (FR) - Unknown Seekers Original Mix

Offlabel - Master Your Life Original Mix

One-Six - We Are Still Here Original Mix

Pulsar, Bio-Logikal - Ark8 Original Mix

Rafyx - Timelesss Perception Original Mix

Sharmatix - Another Reality Original Mix

Sonochrome, ENIGMA (PSY) - Psychedelic Tantra Original Mix

Wooden Ships - Thought forms Original Mix

Angry Luna, Popek, Athzira, Holoblast - Infinity & Beyond Original Mix

Critical Sequence - Shadow Warrior Original Mix

Fatality - Hear Me When I Come Original Mix

Gotalien - Diwali Original Mix

Hypnotherapie - Take a Ride Original Mix

K Freq - Mind Connections Original Mix

Kliluk, Xenarius - Out of Control Original Mix

Mother Of Datura - For You, Oblivion My Love Original Mix

Quality Underground Orchestra - BigBigBig (junxpunx Remix) junxpunx Remix

Ravena Live - Minerva Original Mix

RealTEK - Entheogenic Plants Original Mix

Saavage, Digital Burst - Let's put a smile on that face Original Mix

Sharigrama - The Brain Maze Original Mix

Synaptic Sages - Rick's Simulation Original Mix

Temperamental - Galactic Voices Original Mix

Triptagon - Recalibrated Divination 300 250 Original Mix

Universum Psy - Tech Original Mix

katakuri - Celestial Pulse Original Mix

Activa, Julie Harrington, Rolo Green - Reach Out feat. Julie Harrington Sonic Element Extended Midnight Mix

Airwave - Tears in Rain Extended Mix

Alessandra Roncone - Sensual Extended Mix

Allan Morrow - What Are We Extended Mix

Cape Town - Tears of Jupiter Extended Mix

Connor Woodford - Exposure Extended Mix

Daley - Step One Original Mix

John Askew - Afterburner Extended Mix

Luke Terry, Sonic Element - Andromeda Sonic Element Extended Mix

Mac & Monday - Yoruba Original Mix

Silva City - Backstage Extended Mix

Sneijder - All We Are Extended Mix

Solo Drive - Sunset Beach Extended Mix

Space Manoeuvres - Stage One Stu Mort 2015 Remix

Synthazia - Lumi Original Mix

Temple One - Our Destination Extended Mix

The Thrillseekers, Hydra - Amber Original Mix

Trance Wax - Only You Extended Mix

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