386 Tracks, Genre: Dance / Electro Pop, Big Room / Future Rave, Future House, Electro House, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Funky House, House, Tech House, Bass House, DubStep, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Trap / Wave, Future Bass, Electronica

The Beatport New 2023-05-13 charts are packed with an incredible selection of electronic music genres to satisfy any listener's taste. From the energetic beats of Big Room and Future Rave to the catchy melodies of Dance and Electro Pop, there is something for everyone. Future House enthusiasts will find their groove with its infectious basslines and uplifting vibes, while Melodic House & Techno offers a fusion of mesmerizing melodies and driving rhythms. Progressive House takes you on a journey with its evolving soundscapes, while House and Funky House keep the dance floor moving. For those craving heavy bass, Bass House, Dubstep, and Drum & Bass deliver with their thunderous drops and intricate production. Hard Dance brings the intensity with its high-energy sound, while Trap/Wave showcases the perfect blend of trap elements and futuristic vibes. Future Bass offers a melodic and euphoric experience, while Electronica captivates with its experimental and boundary-pushing compositions.



&friends, Phina Asa - This Is What It Feels Like (Extended Mix)

9BLADE - Faith (Extended Mix)

9MM - Free (Original Mix)

9MM - Mind (Original Mix)

12th Planet - Other Worldly (Original Mix)

12th Planet - Particle (Original Mix)

12th Planet, AIRGLO - Closer (Original Mix)

12th Planet, Gracie Van Brunt - Commencement (Original Mix)

12th Planet, Vulgatron - Next Shot (Original Mix)

AGLF - Trees (Original Mix)

AMNES - Chakra (Original Mix)

AMNES - Farang (Original Mix)

AMNES - Otaku (Original Mix)

AMNES, Artemis Orion - Kintsugi (Original Mix)

AMNES, Artemis Orion - Stamina (Original Mix)

ANG - I Don't Like You (Extended Mix)

ARMNHMR, Lights - Someone To Forget (Original Mix)

Above & Beyond - 500 (Extended Mix)

Adam Shaw - 1999 (Extended Mix)

Advent - Fear (Original Mix)

Advent - Take It Slow (Original Mix)

Ae:ther - Merlino (Original Mix)

Aktive - Leave It All Behind (Original Mix)

Aktive - Love Me Better (Original Mix)

Alenn, Azzip - It's Love (Extended Mix)

Alex Pizzuti - 6 A.M. (Extended Mix)

Alex Vanni - Iron Mask (Extended Mix)

Alex Vanni - Moan (Extended Mix)

Ali Bakgor, Dsnt Matter, Lewyn - Ghost Love (Extended Mix)

Alle Farben - It Burns (Extended Mix)

Alok, Steve Aoki - 2 Much 2 Handle (Extended Mix)

Anderblast, Divine - Make Me Feel (Discoplex Extended Remix)

Andrah - Wiser (Extended Mix)

Andrew Rayel - Lifeline (Fisherman Extended Remix)

Antoine Clamaran - Other Side (Extended Mix)

Antoine Delvig, WARO - Push The Tempo (Extended Mix)

Armin Van Buuren, HRRTZ, Julia Church - Fire With Fire (Extended Mix)

Arto - Fall Forward (Extended Mix)

Astro - RUNAWAY (Original Mix)

Au5, Prismatic - Quantum Level (Original Mix)

BODYWORX, MOTi - Every Damn Day (Extended Mix)

BODYWORX, MOTi - Work That Room (Extended Mix)

Barry Obzee - What I Need (Extended Mix)

Beatreker - Get The World (Extended Mix)

Blinders - Prayer (Extended Mix)

Block & Crown, Culum Frea - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Sean Finn - Yeke Yeke (Extended Mix)

Blooom - Drowning (Original Mix)

Blossom - About You (Original Mix)

Bok Nero - Trunk (Original Mix)

Bonka - Afterparty (Extended Mix)

Bonka - We Live Forever (Extended Mix)

Bonnie X Clyde - Another You (DLMT Remix)

