Beatport Melodic Weekend Picks 45 Big Pack 2023

DATA: 2023-11-12 TOTAL: 97 GENRE: Indie Dance, Deep House, Progressive House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Organic House / Downtempo

Step into the world of "Beatport Weekend Picks 45 Big Pack 2023," where the weekend comes alive with a carefully curated selection of tracks. This collection, featured in the "Weekend Picks 45 Melodic" chart, brings together the best of the best. Notable tracks in this compilation include "Daydreams" by Guy Mantzur, "Inception" by Yotto, and "Elysium" by ARTBAT. These tracks are a testament to the artists' melodic prowess and their ability to create an immersive musical experience that's perfect for your weekend adventures. Get ready to be carried away by the rhythms and melodies of this exceptional selection.





Agustin Pietrocola - On My Mind Original Mix

Air Project, AYU (UA), Natalka Denisenko - Poem Original Mix

Alej Ch - Pagale Nise Extended Mix

Alex Niggemann, Jonny Cruz - Just A Little (feat. Jonny Cruz) Gerd Janson Remix

Allex - Aragma Extended Mix

Amonita - Uletai Alexey Union & ETNE Remix

Andhim - Overnight Original Mix

Andres Volta - Leeu Original Mix

Andy Ash - Freakout cult K Groove

Andy Woldman - Existence Extended Mix

Angara - Altitude Extended version

Anjei, Anjei & Ego - A Guy Called Ra Greenage Remix

Anton Ishutin, Dre Guazzelli, Drelirium - Andalusia Original Mix

Antrim, Juan Fernandez - Waves Of Love Original Mix

Argy, Magnus, Anyma (ofc) - Higher Power Extended Mix

Augenstein, KataHaifisch - Midnight Pathfinder Joe Carl Remix

B'utiza, Cincity - Baraka Original Mix

Bemannte & Bruder - Amongst the Stars Original Mix

Bun Xapa - Berlin Original Mix

CIOZ - Powa Original Mix

Cafius - Vertigo Original Mix

Christian Lena - Mwaki Original Mix

Clint - Theta Overdrive Original Mix

Cream (PL) - Prisma Original Mix

Cristoph - Cascade Original Mix

Croatia Squad - Energy Extended Mix

D-Formation, GRAZZE, Davide Famularo - Missing Lights (feat. Davide Famularo) Original Mix

David Calo - Renew Original Mix

David Kochs - Run It Original Mix

Dominik Eulberg - Die Dunkle Biene Robag Wruhme Remix

Dorothys Fortress - Jodie Foster's Army Original Mix

Downpour - Deeper Below Original Mix

Emmanuel Jal, Nitefreak - Gorah Extended

Facets, Marija Kovacevic - Noc (feat. Marija Kovacevic) Original Mix

Fango - Sarcosuco Original Mix

Fernanda Arrau - Sexy Dance Original Mix

GSEP, Rikki Sawyer - The Chant Original Mix

Giza Djs - The Snake Charmer Original Mix

Hermanez - November Sun Original Mix

Incláme - Cipher Original Mix

Innellea, Juan Hansen - Burning Out Original Mix

Jably - A Journey Through Desert Original Mix

Jiminy Hop - Levera GMJ & Matter Remix

Juan Deminicis, Matias Fittipaldi - Give Original Mix

Junge Junge, Redward Martin - Here Club Mix

KOBE (MX), ΛRΛGON - JMA Original Mix

KOCHETOV - Dimension Original Mix

Kamira - Lost & Found Original Mix

Kenan Savrun, Ruben Karapetyan - Manila Original Mix

Khainz - Complications Extended Mix

Kreisler - Revelation Original Mix

Lane 8 - Little Voices Original Mix

Lane 8, Emmit Fenn - Red Lights feat. Emmit Fenn EMBRZ Remix

Lilova - Ya Original Mix

Linber Lynx - Frozen Fire Original Mix

Lisa Shaw, From P60 - Magic Enoo Napa Extended Remix

Llewellyn - For The Weekend Original Mix

Luis M - Quantix Axon Remix

MOii - The Days Before Original Mix

MUUI - Mindstem Original Mix

Magitman - Daybreak Original Mix

Malian, Luis Kuper - Wake Up Extended Mix

Manucho - El Hermano Original Mix

Mari MaLe - Unity Original Mix

Maxim Lany, AVIRA - Focus Extended Mix

Mercurio, Hernan Cattaneo - San Francisco Original Mix

Mia Mendi - Enter Machina Original Mix

Miguest - HER Extended Mix

Mind Of Us - Amanda Extended Mix

Momery - You Original Mix

NOIYSE PROJECT - Fame Craver Original Mix

Oliver Koletzki, Oliver Klostermann - Oliver's Silly Jam Original Mix

Osunlade, James Curd - Chocolate Puddin' Original Mix

REBRN, DANOR - Contigo Original Mix

Reve, Robin M - Through The Night Manoo Remix

SHKAPOV - Go To The Valley Original Mix

Sam Shure - Deviated Original Mix

Samot Bidot - Ancestors Original Mix

Sanjay Dutta, Dharmalogy - Reaching Out Original Mix

Senior Citizen - O Choros Original Mix

Shit Robot, Suzi Horn - Breathe (Looking At Gibraltar) Original Mix

Shubostar - Forest Baby Original Mix

Silicodisco - Labyrinth of Emotions Original Mix

Somelee - Takata Original Mix

Space Food - Skyfall Original Mix

TIMANTI, Angelos - Rhare Original Mix

Tabia, Green George - Ofana Nawe Extended Mix

Taylan - Joyride Original Mix

Third Culture (USA) - Power Original Mix

Tutchev Space - AI, Sound and Space Original Mix

Ursula Rucker, Charles Webster - Begin Anew Original Mix

VANDER (DR), Tanit - Pupa Original Mix

WISDOM, Egeme - Feelin Good Tonight Original Mix

Whitesquare - Cosmo k Original Mix

Will DeKeizer - Fools Gold Dowden Remix

Yasha F - This Night Is Ours Original Mix

Yves Murasca, Rosario Galati - Close Your Eyes Extended Mix

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