Beatport Top 100 New Indie Dance 2023-11-15

DATA: 2023-11-15 TOTAL: 110 GENRE: Indie Dance

Step into the vibrant world of "Beatport Top 100 New Indie Dance 2023-11-15," a chart that unveils the latest and most intriguing Indie Dance tracks currently making waves. Highlighted in the "Best New Hype Indie Dance November" collection on Beatport, this compilation features standout tracks such as "Stranger Things" by Jean Tonique, "Mind Your Head" by Artbat, and "Elysium" by Betical. These tracks showcase the genre's ability to fuse indie aesthetics with danceable rhythms, creating an immersive musical experience that is both contemporary and timeless. Whether you're on the dancefloor or seeking a sonic escape, this chart provides a curated selection of the best in Indie Dance.





&ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Keinemusik, Bell Towers - Pay To Play (feat. Bell Towers) Reznik & Mikesh Remix

AFFKT - Valent Original Mix

ALF CHAMPION - Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien at the Lobby Mufti Remix

Accent (ofc) - Changes Andrew DRUM Remix

Adam Ten - 15 Days Rafael Remix

Ademarr - Interestelar Mystery Affair remix

Air Project, AYU (UA), Natalka Denisenko - Poem Original Mix

Air Project, AYU (UA), Natalka Denisenko - Poem The Organism Remix

Alinka - Deep Into The Vibe Original Mix

Amensol. - Bam Bam Bam Original Mix

Amount - Feel You Original Mix

Angelica de No, Cevin Fisher - Give Me My Pleasure feat. Angelica de No Extended Mix

Arsanit - Return to Disco Packim Remix

Avalon Emerson - Poodle Power DJ-Kicks

Awake Dreaming, Urs Am See - In My Head Original Mix

Berny, Tulioxi - Far Away Colossio Remix

Berny, Tulioxi - Far Away Original Mix

Borey - Free Melody Original Mix

Boys' Shorts - Tricks She Said Original Mix

Buko - Le Patatine Original Mix

Cannibal Coconuts - Lunar Mission Original Mix

Curses - Nightshifter Original Mix

Daddy Issues, Who is Kiks - Alterados Cosmosolar Remix

Diego Montiel - Agape Timo Maas Remix - Darpah Brandski Remix

Dorothys Fortress - Jodie Foster's Army Original Mix

Double Mixte - Lonely Wolf Original Mix

Enzo Elia - Specialmente Original Mix

Equinoxx - 15 Floors Weight Original Mix

Esprit Divers - Sanasana Theus Mago & Moisees Remix

Fernanda Arrau - Sexy Dance Original Mix

Furkan, Skoko - Not Alone Now Mala Ika Remix

Gearotica - Alterations Original Mix

Gem Wallow - I Am 5 Months Old Simple Symmetry Remix

Gerd Janson, Seb Wildblood, sir Was - give it back feat. sir Was Gerd Janson Remix

Gleb Bykox - Bubble Gum Original Mix

Godbolo - Bad Chunta Original Mix

GusGus - Unfinished Symphony Original Mix

Hard Ton - Slow Rave Mix

Headman - Live120 Original Mix

HeartWerk - All I've Wanted Is A Gucci Sweater Original Mix

Husa & Zeyada - Long Way Home Chaim & Asaf Samuel Remix

I Hate Models, Blind Delon - Flashback feat. I Hate Models Original Mix

ISMAIL.M, Maze 28 - Chain Reaction Extended Mix

Italo Brutalo, RARI - Boy Italo Brutalo Remix

Jerk Boy, Nikolaa - Return To Base Dub Mix

Jerk Boy, Nikolaa - Return To Base Original Mix

Jesper Dahlback, Tiga, Faxid - Acid In My Head Original Mix

Jordan Nocturne, Ready In LED - Over & Over feat. Ready In LED Original Mix

Jorkes - Super Fun Lover Alinka Remix

Joyce Muniz - Joy Toy Original Mix

Joyce Muniz, Karl Michael - In Der Nacht Joyce Muniz Rework

Julian Sanza, Lafrench Toast - Let It Go Original Mix

Kaminari (IL) - Hypocrisy Original Mix

Karol XVII & MB Valence - Echoes & the Beauty Maxxi Soundsystem Remix

Kemayo and K. System - Biram Lauer Edit

Kim Kemi - Deep Samba Original Mix

Larsun Hesh - Andromeda Alex Kaspersky Remix

Llewellyn - For The Weekend Original Mix

Los Suruba - Praia do casino Octave remix

Luigi Di Venere - Ciao Sei Tu Original Mix

MAGOS - Set Me Free Original Mix

Madd Rod, Tomás Branco - Mantra Original Mix

Maltitz, Sarah Wild - Hit The Road Original Mix

Man Power - Invisible Man Man Power Power Rework

Man Power - Tom's Duh Duh DNA Man Power's Hans Zimmerframe Re-Fuck

Maori, Adam Ten - NCO Extended Mix

Marvin Aloys - Crazy Things at Night DJ Hell Remix

Mau Maioli - Yo Original Mix

Max Freeze - The Techno Original Mix

Maze DJ - Science Lesson Full Lesson Mix

Michael Mayer - Talmi Original Mix

Mishell - Guilty Pleasure Original Mix

Mollono.Bass, Kuoko - Finally Dancing (feat. KUOKO) Club Version

Monograma - Polizey Tronik Youth Remix

Moontalk - Acid Disko Extended Mix

Morgi, Ben Aim - Back in 1995 Original Mix

Moscoman - Rob The Plants Original Mix

Mr Gil, Marcelo Adami, Vinny Andrade - Never Gonna Leave You Original Mix

NEXUS (CH) - We Are All Original Mix

Neo Human - Galaxy Zombies In Miami Remix

PESSI - Rise Up Original Mix

Panthera - End Original Mix

Parasex - Heaven Original Mix

Proof Db - Root Original Mix

REBRN, DANOR - Contigo Original Mix

Rams - Holding Time Radondo Remix

Raphael Schon - Fiesta 2000 Sally C Remix

Riccardo Sodi - Discotto Original Mix

Rita, Omri Smadar - Atuf Remix

Ross Harper - Something New Uven Remix

Ruslana Taranuha - Amaga Original Mix

SNYL - Eclipse Original Mix

SNYL, Bonnie Spacey - Guilty Far&High Remix

Samer Soltan - Unknown Me Original Mix

Sarab, MONTA (TN), Ann Epi - Passion Original Mix

Sasha Goodman, Goodiny - Keep the night in motion (Go Moving 2023) Original Mix

Shit Robot, Mutado Pintado - Superstar Original Mix

Silicodisco - Labyrinth of Emotions Original Mix

Silicodisco - Nodriza Original Mix

Space Food - Adios Amigo Original Mix

Space Food - Cama Original Mix

Squire - My Name Is Bob Original Mix

TERR - Tale Of Devotion Sunny Version

V.C.I. - Futurewave Original Mix

WO - Itz A Mnaaj Original Mix

Working Men's Club - Widow Gabe Gurnsey Remix

Yahaira (ES), JGR - Pulso Electromagnético Original Mix

Yasha F - This Night Is Ours Original Mix

Zoot Woman, Iron Curtis, Johannes Albert - Something Unique Gerd Janson Dance Dub

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