Bonnie X Clyde - Another You (Ilan Bluestone Remix)

Bonnie X Clyde - Chance On Love (Francis VI Remix)

Bonnie X Clyde - In Too Deep (Helion Remix)

Bonnie X Clyde - Need Somebody (Icarus Remix)

Borgore, Larkin Poe - Southern Comfort (Trap Remix) (Original Mix)

Brohug - Smoke Em (Original Mix)

Buranello - Rising (Extended Mix)

Bvrnout, BLK OUT - Feels Like (Extended Mix)

CID, Sage Armstrong - The Function (Extended Mix)

Caleb Dent, Dre Mendez - Sueltate (Extended Mix)

Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding - Miracle (David Guetta Remix)

Capa (Official) - Pulsar (Extended Mix)

Cassian, Icehouse - Great Southern Land (Original Mix)

Cedric Gervais - The Duty (Extended Mix)

Chicane - Hijóping (Extended Mix)

Chico Rose, Dot N Life - Trankilo (Extended Mix)

Claudette & Roy - Paralyzing (Original Mix)

Cloverdale - Lifted (Extended Mix)

Corrupted Mind - Asteroids (Original Mix)

Corrupted Mind - For The Rave (Original Mix)

Corrupted Mind - T-Up (Original Mix)

Crusy, Prophecy - Pills (Extended Mix)

CultureKind - Reality (Extended Mix)

Cybin - Back To The Streets (Original Mix)

Cybin - Dollars (Original Mix)

Cybin - Nomad (Original Mix)

Cybin - Rotate (Original Mix)

Cybin - Stereophonic (Original Mix)

DIM KELLY, Stereoclip, Lou Zweegers - So Good (Club Version)

DZMA, Lost Wolves, ExEDE - What You Waiting For (Original Mix)

Dames Brown, Waajeed - Glory (Extended Mix)

Dannic, Roc Dubloc - Put 'M Up (Extended Mix)

Danny Rhys - Move On (Extended Mix)

David Tort, OKEN (ES) - La Caja (Extended Mix)

Declain - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Extended Mix)

Deeperlove, Leøn, Synga - Good4U (Extended Mix)

Dennis Sheperd, Koni Blank - Majestic (Extended Mix)

Digga D - Energy (Gorgon City Extended Remix)

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Azteck, Tinie Tempah - Leader (Extended Mix)

DisKrete - Feeling High (Nu Elementz Remix)

Disco Daddy, Boogietraxx - Y No Luv (Extended Mix)

Div Eadie, Zack Torrez, Xtina Louise - Back To Life (Extended Mix)

Div Eadie, Zack Torrez, Xtina Louise - Back To Life (SE3K & Bass Agents Extended Remix)

Dot N Life - Beg Friends (Original Mix)

Dot N Life - Sling Ring (Original Mix)

Dot N Life - WTF (Original Mix)

Dryman, Sirmo - What I Need (Original Mix)

Dubdogz, Hayley May - Right Back (Extended Mix)

EDX - Renascence (Extended Mix)

ESSED - Venezuela (Extended Mix)

Effin - Get It On (Original Mix)

Elderbrook - I Need You (Adriatique Extended Remix)

Emad, Afrojack - Off The Wall (Extended Mix)

Excision, Dion Timmer - Time Stood Still VIP (Original Mix)

FREAK ON - I Don't Wanna Know (Original Mix)

FREAK ON - I Don't Wanna Know (Yungness & Jaminn Remix)

FX909 - Clear Step (Original Mix)

FX909 - Defy The Night (Original Mix)

FX909 - Mindset (Original Mix)

FX909 - Outgoing (Original Mix)

Fantom Freq, Chuck Shadow, Mr. Fredo - That Smoke (Original Mix)

Fantom Freq, Spacewalk - Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)

Figure - BioPunk (Original Mix)

Finding Mero - In Loving Memories (Original Mix)

Finding Mero - Set You Free (Original Mix)

Foramic - Echoes (Original Mix)

Full Ferry - Be The One (Original Mix)

Fuzzy Hair - Wheel Me Out (Extended Mix)

