DATA: 2023-10-27 TOTAL: 350 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

The world of electronic music is witnessing a dynamic shift with the release of 350 high-quality tracks across the Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, and Electronica genres on October 27, 2023. Notably, three tracks from this extensive collection have captured the attention of music enthusiasts and DJs alike: "Industrial Pulse," "Ethereal Grooves," and "Resonant Descent." These tracks represent the forefront of creativity and innovation in electronic music, making this a truly exhilarating period for anyone seeking the latest and greatest in soundscapes and beats.




AIO, Flanko - Hades (NoNameLeft Remix)

AIO, Flanko - Hades (Original Mix)

APHE - Ruhepol (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer - Desert Queen (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer - Soulful (Original Mix)

Adhill, Pina Tesla - 2 Minds (Original Mix)

Adhill, Pina Tesla - Drama (Original Mix)

Adhill, Pina Tesla - Goovio (Original Mix)

Adhill, Pina Tesla - No Excuses (Original Mix)

Adriana Lopez - Fading Memory (Original Mix)

AgainstMe - Shadow Hunt (Original Mix)

Alex Asci - Beton (B.Riley Remix)

Alex Asci - Beton (Original Mix)

Alex Asci - Demas (Original Mix)

Alex Asci - Jupiter In Infrared (Original Mix)

Alex Asci - Sado (Original Mix)

Alosoul - Escape (Original Mix)

Alosoul - Everything Is Frozen (Original Mix)

Anders Reitz - Distant Echoes (Original Mix)

Anders Reitz - Pheromone (Original Mix)

Anyone - Rauch (Original Mix)

Artifex Mundi - Eternity (Original Mix)

Artywell - Insane (Acid Mix)

Artywell - Insane (Old School Mix)

Automata. - Everything Always (Original Mix)

Automata. - Living As A Ghost (Original Mix)

Automata. - Tiny Dots Endless Timelines (Original Mix)

B1980 - Body Awareness (Original Mix)

B1980 - Breathing (Original Mix)

B1980 - Cobra Pose (Original Mix)

B1980 - Ohm Guitars (Original Mix)

B1980 - Roller Coster (Original Mix)

Belocca, IZREAL - Greater Purpose (Original Mix)

Ben MANCINI - Don't Look Back (Original Mix)

Ben MANCINI - Don't Look Back (Ulrich Van Bell Remix)

Benja Henley - Maori (Original Mix)

Blueprint - Mind Fuck (Extended Mix)

Boatech, Norvis - ImPerium (Original Mix)

Bruce Zalcer - Catharsis (Original Mix)

Bruce Zalcer - Truly Yours (Original Mix)

CHRIS MØRGAN - Human Digital (Original Mix)

Charlotte De Witte - Abada (Original Mix)

Charlotte De Witte - Power Of Thought (Original Mix)

Charlotte De Witte - Pria (Original Mix)

Chris Marino - Nonstop (Original Mix)

Christian Smith, John Selway - Blackout (Original Mix)

Christian Smith, John Selway - Sprawl (2023 Edit)

Christian Smith, John Selway - Titan (2023 Edit)

Connor Okeefe - Serial Killer (Original Mix)

D-Unity - Tribal Heat (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Equivoco (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Humana (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - The After Hours (Original Mix)

Dani Sbert - Distorsions (Lewis. Remix)

Dani Sbert - Distorsions (Original Mix)

Dani Sbert - Distorsions (Perpetual Universe Remix)

Dani Sbert - Distorsions (Roman Adam Remix)

Daniel Boon - Flushing (Original Mix)

Daniel Sbert - Codigo (Original Mix)

Daniel Weirdo - Clouds Up (Original Mix)

Daniel Weirdo - Pace (Original Mix)

Danny Avila (ES) - Take You Higher (Extended Mix)

Dasha Rush - Lethal Kiss (Original Mix)

David Phoenix - Portal (Kaufmann Remix)

David Phoenix - Portal (Original Mix)

David Phoenix - Vision Serpent (Breger Remix)

David Phoenix - Vision Serpent (Original Mix)

Deas - Are You Sure (Original Mix)

Deas - Dice (Original Mix)

Deas - Fear (Original Mix)

Deas - Koma (Original Mix)

Denise Rabe - Purple Parks (Original Mix)

Dennis Lee (DE) - Let The Shannon Play (Original Mix)

Dennis Lee (DE) - Rausch (Original Mix)

Dennis Lee (DE) - To A Star And Back (DJ Lion Remix)

Dennis Lee (DE) - To A Star And Back (Original Mix)

Don Paolo - Loops & Tings (Original Mix)

ENERTY - Fragments (Intro Mix)

ENERTY - Fragments (Original Mix)

ENERTY - Mdv (Intro Mix)

ENERTY - Mdv (Original Mix)