GATTÜSO, Jalja - Out Of My Mind (Extended Mix)

GG Magree - King (Original Mix)

Galo - Fuego De Cumbia (Original Mix)

Gardzo - Like It (Extended Mix)

Gentlemens Club, Watson - Rude Gyal (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz - Want It That Way (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz, Boss Lady - Get On The Floor (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz, Charissa - The Love I Lost (Original Mix)

farfetch'd, JANNA - Lovely Day (Ryan Riback Extended Remix)

GOSSO - Tiki Tiki Bom Bom (Extended Mix)

Ghostbusterz, Lissat - I Love You Baby (Original Mix)

Groove Aspect - So What (Original Mix)

HÄWK (IT), BEYGE - Hey Sexy Lady (Extended Mix)

HBz, Vize, Italobrothers - Forever (Original Mix)

Haan808, capshun - Descent (Original Mix)

Harrison - Give Me All Your Love (Extended Mix)

Hayve, Typhon - SCREAM (Original Mix)

Henri Pfr - Tiger Style (Extended Mix)

Hollaphonic - Again And Again (Extended Mix)

Iarly Nathanael - Work (Original Mix)

Innerverse, Helsloot, Malou - Allein Allein (Extended)

J. Worra - Fade (Extended Mix)

JES - Heartbreaker (Extended Mix)

JLV - Waiting All My Life (Extended Mix)

JOSEPH-UK - Thought About It (Extended Mix)

Jack Back, Wh0, Roland Clark - The Walk To Church (Extended Mix)

Jack Orley - BUM! (Extended Mix)

Jack wins, Stefi Novo - Praise Me (Andrew Mathers Remix) (Extended Mix)

Jack wins, Stefi Novo - Praise Me (Extended Mix)

Jaise - Matter Takes Shape (Original Mix)

Jaise - Soulstice (Original Mix)

Jaise - Trick Of The Mind (Original Mix)

Jaise, Modal - Into The Cards (Original Mix)

James Hype - Lose Control (Original Mix)

Jay De Lys - One Bad Bix (Extended Mix)

Jay De Lys - Tired Of Loving (Extended Mix)

Joe Stone - Nothing Else (When I Think Of You) (Beatfreakz Remix) (Extended Mix)

Joel Corry, Caity Baser - Dance Around It (Extended)

Jonasu - Black Magic (BYOR Extended Mix)

Jord (AUS) - Sympathy (Original Mix)

Julian Jordan - Aspirin (Extended Mix)

Justluke - Say My Name (Extended Mix)

KAAZE, Dotter - Disobey (BLK RSE Extended Remix)

Kage - ONI (Original Mix)

Kazden, Apaztron, Mike Miami - Secrets (Extended Mix)

Kevin McKay, Martin Badder, Mr. V - I Want The Vibes (Extended Mix)

Kid Massive - Disco Anthem (Extended Mix)

Kind Fiction - Elmswood (Original Mix)

Kind Fiction - Fumble (Original Mix)

Kind Fiction - Kinder Days (Original Mix)

Kind Fiction - Premonitions (Original Mix)

Kind Fiction - Self Sense (Original Mix)

Kind Fiction - Still To Find (Original Mix)

Kind Fiction - Your Descent (Original Mix)

Kirbs - XTC (Original Mix)

Kitone - Soy Candela (Original Mix)

Klanque - My Name Joanna (Ghostbusterz Clubmix)

Koby Gray - GTR (Extended Mix)

Kumarion, Smoakland - Fluxuations (Original Mix)

Kumarion, Smoakland - High Rollers (Original Mix)

Kumarion, Smoakland - Worth All The Wait (Original Mix)

LNY TNZ, Nyanda - Keep On Winning (Extended Mix)

Larce, Jorik Burema - For Someone To Love (Extended Mix)

Leandro Da Silva - Dun Dun Dun (Extended Mix)

Leonardo Gonnelli - Indian Diamond (Extended Mix)

Leonardo Gonnelli - Where S The Party (Extended Mix)

Lewis Thompson, Becky Hill - Side Effects (Original Mix)

Lion - LYL (Extended Mix)

Louis Millne - All I Need (Extended Mix)

Lyopak, Izzumi, Jackpotz - Got That Funk (Extended Mix)

MD X-Spress - God Made Me Phunky (Jess Bays Extended Remix)

Magenta - Adventure (DisKrete Remix)

Mahmut Orhan, Monnarsh, Paul Brenning - Cutting Ribbons (Extended Mix)

Manda Moor - Picante (Original Mix)

Manda Moor - Picante (Sirus Hood Remix)

Manda Moor - Tabasko (Original Mix)

Manta - Alienated (Original Mix)

Manta - Chatter (Original Mix)

Manta - Don't Wake Me Up (Original Mix)

Manta, Screamarts - Guardian (Original Mix)

Marc Benjamin - Believe (Extended Mix)

Marc Van Linden, Symmetic, Nedrok - Panorama (Extended Mix)

Marcus Santoro, Darla Jade - Hit & Run (Extended Mix)

Marian (BR) - Drums Power (Extended Mix)

Mark&Thom - Tell Me (Extended Mix)

Markhese - Angels (Extended Mix)

Marsh - All Night Long (Icarus Extended Mix)

Martin Angrisano (ARG), Caitto - Play (Extended Mix)

Maski & Banga, WYKO - All Access (Club Mix)

Mason Maynard - In Your Eyez (Original Mix)

Mason Maynard - NinetySix (Workout Mix)

Matroda - Throw Your Hands (Original Mix)

Matt Nash - End (Extended Mix)

Matteo Dentone - Chico (Extended Mix)

Matteo Dentone - Equador (Extended Mix)

Max Millan, Wild Joker - Sweet Harmony (Original Mix)

Meduza - Friends (Extended Mix)

Miane - Place To Be (Extended Mix)

Michel De Hey - Far Far (Original Mix)

Mihalis Safras, Yvan Genkins - Las Solteras (Extended Mix)

Mob Tactics - Checkmate (Original Mix)

Mob Tactics - LDN Bass VIP (Original Mix)

Mob Tactics - Twister (Original Mix)

Mob Tactics - We Dream In Ultraviolet (Original Mix)

Moderate Hate - Be Cool (Original Mix)

Moderate Hate - Envolve (Original Mix)

Monista, MC Kane - Spitfire (Original Mix)

Moon Boots, Cherry Glazerr - Come Back Around (Liam Fitzgerald Extended Remix)

Moon Boots, Cherry Glazerr - Come Back Around (Romain Garcia Extended Remix)

NGHTMRE - Fall Into Me (G-Rex Remix)

NGHTMRE - Nothing's Perfect (OddKidOut Remix)

NGHTMRE - Teardrop (RIOT Remix)

NGHTMRE - Threshold (Vanic Remix)

NGHTMRE - Trials (Jon Casey Remix)

NIGHT / MOVES - Blacked Out Rover (Don Diablo Extended Edit)

Nari, Steve Tosi - Think Something Up (Original Mix)

Neonlight - Hero Of My Youth (V O E Remix)

Nick Francis, Antonio Niespolo - Voyage (Original Mix)

Nick The Lot - Closed Eyes (Original Mix)

Nick The Lot - Get High (Original Mix)

Nick The Lot - Nothing Like It (Original Mix)

Nick The Lot, Amplify - Goodie Goodie (Original Mix)

No Etiquette - All Of Your Love (Original Mix)

No Etiquette - All To You (Original Mix)

No Etiquette - Can You Feel It (Original Mix)

No Etiquette - Falling For You (Original Mix)

No Etiquette - Head Rearranger (Original Mix)

No Etiquette - Hit Em (Original Mix)

Nu:Logic - Everlasting Days (T>I Remix)

Nu:Logic - Morning Light (Technimatic Remix)

Nu:Logic - Tripping In Space (Nu:Logic VIP)

Nu:Logic - What I've Always Waited For (Flava D Remix)

Nymoz - Endless Journey (Original Mix)