Efanin - Recharge (Original Mix)

Efanin - Unclear (Original Mix)

Elisa Bee - Boiling Point (Original Mix)

Elisa Bee - Dawn Time (Original Mix)

Elisa Bee - Devotion (Original Mix)

Elisa Bee - Jam Thing (Original Mix)

Elisa Bee, His Majesty Andre - The Answer (Original Mix)

Eric James - Void Symphony (Orignal Mix)

Es.Ka, Unseen - Ground (Original Mix)

Es.Ka, Unseen - Rolling (Original Mix)

FAUSTO-G - Attitude (Original Mix)

FAUSTO-G - Faster (Original Mix)

Flo Monghy - Echoes (Original Mix)

Flo Monghy - Echoes (Techflex Remix)

Flo Monghy - Impact (Original Mix)

Fresko - Act 31 (Original Mix)

Fresko - Cold Modern (Original Mix)

Fresko - Punk Funk (Original Mix)

Fresko - Rapids (Original Mix)

Førehand - Power (Original Mix)

Førehand, Zafer Atabey - Mentally Alert (Førehand's Space Remix)

Førehand, Zafer Atabey - Mentally Alert (Original Mix)

Gentian - Crave (Original Mix)

Gentian - Endorphins (Original Mix)

Gentian - Intolerable Cruelty (Original Mix)

Gentian - Sato's Song (Original Mix)

Gentian - Sunagimo (Original Mix)

Gizmo & Mac - Awake (Original Mix)

HESUS (LB) - Wake Up (Original Mix)

Handsdown, Leigh Boy - Lack Of Understanding (Original Mix)

Handsdown, Leigh Boy - Shadowboxing (Lampe Remix)

Handsdown, Leigh Boy - Shadowboxing (Original Mix)

Heerhorst - Elevate (Original Mix)

Heerhorst - Faith (Original Mix)

Heerhorst - Focus (Original Mix)

Heerhorst - Focus (Ryan Nasty Remix)

Homma Honganji - Kaichoon (Original Mix)

Homma Honganji - The Cursed Poets (Original Mix)

IOA - Engolasters (Original Mix)

Identical Brothers - Confused Dream (Original Mix)

Identical Brothers - Groove Moments (Original Mix)

Invadia - Cinematic Pulse (Original Mix)

Jackob Rocksonn - Luntrus (Extended Mix)

Jackob Rocksonn - Miss You (Extended Mix)

Jens Lissat - Personal Jesus (Original Mix)

Jonas Korbl - Primal Grade (Original Mix)

Justus Reim, Konfusia - Naraka (Original Mix)

KODA (AR) - Mist (Original Mix)

Kai Tracid, Patrik Berg - Disconnect Me (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - A Pura (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Don't Sleep (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Fast Design (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Long Way (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Na Onda (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Stronger (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Zone Tool (Original Mix)

Karlo Wanny, Monococ - The Dark Side (Artur Achziger Remix)

Karlo Wanny, Monococ - The Dark Side (Lewis. Remix)

Karlo Wanny, Monococ - The Dark Side (Original Mix)

Karlo Wanny, Monococ - The Dark Side (San Nicolas Remix)

Katze - Sanctuary (Original Mix)

KiNK - Vacation (Bailey Ibbs Remix)

KiNK - Vacation (Perc Remix)

Konza (SRB) - Spirits (Original Mix)

Kreisel - Breathe 2.0 (Original Mix)

Kreisel - Love And Hate (Original Mix)

Kristian Heikkila - Que Calor (Original Mix)

Kristian Heikkila - Unexpected (Original Mix)

Krzysiek Teper - Control (Original Mix)

Krzysiek Teper - Ethnic (Original Mix)

Lautaro Ibañez, - Changes (Original Mix)

Lautaro Ibañez, - Give Me (Original Mix)

Le Nardo, Lorenzo Mauro - From Downtown (Original Mix)

Le Nardo, Lorenzo Mauro - They Never Stop (Original Mix)

Lewis. - Be Like Water (Original Mix)

Lewis. - Blinded By The Lights (Original Mix)

Lewis. - Mind Control (Original Mix)

Lewis. - Over Your Head (Original Mix)

Lewis. - Take You With Me (Original Mix)

Linear Phase - Uncertain Frequency #1 (Original Mix)

Linear Phase - Uncertain Frequency #2 (Original Mix)

Linear Phase - Uncertain Frequency #3 (Original Mix)

Linear Phase - Uncertain Frequency #4 (Original Mix)

Linkan Ray - Four Layers (Original Mix)

Linkan Ray - Four Layers (Temudo Remix)

Linkan Ray - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (Original Mix)

Luigi Tozzi - Haboob (Original Mix)

Luis M - Euphoria (2023 Mix)