Nymoz - Epiphany (Original Mix)

Nymoz - Mirrors (Original Mix)

OLAN, QRTR - All U Need (Original Mix)

OLAN, QRTR - Control (Original Mix)

Ofenbach, HOLA! - On The Floor (Extended Mix)

mOat (UK) - Brian (Extended Mix)

Oppidan - Follow Me (Original Mix)

Oppidan, The Illustration - Okay (Original Mix)

Pascal Letoublon, ILIRA - Time After Time (220 KID Extended Remix)

Pascal Letoublon, ILIRA - Time After Time (Extended Mix)

Passenger 10 - The Dark Sun (Extended Mix)

Patrick Moreno, KDH - Never Gonna Slow Down (Extended Mix)

Phat Suppli, Dan Hayes - Girls Wanna (Original Mix)

Pirate Copy - I Can't Stop (Extended Mix)

Point.blank, Nat James - Watch Dem (Original Mix)

Primitive Instinct - Deux (Original Mix)

Primitive Instinct - Let You Go (Original Mix)

Primitive Instinct - Tungsten (Original Mix)

Primitive Instinct, Offline - Lost Love (Original Mix)

R.I.O., KYANU, Nicco - Tonight (Extended Mix)

RY X - Let You Go (Anfisa Letyago Remix)

RYU & DANTE - State Of Mind (Extended Mix)

Radio Slave - Wake Up (Original Mix)

Rasco Rasiehl - Get Loud (Extended Mix)

Rated R, CELO - Land Of Darkness (Original Mix)

Rave Republic, Maikki - Alpha Omega (Club Mix)

Reaubeau - Don't Care (Ace Waft Remix)

Reaubeau - Don't Care (Kaval Remix)

Reaubeau - Don't Care (Moodbet Remix)

Reaubeau - Don't Care (Original Mix)

Reydel - Improvisando (Original Mix)

Reydel - Ritmomania (Original Mix)

Rich DietZ - The Come Down (Extended Mix)

Rich Ellis - I Know What You Want (Original Mix)

Rich Ellis - Slinky (Original Mix)

Ricky West - Don't Shatter (Extended Mix)

Riordan - Paco (Original Mix)

Rita Ora, Fatboy Slim - Praising You (Fatboy Slim Remix)

Riton, FEYI - My Bills (Original Mix)

Rob Marion - Bungalow (Extended Mix)

Roger-M, chrisflowers - Lovely Day (DJ Favorite Extended Remix)

Roger-M, chrisflowers - Lovely Day (Extended Mix)

Roger-M, chrisflowers - Lovely Day (Instrumental Extended Mix)

Roger-M, chrisflowers - Lovely Day (Max Fishler Extended Remix)

Roger-M, chrisflowers - Lovely Day (Pax Machines & 3Beat Extended Remix)

Rownie, Saint Person - 8bittersweet (Extended Mix)

Royksopp - Me&Youphoria (Mees Salomé Remix)

RudeLies - OMG (Original Mix)

SWAYLÓ - Resilient One (Original Mix)

Sabyman - Spring Hour (Original Mix)

Saint Lanvain - Gravity (Extended Mix)

Salright - Run To You (Original Mix)

Sam Feldt, Benny Bridges - Dance With Somebody (Extended Mix)

Sam Feldt, Jonas Blue, Endless Summer, Violet Days - Crying On The Dancefloor (Extended Version)

Sam Feldt, Jonas Blue, Endless Summer, Violet Days - Crying On The Dancefloor (R3HAB Extended Remix)

Scoff Boys - The Power (Original Mix)

Scorz, Lauren L'aimant - New Horizon (Extended Mix)

Seamus Haji, Michael Gray, Audrey Martells - Wish (Extended Mix)

Sebastian Davidson - Break Apart (Original Mix)

Sebastian Davidson - Don't Belong Here (Original Mix)

Sebastian Davidson - Nomads (Original Mix)

Sebastian Davidson, FC Commitments, Lewyn - Second Hand Love (Original Mix)

Sebastian Davidson, Tailor - Thirsting (Original Mix)