Lyric - Breath & Britches (Original Mix)

M. Smith, Thomas Janovitz - Illuminate (Original Mix)

MOTVS - We Are Still Here (Original Mix)

Maccari - Feel Me (Original Mix)

Maccari - It's Killing Me (Original Mix)

Maccari - Jack Back (Original Mix)

Maccari - Just Let It Go (Original Mix)

MandShoua - Fire In The Sun (Original Mix)

MandShoua - Stop The War (Original Mix)

MandShoua - Time Enough (Original Mix)

Marcelo Demarco - It's Over (Hard Mix)

Marco Herzing - Limes (Original Mix)

Marco Herzing - The Question (Original Mix)

Marie Vaunt - Techno Acid 303 (Extended Mix)

Markus Volker - Collapse (Original Mix)

Markus Volker - Collide (Original Mix)

Martin Villalba - 33 (Original Mix)

Martin Villalba - Rumble (Original Mix)

Martyn Playfrd - Bias (Original Mix)

Martyn Playfrd - Communication Blackout (Original Mix)

Martyn Playfrd - Planet 1 (Original Mix)

Martyn Playfrd - Resistance (Original Mix)

Martyn Playfrd - Saturn (Original Mix)

Maxie Devine - The Queen (Original Mix)

Maxime Iko - CRTSTTURLGTN (Original Mix)

Maxime Iko - Do You Think @bout Me (Original Mix)

Maxime Iko - Earth (Original Mix)

Maxime Iko - Work Babe (Original Mix)

Mendi - Sandstone (Original Mix)

Mesh Convergence - How To Kill Nostalgia (Original Mix)

Mesh Convergence - Lost Euphoria (Original Mix)

Mesh Convergence - Mirrors Of Deception (Original Mix)

Mesh Convergence - Wrecked Dreams (Original Mix)

Milo Raad - Absolute Value (Original Mix)

Milo Raad - Alarms (Original Mix)

Milo Raad - Cofunction Identities (Original Mix)

Milo Raad - Hidden Agenda (Original Mix)

Miron (RU) - In The Balanse (Original Mix)

Miron (RU), Uspenskij - Destined (Original Mix)

MistaJam, EMEXL - Boom Box (Original Mix)

MistaJam, EMEXL - Stage 3 (Original Mix)

Monococ, San Nicolas - Nothing In This World (Original Mix)

Monococ, San Nicolas - Pray (Original Mix)

Moritz Hofbauer - Nocturnal (Edit)

Mosher, Sebastian Mora - Payback (Original Mix)

Mosher, Sebastian Mora - Turn Off (Original Mix)

Mozzy Rekorder - Gulliver (Original Mix)

Mutlu Karaköse - Cold Summer (Original Mix)

Mutlu Karaköse - Flash Me (Original Mix)

Mutlu Karaköse - Love Night (Original Mix)

Mutlu Karaköse - She Is Hypnotic (Original Mix)

NYKY - Therapy (Original Mix)

NYKY - Ya Habibi (Original Mix)

Neuroxyde - Behind The Mask (Original Mix)

Nicolas Taboada - Space Vocoder (Extended Mix)

Nicolas Taboada - Superman (Extended Mix)

Niereich - Dance With The Beast (Original Mix)

Niereich - Don't Touch The Needle (Original Mix)

lucas white, MØURITZ - Dimension (Original Mix)

lucas white, MØURITZ - Planetary (Original Mix)

Oliver Huntemann - Paralleluniversum (Original Mix)

Ominousboy - Collision (Apollo (Mx) Remix)

Ominousboy - Collision (Original Mix)

Ominousboy - Infected (Original Mix)

Ominousboy - Orion (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - My Mind Is Darker (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - My Mind Is Darker (Ugur Project Remix)

Patrick Branch - Cosmic Pulse (Original Mix)

Paul The Horse - Attention (Original Mix)

Paul The Horse - Brutalist (Original Mix)

Paul The Horse - Destroy (Original Mix)

Paul The Horse - Valhalla (Original Mix)

Push - Hysteron (Original Mix)

RWGK, HXTC - 15 (Original Mix)

RWGK, HXTC - Close (Original Mix)

RWGK, HXTC - No Knowledge, Just Noise (Original Mix)

RWGK, HXTC - Redemption (Original Mix)

RZNEBEL - System (Meskalino Remix)

RZNEBEL - System (Original Mix)

Ramon Tapia - Lazer Beams (Original Mix)

Ramon Tapia - Steam Roller (Original Mix)

Råd - Appaia (Original Mix)

Råd - Elektrosh (Original Mix)

Råd - Maestrale (Original Mix)

Red Rooms - Out Of Focus (Original Mix)

Red Rooms, AgainstMe - Cursed (Original Mix)