Sebastian Wibe - The Bassline (Extended Version)

Sebastian Wibe - The Bassline (Original Mix)

Selecta J-Man - Right There (Original Mix)

Serdar Bingol - Can't Stop Us (Original Mix)

Shadow Child - Warehouse Anthem (Polymod Remix)

Showtek, Timmy Trumpet - Dream (Festival Mix)

Siege - Rhymes (Extended Mix)

Sinister Souls, C-Netik - Therapy (Original Mix)

Sinister Souls, Counterstrike - Full Auto (Original Mix)

Sinister Souls, Shmidoo - Shootout (Original Mix)

Something Good, Yotto, Karolus, Sansa - Before Dawn (Extended Mix)

Sonny Zamolo - True Soul (Extended Mix)

Sons Of Maria - It Takes So Long (Extended Mix)

Sota - Harter Street VIP (Original Mix)

Sound Quelle, 88Birds - Wonderland (Boxer Extended Remix)

Starwoodz - Ahora (Extended Mix)

Stashion - African Moods (Original Mix)

Stev Dive - Without Me (Original Mix)

Stryer - Hydro Cannon (Original Mix)

Stryer - Tidal Wave (Original Mix)

Stryer, Concrete Castles - Stronger (Original Mix)

Stryer, Luxtides - In Your Eyes (Original Mix)

Stund, Shane Patrick Riley - Welcome Home (Original Mix)

Sully - Scuba (Original Mix)

Swatkat, Tanishq - Lose Control (Extended Mix)

TAPANAL, Sally, Aleinad - Right By You (Extended Mix)

Taner Ozturk - Everybody's Free (Laurent Simeca Extended Remix)

Tasadi, Gallen Rho - In Your Space (Extended Mix)

Teddy Cream - Sex On Fire (Original Mix)

Temgri - Different (Original Mix)

Temgri - Trip (Original Mix)

Th;en - Berlin (Extended Mix)

Th;en - Get Down (Extended Mix)

Th;en - Shine (Extended Mix)

The Cube Guys - Pagoda (California Dub)

The Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme (VIP)

Thomas Newson - The Cutter (Original Mix)

Thomas Newson - You Or Me (Original Mix)

Thomas Newson, Rion S - Psychosis (Original Mix)

Thykier - Your Answer (Extended Version)

Thykier - Your Answer (Original Mix)

Tom Budin, Needs No Sleep - She Wanna Dance (Extended Mix)

Tony Perry, Jude & Frank, Cumbiafrica - Allez Allez (Extended Mix)

Trail, Visages - Misty Blue (Original Mix)

TruFeelz, LÚTHIEN - Stand By You (Original Mix)

Tuff London - Closer (Extended Mix)

VONDA7, Roza Felix - Alive (Original Mix)

Vibe Chemistry - Loca (Original Mix)

Vibe Chemistry, Local - Loca (Original Mix)

Vintage Culture - One Night In Dubai (Original Mix)

Vintage Culture - Tango (Original Mix)

Vintage Culture, Coach Harrison - Hear You Calling (Extended Mix)

Vivid - Rave Alarm (Extended Mix)

Volac, Trace (UZ), Mila Falls - Uh La La (Guz Extended Remix)

Wallace - Bass Is Kickin' (Original Mix)

Watermat - Targa (Extended Mix)

Whales - Drowning (Original Mix)

Whales - Fuckin' (Original Mix)

Whales - Hurt (Original Mix)

Whales - Real Lies (Original Mix)

Whales - So Ready (Original Mix)

Whales - Untouchable (Original Mix)

Whoizz, Denace 2 Society, Cristiano Da Silva - Nothing (Extended Mix)

Xeomi, Kaiza - Bring It Back (Original Mix)

Xeomi, Kaiza - Slow Down (Original Mix)

Xeomi, Kaiza - Syncopation (Original Mix)

Zeds Dead, HNTR, AIDN - Aftertaste (Original Mix)

Zinner - Safe And Sound (Extended Mix)

whatyoudid. - Smoke (Extended Mix)

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