Red Rooms, AgainstMe - We Didn't See It Coming (Original Mix)

Rename Yourself - Miss You (Original Mix)

Rename Yourself - Miss You (Peku Remix)

Revil O. - Witness (Jens Lissat Remix)

Rob Estell - Lost Planet (Original Mix)

Robert Junior - Push The Limits (Original Mix)

Robert Junior - Seven Trumpets (Original Mix)

Ronnye M - Bory Moving (Original Mix)

Ronnye M - I Need You (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Oddworld (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Unbound (Original Mix)

Sara Landry - Legacy (Original Mix)

Sascha M - Losing It (Original Mix)

Sascha M - Ugrom (Original Mix)

Schoonebeek - Sirens (Original Mix)

Scuba - Room With A View (Digital Underground)

Scuba - Zap! (DJ Dextro Remix)

Sebastiaan Hooft - Coming (Original Mix)

Sebastiaan Hooft - Inception (Original Mix)

Segler - Sound Barrier (Original Mix)

Segler - UG Klubi (Original Mix)

Seicker - Acid01 (Original Mix)

Seicker - Acid02 (Original Mix)

Seigg - Eye Shake (Original Mix)

Seigg - Five Rounder (Original Mix)

Seigg - Replicant Loop (Original Mix)

Seigg - Street Knowledge (Original Mix)

Setaoc Mass - 24 Hours (Original Mix)

Setaoc Mass - Hide 'n' Seek (Original Mix)

Setaoc Mass - Move In Shadows (Original Mix)

Setaoc Mass - The Eyes Don't Lie (Original Mix)

Shadym - Consequence (Original Mix)

Shadym - Dismiss (Original Mix)

Sian, Waltervelt, David LeSal - Just What I Need (Original Mix)

Silenc - Rave Code (Original Mix)

Somatronic - Fragments (Original Mix)

Sommo - Moodvimiento (Original Mix)

Sommo - Swingtape (Marcos Fagoaga Remix)

Sommo - Swingtape (Original Mix)

Space 92 - Apollo (Original Mix)

Space 92 - Lost (Original Mix)

Spartaque, Melvin Spix, B!nary - Mindbreak (Original Mix)

Sterac - Arutam (Original Mix)

Sterac - Coin Flippers (Original Mix)

Sterac - Manifestation Power (Original Mix)

Sterac - Score 3.0 (Original Mix)

Steve Shaden - Closure (Original Mix)

Svarog, Ma-Gooch - Spaces (Original Mix)

The Outlier - Blot (Original Mix)

The Outlier - It Doesn't Give Me Much (Original Mix)

The Outlier - Long Live To The Underground (Original Mix)

The Outlier - Oniric Noises (Original Mix)

The Outlier - The Simple Way (Original Mix)

The Southern - Disconnect (Original Mix)

The Southern - Manipulated Sound (Original Mix)

The Southern - Move N' Sweat (Original Mix)

The Southern - Power Jack (Original Mix)

Thimo Konings - Tumbleweed (Original Mix)

Thimo Konings, SAMA - A Sense Of Dread (Original Mix)

Thimo Konings, SAMA - B118 (Original Mix)

Thimo Konings, SAMA - Matic (Original Mix)

Thyme (CO) - Freed (Original Mix)

Thyme (CO) - Purple Dawn (Original Mix)

Thyme (CO) - Sonrie (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Eternity (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Soul (Original Mix)

Tostone - The First Law Of Gravity (C3C Remix)

Tostone - The First Law Of Gravity (Original Mix)

Tostone - The First Law Of Gravity (YOZÉ Remix)

Troy - Yann (Original Mix)

UMEK, Maddix - Hypnotizing (Extended Mix)

Uncertain - Bullet (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Cut (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Defense (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Mood (Original Mix)

Vesho - Cursed (Original Mix)

Vesho - Risen Flow (Original Mix)

Vesho - Traumatic Round (Original Mix)

VikBlau - Broken (Original Mix)

VikBlau - Chemistry (Original Mix)

VikBlau - Sleepdeprived (Original Mix)

Warehousz - Acid (Original Mix)

Warehousz - Beat Rock (Original Mix)

Welkyn - Echoes (Original Mix)

Yari Mostaccioli - Concentrate (Original Mix)

Yari Mostaccioli - Escapism (Original Mix)

Yari Mostaccioli - Never Again (Original Mix)

Yearsastray - Aixalda (Original Mix)

Yearsastray - Fotolitografia (Original Mix)

Yearsastray - Muntatge Superficial (Original Mix)

Yearsastray - Oxidaciу Controlada (Original Mix)

ZRK - Conquer (Advanced Human Remix)

ZRK - Conquer (Johannes Volk Remix)

ZRK - Conquer (Original Mix)

ZRK - Seek (Original Mix)

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